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Many Consumers Ask What Is 4K Resolution

Are we ‘beating a dead horse’ by telling you what a 4K resolution TV is?  Perhaps for some we are.  We apologize for this.  However, through statistics, polling and all the direct comments we receive daily from people telling us they had no idea what “4K” meant or what it is….we wanted to explain it again.  In simple terms, as well as technical terms for all those techys out there.  Although, if you are a proclaimed techy then you probably already know what “4K UHD” means.

What is 4K resolution?  What is 4K?  What is UHD- Ultra High Definition?  What is 4K Ultra HD resolution?

All of these questions are asking the same exact thing.  To explain further, everyone should know that 4K – UHD- Ultra HD–4K UHD…all refer to the same exact technology.  Therefore, if you see “4K” written, or “4K UHD”…it is meaning the same thing.  We know that this is confusing consumers which is why we are explaining it all in detail here at 4KADVICE.com.

Lastly, manufacturers and merchants finally settled on one specific label regarding this newer technology.  On boxes and store shelves you will see the label “4K Ultra HD“.

For starters, lets talks about “UHD“.  Basically all that this means is “Ultra High Definition”.   We all know that “HD” means High Definition.  This is the type of television that 80% of households have today.  HD has been around for over 17 years.  It was invented and on shelves in the early 2000s.  And, it is no under-statement to say that HD was highly welcomed after replacing SD- Standard Definition.

what is 4k resolution

                             What Is 4K Resolution?


SD was a resolution that sucked basically!  The picture was blurry, in-clear and not great to watch.  You could not see many details and yea…it was just blurry to watch.  Not to mention that SD was displayed on a big, ugly and very heavy tube box TV that usually required 3 grown men to move it (at least the larger tube boxes did).  These TV tube boxes were major intrusions in people’s homes as they took up so much space.

However, people love watching television, therefore I don’t care how big of a box it would be….they are going to watch TV on it and put it in their home.

But, luckily back around year 2000 High Definition Flat Panel TVs were invented.  And, Boy were they freak’in awesome!  They were so slim and so light weight that you could hang them on the wall or above a fire place.  That is what most people did.  Heck, I still have a flat panel TV hanging on my wall in two different rooms.  We have all done this.  Not just the size of the TV, but we also got to enjoy HD TV.  This meaning that the Standard Definition resolution was replaced by a Higher Definition resolution.  They basically added A LOT more pixels to create a more crisp, clear and very fun to watch picture image on the display.  This was a drastic improvement over analog and SD.

Now, here we are over 17 years later and finally we have something better than HD.  It is hard to believe that anything could be better than High Definition because 1080 HD is truly a great definition and provides a very nice, clear image.  But, it is indeed true that we now have something MUCH, MUCH better than HD.  It is called Ultra HD.  They simply added “Ultra” to the “HD” to give us “UHD”.  This label was created probably because UHD has an Ultra amount of pixels over the 1080 HD TV.  What is 4K Resolution

Specifically, UHD contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD contains.  That means the picture image is basically FOUR times better overall than 1080 HD provides.  That is a heck of an enhancement and will most likely stick around for another 17+ years just like HD has.

So, here you go….HD replaced SD and now UHD has replaced HD.  Furthermore, instead of just calling it UHD, manufacturers and the industry has come up with a final label called:  “4K Ultra HD”.  This is what you will see on boxes and shelves.  Or “4K UHD”.

4K refers to the estimated 4,000 vertical pixels contained in a 4K TV.  Whereas, 2K refers to its rounded and estimated pixel count in its 1080 HD TV.

That is what it means in a “nutshell”.

Technically speaking here is the definition of 4K:

“4K UHD is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television targeted towards consumer television, the other being 8K UHD which is 7680 pixels × 4320 lines (33.2 megapixels).”

-We took this straight out of Wikipedia.  This is for all the techys out there who want to know specifics.

If you have never heard of 4K or UHD…you are not alone.  Most consumers still have never heard of it or if they have they do not know what it means.  Or, they think they know what it means and they are usually wrong.  We created this site www.4KADVICE.com to clear all of this up and educate people.  Our goal is to teach people about 4K Ultra HD in order that they can make informed purchase decisions the next time they go to buy another television or any other device for that matter.

4K resolution is not just limited to TVs.  Basically anything needing a resolution can be enhanced to 4K.  And, that is exactly what has been done.  We say “has” because 4K is NOT actually new anymore.  It has been around since 2012-ish.  4K TVs hit the shelves in 2013.  At various other times after the 4K UHD TV came out, so did other devices such as Laptops, Smart Phones, PC Monitors, Virtual Reality Headsets, Cameras and Video Recorders.  I might be missing a few, but these are the main ones.

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What Is 4K Resolution With HDR?

If you have never seen a 4K TV in action, you should go and check one out.  You will be shocked at what you see.  Go to your local electronics store and request a demo.  Be sure to ask them for a real, native 4K movie or show and watch it on a 4K Ultra HD Television.  You will see exactly what we mean when you watch it.

The picture image is stunning to say the least.  It look so real and true-to-life that it makes you feel like you are there.  Moreso, it makes it seem like you are looking through a window at a real live scene.  That is how real it is.

Because of two things is this 4K TV picture image so incredible:

  1. The 4,000 pixels in its resolution which is FOUR times as many as the 1080 HD TV has.
  2. HDR – High Dynamic Range.  This was invented just a year ago.  It has to do with the color gamut on a 4K TV.

Both of these work together to present to you the greatest picture image that this world has ever known.  It truly is amazing to watch.  Back in 2014, we saw a 4K demo and could not believe our eyes.  We never thought there would be anything better than High Definition.  And, there has not been for over 17 years now.

But, as with technology….it never ceases to amaze us.  Just look at how the world has changed since the computer was invented.   The computer basically sped up all other technology including televisions and phones.

Back to HDR,…High Dynamic Range means that the display can show you the exact perfect colors that the original 4K camera captured.  Whether it be a 4K camera used to produce a movie or show, Or, the 4K camera located within your Smart Phone  (mine has both 4K resolution and HDR features and it is a Samsung Galaxy S6)…all of them must capture and record the colors of your event.  Prior to HDR, reproducing the colors to watch back was highly limited to the black → →white color gamut and all in between.  This means the basic colors.  Well, basic colors are never going to match exactly what the colors were in your real life event being recorded.  What is 4K resolution

That has changed!  HDR allows the 4K camera to match precisely whatever colors it needs to in order to re-produce the event perfectly.  There is no limit as to what kind of colors HDR can produce.  There is an infinite number of colors that it can capture, if that tells you anything.  This was NOT the case before HDR came out.

You will only find High Dynamic Range Colors on a 4K display.  Again, they work hand-in-hand to bring you the most fascinating, real picture image that you have ever seen.

That is about it for 4K UHD and HDR.  Now you know and you can make an informed purchase decision.  Speaking of  “purchases”, we highly suggest you shop for your 4K TV on Amazon.com  We bought our first Sony 65-inch 4K TV on Amazon back in 2014 and paid a steep price.  Today, this same exact TV is selling for half the cost of what it was back then.  This was because this 4K technology was new at the time.  We knew that we were paying top-price since this was new technology, but we did not care.  Or, at least I did not care.  My wife would tell you something different .

Anyway, I had to have this 4K TV.  You all can count your blessing because today these 4K TVs which all contain HDR are priced just about the same as the price for a new 1080 HD.  4K TV prices have dropped significantly over the past 3 years.  This was done on purpose.  Manufacturers will tell you that they lowered the 4K TV prices to match 1080 HD prices because they want consumers upgrading to 4K and NOT buying another 1080 HD TV.  They want to produce and sell 4K TVs since they are replacing HD TVs entirely.

This replacement will not happen fast.  It will take years for people to switch over to 4K.  But, at least consumers have these lower prices going for them and they are not having to buy “new technology”.  And, they get to enjoy this new technology at today’s lower prices.

Do Not Buy Another 1080 HD TV!

what is 4k resolution


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Our goal is to educate you and point you in the right direction.  We have explained what 4K UHD is as well as HDR.  We want you to make informed decisions.  Buying a television is a BIG purchase in one’s life.  Of course we have a home and car that are very expensive compared to a TV.  But, next to those….televisions are a big chunk of change.   You deserve to know what you are buying.  You also need to know what NOT to buy.

Purchasing another 1080 HD TV would be a big mistake.  For nearly the same amount of money you can buy a TV that is FOUR times better quality than 1080 HD.  That is a deal!  Using Amazon to shop makes the most sense, too.  You have probably seen in the news lately than many brick and mortar stores are going out of business.  This is the direct result of more people shopping online than ever before.

Consumers want convenience.   If you can go onto your Smart Phone and within minutes be shopping and comparing products…then why not do so?  People are even buying larger and more expensive items like Televisions online.  And, Amazon is the best place to do this.  In 2014, we saved over $360 by purchasing our Sony 4K TV on Amazon.  Most of all, we loved the convenience because it was delivered into our family room within 2 days—FREE!  Below are some of the main benefits of shopping on Amazon and why we recommend them first.  What is 4k resolution



Avoid those pesky, annoying sales people in the store by shopping online.  All they do is try to sell you stuff that you do not need or want.  Hate that!  The best part about Amazon.com is that they provide honest and real  reviews from other customers who may have bought the same exact item that you are interested in.  You can then get inside information and opinions about the products that you cannot get in the store.

Let us know what you think.  We are here for you.  We have dedicated countless hours to providing you the most accurate and up-to-date information about All Things 4K.


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  1. Now you know what 4K UHD means and that it has to do with the resolution and picture image of your TV. Any other questions, please ask them here.

  2. Most people still do not know what 4K is or what it means.. THis is not good if you are shopping for a TV. Do NOT buy another 1080 HD TV!!

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