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What The Heck Is A 4K Ultra HD TV?

We are getting this question a lot in the comments section.  Let’s get off to a great start and address this right now!  For starters, this is nothing to think of as ‘complex’.  Technically, it might be complex, but all you need to know as a consumer is that 4K UHD simply refers to the amount of resolution the TV contains.  When talking about televisions, the resolution is:

The resolution of a television is the number of pixels

in each dimension that the TV can display natively.

The higher the resolution, the more details the picture has.  The resolution is not the only factor in picture quality.  There are many additional elements to picture quality….like HDR – High Resolution Range.  HDR has to do with the color gamut on the screen.   However, as an educated consumer, it is safe for you to assume that RESOLUTION is the most important and labeled factor when it comes to purchasing a TV.

You can watch media that is not in the TV’s native resolution.  However, watching content in a lower resolution than the TV will not increase the quality.  As a matter of fact, you will lose detail if you watch 1080p content on a 720p TV.

 Learn more about upconverting/upscaling.   what is a 4k tv

We will not overcome you with the details about upconverting a.k.a. upscaling right now.  However, you should be aware of the basics while doing your homework before buying a new 4K UHD TV.  Upscaling is a common specification when it comes to todays 4K TVs on the market.  This is a major benefit to consumers!  Most TVs today will be able to upscale.  Believe me, this is a plus!  Because most of what you watch on a 4K Television will be in HD- High Definition.  In order to do upscaling the film must be at least HD quality.   The fact that most 4K TVs do upscaling is justification enough to upgrade to 4K. Most of what you watch is going to look much better than it did in its original format (720 or 1080 HD).

When it comes to a 4K TV, upscaling is:

Upscaling/ Upconverting Converts Low Resolution Material Into A Higher Definition

Or, at least that is what it is purported to do anyway.  It’s just one of the common terms you need to know before buying your next 4K television, or any device that supports upscaling, like a Blu-ray player.  The reason why upscaling is important is because it gives you a much nicer picture image quality.

 In order for upscaling to take place within your televisions computer system the original picture image that you are watching must be at least 1080 or 720 HD.  In other words, you cannot upconvert an SD  (Standard Definition image).

Your 4K TV will automatically upscale the HD movie or TV show without you even knowing.  This is not something where you need to mess with settings or click a button.  Its a good feature built into the operating system of most 4K Ultra High Definition television sets.  what is a 4k tv

Now, back to 4K.  We like to give this example when it comes to explaining what a 4K TV is.  Its nothing different than what your current 1080HD TV other than the fact that the picture image quality on a 4K TV is much, much better than any 1080 or 720HD television.  In a nutshell, you are able to watch movies and TV shows with a significantly better picture overall.  This means sharper, crisper, better colors, deeper blacks, real looking images.

A 4K image is so good that it makes you feel like you are right there live on the scene with the actors.  Or, better yet, 4K picture images make it appear like you are looking through a window at the live scene on the display.  Like you are there, OR the actors are real and standing in your family room!

Let’s say that a typical 1080HD TV  (the majority of households own mostly 1080HD televisions.  As of late 2016, LESS than 10% of consumers own a 4K UHD TV), has ONE pixel of resolution.  A pixel is a tiny little box within the display that contains data and information.  

This data is the color, brightness, clarity.  Its what you actually see.  Except, there isn’t just ONE pixel on a 1080 TV, but thousands put together to give you one stable flowing picture image.  This is what you watch…this is your movie taking place in your family room. 

what is a 4k tv


With 4K UHD  (Ultra High Definition)  (this is the same as saying “4K”), tech designers have figured out a way to squeeze FOUR (4) tiny, tiny little additional pixels inside ONE 1080hd pixel.  Let’s say that again in different words.  If you purchase a 4K TV which we highly encourage you do to replace your 1080HD, the resolution is going to be  four times better overall than 1080HD.  

This is because inside a 4K TV they strategically inserted 4 more pixels inside ONE 1080HD TV pixel.  This means you are getting four times the color, four times the clarity, four times the data and information which ultimately brings you four times overall better picture image quality.


It Is Simply Incredible When You See Your First 4K Television or Movie

 what is a 4k TV



Check Out What A 4K TV Is By Going To Your Local Electronics Store

It is a great idea to go to your local electronics store and ask a salesman to show you an example of what a 4K UHD native movie or TV show looks like on a 4K TV.  Tell them you are wanting to see how much better 4K is than your 1080HD TV.  You will NOT be let down.  

You will be amazed and want to purchase a 4K UHD television on the spot.  At least, this is what happened to us when we saw our very first 4K native movie on a 4K TV set.  We immediately began researching exactly what 4K was and who made the best 4K televisions.

Unfortunately, we could NOT find much helpful information about 4K online anywhere.  This was frustrating!  This is exactly why we decided to create www.4KADVICE.com informational website.  This is designed to help educate you and your friends about everything having to do with 4K.  

We teach you, we advise you and we direct you to the best lowest purchase prices on the market.  PLEASE share our Posts and website to your friends and family on Facebook.  This would help support our cause and keep us fueled up to keep providing you the latest, greatest information about all things 4K.

what is a 4k tv


We are striving to become the Number 1  4K information website on the internet.   You can help us accomplish this by doing two things:

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For over a decade now, we have been using the term “HD” or High Definition.  As you can remember, we were all forced to upgrade from Standard Definition ( SD ) to HD.  This was a pleasant adjustment to our TV watching lives because it made the picture image so much better than SD.  Within HD, we have several levels of resolution.  720 and 1080 are the most common.  

Still today, the majority of network programming that we watch on television is in HD (either 720 or 1080).  Along with this, about 90% of all households own HD televisions.  Less than 10% of consumers have upgrade to 4K UHD TVs.  This is going to change drastically as we watch 4K TV prices plummet!  They have already dropped significantly since 2014.


For example, we purchased our first 4K SONY TV in 2014 for $2,890.  Today, this same TV is $1,400 on AMAZON.  That is a hugmongo drop in price, and YES, we should have waited for prices to come down.  This is not the first time that technology has experienced major price drops in new technology as time moves forward.    what is a 4k tv

Going from SD to HD experienced similar trends in the market.  The point is that NOW is the time to start buying 4K UHD TVs.  The prices are low enough and the technology is stable and quite amazing.  Actually, manufacturers have lowered the cost of a 4K Ultra HD Television to be closer to the cost of a 1080 HD TV.  No joke!  4K TVs are prices about the same as 1080 HD TVs.  What are you waiting for?

*We recommend Amazon.com as the best online marketplace for FOUR main reasons:

  • SELECTION:   Amazon has the largest, most extensive selection of 4K UHD televisions, 4K Blu-ray Players, 4K cameras & 4K video recorders in the world.
  • PRICE:   Amazon boasts some of the lowest, best deals on 4K products online.  Period.  We have compared and this holds true to this very day.  We provide you only the best deal and bottom line prices at 4K ADVICE.COM
  • SHIPPING GUARANTEE:  When it comes to shipping and transporting a massive, fragile television set…you need only the most professional & experienced.  This is Amazon.
  • CONVENIENCE:   There is nothing better than having a large, fragile item, like a 4K TV, be delivered right into your family room.  The shippers even unboxed it for us because I have a injured shoulder and cannot lift anything.  That is convenience! 


Amazon also offers another great service.  For only $126 you can request an expert installation wall mount.  You select this option at the time you place your new 4K Ultra HD TV in the cart to be ready for purchase.  This is a reasonably price considering the fact that you want your new 4K TV hung the right way and in the right place.

what is a 4k tv




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  1. Wow, you really know what you’re talking about, the way you say 4k tv is four times better than HDTV. That must be why they call it 4ktv. But 4 times better? That’s nuts bro.

    This will probably become the norm soon as well. Current gen console’s (PS4 Pro) are already starting to take advantage of 4k tv by optimizing graphic engines for video games to receive better quality.

    1. Author

      Mr Jacob, thanks for your comments. I cant tell if you are being a smart ass or not. Yes, that is correct it is four times better than 1080Hd if you know what to watch., If you put a real, native 4K….now here is lesson on what this means, brother. A real, native 4K movie means that it was mastered or filmed using 4k cameras. This is instead of 2K cameras which is what the norm is now. Movie makers are beginning to switch to 4k cameras but they are very expensive (on the commercial side of things). Yea, this will become the normal like 1080HD became the normal after everyone switched from SD or standard definition.

      Do you own or have a 4K UHD TV by chance? Better yet, have you ever watched a native 4K movie on 4k TV? Then, you will get what I mean by 4 times better overall than 1080. You are getting 4 times the pixel resolution, color, clarity etc. However, not all advertised movies and TV shows are NATIVE 4K. Which means many of them are advertised as being 4K, but they are not true 4K. They were filmed using a 2K camera but digitally enhanced or upscaled or upconverted to a higher resolution than 2K. They end up being better than a 2k or 1080HD movie, but nut 4 times as good and not full 4K UHD quality. http://www.realorfake4K.com is a site that verified which movies were made using 2k camera or 4K. This tells us which ones are truely 4K mastered films or just upscaled from 2K to be called 4K, ..but they really are not. They get upscaled to somewhere between 2K and 4K…like say, 2500 or 3K resolution. Like I said, still better than 1080hd. You have to watch enough movies and shows to see the difference.

      Thats what I do. I watch plenty of movies and do research all day so that I can present consumers with accurate and up to date information on http://www.4KADVICE.COM.

      Thanks for Posting. If you would not mind please SHARE this post on social media to your friends and family. And share this site PLEASE. I will do the same exact thing for you and your site if you send me your link address. WE have to help each other here at WA because getting ranked higher in google and getting traffic PERIOD aint no walk in the park in the real world. Its hard to get exposure if you have not realized. How and what is your site?

  2. I have a coworker who is a big fan of big screen television. In his house, he actually has his own theater system just so he can watch high quality high resolution television. 4k is something unheard of for me. Basically it’s an extremely high resolution correct? I am sure he will look into buying it since he also has cable, and he will be watching it all the time. For him, quality is important and price doesn’t matter. For me personally, I am wondering if 4k uhd would be extremely expensive considering how much better it is compared to a regular tv.

    1. Author

      Great questions and comments. YES, you are correct that 4K UHD mainly has to do with resolution. Its much more than that technically, but as far as consumers are concerned….resolution is what you watch and how good the picture image is. So, that matters most when making a purchase. Please direct your co-worker to 4KADVICE.COM and perhaps he can learn more or read our Posts. Please SHARE this Post and our site as that helps to support us. I am happy to share your site and Posts as well if you just reply with your address.

      4K UHD prices are way, way down since they first came out a few years ago in the mainstream market. NOW, is the time to buy 4K. Even though 4K UHD is so much better than 1080HD,…prices are NOT reflecting that! You can get a 40 inch 4K UHD television for under $500. 4K prices are now comparable to 1080HD prices.

      Amazon has the best selection and prices and you can connect to them via my site. Thank you for commenting! – Matt B.

  3. Thanks for posting Matt!!

    There is a lot of good info here and I really enjoyed reading it as well 😉
    I have a couple of questions which perhaps you can share some of your thoughts on.

    Is true 4k possible with anything less than HDMI?
    What are your thoughts on the best sound systems to go with the newer 4k tvs out there?

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!!

    1. Author

      Great questions and thanks for asking. I do appreciate your comments. Please share my site at http://www.4kadvice.com as this would help us continue on.

      To answer, no I do not believe that true/real 4K is possible without HDMI 2.0. This is the latest. Do you currently have a 4K TV? If not, you are not alone as only 10% of households own a 4K TV currently. But, this is changing rapidly as prices fall quickly. You can buy a 4K UHD TV today for the same price as a new 1080HD TV. Good luck and best wishes. – Matt B.

    2. Have you upgraded to a 4K UHD TV yet? We wanted to follow up with some of our Readers to get feedback. Thanks, Matt

  4. Hi Matt. Great article on 4k TV you have here. I’ve always wonder what’s the difference and hype about the 4k tvs and you’ve cleared that perfectly. I’m my Tv is currently an old 1080p version and I don’t think I’m upgrading soon. It’s just I think there is still not much programs or does in 4k. But I’m sure that’s going to change in next two or three years

    1. Author

      You are correct, there is more and more 4K content being released monthly. I do believe their is plenty 4K content out right now to keep any 4K TV owner busy the entire year. But, obviously not as much content as there is 1080HD right now. I am glad that I could help educate you about 4K. WHen the time comes, please save my site 4KADVICE.COM and come back to it. Or share it to friends and family. I appreciate you contributing to this Post.

  5. Hi, My current Tv is getting a bit long in the tooth. Its nearly 5 years old. Its been Brilliant, and cost a fortune (£2k) but looking at the screens in my local electronics retailer really makes me long for a 4k set!

    My only question is do you think No is the time, there is still little content available and there Is HDR looming on the horizon …do you think its worth waiting or should I take the plunge….

    1. Author


      Trust me, I had the same worry and I took the risk TWO years ago!! In 2014, I got hooked and had to have a 4K TV. I had seen a demo in a store and I could NOT believe how much better the picture was than HD. It blew me away. The people were so real like you were right there on the set live with them. Or, it looked like my TV was a window and I was looking out at a real live scene (while watching 4K movie). Stunning and impressive for sure. I would not wait, start enjoying now like we did.

      Even back in 2014, there really was NOT a whole lot of 4K content. There was Netflix UHD membership and youtube. There was enough to keep us somewhat busy, but not full time watching 4K stuff.

      But, that was 2 years ago! I have been documenting 4K content and TV prices ever since, thus why I created this site. 2 years ago when I went to research 4K I could find nothing online. I could not get any help or reviews anywhere on the internet before I went to buy a 4K TV. I did all my own research and took the risks.

      I paid MORE THAN twice as much for the same TV I have today. Today, the price for this same SONY 65 inch 4K is more than HALF LESS than what I paid. But, honestly it was worth it to be enjoying 4K now for 2 years.

      You can find Posts about “Buy 4K now or Wait” —->( click to go) on my site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. I provide the reasons why people should buy now and not wait. Prices will not come down a ton more. They have already dropped significantly and consumers are buying at levels compared to what HDTV sales are. Therefore, they have stabilized prices. You can buy a mid sixe 4K TV for about the same price as a larger HDTV. But, its worth it to gain 4 TIMES better picture quality. PLUS, most 4K TVs being sold today DO contain HDR and they also UPSCALE or UPCONVERT the picture image. This means that anything you watch that is at least 720 or 1080HD..the 4KTV will automatically upscale the image with higher resolution and make it much better than HD. It wont be full 4K quality image, but still much better.

      To get full benefits of 4K resolution you will need to stream or watch a film or show that was mastered or filmed using 4K cameras. These are called Native 4K content. I list them on my site also.

    2. Have you upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR yet? We are following up with our past Readers to see who all has upgraded, or who is holding off still. Is there enough 4k content for you yet? We believe there is. Thanks, Matt

  6. Hi Matt,

    I used to be a visual effects artist and my room uses a 4K monitor to present our TV Commercial projects to our clients. The good thing about it is that it is very sharp – too sharp that whatever error we commit in our edit is slapped in the face of our clients, LOL.

    But the thing is, very limited people can afford to have a 4K TV at home. And whatever you are watching on TV is sure compressed because of different output limitations. Unless of course, you are specifically watching something that is outputted in 4K, which is seldom a possible case.

    1. Author

      THAT IS VERY INTERESTING! See, you know exactly how much better true 4K images are than 1080HD. Many people do not because they have not seen yet. Many consumers did not believe that we would ever see a picture image quality better than 1080 HD. I was one of those people way back when we switched over from SD (standard definition).

      Yes, I have heard that some people in certain industries like news casting frown upon the new 4K TVs because they are so great, so detailed, so crisp and clear, so much resolution that everyone can see their wrinkles and imperfections on their face and hair. That alone, helps to verify just how good 4K is compared to HD.

      Actually, nowadays 4K televisions have DROPPEd significantly in price. You can get a mid size 4K TV today for about the same price as a SMART HD 1080 TV. Perhaps, slightly higher in price, but they are very affordable. I think that people are just settled down and use to having their HD TVs. They are satisfied with them until they start breaking down and need to upgrade. At that time, most consumers will then purchase a new 4K TV.

      More and more 4K native content is being released every month. More and more networks are starting to broadcast in true 4K. If you have a 4K TV you benefit. If not, then the picture image will be limited to whatever resolution your current TV is. Thanks for your comments. M.B

  7. I remember when HD TV first came out many people were wondering if it was really that big of a difference and if they would even both making the jump. Anything I watch now (especially sports) in non-HD is barely watchable. It just goes to show that innovation seems unnecessary and people when it first comes out, but eventually becomes the norm, 4K TV is likely no exception. 5 years from now everyone will have 4k TVs, because they are as you put it, just simply better.

    1. Author

      Right on!… So true about people being behind technology until they actually try it. Its funny how people have strong opinions yet have not tested or tried whatever it is they are so thoughtful about. Ask someone if they like Sushi and most will say “NO WAY, DISGUSTING”. Then ask them if they have EVER tried it and they will say “Well, No”.—> Then how do you know that you wont like it, Dummy? It may not be what you think it is.

      Anyway, thanks for contributing to http://www.4KADVICE.COM ! I remember the time you are referring to, I think one main reason is that when we changed from SD (standard definition TV) up to HD (720 and 1080) that was a MAJOR increase in technology for people to handle….in a good way.

      I remember thinking that nothing could get better than HD – 1080i. The picture image quality was so, so good compared to crappy SD form.

      But, it has happened. It truly has. 4K television watching does indeed provide an even better picture image than HD does. But, you have to make sure to watch a film or show that was mastered using a 4K camera. This would be called true or real native 4K film. The difference is whether the film was made/mastered using 2K camera systems or 4K camera systems. Just like you have to choose if you want to buy a 1080HD video camera for your family, or the newer more high tech 4K video cameras. Same thing commercially when they go to film movies. But, the issue is that movie makers are slowly switching over to 4K cameras because of the cost of them right now. Prices in technology always drop, but commercial prices seem to lag behind or take longer to drop than consumer. As you can imagine, the number of cameras and setups it takes to film detailed complex scenes is extraordinary! They need al ot and therefore it would cost them to buy new stuff. However, THEY ARE DOING IT. There are many new movies being filmed in 4K. You then just need a 4K TV to get the full benefits of it.

      And, if you do this, you wont be disappointed. 4K picture images are several times better overall than 1080HD. I list on my site which movies and shows were true native 4K filmed with 4K cameras and which ones were filmed in 2K, but UPSCALED to be better than 1080HD but not as good as full 4K (even though the producers still end up calling the movie 4K—-confusing for consumers). This is helpful information for when you do upgrade to a 4K TV.

      Yep, 5 years from now all will have switched over to 4K just like we did with HD1080 from SD. Its happening right now actually. If you look at any display ads for electronics stores….most have many 4K TV listings for sale. Most consumers are buying 4K when they upgrade because the costs for 4K consumer ‘stuff’ is way, way down to a normal consumer level. PLEASE SHARE MY POSTS AND RETURN IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION. Thank you very much for commenting. – M.B

    2. We wanted to check back in with some of our Readers to see if they upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD TV yet? If so, how do you like it compared to 1080 HD TVs? – Matt

  8. Hi Matty. You have really explained the 4k Tv concept in such great detail. I am a great movie fan and to me resolution and sound are two things I dig. I currently have a an ultra HD and I find the resolution to be Ok.

    To have 4 more pixels squeezed in there means the image must be mindblowing. I will definitely have a look into it.

    1. Author

      Hi Leonard, Yes you should at least go to your local electronics store and ask them to specifically show you a demo on a good 4K UHD TV. Make sure they show you a native, real 4K movie or show. These are the absolute best and then you will see the full benefits of 4K.

      If the movie or show is filmed using 4K cameras, then they are considered native or real 4K (click for my Post called “Real of Fake 4K”.) I have listed all these on my site. This way people know exactly what they are watching. I have also provided a list of movies and shows that are filmed using 2K cameras and 4K cameras. ALL of these seem to be labeled ‘4K’ by manufacturers and sellers. However, the 2K mastered content is not technically 4K level images. They are upscaled digitally using software programs to fit more date into the pixels that already exist on the display in the 4K TV. They are putting more data/ resolution information into those 4 extra pixels we talked about in this Post. All 4K TVs automatically do what is called either UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (

  9. I am glad I found your site. My husband desperately wants a new 4K UHD TV. We don’t have one yet and it is a point of contention. I will look at your recommendations here and show him your page in our shopping.

    When and how much more do you think prices will drop?

    1. Author

      I am very glad you found this Post and site at 4KADVICE.COM also. Only 10% of households have switched over to 4K TVs yet, so you are not alone at wanting one. Many people who have learned about them want one now. The picture images are really 4 times better than HDTV if you watch native, true 4K movie or show. Some 4K movies are upscaled which means they are not full 4K native quality, but still they are much better than 1080HD quality. You can totally tell the difference.

      I created this site 4K ADVICE because 2 years ago in 2014 when I became very interested in 4K I could not find any good information online about them. I wanted to help the public make informed decisions by providing everything I could about 4K.

      And, you might here that some people say because there is not enough 4K content like movies and shows its not yet time to buy a 4K UHD TV. This was true a year or more ago. But, this is NOT true anymore. There is plenty, plenty of 4K content out there right now to keep everyone busy for a long, long time. And, more and more is added every month. Producers are also beginning to film movies using 4K cameras which means there will be so much more.

      A new 4K TV will upscale or upconvert any 720 or 1080HD image automatically. So, even if you are not watching a native 4K -made movie on your 4K Tv…you are still always going to benefit from this 4K technology.

      For example, even when watching normal TV broadcasting that is coming in at 1080HD fee….all 4K UHD TVs have a built in software that automatically upscales the image to somewhere around 2,500HD. It is better than 1080HD but not as good as full 4K level. Still, its much better and noticable for just about everything you watch on TV because it is UPCONVERTED (which I have Posts on my site that specifically explain upconverting/upscaling —same thing that might help you and your husband learn more.

      My wife was shocked when first watching TV in general. Even though we were not watching a 4K movie, the image was significantly better quality, better sharpness, better clarity than our older 1080HDTV.

      But, when you are able to watch a native 4K movie, it is simply stunning. I first saw a 4K demo on a 4K TV back in 2014 and was so amazed that I had to buy one. The picture image looks so real that its like you are right there on the set of the movie scene. It makes it look like the actor is in your family room…because of how clear the resolution is. I hope we can help you make a decision. Please share or at least come back to us for more information. Thank You! – Matt B. http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

  10. I keep hearing about these TV’s and I had thought about getting one of them. But then I was told that there still isn’t very much content for 4k TVs. Is that true? Is it worth buying a TV with 4k if there isn’t much content for it yet? I wouldn’t want to spend my money on something that is actually going to show up in a lower resolution anyway, right?

    1. Author

      Yes, the word is about about 4K TVs…they are the new thing to buy. Actually, if you look at most electronic store newspaper ads you will find that most of their TVs on sale or special are 4K UHD TVs. Soon, this will be the majority of TV type on the shelves. Its a good thing, because the prices have come down so much since 2014 that they are just as affordable as a 1080 HDTV that we all have now.

      Thank you for contributing and PLEASE share our Post and SIte to inform others. http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. We are happy to support and do the same with your site if you have one.

      There is plenty of 4K content now. Last year or two years ago this was the case. I have heard the same question many times. That there is not enough 4K content movies and Tv shows to justify buying a 4K TV, but that simply is not the case anymore.

      There is enough 4K content to keep you busy the entire year. By then, there would be even more. Every month more and more 4K movies and shows are released and producers are beginning to film and master movies using 4K cameras versus 2K, ..therefore more to come. Check out this Post I have on this site concerning content and how much there is. ( 4K MOVIE CONTENT GALORE ) —> Click this link to see specific about content.

      We have Netflix 4K UHD movies and shows, Youtube has hundreds of thousands of 4K content, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, ….Plus we also now have 4K UHD (ultra high definition) Blu-Ray discs that are amazing to watch. 4K Bluray are the absolute best picture images out of all 4K content. There are many of them on Amazon for purchase or rent/download.

      Thanks again for commenting and I hope I have addressed the concern about there being enough 4K Content. – Mattb.

  11. Wow! I had no idea what I was missing! Thanks for the information on the next great thing. I can’t wait to experience it for myself! Your site is full of valuable information for the technology buff. I felt like I got a real education in this field of 4K UHD tv’s. Are these tv’s available at this time? Wish I had discovered it before the Super Bowl!!

    1. Author

      Hi Jane! No kidding about the super bowl. I am checking, but I heard that they might be broadcasting for the first time using 4K Cameras systems. If you only have a HDTV (720 or 1080iHD – which most people have today) then you will NOT even notice a difference. Everything will be the same for you as usual.

      But, if you do have a 4K UHD television set, then you will be making history if you tune into the Super Bowl this year on your 4K, How awesome is that?

      You really need to check out a demo for yourself. Go to local electronics store or stop in at your convenience and ask them to show you a 4K mastered movie or show on a 4K UHD TV set. You will be stunned and blown away from that point on (depending on how much TV you watch..that is) I realize some people dont care about TV or dont watch much of it at all. But, the majority of consumers and families LOVE their TV, love watching movies and shows and really get into some series like “24” or “Game of Thrones” like I have.

      Soon, most of what is sold in stores will be 4K UHD TVs. Actually, if you look at ads in thew newspaper or go online to places like best buy or amazon…most of what you see will be sales on 4K UHD televisions. Everyone will be upgrading to these in the near future or if their older HDTV breaks down like mine did.

      These TVs are around everywhere now on every electronics store shelves. Prices have even dropped enough that they are comparable to any other HDTV (729 or 1080i HD). Prices for 4K are ‘normal’ now and this is not considered a bran new technology where you can expect the cost to be rocket high. This is what I did. I paid more than twice the price for my SONY 4K 65 inch, than what the exact TV is priced at today on Amazon. That was back in 2014, so it has come a long way in the consumer pricing of 4K since then. Thanks for commenting. PLEASE SHARE this Post and our Site ( http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM ) on Facebook, so we can help educate others. Or, at least be the first of your friends to know about 4K and possibly buy one. You will blow their minds if you show them a 4K movie first,…before any others do :-).

      – Mattb.

    2. We are just following up…have you bought a 4K UHD TV yet? If so, how do you like it? – Matt

  12. Hi,

    I was just wondering if having a higher resolution puts more strain on your eyes? Does having more pixels mean a higher power output and more light intensity? I often have trouble not straining my eyes when looking at bright screens and was wondering if this could be a solution. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Thank you for coming to our Post and site and sharing your thoughts! Very good question and we have made note to do more research on this exact question–> “Does a higher resolution put more strain on your eyes”.

      We hope to God not,…we do not think that it does overall, but we are also not eye doctors. We will be asking the experts and reporting back via a Post. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thinking deeper about this 4K technology as well as the Pros and Cons of it.

      We assume that watching or doing to much of anything is not good for you. If you watch a 4K UHD TV for too long, it is obvious that it might strain your eyes. But, this would have to be like 15 hours straight of TV.

      What we DO know is that, HD Tvs are much, much safer than any of the older TV versions like SD (standard definition). If you remember ‘back in the day’, our parents would yell at us for sitting too close to the television. They proclaimed: “You will go blind sitting that close”. Perhaps, that was true or not true way back when.

      However, with 4K displays we know for a fact that you can sit one foot or 12 inches away from it and not even see a pixel. The resolution will be clear and sharp as could be even at the closest range. As a matter of fact, its recommended and researched that after buying a 4K TV you want to design your viewing room (family room or home theater) so that everyone sits fairly close to the TV. Even if the size of display is large like 65 inchs. There are charts to follow in order to get the most benefits from your 4K TV. I know that on average to see the best picture image you only should be about 8-10 feet back away from the display. This alone, is a stark contrast to how things use to be in the past. { http://www.4kadvice.com } PLEASE share our Post and Site on Facebook and thanks. – Matty B.

  13. Hi Matt, I was recently blown away by a visit to the local TV showroom. The 4K TV’s provide so much quality I begin to question if we will need to go to cinemas so often in the future. My question relates to watching movies on the 4K TV via the internet. Given the limited broadband speeds in many areas, how long do you think we’ll have to wait before we all shows are available in 4K?

    1. Author

      Great questions and thank you for Posting a comment. First, yes..it will blow you away to see a native 4K movie or show on a 4K UHD (ultra high definition) television. You had a terrific idea by going to your local store and requesting a demo. Everyone who is interested in 4K or upgrading their current HDTV should do the same. Take a trip to a local store and watch, watch, watch. Make sure the tv is obviously 4K UHD and the content they show you was filmed or mastered in 4K known as Native or Real 4K. There is a difference, because some manufacturers are taking films made using 2K cameras therefore 1080HD films and using a computer to digitally enhance the picture image to UPSCALE or UPCONVERT (same thing both word) into better higher resolution…..and then they put the label “4K” on it. These are NOT true or native 4K movies. They were upscaled, yet still much better quality than 1080HD. You do notice it. But, an upscaled movie is NOT as good as true 4K. They are using the extra pixels you find in a 4K display to fill it with more data like sharpness, color, clarity, etc.

      Yes, one majoe issue is internet speed and bandwidth. This became an issue when we all first switched over from SD (standard definition) to 720 or 1080 High Definition (HD). Many consumers had trouble streaming because the amount of information and data that must go through the lines and feed your TV display is totally massive.

      Now, today…with 4K content we have the same exact issue. Except, it is even worse! Now, we have 4 times the amount of data and information that must flow through the lines and system to reach your 4K TV. ISP, Internet Service Providers are doing everything they can to keep up with this 4K technology. They are bettering the quality and speed of internet flow and trying to keep costs down. They are using fiber optics and inventing better ways to keep speed faster despite 4 times the amount of data needing to come through. To answer, yes it will all get much faster and better very soon because demand will force it to.

      I have Charter High speed cable internet which is the fastest in my area. What is your fastest internet option available to you where you are? I usually have to use ethernet cord to plug directly into my TV for internet while using 4K movies and streaming shows because its much faster than wireless when you have this much data needed for 4K.

      I think it wont belong until everything switches to 4K. Well, it could take several years (5 years) before more than half of the population of consumers buys a 4K TV. Thanks and Please Share http://www.4kadvice.com

  14. Well you certainly made a believer out of me. I always thought of 4k to be just another hype or fad that they made up to sell new tv’s without much of a difference. Even my ps4 has a new upgraded 4k version. Now that I know it’s actually an investment worth doing, I think I’ll upgrade. Thanks a million

    1. Author

      HI Kerron, thanks for voicing your thoughts and opinion as we do value them here at: http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

      Would you mind sharing our Post and Site on Facebook? It would help to reach more people and tune them in to this newer technology so they can make an informed decision.

      Yes 4K UHD is really amazing. Within 4K, though there is some ‘hype and fad;’ worth noting since you are in the know enough and might upgrade. Some manufacturers are UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (its the same thing) a 2K movie or Tv show and then calling it “4K”. These are NOT Real and True native 4K content. The resolution once upscaled is better than 1080HD, however it is not fully 4K.

      It all has to do with how the movie or show was filmed in. Were they using a 2k Camera system, which has been the norm since HDTV came out, or are they using the latest 4K camera systems. Many are beginning to us 4K systems which would give you the most real and native 4K content. I have a Post called REAL OR FAKE 4K which explains this and links you to a place that lists all movies and if they are REAL 4K filmed using 4K cameras or ‘fake 4K meaning they used 2K cameras and then on a computer digitally enhanced the image to squeeze it into more pixels then call it “4K’ to get more people to buy it. The images are still better than 1080HD, but when someone wants to view a real 4K content and get the best out of their new 4K TV UHD then they deserve to know what they are watching…we believe.

      PLEASE COME BACK to our site http://www.4kadvice.com and click our Amazon ads to go through to amazon to shop and make your purchases. We would be forever indebted to you. Amazon is a great place to purchase tvs and pros at shipping. We bought our first SONY from Amazon because prices were lowest at the time. Thanks again for supporting us. – Matt B.

    2. Sorry, I forgot to give you the link to “REAL OR FAKE 4K” it is: https://4kadvice.com/real-fake-4k

      Let me know if you need anything else and if you go to make a purchase, Please consider using our site to click through to Amazon and buy there. Let us know if we can answer any more questions or be helpful. – MB.

  15. This article has some thorough information about 4K UHD. It’s crazy how more high quality and high definition TV and video is becoming. Even on our phones, video can be such high quality. TVs in the future will be insane and hopefully this site helps many people make the best decisions when purchasing 4K TVs.

    1. Author

      Hi Luke, THANK YOU very much for your kind comments and support. Yes, we are trying to educate people about 4K so they can decide if they want to purchase or not. PLEASE SHARE our Post on Facebook so that we can reach out to more people and teach them or inform them about everything 4K. http://www.4kadvice.com .

      I agree, its crazy how fast technology is moving especially with television. Just think it wasn’t but a few years ago that we all had SD – standard definition. If I saw SD today, I would probably puke it was so bad.

      I never thought a picture image would get much better than 1080i HDTV,..honestly. That image blew everyone away, too.

      But, never underestimate technology and computers..because it has happened again! 4K UHD ultra high definition is stunning and nearly 4 times better overall resolution than 1080HD. The best idea if you have not seen this yet is go to your local electronics store and request a demo of a native 4K content movie or show on a 4k UHD TV. Thanks again and please come back to us in the future when its time for you to make a purchase.

      -Matt B.

  16. I have been wondering what in the heck 4k UHD is, because the price is so high. My son and I sat in front of all the TVs to discern the difference. And, yes I have to agree it is WAY better than a 1080HD television. I am just waiting for the costs to go down. I know that Samsung is the leader in this area right now, is this the same for the 4k UHD?

    1. Author

      I don’t blame you! Many are wondering the same exact thing. I hope I explained and cleared it up for you?

      Yes, I would say that Samsung and Sony are both the best of the best. Sony sort of pioneering the 4K technology, but I believe that is because they have the largest most funded R & D – research and development department that they created it first. But, both including LG are outstanding quality 4K UHD Tvs.

      Most people who do see a real 4K movie on 4 UHD are amazed. There is a big difference as long as its native or real 4K content and not been upscaled. Upscaled is great and all 4K UHD TVs do it automatically as long as the content is at least 720 or 1080 HD minimum. Upscaled content is wonderful and better than say, 1080HD content, but it is not full 4K content.

      Prices have come down significantly for 4K UHD TVs. Prices have dropped in a big way just like they did with 1080HD after those came out and we left standard definition television behind. I am not sure how much lower prices will get. You can get a 42 inch 4K UHD Westinghouse (this is a great brand also) TV for $400 dollars right now on Amazon.

      I bought my first SONY 4K 65 inch Tv in 2014 and now the price is half what it was. Prices have been cut in half over past 2 years for the most part, so I don’t think they are coming down much further. With the exception of some good sales, end of the year and Christmas time periods, as you know, are the best times to buy and get good deals. I would say start enjoying 4K UHD as soon as you can. Its worth it. But, it does not hurt to wait and see if prices will drop further. Best of luck to you and PLEASE SHARE my Post and site on Facebook.

      It would be nice to be able to educate and help more people about this newer 4K technology. http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

      Kind Regards,

      Matt Bronowicz

  17. I wasn’t aware of the upscaling and upconverting qualities, but it does make sense. So thanks for that info.

    However, I’m not one to splurge on the newest technology, because they keep coming out with “newer and better” so quickly. My dad on the other hand will upgrade immediately. This benefits me, because I get all his hand-me-down stuff for free. I’m still aware of current technologies with everyone talking about them. But I’m content with a step or two below for a fraction of the cost. To each his own. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hell Eris, thanks for coming to our site and posting a comment. This means a lot to us. If its not too much to ask, would you mind SHARING this Post or site on Facebook? We are trying to help spread the word about 4K as much as possible and gain exposure. http://www.4kadvice.com .

      You are welcome. We are trying to be as complete and detailed as possible throughout our site so that we fully educate our readers. We want them to make informed purchase decisions when it comes to 4K. We did not have the privilege of ‘information’ about 4K back in 2014 online. Thus, why we created this site to help educate consumers about it.

      Its understandable that you are not in the market for a 4K TV yet. Many people are totally satisfied with their HDTV 1080, etc. Which is fine. And, this gives your Dad time to upgrade and test out the new 4K technology. You can then see for yourself and eventually get a hand-me-down. This is exactly what I would do too;-)!

      Technology does indeed move very fast. Prices for 4K tvs have dropped significantly over the past couple years. The same TV we bought 2 years ago (SONY 4K UHD 65 inch) is currently Half as much in cost today.

      Kind Regards, and please share our Post on Facebook. Be the first to show your friends just how ‘techy’ and advanced you really are. Take Care. – Matt B. http://www.4kadvice.com

  18. hello there !
    Coming to this site i didnt know what to expect for a title called 4K. But im assuming it is electronics and entertainment for televisions. It describes the different native resolutions available for TVs. Honestly i didnt even expect the native resolution to reach as high as 2000 x …… ooops i mean 4k. 4k seem like the tv for the future. Bright textures, strong lighting effects this could dazzle the watcher. I like the way on the bottom it offers a bunch of affiliate clicks very neato.
    Overall if want the best quality television or monitor, this would be a great website to check out !

    1. Author

      Hello Rendell, Thanks for your honesty and comments. Yes, perhaps my site email address or even the homepage title does not give enough information as to what this site is all about. I can change that and add a slogan underneath perhaps. I appreciate your feedback.

      Thank you for considering 4K ADIVCE as your future go-to site for information and details about 4K equipment, televisions, cameras and all else. We try to maintain the latest news and information including technology breakthroughs and advancements. Especially when it come to TV watching since we love this type of entertainment. Some people play sports, and others read a book to wind down and de-stress. We however, love to watch movies and shows on TV. To be able to watch them on a stunning 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) television makes it all more better. PLEASE SHARE us on Facebook since this will help to educate others about the new 4K tech. Kind Regards, Matt B.

  19. I’m very excited to see where 4k entertainment takes us in the future. As you mentioned the prices are coming down which will Make it available to more people. That will improve the 4k content and add value to purchasing any 4k device. I personally didn’t think it was really worth buying a 4k TV until the prices came down and of course until HDR was added to that 4k technology. I have a 4k HDR TV and it is amazing to see how much better the 4k TV picture gets when you add in the HDR effect. Thanks for the great info and keep up the good work. I’ll be bookmarking your site for future reference.

    1. Author

      Bill – ME TOO! I cant wait to see what else 4K holds. For example, I look forward to when most broadcaster are playing live football games in 4K. The details and clarity of watching 4K is so amazing and real that its hard to believe.

      Prices have dropped in half for 4K since 2014. Prices are WAY down now and affordable especially on Amazon. We recommend using our link and clicking to Amazon since they are the most reliable shipper of fragile TVs and have the most selection and lowest prices. We bought our first 4K UHD on Amazon and it went perfect!

      Yes, HDR makes a huge difference and most 4K TVS now have HDR. Thanks for sharing and please don’t hesitate to SHARE our Post on Facebook. We would like to reach more people and educate them about 4K so they can start enjoying what you and I are enjoying right now. – Matt B.

  20. Great site to explain what a 4K television is to the person that is not so technically versed. So now when the person at GameStop is describing the new Xbox one that is 4K compatible or I see an amazing image on the tv at Bestbuy and see it’s a 4K, I will now have a better handle on what I am looking at and why it looks as nice as it does. As a consumer, I may not always be the first in line waiting for the latest and greatest features in technology but I am also not th last one to jump in and enjoy the features and benefits. Thank you again for explaining in easily to comprehend terms.

    Happy watching


    1. Author

      Hi Frank – there you go,…your are exactly right now you are well versed with what 4K UHD actually means since it is the latest, newest television and gaming technology. Yes, X BOX now has the first 4K console, but you have to have a 4K UHD TV in order to reap the benefits of the awesome 4K gaming images while playing.

      http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM offers a lot more information, reviews and FAQs about 4K and everything else 4K like cameras, VR and video recorders. 4K is taking over the mainstream consumer electronics now and this is all that you will see eventually. Watching movies and shows on a 4K UHD TV is simply amazing. It looks so real that you just cant believe it. The details and colors are so fine and real its as if you are right there in person on the scene of the set. But, the best 4K content are the ones where the producers actually used a 4K cameras system. They are beginning to do this more and more. Now, the norm is 2K cameras which give you either a 720 or 1080i HD image. 4K production cameras systems are expensive so producers are switching them out slowly. Eventually, this will be the norm in a few year.

      However, there is PLENTY of real 4K content to enjoy right now. I have had my 4K SONY for 2 years and even back then there was enough 4K movies and shows to keep me busy. Now, today,…there is a massive amount and it keeps me busy all year round. More and more comes out each months as well, or more upconverted movies which are made to be compatible with 4K after they are digitally enhanced from a 1080HD 2K version.

      Good luck and please come back when you are ready to upgrade to a new 4K TV. Use our Amazon link. Thanks.- Matt B.

  21. Thank you for enlightening me on this. I never thought I knew so little when it comes to TV resolution. I typically buy a TV based on brand and screen size. I don’t remember any time that I ever thought that resolution mattered. Now that you mentioned it, I guess this is one criterion that I’ll be paying attention to.

    If I may, are there are particular brands or models that you could recommend?

    Thanks again for a very insightful post.

    1. Author

      You are very welcome and glad we could provide some insight. I know what you mean about just going for brand and screen size..we use to do the same thing. However, back in 2014 I saw a demo at an electronics store that was playing a native 4K movie on a 4K UHD TV. I could not believe what I was seeing! It blew me away. It was so real looking, so crisp, so clear and it was like I was looking through a window right out at a llive scene. I had to know more, but I had trouble finding good information online about 4K TVs (which is why we built this helpful site). I learned through other ways and bought my first 4K.

      I recommend SONY and Samsung. Sony first pioneered 4K, but Samsung and several other manufacturers are good also. The prices for 4K have been cut in half since 2014, so prices are way down and probably wont get much lower other than a special sale here or there. Amazon is the best place to buy with selection, prices and their guaranteed 2 day shipping right to your door. This is what we did…bought through Amazon. We have links on our site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. Thanks for your comments about this Post and our site. – MB>

  22. Wowzers…I still have a TUBE TV and don’t even have cable. I would be totally lost if I were to go shopping for a new TV. Thank you, thank you for explaining all of that in easy-to-understand language!

    You mentioned that the TV you bought in 2014 has dropped significantly in price since then. What are the price ranges for 4k TVs nowadays? It’d be nice to see a breakdown of price vs. picture quality you can expect.

    1. Author

      Jenny, hi and thank you for commenting on our Post. We would be forever grateful to you if you could SHARE this Post on your Facebook, too. Thank you and we would be happy to support your site if you have one, by giving us your site address.

      Some people still have TUBe TVs, so you are not alone. That means its standard definition or analog, correct> Did you have to get a box converter so that you can watch an High Definition broadcast? Or a antenna> Just curious as this is very interesting.

      They you for the advice about a TV price comparison. We will certainly accomplish this for you since its a great way to help consumers compare and contrast various 4K Ultra High Definition -UHD television options. Some are SMART TVs which mean they have internet and application capabilities like using Netflix or Amazon Instant video, and others have HDR while some do not. There are plenty of 4K TVs to choose from and YES, prices have dropped in half over the past 2 years. Now, is the best time to buy so consumers can start enjoying 4K. There is plenty of 4K content nowadays, therefore this is not an issue or reason NOT to buy yet like it was a few years ago.

      A 4K UHD TV is the same thing as a 720 or 1080 HD TV that most of us have owned over the past decade since the switchover from SD standard Definition (analog). The difference is that 4K is FOUR (4) times better overall resolution than a 1080p HD TV. If you enjoy watching TV, then make it the best experience that you possibly can by purchasing a new 4K UHD TV. Please share out site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. Thanks, MattyB.

  23. Man, I can vouch for you on this. My parents recently upgraded to 4K UHD and it leaves me disappointed every time I have to return to my apartment and watch on my TV.
    The advance of technology forced us to all to accept nothing less than HD so I won’t be surprised when we all make the upgrade eventually.
    Would there be any reason to skip and jump straight to SUHD instead?

    1. Author

      Howdy Ryan! Too funny,..that cracks me up man! I hear what you are saying. 2 years ago, back in 2014, I saw a demo of a 4K action movie on a 4K UHD TV at local electronics store near me. I could not believe my eyes! I was stunned at how real the picture image was! It was like I was right there inside the movie live on the set. I could see details never before seen on a tv of someones face. It was just awesome and my wife had to drag me OUT of the store after a few hours of watching. I told her to leave and keep shopping elsewhere as I was staying put. My next goal was to convince her we needed to upgrade to a 4K UHD. I WANTED ONE OF THESE TVS BAD!! I could not find much information online at the time about 4K. Which is why I created this site a few years ago so that other people like me could learn more about 4K and make informed decisions.

      Anyway, I agree with you on the point that people should just see for themselves. Go request a demo at a local store and then you will want one just like us. Or, HAVE TO HAVE one in some cases like me because I value TV watching and watch a lot of it. Including gaming on a 4K is incredible, also. Its my way of de-stressing after a hard day at work…watching TV on a 4K UHD TV is so much better than 720 HD, for example. Just to sit there and examine the detail that 4K provides you is fun and exciting.

      You are right about technology and how it changes and how fast it changes. Luckily prices have been slashed in half for a 4K UHD since 2014. The same TV I bought then, 65 inch SONY 4K is now HALF the price it was in 2014. If I were you, I would buy a smaller 4K TV so that you can start enjoying it now. Then, you can avoid the folks house more often if need be:-)_

      Prices on Amazon are way down and they have the best selection. They are also the most reputable, guaranteed shipping online merchant for fragile large items such as TVs. We bought our 4K on Amazon and has no issues whatsoever. It was brought right to our front door and they actually wheeled it in to our family room for us.

      There is plenty of 4K content now. Maybe not 2 years ago, but this issue is NO LONGER an issue. There is plenty of 4K to watch and keep you busy all year long. Plus, they are releasing more 4K content monthly and soon producers will be filming movies using only 4K camera systems. Less than 4K TVs will still be able to watch them, but they will NOT be enjoying the full benefits of 4K resolution.

      You can get a 42 inch 4K UHD ( we don’t recommend any smaller than 40 inch for a 4K UHD TV) for about $350 on Amazon.

      I would buy 4K Ultra High Definition now and enjoy it since that is going to be the normal for at least another decade, than to wait and buy an SUHD or 8 K. An 8K TV might never take root with consumers because our human eyeballs might be maxed out at about 4K. 8K might only be used commercially for things like health monitors, or satellite imagery type stuff. Good Luck and PLEASE SHARE OUR POST ON FACEBOOK. http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM That would help to support us and our cause of educating consumers so they can make informed decisions. Come back to us and click our Amazon link when you decide to upgrade to 4K UHD TV. Thanks, MattyB.

  24. You’ve really piqued my interest into 4k tvs now. I was hesitant to get one because I had heard there weren’t many shows in 4k at the moment. I also don’t own a blu ray player as I just watch any movie I want streaming online. I’ll pay closer attention next time I’m out to see one though as I do enjoy watching an hour of Tv every now and then. I wonder how good action movies look in 4k.

    1. Author

      Action movies look totally INCREDIBLE in 4K! They really do. They are my favorite to watch. Even some mediocre movies like Hunger Games, which was actually filmed using 4K camera systems, which make it a REAL or native 4K movie are stunning to watch on a 4K UHD TV. The images look so real that its like you are right there on the set. The actors faces you can see the pores like you are 12 inches in front of them in real life.

      It makes watching show and movies that much more fun when the resolution and image is this good. You have to see it to believe it. I recommend going to electronics store and requesting to see a demo of a native 4K movie or show on a new 4K UHD TV. You will want one for sure! That’s what happened to me a few years ago.

      There is plenty of 4K content nowadays. In 2014, it lacked, but not anymore. There is so much 4K content it keeps me busy every week. And, there is more and more getting released monthly. Please share our Post and come back to us when you are ready to buy a new 4K TV. Please use our Amazon link since they have the biggest 4K online selection and cheapest prices. We bought our Sony 4K 65inch on Amazon and it worked out well. Thanks, MattyB. http://www.4kadvice.com

  25. Thanks for schooling me on 4k tvs. Now at least I’ll know a little bit more next time my husband wants to purchase a tv. Even though we recently did purchase a TV, we decided not to do the 4k leap just yet. I’m usually the last one to get any new technology, not the first, but once I get it, I realize how much better it is and appreciate it. Thanks for the information.

    1. Author

      You are very welcome as this is our #1 goal. The reason we created http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM was because when we became highly interested (my wife and I) back in 2014 we could not find any helpful information online about 4K Ultra HD TVs. I guess it was so new that there just wasn’t any informative sites to go to.

      That’s why we created this site. To help people learn and make informed decisions before purchasing a 4K TV.

      YES, hopefully you can impress your husband by giving him some schooling on what 4K is and how much better it is than 1080HD. Its FOUR times better overall resolution, color, clarity, sharpness than a 1080 HD TV. We are not just saying this either…it really is. From our experience watching a lot of 4K movies and TV shows…the picture image is stunning and amazing! It looks so real and significantly better than 1080 HD.

      No worry on your recent TV purchase, I have been told by many people that they did the same thing. They were not aware of 4K or didn’t think it meant anything. Although, they are missing out on watching really impressive images on display,…you can always upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV. Prices are way down and slashed in half since 2014. Prices probably wont get much lower aside form the typical sale or special pricing item.

      You are welcome and Please Share our Post and Site on your Facebook so that we can reach more people and inform them about this new technology. – MattyB.

  26. This is a great article thanks!

    I’ve been absolutely obsessed by TV tech for ages, researching until my brain goes fuzzy. I really want to take the jump to UHD, but budget and my obsessive want of a TV that is perfect gets in my way! Lol.

    In my house we don’t watch standard Def. We are HD snobs, and I am now starting to buy UHD Blu Rays as a hint to my other half!

    I will show this article to my parents also as when I talk about it, they don’t understand.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the support of our 4KADVICE.COM site. We are striving to make it the best it can be with quality articles, etc. Our goal is to inform consumers about 4K (televisions and other equipment) so they can make informed decisions. We didn’t have any information available to us back in 2014 when we wanted to buy a 4K TV, so we figured there was a need for this type of site.

      PLEASE SHARE our Post and site on your Facebook so that we can reach more people and inform them!. I totally understand your liking of technology and TV. I would say that a 4K Ultra HD TV is just about as perfect as it gets. You should start enjoying it ASAP. Prices are way down and modest. There is plenty of 4K movies and TV shows now to keep you busy all year long. We are. More and more 4K content is added monthly and producers are starting to film movies using 4K camera systems versus the normal 2K cameras.

      We too are HD snobs, but NOW we are UHD snobs! We now also have 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. In our opinion, the absolute best picture image on any 4K Ultra HD TVs is 4K Blu-ray.

      With upscaling, your 4K Tv would make the picture image of anything that is at least 720 or 1080 HD much much better. Even if its not 4K content, whatever is being displayed on your 4K display gets UPCONVERTED.

      You can read about it on this Post : “What is Upconverting“. Please come back to our site at 4KADVICE.com when you decide to upgrade to UHD. We recommend Amazon and that is where we bought our first TV. Reliable shipping, fast delivery to your door, huge selection and lowest prices. Thanks, Matt B.

  27. Very interesting article Matt, I have only heard of 4KUHD in the last two years or so, personally I think I am going to wait another couple years before I upgrade, just because I understand how quickly the technology will improve and simultaneously become even more cheap! Won’t be long before a big 4K tv can be picked up for $700-$800, which is actually crazy to think about actually…

    1. Author

      Hi Lorenzo, thank you for contributing to my article and supporting our site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

      We are trying to educate people about the new 4K Ultra HD TVs that are on store shelves right now. Prices are down and Amazon is the best place to buy one of these online. We bought our first 4K on Amazon and it went great. Lowest prices and best selection.

      Actually, you can buy a good sized 4K UHD TV for $800 right now. A large 55 inch is available and a larger 65 inch 4K is only about $1,200 with some brands. Not sure prices will get much lower than they are now except for some specials and year end. The best deals right now are on Amazon and they are for 2016 4K UHD model Tvs. Prices are way down on these.

      4K has been around for about 3-4 years, we bought ours in 2014 and it was the best decision. There is plenty of 4K content to watch and the picture image is stunning to watch. Its so real its as if you are right there live on the scene of set. Or, you are looking through a window. I’d say start enjoying 4K movies and shows, as well as, gaming right now. But, if you are happy with your 1080p HDTV then great for you. Take Care, Matt B.

  28. Hi Matt,
    I’m glad I found your site and this great article about 4K, I never heard before it, can you believe it?, it’s good to know now about it in a great way as you explain everything so clear.
    My husband and I live in the country in Canada, so our days must of the time are quite and we tend to watch tv often, we have an HDTV set, but now I have great information to get a 4K set.
    Could be a great birthday present for my husband!

    1. Author

      Well Thank You Alejandra! I appreciate your support and encouragement of our site. We are trying to help people learn more about 4K so that they can make informed decisions when the time comes. I created this helpful site because 2 years ago in 2014 when I learned about 4K after seeing a demo in an electronics store, I went online to learn about it and I could NOT find anything. There was no information about 4K a few years ago online. So, we thought this would help people who were just like we were a few years ago and educate about 4K.

      You are not alone! The majority of people we speak with are not aware of 4K Ultra Hd Tvs or that they exist. They are really not anything different from a 1080 HD TV which is what most households currently have in their home. The main difference is that instead of the picture image resolution being 1080, its 4000. In a nutshell, this just means that the overall resolution is 4 times better in clarity, color, sharpness, etc. than 1080.

      4K is another measurement of vertical pixel resolution (technically its 3820 rounded up to 4000 a.k.a. “4K” nicknamed. Then the industry added “UHD” or Ultra High Definition to it so that it is currently labeled 4K Ultra HD TVs. This is what you would see on a TV box for sale in a store.

      If you look at recent sales pages, or the ads inside the news paper for an electronics store,…most of what you see are ads for 4K Ultra HD TVs. This is mostly what is being sold today. It a great thing because it makes watching TV a better, more fun experience because the picture image on the screen looks so very real. It looks so real that its like you are looking through a window at a live scene on a set. Or, the actors faces are so clear and crisp and detailed that you can see pores and deep wrinkles (I bet the actresses don’t like this fine detail being shown :-).

      I love Canda and its a great country and has the most beautiful lands and terrain of any country (BC etc.) I understand your joys of watching a lot of television. We do as well since its out way of de-stressing and relaxing.

      1080 HDTVs were wonderful when they first came out. They were so much better than standard definition analog TVs. Who would have ever thought that we could get a TV that was better than 1080 HDTV!? I didn’t!

      But, here we are and technology has surprised us again! We now have a television that is far, far better than 1080 HDTV. It four times better to be exact in resolution, color, sharpness, clarity, etc.

      There is plenty of 4K content to watch now also. There are plenty of 4K movies and TV shows as well as TV broadcasts and 4K Blu-Ray discs to rent. Furthermore, many do not know this, but another advantage to buying a 4K Ultra HD TV now, is that they all do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING the image. This means that the 4K TV will automatically convert or upscale the picture image you are watching (no matter what it is along as it has a minimum of 720 or 1080 HD) to a much higher resolution than 1080 HD. It cannot upscale to a full 4K image, but its much better and higher resolution than HD 1080. That means everything you watch on a new 4K TV is going to look a lot better than any HD TV.

      Then, if you want the most benefit out of a 4K Tv then you can watch plenty of 4K content available today. There is more and more being released and made as well. To be REAL 4K content the movie or show needed to be filmed or mastered using 4K camera systems. This is already happening and more and more producers are switching over to 4K cameras from 2K cameras which give us 1080 HD. Soon, things will only be filmed using 4K cameras, therefore its a good bet to purchase a new 4K Tv sooner than later.

      Price-wise, the cost of a 4K TV has dropped significantly! Over the past 2 years since we bought our first SONY 4K prices have been slashed in half. Prices have leveled off for 4K and not sure they will get much lower in general. You can get a mid-size 4K Ultra HD TV for about $600 on Amazon. We recommend Amazon because of reliable shipping that is guaranteed and they bring your purchased TV right to your doorstep or TV stand in your family room. Prices and selection are best on Amazon as well. I hope this has helped you. Please SHARE our Post and Site on Facebook, or at least remember http://www.4KADVICE.COM and come back to us to learn more about 4K or read reviews as we present them. You can conveniently link to Amazon from our site and finish your shopping there is need be. We thank you for your support of our site. Kind Regards, Matt B.

  29. Thank you for taking the time to simplify the whole thing because I think I was one of those people who was lost at the whole idea of 4k.
    What I am curious about now is the gap between 4k and 3d television. I know 3d tvs are coming soon and starting to become more and more popular.
    Do they use completely different technology or are they similar and just down different paths.
    By this I guess I mean will tvs in the future be able to work in 4k and 3d or is it a one or the other type deal?

    1. Author

      Hi Brad, great questions! Actually, 3D has been out for many years on certain televisions. I believe 3D was available even before 4K Ultra HD Tvs came out. As a matter of fact, the first 4K TV that I bought 2 years ago in 2014 was a SONY 65 inch 3D, 4K, SMART. So, it contains both 3D feature as well as being 4K resolution.

      You can have both of these features now and its awesome…I must say. On my TV, as well as many other 4K TVs sold today you can watch a real, native 4K made movie or show in 3D. I have the glasses for 3D and as long as the content was designed to be 3D as well as mastered in 4K, then you get the best of both worlds. You watch amazing 3D film in the best 4K resolution.

      I think where it gets confusing is how the film is made. To be real 4K, the producers must have filmed it using 4K camera systems. 2K cameras have been the norm, but they are all switching over to 4K and some already have. For example, Hunger Games was filmed using only 4K cameras. That doesnt mean someone with a 1080HD TV could not watch it. You would be limited to whatever resolution your tv is if you watch hunger game and the people with a 4K TV gain the most benefit since it was created to be 4K.

      As far as 3D, a 3D capable television has 2 ways to allow you to watch something in 3D. You can click a button in the TV options and turn the screen into 3D where anything that is on it becomes 3D with glasses. Watching 3D this way, is not that great. Its slightly a deep 3D appearance, but not much is what I have found. The best way to watch 3D is to find a film that was created for the purpose of being 3D. They were mastered differently than a regular non-3D movie, just like 4K movies were mastered using 4K cameras and not 2K cameras. It all comes down to how the movie or show was filmed or mastered and the equipment used.

      So, to conclude, 3D has been out for years and now since 4K came out a few years ago and its been on shelves for sale, you can actually watch BOTH at the same time. I recently watched a 3D animated film from youtube that was made in 4K. The picture image was absolutely stunning on my TV. With the glasses on, the image which was a shark was coming out of the display and into our faces. That was how ‘deep’ the 3D was working and showing. It actually made all of our faces jerk back because the image was coming out into your face! Just amazing. And, on top of the 3D awesomeness…it was also in 4K! Which means the resolution was 4 times overall better than any 1080 HD picture image watched. I hope that helps you understand it more. Please SHARE our Post and Site on Facebook and Google and come back to use our site to link to Amazon to make any purchases (even if they are not for TVs). That would really help us get exposure. Kind Regards, Matty B.

  30. I finally understand what 4K UHD means! One of my family members is the TV trend-setter of our tribe, and he regularly uses terms I don’t understand. I’m in the market for a new TV myself, and this will really help with my research. Thanks so much for the comprehensive explanation!

    1. Author

      Well, now you can ‘school’ your other family member on what 4K Ultra HD TVs are and how awesome they can be when watching 4K content. They really are amazing to watch. Its almost to hard to believe how crystal clear and real the picture images look while watching. It makes watching TV and movies fun & exciting because of all the detail you can see.

      We are very glad to we can help inform you about 4K TVs since you are in the market. Now, is a good time to buy them since prices have been more than slashed in half since 2014. Prices are way down and probably wont get much lower in general. Prices have leveled out from what we hear and the costs of a 4K TV are in line with what consumers expect now. They are not too far off from a typical 1080 HD TV. Most consumers who are replacing their current HD TV with a new one are upgrading to 4K Ultra HD. It only makes sense since soon most broadcasts (2018) will be in 4K and there is already plenty of 4K content to watch all year long.

      We created this site 4KADVICE.COM because 2 years ago when I saw a 4K demo on a 4K TV I was totally shocked at how awesome it looked. I had to have one. But when I went online ,I could not find much helpful information. That’s why I wanted to learn and research and create this blog site to help inform others.

      Please come back to our site and SHARE our Post on Facebook to allow others to learn about 4K. And, if you do decide to make a purchase soon, please consider linking to Amazon via our site. We bought our first SONY 65 inch 4K UHD SMART TV on Amazon in 2014. Its still a fantastic TV. Amazon is the most reliable shipper of fragile products like TVs and they guarantee the shipment. Plus fast 2 day delivery right to your family room. Most of all they have the best selection of TVs and at the lowest prices. We saved about $300 by purchasing on Amazon. Also, consider a 2016 model since they are just as good as the newest 2017 yet the prices for 2016 stock on Amazon have been lowered significantly so they can clear their stock. These are the best deals right now. Good Luck and thanks for commenting. – Matt

  31. I’ve heard a lot about 4K UHD and had no clue what it was. We are in the market to buy a new tv at the moment so this article was really helpful. Thanks for putting it into really easy to understand language! I feel comfortable now that I can go into a local shop and know what I’m talking about to the salesman!

    1. Author

      HI Jennie, thank you for your comment. We are glad that our Posts and Site at http://www.4kadvice.com are easy reading and makes sense. That was our goal. We simply wanted to educate the public about 4K Ultra HD TVs among other equipment like cameras because back in 2014 there wasn’t any helpful information online about 4K. At least we could not find anything at that time. I had seen a 4K demo in early 2014 and was amazed at how real the picture image was. It was just incredible to watch so I had to have one. But, when I researched online there wasn’t anything. So we bought blindly. We don’t regret our SONY 4K 65 inch SMART TV (which I highly recommend since SONY pioneered 4K), but we paid top price.

      Today prices are half what they were 3 years ago and from our research prices are at normal consumer levels now. They probably wont get much lower other than special sales and deals. Amazon is where we bought our first 4K TV from because they had largest selection and best prices. Plus, Amazon is most reliable shipper of fragile products and they guarantee it. We had no problem and they delivered it within 2 days (free shipping) right to our family room and helped unbox it. Very convenient. If you consider Amazon, we have provided helpful links on our site to get you there. Of course the Posts themselves we have provided what we believe are the best deals and TVs on Amazon that you can start with to learn more. Thanks for your support of our site..it keeps us going knowing that we have helped someone make informed purchases. That was our entire goal of creating http://www.4Kadvice.com. Regards, Matt.

      P.S. Below are some more helpful links you might need when you go to make a purchase. If you choose Amazon to search their selection of 4K Ultra HD TVs, please consider clicking on one of our Amazon links to take you to the Amazon 4K TV pages for comparison and reviews.

      Also, one very important aspect about 4K TVs (all of them) is that they do a feature called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (same thing). This means that everything you watch that is at least 720 or 1080 HD resolution minimum (which most programming is these days) the TV automatically digitally enhances the picture image to much greater quality than 720 or 1080 HD depending on which it was filmed in. It comes down to whether they used a 2K camera system or 4K cameras to make the film. Today, more and more movies are being filmed with 4K cameras because consumers are only buying 4K Tvs. Prices are worth it today. Good Luck!



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)


  32. Hi there Matt

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this rather excellent and informative post with us! I was (until now) rather clueless to what this 4k malarky means, I knew what 1080 and 720 means ironically!

    Interestingly, how long do you see 4k as being the standard top of the range resolution? At some point that is very likely to be replaced by 8k or 16k?

    1. Author

      Hi Derek, thanks for your comment and taking the time to read our Post on http://www.4KADVICE.COM. If you know what 1080 and 720 HD are then you also know what 4K is. As you know now, 4K simply means 4000 if compared to 1080. So, its about 4 times better, higher resolution than 1080 HD. Its been rounded upward and the vertical resolution is actually 3280.

      It really is 4 times better overall picture image too, when you watch a real 4K movie or TV show that was filmed using 4K cameras. Many movies being made today are being filmed with 4K cameras because the technology is here and here to stay!

      Great question about 4K Ultra HD TVs and how long they will stick around just like 720 and 1080 HD stuck around after the upgrade from Standard Definition (SD). Well, we believe 4K is going to be the top as far as consumers are concerned. We already have 8K, but it mainly used at a commercial level like for medial or satellite imagery scans. 8K will be too expensive to be made into consumer products because of the size of the display required to make 8K work right. Furthermore, our human eyes can only see so well. The best our eyeballs can see are what is going to limit us to a Tv display resolution. And, since 4K is already true-to-life…meaning that the picture image of a 4K Ultra HD TV looks so incredibly real that its like you are right there live on the scene of the set. Its like you are looking through a window instead of your TV display…that’s how real and authentic the image looks. Its stunning to watch and almost hard to believe. With that said, I am not sure that 8K would be much benefit to our eyes if they are maxed out on a 4K display or somewhere close to that. We can only see so well when looking at a television set so the question becomes…what is that maximum resolution that our typical eye balls can handle. The closest we have come is 4K. 16K is definitely out of the questions for consumer TVs, but not for commercial usage. My guess is that 5K or 6K is probably the top max that our eyes can handle and process. But, we shall see. Stay tuned as we will be writing on this exact topic and question as the months go by. Please share our post on Facebook as we try to reach and educate as many as we can.

      Thanks again for coming to http://www.4KADVICE.COM. – Matt

  33. Thanks for the helpful info. now i will consider carefully before I get a 4k tv and know that watching content in a lower resolution will be a bad experience if i will not Upscaling/ Upconverting.

    and yea see a movie in 4k compared to 1080/720 is mind blowing 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Man, thanks for your comments and supporting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com. PLEASE consider sharing our Post on Facebook or Instagram so that we can reach more people and educate them about the awesome 4K Ultra HD TVs that now exist. 4K really is incredible to watch and it makes watching movies and TV shows that were filmed using 4K cameras ( Real 4K Content) so much better than anything else. The detail, sharpness, color is so true-to-life that its almost hard to believe how REAL it looks while watching. Makes it exciting to be able to see all the details like blades of grass, or wrinkles on a face, or droplets of a water fall. Its like you are there. Here are some other Posts you might like. Thanks again, Matt





  34. Hey Matt, this is a great post and very educational.

    Before reading it I had no idea how major of an advancement 4K is, wasn’t thinking about replacing my Panasonic Viera Plasma tv’s. This is making me think twice.

    Do you know whether or not 4K is coming to plasma?
    I’ve preferred plasma for a long time, for deeper blacks and no ghosting. In your opinion, should I rethink that preference?

    Take care,

    Leon B.

    1. Author

      Hi Leon. Great question. To be honest, I think Plasma is a thing of the past. Panasonic Stopping making their popular Plasma display a few years ago. And, I don’t believe that any other manufacturer makes plasma any longer. The main reason is that 4K BLOWS plasma away for many different reasons. We now have 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDR. The new HDR technology is what enhances the color and deep blacks of a 4K TV or any other TV. This has kind of taken over what Plasma was doing.

      The greatest reason why plasma died-off is that manufacturers like Panasonic and Toshiba said that there were too many resources required to make a 4K Plasma TV. They just could not do it and still keep costs down to consumer levels. Because so much technology goes into 4K and they have figured out how to squeeze 4 more pixels into the size of what is equal to ONE 1080 HD TV pixel…they could not do this with plasma at a reasonable level. Cost wise and technology it just didn’t work. Who knows if this will change in the future.

      Today is 2017 and the greatest TVs (way better than even plasma) are 4K Ultra HD TVs and usually made of LCD. If you compared any Plasma Tv display picture quality to any 4K Ultra HD TV quality they would NOT even be comparable. 4K blows anything else away when you watch real, native 4K content. It looks so real that its hard to believe. Go with 4K, prices are way, way down to normal standards and there is plenty of 4K content movies and TV shows, events to watch. The history channel among others are even starting to broadcast certain shows in 4K like Planet Earth II in late March. If you have a 4K Tv you will benefit greatly watching it. If you don’t, you can still watch the 4K show, but what you actually see will be limited to what maximum resolution you have on your TV. Good luck and please share my Post and site http://www.4KADVICE.COM. COme back to us when you decide to make a purchase and use our handy link to Amazon. We bought our 4K TV on Amazon because of price and convenience. Also, check out some other links below that might interest you.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



  35. I have heard the term 4kHDTV before but I didn’t know what it means. We have a 1080 HDTV which is just unbelievable better than our older TVs. It is much more energy efficient as well. We do have a relationship with one of the electronic stores in our town. I think I will ask him to demonstrate one of these TVs. You must hear this all the time, but I am imagining sports with 4 times the definition. It will be like being there. Thanks so much for this article. Every part of it was informative. I am going to share the link with my brothers-in-law who have to be up on the latest technology.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing! I mean really Thank you for taking the time to read this and comment. Most of all we appreciate you sharing our Post and site with your family. This is our entire goal. To reach out to people and educate them before they upgrade their TVs.

      Back in 2014, I saw a demo in an electronics store showing a 4K movie. I was sitting there staring at it in amazement! I could not believe how real the picture looked. It was hard to believe. So, I had to have one. My wife….not so much…but we bought one anyway and she went shopping for clothes 🙂 Fair deal, right!?

      Anyway, I went online to research 4K TVs in early 2014 and could find NOTHING. So, that was when I decided to create this site http://www.4KADIVCE.COM and provide helpful information to consumers just like what I needed years ago. To know that our Post and Site has helped your or your family make us think that our job has reached its goal.

      We have all owned HDTVs since early 2000 when the big switchover took place from Standard Definition analog TVs. Remember those HUGE, DEEP, HEAVY Tube TVs? It took 3 people to move a large one.

      The upgrade to 720 and 1080 HDTVs was welcome. The flat panels were also super nice and could be hung on walls for the first time. This lasted over a decade. More than 15 years actually, we have all owned HDTVS.

      Now, we have just as big of a change as we had in early 2000s. There is not much difference from an HD TV to a 4K Ultra HD TV. The biggest difference is that the 4K has 4 times higher resolution and better quality than 1080 HD. And, it really does! It makes a huge difference if you can believe that.

      We were like you….we never thought we would see a better picture image quality than a 1080 HDTV! That image was so sharp and clear compared to Standard Definition. But, it has happened and we now have something much better. Soon, consumers will have no choice but to upgrade to a 4K TV because that will be most of what is sold. Prices are down and there is plenty of content.

      As far as broadcasting you bring up a great point. More broadcasters are starting to show 4K movies and Shows. Not many yet, but soon there will be a lot. The History channel just showed Planet Earth II in 4K.

      Sporting events and other live events have already been broadcast in 4K. You would not have known it was happening unless you had a 4K UHD TV to watch it on. When they broadcast a game in 4k, the viewer is limited to whatever maximum resolution their TV is. Even though its in 4K, you would only see 1080HD worth because you only have 1080 worth of pixels. Please consider using our Amazon links on our site to take you to Amazon. This helps support our site when we send people from our site to Amazon. Some more helpful Posts below…

      Thanks for sharing, MB.

      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  36. Not being a tech person myself and understanding the information behind the 4k, I have to say that I have learned quite a bit from this information. So thank you for that.
    We are going to be shopping for another television shortly and this has been a great help in knowing what to look for and what questions to ask.
    Great job on this.


    1. Author

      Kelly, You are very welcome. I realize it might be boring information to some, however our goal is to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions when the time comes that they want to upgrade their television.

      So, thank you for reading our Post and please share our site and Post on Facebook so we can reach others. They may not be interested in 4K right now, but when they go to buy a new 4K tv, this information is very helpful. Perhaps they can come back to our site in that case.

      4K really is not much different than a 1080 HD TV like you probably own right now. 90% of households right now in 2017 own a 720 or 1080 HD TV. We have owned these HD TVs since we all switched over from Standard Definition (those huge, heavy deep tube TVs) back in early 2000s.

      This 4K technology only means that instead of 1,080 vertical pixel resolution as in a 1080 HD TV, you are are now getting FOUR times as many pixels with 4,000. Thus nick named “4K”. Since HD equal High Definition, now that technology has advanced…they added “Ultra” to HD to get Ultra HD. They have finally labed these televisions as 4K Utlra HD TVs.

      In 2014, I saw a 4K demo and was totally blown away at how real the picture image was. I could not believe it. Who knew that we would ever see a better picture on a TV than we did when HD TV first came out in early 2000. That alone was stunning to watch TV because picture was so clear and crisp.

      Now, it 4 times better overall picture than 1080 HD. And, it makes a MASSIVE difference. The picture is so true-to-life that its like you are looking through a window at the scene of the set playing on your display. it makes watching TV a lot more fun because you can see all the details up close. Also, all 4K TVs do what is called UPSCALING. This means that anything you watch on it, as long as at least 720 or 1080 HD resolution, the 4k TV will enhance the picture and make it much better than the 720 or 1080HD Show playing on it. This is why its worth buying 4K sooner than later. There is plenty of 4K content now as well. We recommend AMAZON.

      We bought our first 4K SONY on Amazon because it was convenient and they had the lowest prices. They are pros at shipping and guarantee it. Please consider using our Amazon link throughout our site to link over to Amazon if you are thinking about buying or upgrading to 4K UHD. This would help support our site so that we can continue educating others. Thanks again, Matt. (below are some more helpful Posts for you)

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



  37. Technology advances fastly, cameras, cell phones, and other gadgets, TVs and more. You can buy what you want for as long as you have the money.

    They are delivered door to door and warranties are all included to safeguard the buyers from factory defects including mishandling.

    What do we need more, everything is almost there to measure the facts of economic growth and condition of the society. That is, the manufacturers and the companies that gain more profit and the consumers being caught in the mess of fulfilling vices.

    But the condition of the public doesn’t change, it is being exploited by the technological ventures of the rich.

    Thinking of this, it is the strictest discipline of anyone to invest in the worth buying products offered by the capitalist and commercialist systems.

    This is the benefit of having read the reviews of products to ascertain what you want to own is not a fake or a counterfeit.

    1. Author

      Hi Jimmu, thank you for your comments and thoughts. I am not exactly sure what you are meaning with your words? Are you saying that you are against technology because its created by the rich people? Are you saying that you are against Amazon and other large companies because they are capitalists?

      Thank you and I agree it is best to always research and read reviews from quality sites like http://www.4KADVICE.COM. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK so that we can teach others about 4K.

      Back to the capitalist…do you happen to live in the United States? It does not matter either way, but my point is that the US is the greatest country to ever exist as far as economy growth and size. Also because it contains the largest population of middle class. The U.S. became strong and wealthy because of two main reasons. First, democracy and freedom. These make a country strong and growing. Second, is capitalism and investment in the private sector. In America, anyone an start a small business. Does this mean they are an evil capitalist? NO, it means they are using the system to borrow money to start a business that will pay them a monthly income to support their freedom. They are also providing jobs. I am not so sure that capitalism is as evil as some people say. Would you rather have socialism which leads to communism? NO WAY. Below are some more Posts for you.



  38. Technology advances fastly, cameras, cell phones, and other gadgets, TVs and more. You can buy what you want for as long as you have the money.

    They are delivered door to door and warranties are all included to safeguard the buyers from factory defects including mishandling.

    What do we need more, everything is almost there to measure the facts of economic growth and condition of the society. That is, the manufacturers and the companies that gain more profit and the consumers being caught in the mess of fulfilling vices.

    But the condition of the public doesn’t change, it is being exploited by the technological ventures of the rich.

    Thinking of this, it is the strictest discipline of anyone to invest in the worth buying products offered by the capitalist and commercialist systems.

    This is the benefit of having read the reviews of products to ascertain what you want to own is not a fake or a counterfeit.

    1. 4K Ultra HD TV are an advancement of TV technology that most consumers welcome. However, many consumers are not aware of what 4K means or what it is. All it means is that the resolution and pixel count is four time higher overall than 1080HD. This makes the picture image much better. Thanks for commenting.

  39. Man oh man Technology is evolving quickly.
    When HD TVs came out I went bonkers on the quality of the resolution, it felt like I WAS THERE lol.
    Now you are saying these 4K TVs have 4 times better picture quality then the HD, I wish I had the money to but a 4K TV lol.
    Anyways great info on the technology learned a lot from this article.



    1. Author

      You are right about that. I LOVE tech. I love watching tv and good movies and TV shows. What makes watching a good show even better is when you can see such fine detail on the screen that your jaw drops. When, what you are watching, looks so freakin real on a 4K Ultra HD TV…it makes you stare at it and get more excited to watch it. It looks real and true-t0-life therefore it engages you in a much different way than a 1080 HD LESS REAL looking TV display does.

      Try it for yourself if you have not seen one yet. You will see what we mean. Prices are way down and actually in line with what 1080p HDTVs are selling for.

      Soon, everyone will be upgrading to 4K because 4K is replacing 1080 HD entirely. HDTV will be around for awhile until producers all switch their camera systems over to 4k from 2K…but it wont be long. Then 4K is here and here to stay. This is why we tell people to buy now. Start enjoying it, there is plenty of 4K content. Good luck and please SHARE OUR POST so that we can educate others about 4K before they upgrade.- MB.x

  40. Thank you!!

    All this 4K Ultra hype is dominating places and people don’t even know what 4K means. I really thank you for explaining it all with a clear and simple style.

    As you said, it’s not like it’s the only best variant and without it you will be doomed till eternity.
    It’s a commercial hype, but it’s also true that it makes the difference and with time we all will be surrounded by 4k vision.

    1. Author

      Hi Tyler, thank you for your comments and reading our Posts. Yes, 4K is exploding and I agree it is strange that most people have no idea what 4K is. We get many comments from people online saying they did not know what 4K was at all.

      We tell them that its really very simple. A 4K Ultra HD TV is not much different than a flat panel 1080 HDTV that they own right now. The only difference is the resolution being four times better overall than 1080 HD. But, its a HUGE, HUGE difference when it comes to picture image quality as you know. Thanks and PLEASE share our Posts and site on Facebook so we can reach more people and inform them about 4K before they upgrade their TVs.



  41. My husband purchased our 1080 HD in 2010 and I will never forget watching Avatar on it, the colors blew me away. We plan on purchasing a 4K UHD for our new house after move in. Thank you for creating this website. It was very informative and technically simple. I look forward to our new purchase and watching Avatar again. I’ve shared this to my facebook page as well for my friends.

    1. Author

      Hi Candice, How are you? Thank you for taking the time to read my Post and scroll our site. Avatar was an amazing movie to watch on any HDTV (1080p HD) as we remember doing the same thing. However, believe it or not, this same movie is absolutely stunning on a 4K Ultra HD TV. This was one of the first movies we chose to watch after buying our first SONY 4K TV on Amazon. We knew it would be awesome and it was. Just think of this movie being four times better overall resolution than on your 1080 HDTV.

      Thank you very, very much for sharing our Post and Site. Our goal is to help inform people like yourself so that they make informed TV purchase decisions before they upgrade. You will be totally amazed watching Avatar on your new 4K TV when you move in. Please consider using our links to Amazon on this site http://www.4kadvice.com when you go to purchase. Amazon does have the largest selection and lowest prices. It was convenient when we bought via Amazon as they delivered directly to our family room since I have a bad shoulder. It was nice. Good Luck and here are a few more Posts that you might like about 4K. – MattB.

      P.S. you should read about UPSCALING and UPCONVERTIN (same thing) as all 4K TVs do this and it makes buying one even more justified.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)


  42. I browsed your site little bit and I feel i want to browse it even more. You are describing each and every nuance about 4K and it is really amazing. I think I am starting to fall in love with 4K. My only problem could be the size of 4K – I have rather small house and would need 32 inches but I read on your website that there is no 4K in size 32 inches and under. If I had 4K in size 40 inches – what is the advisable distance between TV and myself to avoid damaging eyes?

    1. Author

      Arta, thank you very much for commenting on this Post. Most of all, thank you for supporting our site in general and PLEASE share our Post and Site if you can. We are trying to reach more people and inform them about 4K before they upgrade their 1080 p HDTV.

      You bring up a good question about size. We understand your dilemma about having a smaller home and having to be limited on your TV size. Can you hang a flat panel 4K or any other TV on a wall or fire place mantel to gain space perhaps? Yes, 4K is not good on any display size less than 40 inches. Actually, you probably wont find many 4K Ultra HD TVs for sale less than 40 inches. It just doesn’t work well because of the number of pixels. So, I would suggest you shop for a 40 or 42 inch. It really is not that much larger than a 32 inch. Plus, the way they design TVs these days….is that the display screen goes all the way to the border of the entire television. This means it can be smaller in general.

      From my experience, I would say that you need to be no further away than 8 feet from the TV. You can go closer than 8 feet without any issues and the picture might be better depending on the size of your room. 4K TVs do NOT hurt eyes when being too close to it like the old Tube analog TVs threatened to do. Thanks for commenting us and you might like some of these other Posts I have linked below. – Matt B.

      P.S. Please consider coming back to http://www.4kadvice.com when you plan to upgrade your TV and buy 4K. Amazon really is the best place to buy and that is how we got our first TV. We saved about $300 and it was delivered to our family room. This was convenient because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

      WHY BUY 4K UHD?


  43. I have seen the term 4K in connection to TVs many times, but now decided to look into what it actually means:-) So great I found this post to get a better idea.

    Nice to know a little more about it in an easy to understand way instead of just knowing that it will give you a better picture on your TV.

    I am however a little afraid to follow your advice to go and check out the quality in a TV store – think I will then might end up having to buy a new TV soon:-)


    1. Author

      Glad our Post and Site could help you know more about 4K Ultra HD. Our goal is to educate people like you so that when you go to make an upgrade to your television you are informed. Soon, everyone will have a 4K TV since they are replacing HDTVs (720 & 1080p). They really are four times better picture and it makes a huge difference. Best thing you can do is go to your local electronics store and request a demo of 4K movie or who on 4K Ultra HD TV.

      We hope that http://www.4kadvice.com will be your future go-to site for more information and reviews about 4K TVs. WIll you please SHARE our Post on facebook and other places so we reach more people? Here are some other Posts that might help you. Sincerely, Matt B.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



      WHY BUY 4K UHD?


  44. It should always be noted that if you buy a 4k TV, you should have the media also on 4k. otherwise, if your media is in HD or 720p, your 4k tv wont reproduce an actual 4k. People often see the real 4k in the store, buy a TV only to be disappointed when they play something at home and the picture is not as good as in the store.
    Yes, 4k TV has a better processor, and HD videos are looking better than on a HD. In cases when you have a real 4k video played, picture is really really much better.

    1. Author

      Bob, very good comments you make about 4K content. YES, a lot of people are not educated about 4K and its content even when they buy a 4K Ultra HD TV. We are trying to help inform these people here on our site at http://www.4kadvice.com. If you could share our Post and Site, we would really appreciate it so that we can reach others and they can avoid any disappointment.

      The biggest thing to know is that people should be aware of how the film was mastered. Was it make using 2K cameras or 4K cameras. 4K cameras obviously give us the best 4K content that is real and native. Otherwise, the producer is only digitally enhancing the film and labeling it “4K” although it is not real 4K. The resolution of these are better than 1080HD but not as high as 4K.

      A very important note is that ALL 4K TVs do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (same thing). This means the TV will automatically enhance any HD film playing on the TV. It must be minimum 720 or 1080 HD in order to UPSCALE it, but this means that the picture image will look much better than what it did in its original format. BUt, you are right…if its not real 4K then they will be disappointed when they watch it. They need to know the difference. Thanks, Matt B.



  45. Hey Matty!
    Before I looked at your page I will admit that I had no earthly idea what a 4k Ultra HD TV is nor why I should / would need one! Lucky for me – and your other readers – your site is informative and thorough and it gives even the least technical person a good idea what you are talking about! Your page is interesting and it gives a lot of choices, it doesn’t just sell a prodcut! Thank you for taking the time to create this site.
    Well done!

    1. Author

      Deb, thanks you as your words are music to my ears. You know how it is…its hard to know if you and your site is making a difference out there or if your writings are good enough. That was the goal of our site http://www.4kadvice.com to do exactly what it helped you with. In 2014, I saw a demo of a 4K Tv and was amazed at how real the picture looked. I had to have one. But, when I went online hunting for more information I could not find anything. So, that is why I wanted to learn all that I could and create a site that would inform others about this new technology that is going to replace our current 1080 HD TVs. I wish you the best and thanks for the comments. Below are some other Posts that might interest you. – Matty B.



      WHY BUY 4K UHD?

  46. Until this day I did not know what 4k meant. Wow! Your page makes me want to buy a 4k TV and thats in a good way. I want to watch a movie now, haha. Whats your favorite brand for 4k? I will be planning now on what tv to purchase…

    1. Author

      Luigi, Most people do not know what 4K is. It is surprising to me since 4K TVs have been around since 2013 and 2014. We bought ours in 2014. I am glad that I am able to reach people and inform them about 4K TVs BEFORE they go and purchase or upgrade their 1080 TV. 4K Tvs will soon replace 1080 HD TVs entirely. Most movies and shows will be made in 4k eventually.

      My favorite brand is SONY since they were the first to pioneer the new 4K Tech. I bought my first SONY 65 inch in 2014. At that time, I could not find any helpful information online about 4K….just like you didn’t know about it. I saw a demo of a 4K Tv in a store and I could not believe my eyes! The picture image was so clear and crisp and real that I had to have. Go watch a demo and see for youself! Go watch a movie too, its Friday! Here are some other Posts to help you. Also, Please share my Post and Site so others can learn about 4K if you don’t mind.- MattyB.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)


  47. Wow, I really didn’t know what 4K was until I read this article. Thank you for this very informative piece

    1. Hi Lisa, You are very welcome. That is what we are here for and why we created this site 4KADVICE.com. Back in 2014, we saw a 4K demo on a 4K UHD TV in a store and became very interested. I just had to have one of these TVs. But, when we went online to research and learn more about them…there was not any helpful information. None at all. So, we saw the need for a helpful site blog regarding 4K TVs and other 4K equipment and ever since we have been posting helpful articles and reviews. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Hi Vince, thank you for taking the time to read our Post & Site. And, thank you for your comment since it encourages others to get involved and comment as well. We are here to help inform people like you about this newer 4K TV technology. People should make the best decisions when it comes to buying or upgrading your TV. These are big purchases money-wise, therefore people need to be informed with helpful and current information. That is why we created 4KADVICE.com. Thanks for sharing our Post and Site to help reach other people. Thanks for subscribing as well.

      To answer your question, Samsungs infinity screens are freak’in awesome! They are comparable to the ‘curved edge’ apparently. I know the infinity display has taken the place of the curved edge. I have a Galazy S6 + with curved edge and its pretty neat. I can have alerts scroll down the side as well as a clock look. but, the infinity display I believe mostly relates to the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smart phones. I only see this type of screen on the smart phones Samsung produces. However, It wont be long until they decide to put the infinity display on an actual 4K UHD TV. Wouldn’t that be awesome!? To curve the edge of a TV or the border around it so that it appears like the screen goes right off the edge. A TV without any border around it would be a smooth look. Thanks for commenting. Please click our link ads and come back to us if you plan to upgrade your TV. Use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon to shop. Thanks, Matt B.

  48. Wow! These 4K TV’s seem pretty awesome. And even as awesome as they are, they way technology evolves, you can only wonder what will be next.

    Now, is this one of those cases in which you will have to upgrade the rest of your electronic components to go with the TV, or are there accessories to help with the upgrade?

    1. Author

      Hello Noody, and thanks for reading our Post and commenting with your thoughts. We are striving to provide helpful information to consumers who are wanting to upgrade their television or just buy the latest 4K technology camera or video recorder.

      I know, you are right….technology is Amazing how it evolves and churns out new tech constantly. We have had High Definition TVs for about 15 years now. it was great when we switched over from standard definition and got rid of those huge, deep big tube box Tvs that required 3 grown med to carry. But, now its time for another upgrade in technology and that is what 4K. 4K makes the picture image look even more real than HD does. FOUR MORE times as real to be exact. Have you ever watched a 4K demo on a 4K TV?

      Great question and YES, unfortunately that is the case. If you buy a 4K Ultra HD TV, you are going to need to buy a 4K UHD Blu_ray play to watch Blu-rays. Well, not exactly…you can still use your Blu-ray player or dvd player even if its not 4K, but you will be limited to its max resolution.

      I guess you don’t necessarily need to upgrade all the components if you get a 4K TV right away. They will still work but you wont get the full benefit of the 4K image since a regular Blu-ray player will limited the resolution to 1080or 720 whichever its max is.

      Your stereo can remain the same and your cable box remains the same. I have DISH and needed no changes for my 4K TV. But, when networks start broadcasting shows and events in 4K I will already have a 4K TV and benefit greatly from this.

      Actually, the HISTORY channel is already showing tv series in 4K. Those with 4K benefit, those who don’t can still watch it but are limited to their max resolution of their TV like 1080.

      Also, sporting events like the Super Bowl were broadcast in 4K as well. All this means is that they are using 4K camera systems while filming and not 2K cameras. Here are some more helpful Posts. Matt b.

      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  49. I’m not really. If on the and I’ve never heard of a 4K ultra tv. The last tv I had you had to change the channel with a nob on the side of the thing. I’m old school but I like the build and features of this particular type of tv. So I have a question. Do you recommend this over a smart tv?

    1. Author

      Great question James! The thing is that with ANY 4K Ultra HD TV it is going to be SMART. I believe most 4K TVs have the SMART capability because you need to be able to stream 4K movies and TV shows. There are a lot of 4K movies and shows out right now and more come out every month. Producers have begun filming using 4K camera systems like Hunger Games, Blacklist, and many others.

      With this said, the main way to watch a 4K-made movie or show is to stream it via your 4K SMART menu. Or else you can invest in a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player and be able to watch 4K UHD Blu-Ray movies. These are the best of the best when it comes to 4K content. These players are reasonable at $120.

      So, to answer…ALL 4K TVs have built in SMART CAPABLE OPITONS AND WIFI so you can stream 4K movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon instant Video, VuDu, Hulu and others like YouTube. 4K TVs usually have these exact Tv applications built into the SMART dashboard. My SONY has over 100 tv apps including the above and is SMART.

      You can however buy a 720 or 1080p HD TV still that may or may not have SMART capability, but for the most part all TVs these days are smart and can hook up to the internet.

      Another feature that ALL 4K Ultra HD Tvs have is the ability to UPSCALE or UPCONVERT (these mean the same thing). This means that a 4K TV automatically digitally enhances any 720 or 1080 HD (must be minimum HD) picture image playing to a much higher resolution than it was made in. However, it will not upscale to full 4K. But, this means that anything you watch on a 4K Tv is going to be much better than 720 or 1080! But, not full 4K. You need real, native 4K content in order to get the absolute best picture the 4K TV can provide.

      Here are some more Posts that might interest you. Thanks, Matt B.



      WHY BUY 4K UHD?


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  50. You definitely need new high definition (4k) photos. If you are asking me to spend a lot of money on a 4k television, then the photos should reflect such. I love your enthusiasm but the cost factor needs to appeal to those that have the money to afford the product.

    1. Author

      Well, the price of a 4K Ultra HD TV is actually about the same as any other flat panel television nowadays. The manufacturers have priced most 4K Tvs at the same exact level as what you would pay for a 1080 HD TV that you probably own right now. So, cost really isn’t a factor when it comes to 4k. You would set your budget for buying a TV and choose between all the 4K TVs. 4K TVs are replacing 720 and 1080 HD TVs all together. Soon,, they will be all that is sold on the market. Currently, most of what is advertised online and in store newspapers are 4K Ultra HD Tvs.

      So, to recap, its not like 4K TVs are some kind of special TV or some kind of elite product that only the rick people buy. Instead, its just another flat panel television like the ones you own right now. They look the same exact as the type of flat panel tv that every household has right now. The biggest difference is that the label on the box says 4K Ultra HD Tv or 4K UHD TV and the resolution is FOUR times better overall quality than a 1080 HD TV. But, price is about the same as 1080 HD.

      4K REPLACES 1080 HDTVs

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  51. From your article it looks like 4k TVs are a vast improvement over HD TVs. My last TV choice was influenced by the screen size. I didn’t pay any attention to resolution or pixels.

    Which 4K TV would you recommend for a $900 budget? Would you say SONY make the best 4K screens?

    1. Author

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for reading our Post and commenting. We try to provide helpful information to people so they can make informed decisions before they go to upgrade their television. 4K Ultra HD TVs are basically replacing 1080 HD TVs. Most people are buying a 4K TV when they need to upgrade their 1080 HD TV, therefore soon most people will own 4K TVs. They are not much different than 1080 TVs except the resolution and picture image is FOUR times better overall than 1080 HD…like you said it blows 1080 ‘out of the water’ and looks so real while watching. it makes it more fun and exciting to watch because of all the details you can see.

      You can easily buy a 4K Ultra HD TV for under $900 and a nice one. You can buy a 49 inch 4K for about $650. At $900 you can almost buy a 55 inch or 60 inch which would be better. 4K displays work best when they are larger. Below are some Posts about 4K Tv prices. Good Luck and please come back to our site and link over to Amazon if you decide to upgrade. Amazon has best deals now on 2016 models which are just as good as 2017. We bought our 4K TV on Amazon and saved over $350 bucks! – matt b.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



  52. Made quite an interesting read I must say. I had very little knowledge about this 4k technology but after reading your article, I am now knowledgeable. Seen them advertised but never took much interest in finding out what they are about. Will consider one in the near future. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    1. Author

      You are welcome, and thank you for commenting about our Post. We set out a few years ago to create a site that provides helpful information about 4K TVs and other devices so that people can make informed decisions when they go to upgrade their television.

      We did this because we could not find any helpful information back in 2014 when we were learning about 4K and wanted to buy one. Thanks again and here are some other Posts that you might like. PLEASE bookmark our site http://www.4kadvice.com and come back to us when you plan to buy a new TV. Amazon is best to buy and you can link to them via our site. – matt B.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  53. The technology is explained in an easy, understandable way.
    Your explanation of the pixels in the different T.V.’s is easy to grasp.
    The advice contained here will help the public make informed choices.
    It is great how it is clearly explained that you help the public with your technical knowledge and how they can reciprocate by supporting you and Amazon.
    This is good clear cut marketing.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear that our Post has provided you a good understanding of what 4K is. Many people simply have not heard of 4K or don’t know what it is or means. Its really simple…4K is basically what your 1080 HD TV is right now, same appearance, flat panel, etc. except that it has a lot more pixels and much higher resolution which makes the picture look better. 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs in the near future. Thanks, Matt

  54. Hi Matt!

    Very informative article about 4k TVs! I’m still using a 1080p TV at home for Netflix and games. My buddy has a 4k TV and we noticed that the difference in quality is astounding.

    I used to think that 1080p was as good as it was going to get! What kind of resolution do we expect to see in the future? Also, when do you think 4k TV prices will plummet so I can get my hands on one?

    1. Author

      Hi Derek, thanks for reading our Post and commenting on our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com. This helps to support us and encourage others to comment as well. We are trying to provide helpful information to people so they can make informed decisions BEFORE they upgrade their TV. Most people (80%) currently do NOT own a 4K nor have they upgraded. Most households still have 1080p HD TVs…which is fine. But this soon will change.

      if you look at electronic store ads most of them are displaying 4K UHD TVs. 4K TVs are replacing 1080p HD TV so when you go to upgrade, it will surely be to a 4K. that is how technology goes. Just like we switched from standard definition TVs about 15 years ago to HD, we are now switching from a max of 1080p HD TVs up to 4K Ultra HD TV. And, there is a huge difference. Not in look, as they are still flat panel tvs, but as you know in picture image quality. FOUR times higher resolution means about 4 times better quality depending on if you watch a real, native 4K movie or if the 4K TV is just UPSACALING the 720 or 1080- made movie image…both end up being a lot better quality image than original 1080 HD on an HD TV.

      That is funny, because that is EXACTLY what I thought. I love tech and back when HD came out, I never thought it could get better than that! HD image was so crisp and clear and amazing compared to Standard Definition. But, here we are…and the first time I saw a 4K movie on a 4K TV at BestBuy in 2014, I was blown out of the water! I could not believe it was so real looking. So true-to-life the picture was that the details were incredible. Just watching anything that is real native 4K- camera made film on a 4K UHD TV is fun and exciting better yet a good movie with a good plot! The details are cool to watch. Blades of grass, water droplets in a water fall, spec of dirt, wrinkles on faces and skin pores….with some actresses its like their face is right there live in your family room it appears so real.
      You might like these related Posts of ours too. And PLEASE help us by sharing our Posts and Sites on social media to reach more people and teach them how awesome 4K is. It seems to be slow going. Most people have not upgrade yet or do they even know what 4K is or what it means! – Matt b.




  55. I’m glad you explained what a 4K Ultra HD TV is! I plan on purchasing a new TV and so this is good to know. I’m a bit of a movie freak… so I’ll definitely be asking the sales rep if the TV I’m interested in has this. So the way I understand this is, if I buy a TV that’s 4K it will automatically upscale the HD movie or TV?

    Technology is amazing…

    1. Author

      Hi Monica – Thanks for taking the time to read our Posts and support our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com. We appreciate you commenting which helps encourage others to comment. If you are a movie freak and like TVs you need a 4K Ultra HD TV. It is so amazing to watch movies and shows on that were made or filmed using 4K cameras. These are called real or native 4K content. However, many other movies have been digitally enhanced with higher resolution to fit a 4K UHD TV and then labeled “4K UHD” by producers. These are not real 4K content, BUT, BUT, BUT on a 4K TV they are still much better quality to watch than a 1080 HD movie.

      You can buy your first 4K Ultra HD TV for reasonable price since prices are now NO HIGHER than prices for a 1080p HD TV. Manufactuers and stores lowered 4K prices because 4K is replacing 1080 HD TV entirely. Soon, everyone will own a 4K TV and slowly replace all of their 720 and 1080 HD TVs with a 4K.

      For about $500 you can get a 42 inch 4K SONY TV. Or for $700 you can get a 5o inch 4K.

      Yes, you are correct that ALL 4K UHD TVs do what is called upscaling or upconverting (same thing). This means that as long as you are watching any 720 or 1080 HD minimum resolution movie or show your 4K TV will enhance the picture and make it a lot better quality and real looking than its original form of 720 or 1080. Of course it must be at least 720 or 1080 High Definition in order for the UPSCALING to take place. it does it automatically. It wont upscale to full 4K resolution, however, it will be much better and you can tell the difference. Any TV network show in HD will be upscaled somewhere between 1080 and 4K (4000) vertical pixels.

      Then, you can stream (all 4Ks are SMART so you can stream 4K content on Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Amazon) 4K movies and shows that were made using 4K cameras and be totally stunned while watching. The picture image looks so real that its like you are right there live on the scene of the set. Actors look real because you can see their skin pores, wrinkles etc. I am sure they hate this by the way:-).

      4K is so real that you are basically seeing what you would see with your bare naked eyes in person. At least that is what I thought. Good luck and please come back to our site and link over to Amazon if you are going to shop or upgrade your TV. Here are some other Posts related. — Matt B.


      WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? 4K vs. UHD BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  56. You 4K have tempted me. I am using 1080p in my home and I always thought I never need to change or upgrade my TV. Because there is never ending of chasing the new technology. And though that 4k only for the ultra rich.

    I can’t see any pricing for 4K tv in your this article and is there any better recommendation from you. Like which brand should I go for in order to get the value for money 4k tv.?

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment. 4K Tv’s are definitely not just for ultra rich people. They are not a special exotic electronic device that have a special market of people. Instead, they are for EVERONE because they are totally replacing 1080p HE TV’S. AND, 4K TV PRICES ARE THE SAME AS 1080 HD TV PRICES NOWADAYS. NOW IS TIME TO UPGRADE TO A 4K ULTRA HD TV AND BEGIN ENJOYING IT. Plenty of 4k movies and tv shows to watch.

      We think Sony is best 4k, but many of them are just as good like Vizio, Samsung and LG. You can find several of our posts with TV comparisons, PRICES and reviews to help you. You can get a mid sized 4k TV name brand for about $600.

      Like we said, 4k TV PRICES now, today are not higher than 1080p he TV PRICES. Everyone will soon upgrade to 4k. Thanks, Matt b. More posts below.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  57. For real, the 4K TV is here with price tailored to fit into any budget. The 4K TV people are imploring everyone to share their website so that people can be aware of the availability of their product.

    You should pay attention to Amazon where stock is in large supply and the of the UHD TV plummet. You will love this Technology.

    The resolution of the 4K TV seamed to be taking the world like storm, with a number of pixels displaying naively. It has captured high quality resolution among many other elements that enhance picture quality RESOLUTION that is the word that take it off the shelf

    Do not watch it from a friend’s house Watch it at home.

    1. Author

      Hello, thanks for reading our Post and commenting. This helps to support our site http://www.4KADVICE.com and we are forever grateful for that. You are correct that Amazon has the best deals on 4K TVs and they are the most convenient since they deliver right to your front door. Thanks for commenting and enjoy some of our others Posts. PLEASE SHARE OUR POSTS AND SITE to help inform other people BEFORE they upgrade their television. – Matt B.




  58. Man 4K resolution looks insane.

    I’m tryna imagine what it would look like to watch the NBA playoffs and finals on one.

    I currently have a 720 resolution tv.

    It fits my needs because I don’t watch television as often.

    Last time I went to Walmart the prices were going down on 4k televisions.

    Why is that?

    I’m guessing advancements in technology.

    If these bad boys get below $600 it’ll be real tempting.

    1. Author

      I hear you! 4K UHD Prices have dropped because they are replacing 1080p HD TVs as well as 720. therefore manufacturers dropped prices on 4K so that more people upgrade to 4K sooner. Everyone will have 4K eventually because that will be all that is selling.

      You can buy a 42 inch 4K Ultra HD Television right now on Amazon for $400! I think prices are lower than you might think. For $600 you can get a 50 inch 4K TV on Amazon. Just shop around or use our links on http://www.4KADVICE.com. Here are some Posts I was talking about for prices. — matt B.




      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  59. Glad so many people are learning about 4K from our Posts and Site 4KADVICE.com. We greatly appreciate all the comments and support. Please continue reading our helpful Posts and giving us feedback. We strive to educate consumers about all things 4K so they can make informed purchase decisions BEFORE they upgrade their Television from 1080p HD TV to 4K Ultra HD TVs.



  61. Hi!
    A really useful article if you want to buy a 4k television! I also difn’t know that it’s 4 times better than a normal tv, thats impressive! But is the 4k tv worth so much money? I think if you wait a couple of years this tv will be mich more affordeble.

    1. Author

       Thanks for commenting!  Actually, your thinking was good about 2 years ago. But, nowadays the prices of any 4K TV have come down to be near equal with any 1080 HD TV.

      YEP, 4K TVs are now priced about the same as a 1080 HD TV and that is because sellers want people upgrading to 4K and NOT buying another 1080 HD TV.

      PRICES ARE NOT GETTING MUCH LOWER FOR 4K.  They have already done this over past 3  years.

      They cost the same as 1080 HD now. so it makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD TV or wait any longer.

      Thanks again and good luck!  Here are some more posts that explain what we mentioned above.- MATT B>




  62. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the your site, I have learned something about news TV sets, this is a good source of information and I will keep coming to your site. I find it really helpful your advices on TV prices and technogies, i liked your article, it’s going to help many.

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot Man!  It is people like you who come and read our posts and then take the time to comment with encouragement that keep us moving forward. Your opinion matters to us.

      Our goal is to help people learn about this newer 4K technology so they can make informed purchase decisions next time they buy another TV or device of another kind.  4K really is awesome and it is replacing HD just like HD replaced SD- Standard definition about 17 years ago.

      There is nothing wrong with HD,it is great too!  It is just that Ultra HD 4K is FOUR times better overall quality than HD is and it makes a big difference.

      Here are some other Posts that might interest you and thanks again for coming to our site.  Please share our Posts so that we can reach more people and help them become educated too.  TVs are the bigger purchases in one’s life and people deserve to buy the right products for themselves as long as they are educated with the proper information.  – Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



  63. This post is very informative and useful for the ones who wanna know more about ultra HD and full HD. The design of the post is very good and the photos chosen provide the reader a accurate idea about the difference between 4K and Ultra HD. The post is very helpful and well done!

    1. Author

      HI Max, thanks for commenting and coming to our site http://www.4KADVICE.com. We are glad it was informative. Please help us by sharing our Posts and Site with friends and family so that we can reach more and more people and educate them about this newer 4K tech.  This is so they can make informed purchase decisions next time they go to buy a TV or another device.

      Also, we recommend Amazon because they have the lowest prices and largest selection. We bought our first SONY 4K TV on Amazon and saved $360 compared to in the store.  

      Thanks again, Matt B.

  64. Lots of good information here. I learned even more than I had intended :))
    It is surprising that the two main 4K standards are based on vertical and horizontal resolution … I had heard the great 4K experience had something to do with black dots.

    Do you know what the deal is with “black dots?”

    1. Author

      L7 – Hello and thanks for reading our Posts and supporting us by commenting on our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com.  Please share our Posts so that we can educate more people about this awesome 4K technology before they buy another TV.

      I guess black dots are the actual pixels that are so tiny on a 4K TV that they appear as black dots.  They have squeezed FOUR tiny little black dot pixels into the size of what is equal to only ONE pixel located in the display of a 1080 HD TV.  That is amazing. These little pixels hold all the data and information that give us such an amazing and real picture image.  Thanks for commenting and please click on our Ads located on RIGHT SIDE of this site and bottom FOOTER.  This directly gives us credit and helps finance our site which provides honest and updated information about this newer technology so that consumers can make informed decisions next time they buy another TV.

      Thanks again and here are some additional Posts that might interest you. – Matt B.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  65. Are there any recent studies on 4K TV growth? It seems like a few years ago everyone said these were the next big thing. That they were going to sell faster than 1080p. But that rhetoric calmed down and I still don’t know anyone with a 4K TV or anyone interested.

    I watched part of E3 live this year and the host asked the professional journalists speaking with him, people whose job it is to review new games with 4K, which of them owned a 4K TV. Not one.

    I’m just not seeing any interest. With people moving towards their computers and more importantly mobile devices to stream content are big screens with ultra high resolutions even relevant?

    1. Author

      Good question….do you mean how many consumers have upgraded to 4K yet?

      Yes, they say that only about 20% of households have upgraded to 4K.  Its been slow.  These people do not know what they are missing.  There is a lot of misinformation out there. Many don’t know what 4K is until their TV breaks and they need a new one.

      I don’t think we will EVER see larger flat panel TVs go away and out of peoples family rooms and theater rooms.

      People want that huge device over their fire place or on their wall to gather around and watch sports and make family memories with movies or playing back their own recorded movies.

      4K is replacing 1080 HD just like HD replaced SD.  When HD replaced SD…it was also a slower transition. It takes a few years for the changeover to happen and for consumers to accept the new Tech.  

      ANyone who has seen a 4K UHD demo watching real, native 4K films has their mind blown at how real and true-to-life the image is.  It is at this point that they buy a 4K TV.

      Prices are about the same for a 4K TV as they are for a 1080 HD. This just recently happened therefore we will now see a huge jump in 4K sales once the word gets out.

      Yes, people stream on their devices, HOWEVER 4K does NOT stop with televisions.  Anything with a display and pixels is going to 4K.  Some don’t even know it.

      For example, my Samsung Galaxy smart phone S7 is 4K!  It contains an option where I can record my own videos at 4K resolution and watch them back on a 4K TV and it is amazing. The best picture image or reproduction of what I filmed than I have ever seen before.

      Laptops are becoming 4K touch screen devices.  PCs need monitors and they are making 4K ULtra HD monitors and screen now and have been for years.

      There are video recorders that are 4K and cameras. 

      So, it is not just TV, but all kinds of devices need an upgrade and the latest is 4K.  It really is FOUR times better overall quality than 1080 HD.

      I just bought the X BOX ONE S console which is 4K and contains a 4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray player in side of it.  This way I don’t have to buy a separate 4K Blu-ray player.  The games are upscaled and look incredible on my TV.

      Eventually, everyone will own a 4K TV since they are slowly replacing 1080 HD TVs.  It just might take a while.

      Thanks for commenting, – Matt Bronowicz

  66. Hi Matt,
    Great site with great advice. My kids got together and bought a 4K UHD curved Samsung TV for my wife and me at Christmas. What a wonderful gift.
    There’s not much 4K TV yet, only a few cable channels, but the upscaled quality made our old HDTV look so bad it was incredible. Seeing the detail on sports, like the puck in a hockey game, makes the experience so much more exciting.
    But, where it really comes through is in true 4K movies, almost like being right there on the set.
    Thanks for the information on 4K and why it is the future of TV, reminds me of the difference between color and black & white TV for those old enough to remember that, lol.

    1. Author

      Yes, a wonderful gift it must have been.  So, you know exactly what all the fuss is about with 4K technology.

      You are right that only so many networks are broadcasting in 4K like the History channel and some sporting events.  But, this will change.  More and more networks will turn to 4K once they know that the majority of consumers have upgraded to 4K.  This will take a few years.

      4K is replacing HD just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition back in the 2000’s.

      I am glad that you agree that the most benefit from a 4K TV is in real, native 4K- made movies or shows.  They had to be filmed with 4K resolution cameras and then they are real or native 4K and give you the best of all picture image.

      Upscaling is nice feature since all 4K TVS upscale any 720 or 1080 HD film.  But, its NOT as good as real or native 4K as you know.  Thanks for supporting us buy commenting and perhaps you need a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player.

      We have many posts about Blu-Ray explaining that the BLu-Rays that market themselves as “4K’ some of them only do upscaling.  These are different and NOT the same as a true 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player.

      If you want the best of the best 4K content for your TV, buy a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player and then watch 4K UHD Blu-Ray disks with HDR.  They will be the best you have seen so far and even better than any other native 4K films…something about blul-ray makes them as real as real gets.  Really amazing!  – Matt B.

      Below are some other helpful Posts for you!




  67. I really like how your Web have so much detailed information.. that looks like you took your time to incorporate images and a lot of detailed information… I like the layout to ur website as well… u did a really good good and I think that this is helpful fir when creating mines…. thank u

    1. Author

      Thanks for your support and you can help us further by sharing our Site and Posts http://www.4KADVICE.com with friends and family.  We are trying to reach as many people as we can.

      You can also help us by clicking on our 3rd party ADs located on the RIGHT SIDE of this site and the bottom FOOTER.  we get credit for clicks and then use this to educate people.  Thanks, Matt B.

  68. Matt,

    That’s a lot of information on TVs! I now feel as though I know more about the quality. I always wondered why the prices of TV’s are higher when they first come out. After reviewing this post it all makes sense. The technology of the TV’s is whats driving the price up.

    As new technology comes out the older TVs become lower in cost. So now I know to wait on buying them. I also agree with you Amazon does have the best prices online. But now I’ll wait and not jump on the new TVs, the only thing is as I wait for the prices to come down then a better TV comes out lol. The life of buying anything new in the tech world.

    1. Author

      Hi Robert, I do understand your dilemma about waiting to buy a TV and then better ones comes out.  But, at the same time you are missing out on actually using and experiencing the TV while you wait.

      4K TVs are NOT so new anymore.  They have been on shelves since 2013 which is about 5 years.  They have perfected the technology and it is here to stay for at least another 20 years.

      All 4K TVs now have HDR- High Dynamic Range which make the TV have NO LIMITS as to the colors it can produce.  This works hand-in-hand with the 4K resolution and makes the picture image the most real and true-to-life that this world has ever seen.

      I do not believe that we will see a TV resolution better than 4K Ultra HD at the consumer level. They do have 8K but they are too expensive and large for normal consumers to ever buy. Plus, they are used to zoom in on fine details.  Our eyes have limitations as to how good we can see in general and we believe that 4K resolution is about the maximum best that we will see.  If it already looks as real as real gets, then there is nothing better that can be made.

      I would encourage you to start shopping and comparing prices on Amazon now and begin to watch and enjoy a new 4K UHD TV.  It will blow your mind when you first start watching it. There is plenty of 4K content that can be streamed from Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu among many others.

      Or you can watch the best of the best 4K content which is 4K UHD BLu-Rays.  Good luck, Matt B.

      Below are some more helpful Posts that might interest you.

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  69. I’m so glad I came across your website! My 14 year old Samsung plasma just died today and I’m finding that the technology has drastically changed for the better. I’m seeing prices all over the place so I plan on spending some time on your site to learn about all of the different features and then order from Amazon. I have Prime so I should be back up and running quickly!

    1. Author

      Hi Marc, Yes, we seriously recommend shopping and comparing 4K UHD TVs on Amazon.  This is what we did and we saved more than $400 when we bought our first Sony 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV SMART from Amazon.  As you know with Prime, it was delivered within 2 days, FREE and safe shipping.

      They even unboxed our 4K TV for us in our family room, because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift anything.  It was a great, convenient experience and we got to avoid annoying sales people in the store.

      You can also read real, honest reviews from other customers who bought the same 4K TV you might be interested in.  Thanks again and best wishes shopping.  Thanks for reading many of our posts and we hope they help to educate you so that you can make the best purchase decision.  – Matt B.

      Below are some more helpful Posts that might interest you.

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  70. Hey great website and even better article. I had no clue what a 4K TV was. Guess I’m not the only one either. I was fascinated by 1080p but now there is a 2160p. All I can say can is wow. One thing I love is the upscaling feature. Being able to watch your old 1080p and 720HD movies in a higher resolution just can’t be beat. Thank you for writing this article.