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People Need To Learn What is UHD

This is a common question these days.  As more people hear about 4K TVs they are asking ” What Does UHD mean ?”.  As a matter of fact, this is the most common question we get on this site www.4KADVICE.comMany of our Pages & Posts explain in detail what an UHD TV is, however we will briefly explain this and then link you over for more details.

An UHD TV stands for “Ultra High Definition Television”.  Basically it is no different than the 1080 HD Television that is sitting in your family room right now.  It is a flat panel TV that will look exactly like the ones you own now.  The biggest difference is in the pixel resolution.  And, this is a HUGE difference because it makes the picture image FOUR more times better than 1080 HD.

What we mean by FOUR more times is that the vertical pixels equal 4,000 versus 1,080 on a High Definition television.  That is the gist of it.  Manufacturers figured our a way to squeeze four more tiny pixels into the size of what would be equal to ONE pixel in a 1080 HD TV.  This means that it can display four more times the color, contract, sharpness and depth.  This makes a big difference to the quality of your picture.  This makes the picture even more real looking than HD had provided.

When HD first came out, people were amazed at how clear and real the picture looked.  Coming from Standard Definition (SD) and analog televisions this was a major upgrade.  Not to mention, they invented the ‘flat panel’ which meant that consumers could hand this much lighter TV on a fire place or wall in order to free up space in their rooms.  It only required one person to carry a flat panel TV of any size.  This was very different compared to the large, deep tube box TVs that we have lived with for many decades.

What is UHD

What Is UHD Compared to HD

So, the biggest difference between a 1080 HD TV and a 4K Ultra HD TV is the resolution.  They simply added “Ultra” to the High Definition label since they were adding an ‘ultra’ amount of pixels to it.   The label for 4K has changed several times and this has caused confusion for consumers.  We are here to clear this up and teach you the latest information about 4K.

We bought our very first SONY 4K television on Amazon back in 2014 and it was the best decision we made.  We saved over $350 by purchasing on Amazon.  We highly recommend Amazon as your merchant for 4K televisions and other 4K devices.  The reason why Amazon is the best is because of selection and price.

Here Are The Benefits Of Amazon  (you can go to Amazon by clicking our many Amazon links):


what is UHD

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should shop on Amazon and buy your first 4K Ultra HD television.  Aside from these, convenience was a major factor in our decision.  I have a painful shoulder and I cannot life items.  The shippers actually delivered our 65-inch 4K TV to our family room and unboxed it for us.  This was way better than dealing with the hassle of bringing it home from a store.  Not to mention, we hate dealing with the annoying and pesky sales people in the store.

What Is UHD 4K Content?

There is plenty of 4K content to watch nowadays.  More and more producers are filming their shows using 4K cameras.  This is what gives us real, native 4K movies and TV shows.  Other producers are digitally enhancing their films and calling them “4K”.  These are considered ‘fake’ 4K although they are still much better than 720 or 1080 HD.  They are just not full 4K.

We have provided you a helpful Post that will verify how the movie or TV show was filmed.  This way you can know what you are watching and not question your 4K TVs abilities.  It all comes down to which camera systems were used to make the film….2K or 4K cameras.  Click the link below.

real or fake 4K uhd content

REAL or FAKE 4K Movies & TV Shows

Another features of ALL 4K TVs that should not be over-looked is what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING.  These mean the same thing.  Because of the extra pixels, the TV is capable of digitally enhancing the picture image to increase its resolution.  It cannot upscale to full 4K, however it surely makes the picture much better than what it was in its original form  (720 or 1080 HD).  This feature alone makes upgrading your TV to 4K worth while.  As long as you are watching a 720 or 1080 mastered movie or show, your 4K TV will automatically upconvert the picture image and make it much better to watch.

My sony 4K TV smart apps

Or, if you are really in to 4K content, you can easily find movies or shows that were mastered (filmed) with 4K cameras and provide you the best-of-the-best picture out of all 4K.  These are stunning to watch and look very true-to-life.  4K look so real that it seems like you are looking through a window at a live scene.  The details that you can see on a 4K display are not much different than what you would see in person with your bare naked eyes.

Click on this link to read more about UPSCALING.

To recap, UHD stands for Ultra High Definition.  They simply added “Ultra” to the already existing label of High Definition (HD).  These televisions will replace 1080 HD TVs in the near future.  When you go to upgrade your TV, you will be purchasing a 4K Ultra HD TV.  We recommend you click on our links and go to Amazon to shop.  They offer the most benefits and convenience.

You can now answer the question:  “What is UHD”.


what is UHD

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  1. Hello Matty, thank you for making this website have always wondered what exactly is a 4k tv. Because I am not a big person on technology and I always wondered what made 4k so special than all the other TVs out.The only cool part I see about it is you can connect it through you internet.

    1. Hey Marcus, thanks a lot for reading our Posts.  We also appreciate your comment.  We strive to provide updated and accurate information about all things related to 4K displays.  But, 4K Ultra HD mostly relates to Televisions.

      If you ever see a 4K TV in action you will know exactly what we mean.  The picture image is so stunning and real that it looks true-to-life.  Like what you would see with your own eyes in person is what the screen looks like.  Thanks again and please share our site http://www.4KADVICE.com so that we can reach and inform more people. – Matt B.

  2. After learning that “UHD” means Ultra High Definition and that it relates to the greatest Television viewing ever…you should start shopping to replace your 1080 HD TV. Believe us, it is well worth it and prices are the same as 1080 HD TVs nowadays. Amazon has the best prices by far.

  3. I’m actually an amateur film maker who is always looking for a tv to hook up to my computer so when I edit I can get the most realistic color correction and color grading. I knew a lot of the information already but I didn’t know watching hd on a 4k would upscale it automatically

    1. Hi Louis,  Thanks for coming to our site http://www.4kadvice.com and commenting on our post. We do appreciate you being involved in the discussion about 4K.

      4K TVs are simply awesome and really are 4 times better than 1080 HD overall. We are glad that we could help provide some information that you were not aware of.

      Yes, ALL 4K Tvs automatically do UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING.  It makes watching any HD movie or film a lot better than what it looks like in its original form.

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      What kind of films do you make?  Do you have a site that contains your portfolio?  Will you do films at requests or documentaries?  I need to hire someone to create a documentary for me about Heroin and Opioid addiction and abuse.

      I have another site that pertains to helping people with opiate addiction and want to make a movie to increase awareness.  Are you up for being hired?


      Thanks and talk soon, Matt B.

  4. I have heard the terms UHD and 4K so much lately. Since I haven’t been in the market for a TV in a while, I didn’t really dig in and figure out what it means. Thanks for sharing this post. You have very clearly explained what UHD is and why you need to have it. It’s absolutely amazing the progress in TV’s. I remember (okay I am aging myself) walking into Costco about 12-15 years ago and seeing a giant plasma screen TV. It was the coolest thing ever. The picture was so clear, and the TV was so expensive! Well, I digress, but your post shows just how far TV’s have progressed. It’s kind of amazing that a 4K TV has 4 times better resolution than 1080P. Well, great post and keep sharing!

    1. You are very welcome. Glad we can help explain what Ultra HD and 4K is.  Most people still have no idea what 4K is or what it means, therefore we wanted to help educate people BEFORE they buy another TV.

      Thanks to YOU for taking the time to read our Posts and comment.  Please help us further by clicking on our links located under “Popular Links” on the RIGHT SIDE of this site http://www.4kadvice.com.  We ask because it is important that we cover our hosting costs and advertise to reach more people.

      We wish you the best moving forward, Matt B.

  5. I had no idea what UHD and 4K was until I came here. I totally agree about shopping on Amazon it’s super easy to find what I’m looking for and now that I’ve read this detailed explanation I feel like I can go to Amazon and not wonder what the UHD and 4K stands for. I feel clearer about what I’m looking for

    1. Hi Karsha!  Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to comment.  We do appreciate it.  You can help us further by clicking on our 3rd party ADs located on the RIGHT SIDE of our site http://www.4kadvice.com or on the bottom FOOTER.

      This gives us credit by you clicking and allowing the page to load.  You don’t have to buy anything.  We can then cover the costs of our hosting and advertising.

      We are glad we have provided you helpful information about 4K TVs.  Most people have no idea still what 4K is or what it means.

      But, it is the kind of TV that is replacing 1080 HD TVs, so we see it as important enough to educate the public about it so they can make informed decisions when the time comes for them to buy another TV.

      Thanks again, Matt B.

  6. hi matt how are you today, it’s kind of different subject from all the other things that folks talk about, I am really interested in buying a 4K uhd tv, and my favorite is and has been for a while is Samsung, but when I look at their 4K TV’s and see others I am not impressed, you say you went with Sony. well I am deciding on going with Vizio because their television really stands out among all of them in my opinion , but then everyone’s eyes are different, thanks for the information..

    1. Hi Denney,  We appreciate you commenting on our Post and supporting our site in this way.

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      In turn, we get credit and this helps us cover hosting costs and advertising.

      You cannot go wrong with a Vizio.  Sony and Samsung are known to be the greatest.  But you know, that is probably just in name.  Sony did pioneer this 4k Technology, however my personal favorite is Vizio.

      We have several Vizio TVs and we love the design and dashboard of it over any other TV. And, prices for Vizio are fair.  Thanks for commenting.

      Take Care, Matt B.

      P.S. Below are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.



  7. Hey matt, its a great post about UHD and 4K tho ! i never know what’s the unique differences between all of those technology in TV.
    I like the 4K result in a film or video, it bring so much detail and exposure in terms of any element in it

    So is the 4k and UHD is more power and energy saving?

    1. Hello Elbert, thanks for coming to our site and supporting our cause by commenting.  We do appreciate your opinion and adding to the conversation.

      We are not sure about the energy savings of a 4k Ultra HD TV or how that compares to a High Definition TV.  Great question and worth researching.  You have given me my next article topic.  Thanks!

      Yes, 4K UHD resolution is simply amazing!  The picture image is so vibrant, crisp and real looking.  The details that you can see are why it makes watching Television, movies, shows or sporting events so much more exciting and fun than doing so on a 1080 HD TV.  With prices now equal to 1080 HD TVs, it makes no sense to NOT upgrade to a 4K TV.

      Thanks again and best wishes, Matt B.

  8. As a fan of TV’s I enjoyed this post. I can’t say that I am familiar with this sort of tv but cool to hear about it. I would be interested to see the resolution and clarity it has. It says it has up to four times the resolution of 1080 so… Have to check it out next time I’m in Best Buy or wherever.

    1. Hi Jeremy!  Thanks for reading our Posts and supporting our site by commenting.  We appreciate it.

      Please help us further by clicking on our 3rd party ADs located on the RIGHT SIDE of this site http://www.4KADVICE.com and or on the bottom FOOTER.  We get credit when you pages loads from the ad link and that helps us pay for hosting ,etc.

      We are glad we could help provide helpful information and teach you about 4k TV.s

      Yes, best thing to do is go see a demo at  your local store.  Ask for a native, real 4K movie or show to watch on a new 4K TV.  You will be amazed…really amazed.

      It really is 4 times better overall than any 1080 HD TV.  It looks very real and true to life.  Thanks, Matt B.

  9. Brilliant detailed introduction to uhd. Feel confident enough to buy one now!! Do you believe it’s future proof or do you expect it to be superceded anytime soon? And do you belief there’s a time coming when the resolution which just be too clear for the naked eye to notice?

    1. Hi Craig,  thank you for reading our Posts and supporting our site http://www.4kadvice.com by commenting.  We value your opinion and glad that we have provided some helpful information about 4k TVs.

      Glad you are ‘in the know’ and educated enough to shop for and buy your first 4K TV.  Prices are now equal to prices for a new 1080 HD TV so it makes no sense for people to buy another 1080 HD TV>

      Upgrade to 4K and enjoy the hell out of it.  It is amazing to watch 4K content as well as sporting events when broadcast in 4k Ultra HD which more and more are being done today.  The recent boxing match was broadcast in 4K and if you had a 4k TV you would have been able to enjoy it.    I did and it was freakin awesome.

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      Also, use our Amazon links throughout our site to take you over to Amazon to shop for 4K TVs.  Amazon has largest selection at the lowest prices and we saved almost $400 by purchasing our first SONY 65-inch 4K TV on Amazon.  Plus, free two day shipping.

      Take Care, Matt B.

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  10. I just shared this post on my social media because I think a lot of people like me still thinks HD is the only “IT” on the market.
    This is great technology and to think of picture quality to be super life like through the screen is just awesome.

    I guess channels like Sony were they still show old movies in analogue would have to man up & chin up and give good pictures.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing our Posts and site http://www.4KADVICE.com  Yes, 4K TV are replacing 1080 HD TVs because they are So, SO, much better and more real looking and true-to-life when you see them.  Especially because all 4K TVs now are required to have HDR – High Dynamic Range which makes the colors match whatever the camera captured.  Really Amazing to watch!  Prices now for a 4K TV are equal to prices for a new 1080 HD TV, so people may as well upgrade to 4K and not buy another 1080 HD.

      There is also plenty of 4K content that exists today and more networks are starting to broadcast in 4K.

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      Thank you so much!  Matt B.

  11. I have been looking into getting a new TV lately but I wasn’t sure of what to get. Seeing the perks of UHD here has helped me make up my mind. I want quality in my TV and UHD certainly provides that.
    Thank you for providing this great review. Is Amazon the best place to buy it or is their somewhere else I can buy it?

    1. Hi Samantha!  Thanks for supporting our site by commenting.  We would highly suggest that you shop on Amazon.com  We have provided you helpful Amazon links throughout site or on the RIGHT SIDE or the FOOTER of our site http://www.4KADVICE.com

      We are not just saying this, but we actually buy all of our 4K Ultra HD TVs on Amazon.  They have the largest selection (basically every TV that exists) and they are at the lowest prices versus in the store.  They have no salespeople to pay and you can avoid those annoying salespeople too!

      Amazon also provides real, honest reviews from other customers who may have bought the same 4K TV that you are interested in.  We find these very valuable because other consumers are honest and bring up good oints we might not have considered.

      Thanks for coming to our site.  Please bookmark our site http://www.4KADVICE.com because we Post new articles every day and special deals for TVs.

      And, please use our Amazon links to simply take you over to amazon to shop for a 4K TV.  Again, we bought out first 4K Ultra HD SONY 65-inch TV back in 2014 on Amazon and it was the best decision.  We saved $398 dollars by using Amazon and it was FREE shipping that was delivered within 2 days.  Very convenient.

      Take Care, Matt B.

      P.S. Below are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.

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  12. to be honest I just stumbled on this site when our 40″LED HiDef tv it doesnt work at all, and so my husband just had planned to buy a new one instead of bringing the old tv to the technician- I am not a tech savvy person and we dont know much of the technologies these days, But this UHD-4K were I really would like to have although am missing some of the other features here but – it describes here the 4X real picture than to our old 40″ LED which it looks that too obsolete already to me … am excited to show this to my husband hope this time am going to break his wallet again, lol – ill have my time of finding this unit in Amazon, thanks for the info!

    1. Hi There,  Thank you very much for coming to our site and taking the time to comment.  We do appreciate your support in this way.  You can also help us by sharing our Post with your friends so we can reach and educate more people.

      Yes, a 4K TV really is FOUR times better overall than any LED HD TV.  The picture image is like nothing you have ever seen before.  HD, like your current TV has been around for 17 years.  It has been great honestly!

      But, now there is something new that is replacing HD- High Definition and its called Ultra HD – 4K.

      The good news is that prices for buying a new 42 inch 4K TV, for example, ARE THE SAME AS the price to buy another LED HD TV.  This just recently happened when manufacturers lowered prices drastically in order ot get more consumers upgrading to 4K TV rather than buying another HD TV.

      Thanks for using our site and you can go to Amazon.com by clicking on any of our Amazon Ads throughout our site and Posts.

      Could you also help us by taking a few minutes to click on our 3rd party ADs that are located on the RIGHT SIDE of this site under “popular links” and or at the bottom FOOTER of this site http://www.4KADVICE.com. ?  No need to buy anything, just let the ad link pages load on your screen for a few minutes.

      In turn, we get credit when you click on those ads and it helps us cover our costs of web hosting and advertising since we do this site and time for free to help the public get educated about 4K TVs so they can make informed purchase decisions when they go to buy another TV.  Thanks Again, Matt B.

  13. Hi Matt! There have been so many acronyms in the latest technology lately and it’s hard to remember because I don’t even know what it means. Thank you for this wonderful website, now I know what UHD TV is.
    4K TV is amazing. I bought my television about eight years ago, It’s still fine at the moment. But when the time comes, I might as well consider a 4K TV.

    1. Hello Ria,  Thanks for coming to our site and taking the time to read our Post and comment.  We do appreciate your feedback.

      We are glad that we can educate and inform you about this newer 4K TV technology so that you can make a better decision when you go to buy  your next TV.

      Please book mark our site http://www.4KADVICE.com and when the time comes for you to need a new TV, come back to us and read all of our articles about reviews of 4K TV, best prices, best TVs, where to buy at lowest prices, Thank in advance.

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      Thank you Dearly for your support as this is a free website blog to help consumers get informed about technology BEFORE they buy another TV or any other device.  – Matt B.

  14. I love the demand for the TV upgrades and had no clue with the difference between 1080P vs 4k. I can’t wait to get one and watch “Jason Bourne Identity” in 4k! I mean if it’s like real life that would be a cool one to watch! Thank you for all the information loved the site!

    1. Hi Akeem, thanks a lot for supporting our site http://www.4kadvice.com by commenting.  You can help to support us further by clicking on our 3rd party Ads and using our Amazon links to take you to Amazon to do all of your shopping.  4K Ultra HD  (Ultra High Definition) are by far the best picture image this world has ever known.

      I have watched Bourne in 4K and it is absolutely AMAZING!  So real and true-to-life that you have got to see it. Buy a 4K TV on Amazon to save a lot of money via our amazon links and you will never regret it while you enjoy 4K movies.  Below are some other helpful Posts you might like.  Kind Regards, Matt B.



      BEST 4K TV

  15. I seriously don’t even think I’ve heard of UHD or 4k before this or if I did I didn’t catch what the person was talking about. I’m curious to check it out though because I have a 55″ that has really good picture quality and didn’t really think it could get much better. Very cool that it basically converts and upgrades the picture. Some of the TV’s I’ve seen have such good picture I’m interested to see this 4k tv

    1. Hi Jeremy!  Thanks for coming to our site http://www.4kadvice.com and supporting us by commenting.

      You are not alone.  Most people we hear from have never heard of 4K nor do they know what it means.  Or, some have been misled to think that 4K devices are some kind of exotic ‘toy’ that only the rich can afford.

      When in fact, 4K Ultra HD TVs are the resolution that is replacing 1080 HD after enjoying HD devices it is about time we have something better.

      I too said to myself long ago that there could NOT possibly be anything better than what I see on my Sony 1080 HD TV.  The picture image is so good compared to SD that I was totally happy with it.  I believe this is why so many people have yet to upgrade to 4K.

      However, they are missing out and I am glad that I ‘saw the light’.  I saw a demo of a 4K TV in action back in 2014 and I had to have one.

      I was blown away at how much better the picture was when compared to even a 1080 HD screen.  Way better and it makes watching TV and gaming a lot better too.

      Below are some other helpful articles that might interest you.  Regards, Matt B.




    2. You are not alone. They say only 20% of the population and households have upgraded to 4K TVs. Not sure why. Probably because they are very happy with their 1080 HD TV pictures. Which are very good compared to SD.

  16. This is a great explanation, being a simple way to make sure people know of and are educated on this higher pixel and resolution. Some people cannot see the difference, but for many it makes a whole lot of difference, especially in having the latest and greatest technology has to offer and to enjoy.

    1. Well, thank you Andrew for visiting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com and taking the time to comment.  We do appreciate your thoughts about 4K Ultra HD TV and the technology they bring including HDR.

      Please share our Posts with others so that we can reach and educate them as well. TVs are the bigger purchases in ones life, therefore we believe consumers should research and know what they are buying.

      Below are some other helpful articles that might interest you.  Regards, Matt B.



  17. Great article. I am a novice when it comes to TV’s, thankfully my hubby is more informed in that department than I am. For those that don’t have someone to go for TV advice, this is an excellent source of information and clarification on specs, etc. I know a lot of people who don’t look at specs when buying TV’s and just look for the cheapest price for the size of the TV. Great info!

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for supporting our site and commenting to let us know that our information is helpful. This is our goal.  To educate people about this newer 4K technology so they can make informed purchase decisions next time they go to buy a TV.

      Televisions are big purchases in ones life.  They cost a lot and many households spend hours every single day staring at it.  Therefore, we believe that consumers should put some research and thought into which 4K TV is right for them.  Thus, why we created this site http://www.4KADVICE.com

      Thank you for sharing our site with your friends so that we can help educate them as well.

      Below are some other helpful articles that might interest you.  Regards, Matt B.

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  18. Hi Matthew
    Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive post about ultra high definition TV. It was a tricky item for me, but now, I really understand it very well. One of the most interesting parts of your post is about UPSCALING & UPCONVERTING, it clears out for me the relation between the capability of the TV screen and the quality of the broadcasting materials.
    Keep up the good work, hope all the best for you.

    1. Thank you dearly for taking the time to read our Post and support us by commenting.  We do appreciate this.  Thank you also for sharing our posts and site with others so that we can help to educate them as well, in order that they make informed purchase decisions next time they go to buy another TV.

      No one should be buying another 1080 HD TV at this point.  Prices are the same for a new 4K TV, therefore it makes no sense when this 4 Ultra HD TV technology is truly FOUR times better quality over all.

      Thanks again and below are some additional Posts that might interest you!  —  Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



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