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What The Heck Is A UHD TV?

I am sure you have begun hearing these words spoken, or you have seen them in Ads or on TV.  Many people still do not know what “4K” is or what it means.  We are here to resolve this quickly & easily. 

Basically, a 4K Ultra High Definition Television is what is replacing a 1080 HD TV.  Trust us, this is a good thing.

A 4K TV is NOT some kind of exotic toy that only the rich buy because its too expensive.  On the contrar, all 4K TVs today are nearly priced the same as any new 1080 HD TV.

In the past, we have explained exactly what 4K is by providing our Readers with a detailed Post called: 

What Is A 4K TV” 

Once again, we are now explaining what “UHD” is within this post.  The thing to remember is that they are BOTH the same exact thing.  UHD ⇒ “Ultra High Definition”  means 4K and 4K means UHD.

We started with HD- High Definition back in year 2000 and now we have “Ultra” being added to the words “High Definition” mainly because UHD contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than what a 1080 HD TV contains.  This  makes it truly ULTRA!

Here are some other words used to describe this same exact type of television in order for you to avoid any confusion:

  • 4K Ultra HD TV
  • 4K TV
  • 4K UHD TV
  • 4K HDR  (High Dynamic Range)
  • UHD TV

Therefore, much of the information is the same in this post as it is in “What is a 4K TV“.  If it seems monotonous, that is because it is. 

However, we are providing both Posts because some newbies might read one and not the other.  We are here to educate and inform all people about this 4K technology and by being thorough we are accomplishing our goals as an information organization.

We are getting this question a lot in the comments section.  Let’s get off to a great start and address this right now!  For starters, this is nothing to think of as ‘complex’.  

Technically, it might be complex, but all you need to know as a consumer is that 4K UHD simply refers to the amount of resolution the TV contains.  When talking about televisions, the resolution is:

The resolution of a television is the number of pixels

in each dimension that the TV can display natively.

The higher the resolution, the more details the picture has.  The resolution is not the only factor in picture quality. There are many additional elements to picture quality….like HDR – High Resolution Range. 

HDR has to do with the color gamut on the screen.   However, as an educated consumer, it is safe for you to assume that RESOLUTION is the most important and labeled factor when it comes to purchasing a TV.

HDR is another entire Post that you can read for a higher education.  It is good to know that HDR is a feature in a 4K TV that is recent  (within past 2 years).  The good news is that all 4K TVs now contain HDR standard.

Learn More About HDR By Clicking Here     HDR Explained

You can watch media that is not in the TV’s native resolution.  However, watching content in a lower resolution than the TV will not increase the quality.  As a matter of fact, you will lose detail if you watch 1080p content on a 720p TV.

Learn more about Upconverting/Upscaling.   what is a UHD TV

We will not overcome you with the details about upconverting a.k.a. upscaling right now.  

However, you should be aware of the basics while doing your homework before buying a new 4K UHD TV.  

Upscaling is a common specification when it comes to today’s 4K TVs on the market.  

This is a major benefit to consumers!  Most TVs today will be able to upscale.  Believe me, this is a plus! 

Because most of what you watch on a 4K Television will be in HD- High Definition. 

In order to do upscaling the film must be at least HD quality.   The fact that most 4K TVs do upscaling is justification enough to upgrade to 4K.  Most of what you watch is going to look much better than it did in its original format (720 or 1080 HD).

When it comes to a 4K TV, upscaling is:

Upscaling/ Upconverting Converts Low

Resolution Material Into A Higher Definition

Or, at least that is what it is purported to do anyway.  It’s just one of the common terms you need to know before buying your next 4K television, or any device that supports upscaling, like a Blu-ray player.  

The reason why upscaling is important is because it gives you a much nicer picture image quality.

In order for upscaling to take place within your televisions computer system the original picture image that you are watching must be at least 1080 or 720 HD.  

In other words, you cannot upconvert an SD  (Standard Definition image).

Your 4K TV will automatically upscale the HD movie or TV show without you even knowing.  This is not something where you need to mess with settings or click a button.  

Its a good feature built into the operating system of most 4K Ultra High Definition television sets.  what is a UHD TV

Now, back to 4K.  We like to give this example when it comes to explaining what a 4K TV is.  

It is nothing different than what your current 1080HD TV other than the fact that the picture image quality on a 4K TV is much, much better than any 1080 or 720HD television.  

In a nutshell, you are able to watch movies and TV shows with a significantly better picture overall.  

This means sharper, crisper, better colors, deeper blacks, real looking images.

A 4K image is so good that it makes you feel like you are right there live on the scene with the actors.  

Or, better yet, 4K picture images make it appear like you are looking through a window at the live scene on the display.  

Like you are there, OR the actors are real and standing in your family room!

Let’s say that a typical 1080HD TV  (the majority of households own mostly 1080HD televisions.  As of late 2016, LESS than 10% of consumers own a 4K UHD TV), has ONE pixel of resolution.  

A pixel is a tiny little box within the display that contains data and information.

This data is the color, brightness, clarity.  Its what you actually see.  Except, there isn’t just ONE pixel on a 1080 TV, but thousands put together to give you one stable flowing picture image.  

This is what you watch…this is your movie taking place in your family room.

To recap, an Ultra High Definition (UHD) Television is a 4K television.  A 4K TV is an UHD TV.  The final label given to this technology that you will see on store shelves and online is:   ” 4K Ultra HD TV “.


what is a uhd TV


With 4K UHD  (Ultra High Definition)  (this is the same as saying “4K”), tech designers have figured out a way to squeeze FOUR (4) tiny, tiny little additional pixels inside ONE 1080hd pixel.  

Let’s say that again in different words.  If you purchase a 4K TV which we highly encourage you do to replace your 1080HD, the resolution is going to be  four times better overall than 1080HD.

This is because inside a 4K TV they strategically inserted 4 more pixels inside ONE 1080HD TV pixel.  

This means you are getting four times the color, four times the clarity, four times the data and information which ultimately brings you four times overall better picture image quality.


It Is Simply Incredible When You See Your First UHD 4K Television or Movie

what is a UHD TV



Check Out What A UHD TV Is By Going To Your Local Electronics Store

It is a great idea to go to your local electronics store and ask a salesman to show you an example of what a 4K UHD native movie or TV show looks like on a 4K TV.  

Tell them you are wanting to see how much better 4K is than your 1080HD TV.  You will NOT be let down.

You will be amazed and want to purchase a 4K UHD television on the spot.  At least, this is what happened to us when we saw our very first 4K native movie on a 4K TV set.  

We immediately began researching exactly what 4K was and who made the best 4K televisions.

Unfortunately, we could NOT find much helpful information about 4K online anywhere.  This was frustrating!  This is exactly why we decided to create www.4KADVICE.com informational website.  

This is designed to help educate you and your friends about everything having to do with 4K.

We teach you, we advise you and we direct you to the best lowest purchase prices on the market.  PLEASE share our Posts and website to your friends and family on Facebook.  

This would help support our cause and keep us fueled up to keep providing you the latest, greatest information about all things 4K.



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For over a decade now, we have been using the term “HD” or High Definition.  As you can remember, we were all forced to upgrade from Standard Definition ( SD ) to HD.  

This was a pleasant adjustment to our TV watching lives because it made the picture image so much better than SD. Within HD, we have several levels of resolution.  720 and 1080 are the most common.

Still today, the majority of network programming that we watch on television is in HD (either 720 or 1080).  Along with this, about 90% of all households own HD televisions.

Less than 25% of consumers have upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD Television.  This is going to change drastically as we watch 4K TV prices plummet!  They have already dropped significantly since 2014.

By year 2020, every single household in the United States will own at least one 4K TV.


For example, we purchased our first 4K SONY TV in 2014 for $2,890.  Today, this same TV is $1,400 on AMAZON.  That is a hugmongo drop in price, and YES, we should have waited for prices to come down.  

This is not the first time that technology has experienced major price drops in new technology as time moves forward.   

Going from SD to HD experienced similar trends in the market.  The point is that NOW is the time to start buying 4K UHD TVs.  The prices are low enough and the technology is stable and quite amazing. 

Actually, manufacturers have lowered the cost of a 4K Ultra HD Television to be closer to the cost of a 1080 HD TV.  No joke!  4K TVs are prices about the same as 1080 HD TVs.  What are you waiting for?

*We recommend Amazon.com as the best online marketplace for FOUR main reasons:

  • SELECTION:   Amazon has the largest, most extensive selection of 4K UHD televisions, 4K Blu-ray Players, 4K cameras & 4K video recorders in the world.
  • PRICE:   Amazon boasts some of the lowest, best deals on 4K products online.  Period.  We have compared and this holds true to this very day.  We provide you only the best deal and bottom line prices at 4K ADVICE.COM
  • SHIPPING GUARANTEE:  When it comes to shipping and transporting a massive, fragile television set…you need only the most professional & experienced.  This is Amazon.
  • CONVENIENCE:   There is nothing better than having a large, fragile item, like a 4K TV, be delivered right into your family room.  The shippers even unboxed it for us because I have a injured shoulder and cannot lift anything.  That is convenience!


Amazon also offers another great service.  For only $126 you can request an expert installation wall mount.  You select this option at the time you place your new 4K Ultra HD TV in the cart to be ready for purchase. 

This is a reasonably price considering the fact that you want your new 4K TV hung the right way and in the right place.

what is a UHD TV






4K Ultra HD

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  1. It is good to know that 4K is the same as UHD and UHD is 4K. Many don’t know this. Heck a few years ago we have no idea what any of this was. Thanks to this site 4KADVICE.com we are well informed.

  2. What is a UHD TV? This is a common question that gets asked every day. This one or “What is A 4K TV”, which is asking the same thing,

    4K and UHD are one in the same.

  3. Great article and simple information now I know what UHD and 4k televisions are.
    Now when I decide to buy a new tv, I will do with good knowledge background beneficial information.
    your post like a nice guide for anyone wants to buy TV

    But when I think about 4k tv the market has tons of brands that seems good quilty and I’m not expert on it, any suggestion which brands are the best in 4k I’m interested in 4k

    1. Author

      Hi there,  thank for coming to our site 4kadvice.com and reading our Posts. We hope that they have been helpful which is the point of our website.

      Great question!  Yes, there are many great brands out at various prices.  We had similar issue when we went shopping for our first 4K UHD TV back in 2014.  This tech was new at the time so we ended up paying TOP dollar for our very first 4K UHD TV.  Maybe not so smart bc we paid $2,790 for a 65-inch Sony 4K 3D in 2014.  

      Yet, we still saved almost $400 by purchasing this Sony on Amazon versus buying the same one in our local store at Best Buy.

      But, today this same 65-inch 4K UHD TV is only being sold for $1,300!  Can you believe that!  In just about 3 years the price was more than slashed in half.

      But, we dont care.  We have been able to enjoy our 4K TV much longer than others have who have not upgraded or discovered 4K yet.  There was plenty of 4K content, unlike what people were saying.  We had plenty of 4K movies and shows to watch beginning in 2014 and nowadays there is 4K content to stream galore, not to mention 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs.

      I would say Sony or Vizio or Samsung…Sony was first to pioneer the 4K technology in its displays so we went with Sony. Plus, our Sony has PlayStation NOW built into it and I can stream any PS3 game I want directly through my TV without needing a console.  I just plug a PS controller via USB directly into back of my sony 4K tv and it works perfectly fine!

      Good Luck and use our Posts to read specific reviews and click on our Amazon links to go read reviews from other purchasers of 4K TVs on Amazon to help you decide.

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  4. I liked your informative post on UHD tv’s. I try to stay ,caught up to the latest tech in computers,but I must confess i idn’t know much about hdtv. I’m also relieved to hear the prices may be dropping too since it’s a bit pricey for the average consumer…keep the info on this coming – Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Tom, thank you for giving us your opinion and taking the time to comment on our Post.  Please come back to http://www.4KADVICE.com and read more helpful posts if you wish.  Thanks, Matt B.

  5. thank you very much for the clarification on the 4K and UHD terminology, since a lot of specs info tend to use them separately. am still waiting to see the prices on these 4K tv get more lower before i buy. i find that you can also get a 4k experience if you use a 4k streaming box on 1080p HD tv and also if the content is broadcasting in 4k quality. answering these questions from your last post was extremely helpfull

    1. Author

      Hi Oneil!  By the way, I love your name.  I have water skis that are named Oneil and wakeboards which are awesome!  Anyway, thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and taking the time to comment on our Posts.

      Please come back to our site 4kadvice.com and read more Posts and click on our 3rd party ads to help support us.  We are trying to educate people about 4K TVs and other 4K tech.

      Prices on 4K TVs are NOT going to get any lower.  They were already slashed in half since 2015.  Most of all, prices for a new 1080 HD TV have reached the bottom price many years ago since 1080 HD TVs have been around since about 2001.  With that said, today the price of any new 4K TV is about the same as the price of any new 1080 HD.

      4K TV prices have lowered to the point they are equal with 1080 HD TV if you compared them.  They did this on purpose because they want consumers upgrading to 4K TVs and not buying another 1080 HD TV.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you.  We wish you the best, Matt B.




  6. UHD TV is one of quality. People are attracted to quality. I would say this article is informative and gave us the understanding of UHD and 4K. People don’t buy these things based off impulse but want to know about the item and i believe you brought it across well.

    1. Author

      Hello Shannek!  Thanks for supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com by reading our Posts and commenting.

      We do appreciate your interest in these 4K Ultra HD Televisions which truly are amazing to watch.  Come visit us again when you are in the market for a 4K TV and read our reviews.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you.  We wish you the best, Matt B.




  7. Thank you for this wonderful and informative post.

    I had never even known that 4k existed! Maybe I’m just living in a cave lol! My question is typically how much more expensive is a 4k TV compared to one that is not 4k (in the same size of course)?

    We are currently looking for a 65 inch tv and now I know to look into a 4k.

    Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Dr, Baker, we wanted to thank you for coming to visit our site http://www.4kadvice.com and taking the time to read our Posts and comment.  We do appreciate your involvement.

      Most people have still NOT heard of a “4K Ultra HD TV”, therefore you are not alone.  Only 20% of households have upgrade to a 4K TV.  Although, this number is probably much higher after this past Christmas buying season.

      We do know that the 4K Tv market is exploding.  More than ever people are buying 4K TVs.  4K Ultra HD TVs have been on shelves for nearly 5 years now, so they are NOT new.

      Today, 4K TVs are not one bit more expensive than if you buy a new 1080 HD TV  (1080 HD TVs is what we have all had for about 17 years now since “HD” was first invented).  A few years ago when 4K resolution TVs first came out they were very expensive just like all new technology is at first.

      But, today, as mentioned above, 4K TVs are priced the exact same as 1080 HD TVs because manufacturers want consumers upgrading to 4K and NOT buying another 1080 HD TV.

      4K TVs are not some kind of exotic toy or device for only rich people to buy with disposable income.  Instead, 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs entirely.  4K is replacing 1080 HD, JUST LIKE 1080 HD replaced SD- Standard Definition back near year 2000.

      This is just the way technology is going and soon everyone will have 4K TVs as the 1080 HD TVs are phased out,

      And, 4K is a very welcomed new technology.. All that it means is that the TV display contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than what a 1080 HD TV contains.  This means the picture image is that much more clear, crisp and real looking. Very real looking and true to life when you watch.  Its amazing to watch a real, native 4K filmed movie or show.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you.  We wish you the best, Matt B.

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