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To know what “HDR” is you first have to know what “4K”  means.  Many consumers today still do not know what 4K is or what it means.

Allow us to explain:

4K Ultra High Definition refers to the latest technology in Televisions.  There is not much difference between a 1080 HD TV (which most of you own right now) and a 4K UHD TV.  They are both lightweight, slim and flat panels.  You can hang both on a wall or above a fire place.  By looking at both you would not know the difference.

However, there is one HUGE difference.  a 4K UHD contains FOUR times as many pixels within its resolution than a 1080 HD.  4K has over 8 million pixels.  This means that the picture image that you watch is going to be FOUR times better higher quality than 1080 HD is.

“Ultra” was simply added to “HD” to give us Ultra HD.  A final label by manufactures became “4K UHD“.  This is how they are known today.  4K UHD TV

As you know, High Definition (HD) televisions replaced Standard Definition (SD) televisions in the early 2000s.  It was a major TV watching enhancement at that time.  Compared to SD, the picture was sharp, clear, crisp and stunning to watch.  Consumers were also amazed at how thin, and flat these new HD TVs were.  Everyone said good-bye to those large, bulky tube boxes that required 3 grown men to move a larger one.  No looking back.

For over 17 years, we have all enjoyed our HD TVs.  But, as technology goes, we now have another big enhancement to our TV watching.  We have a new ‘boy in town’ called “4K“.  This technology is what is replacing High Definition.

HD TVs were already very awesome to watch.  Consumers have been pleased with the awesome picture that an HD TV provides.  So, if HD is already very good, then imagine what a television FOUR times as good would look like!

That is what we have today.  A 4K TV is FOUR times better overall resolution than a 1080 HD.  You have to see it to believe it.  We suggest you request a 4K demo next time you are at the electronics store.  You will see exactly what we mean.

Not only does a 4K TV contain 8 million pixels, but it also has a feature called High Dynamic Range  (HDR).  4K TVs have been on shelves for over 3 years now.  But, HDR was added only a year ago.  This is why some early model 4K TVs do not contain HDR.  Today, however all 4K TVs have this benefit of HDR.

By now, you are probably asking what HDR means? 

Now that you know what 4K is, let us explain what HDR is below:

By adding four times the number of pixels for sharper images, 4K Ultra HD was a huge enhancement for picture resolution.  HDR combines with 4K technology and maximizes its performance by creating better quality pixels capable of extreme contrast and color reproduction.  It is the two of these enhancements together that make the picture image the greatest to ever be seen.

4K UHD TVs without HDR  (this happens to be one of my TVs purchased in 2014 before HDR) are still amazing to watch.  They still contain FOUR times the number of pixels within its resolution than a 1080 HD TV.  But, no need to worry, because if you are shopping for a 4K TV today, most all of them already contain HDR built in.

Contrast and color are the two most important elements when it comes to picture quality.

Contrast is the difference from light to dark and the principal factor in the picture’s quality. HDR captures the darkest details and accurately displays gradation to the brightest highlights without washing out and blurring the image. This adds detail, depth, and shadow qualities.

The amount of colors a TV can produce brings realism to the image. HDR-equipped TVs excel in color accuracy with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) abilities and can reproduce over a billion colors, compared to 16 million with standard HD. The colors look like real life and are an accurate reproduction of what the camera captured.

There you have it!  This is what High Dynamic Range is.  While shopping for a new 4K TV you definitely want to make sure it contains HDR.  It most likely will since manufacturers got together and made HDR a requirement for all future TV specifications.

Use our convenient AMAZON links throughout our site to go shopping at AMAZON.  We recommend Amazon for your TV watching needs.  Not only do they have the largest selection of 4K UHD TVs, but they are at the lowest prices when compared to in-store shops.  Amazon also offers FREE 2-day shipping that is guaranteed and protected.  They have become the PRO at shipping large fragile products like TVs.

We bought our first Sony 65-inch 4K UHD TV on Amazon and saved over $300!  It was the best decision that we made.  We paid a steep price for our 4K TV because it was brand new technology that that time.  This was in 2014 when 4K had just come out.  But, it was worth every penny we spent because we have been able to enjoy it now for years.

We love opening up Netflix and choosing from the hundreds of movies and shows that are in Ultra HD.  Netflix has an entire department dedicated to only 4K UHD content.  The membership is only a few dollars more per month than the standard membership so its very worth it.


We HATE commercials as they are a waste of time.  Therefore, streaming 4K content through various streaming platforms allows us to get rid of all commercials and watch plots at our own pace.

Are You Sold On 4K UHD HDR TVs Yet?

Well, it will not make much of a difference because most merchants are only advertising 4K TVs nowadays since everyone is upgrading to 4k.  Do not buy another 1080 HD TV.

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