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4K UHD TV vs. 1080p HDTV; Should You Upgrade?

2 Million Pixels vs. 8 Million pixels


4K UHD  Televisions have hit the mainstream and prices have plummeted.  Now is the time to upgrade.   All manufacturers have made them much more affordable because they want consumers to know that 4K is replacing 1080p HD TVs.  Do not ‘upgrade’ to another 1080p HD TV. 

So, what is the difference and what do you need to know in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to upgrade.  Another option is for you to stick with the classic 1080p HD TV.

The difference between these two technologies is simply a difference in overall pixel count.  A 1080p HD TV contains about 2 million total pixels.  Whereas, the new 4K TVs are able to display a resolution of 8 million pixels.  That is FOUR times more pixels than 1080p HD.  It makes a huge difference in the quality of the picture image.  The picture looks that much more real and true-to-life than HD does.

Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with 1080p HD TVs.  We welcomed them with open arms back in the early 2000s when we all switched from Standard Definition (SD) to High ).  Not only did we drastically improve the picture image with a much higher resolution, but we also got rid of those bulky, hideous, large and very heavy tube box TVs.  It took 3 grown men to move one of those larger tube boxes.

Consumers were shocked when they first saw a flat panel HD TV.   They were lightweight, slim and could be hung on a wall or over a fire place.  It was awesome to experience this upgrade to HD from SD.  Compared to SD,…HD offered a crisp and clear picture.  It was defined with color and depth.  A major improvement over tube boxes.

However, technology never ceases.  After 15 years of enjoying flat panel HD TVs….it is time for another upgrade.  Consumers welcome this upgrade as well.  Many people including myself thought that we would never see anything better than High Definition.  This was because HD was so much better than analog Standard Definition displays and our eyes had never seen something so real-looking on a TV display screen.

4K TVs are not much different than 1080p HD TVs.  They are both flat panels and can be hung on walls.  They are both very slim and lightweight.  The biggest difference (and its a BIG one) is in resolution.  This refers to the picture image quality and how many pixels it takes to produce a moving image.  4K has FOUR times as many pixels as 1080p HD.  4K UHD high definition curved TV

The word “Ultra” was added to “High Definition” which gives us Ultra High Definition or UHD.   4K televisions which are {4,320p) in resolution, displays over 8 million pixels – therefore, this gives us the label  “4K”.  The pixel amount is rounded to ‘4’, but it refers to 4320 in vertical pixel resolution.  1080 HD does the same thing.  It is also known as “2K”.

How good the picture image is depends on how the movie or TV show was filmed.  Filming a movie is also known as “mastering” in case we refer to it.  If a producer uses a 2K camera system, then it is known as a 1080p High Definition film.  If they use a 4K camera, then it is a real or native 4K Ultra High Definition film.  It all comes down to what kind of camera system is being used.

Obviously the absolute best picture image on a 4K TV is going to be a film that was mastered using 4K cameras.  However, there are films that are in between 1080 HD and 4K UHD.  These are known as films that have been UPCONVERTED or UPSCALED.  These two words mean the same exact thing.

Producers can take any film that was at least mastered in 720 or 1080 High Definition and UPSCALE it to a higher resolution.  Basically it is using all those extra pixels that 4K provides.  Then, they label this upscaled film “4K”.  However, it is not real 4k.  It is not fully 4K.  The picture image is better than 720 or 1080 HD (which it was originally mastered in), but not full 4K.  It is somewhere in between as far as resolution is concerned.

Many of the films that are listed under “UHD” on Netflix are upscaled films.  They were filmed using 2K cameras and then digitally enhanced to fill the many 4K pixels available.  However, there are more and more movies and TV shows being filmed with 4K cameras.  All of the newer shows and movies are real native 4K.

*Check out our page on “REAL or FAKE 4K”.  It verifies most movies and how they were filmed.  This way consumers can know exactly what they are watching.  They can get the best out of their 4K TV by choosing native 4K films.  This way people will not be disappointed in their new 4K.  Some consumers think that everything they watch on their new 4K TV will be at the highest possible resolution and this is simply not the case.

ALL 4K UHD TVs doe upscaling.  As long as the film has a minimum of 720 or 1080p pixel resolution the TV will automatically digitally enhance or upscale it for better viewing.  This is one great reason to upgrade to a 4K TV now.  You can begin enjoying a better picture quality than what a 1080p HD TV provides.

Now, let’s move on to what you need to consider when upgrading your television:

1)  Consideration

Upconversion of 1080p or 720p Signals to 4K

While 3D was one of the reasons for the first production of the 4K resolution, we believe the most important consideration for you the consumer is the upscaling of 1080p and standard def signals to the native resolution of the panel. As we saw with Sony’s awe-inspiring X950B series, if the TV has a great local dimming backlight system (LED) and an exceptional 4K processing engine, you can get a fantastic 4K-like picture even with 1080p and 720p content. This is especially true with the dearth of 4K content that was released last year. There are promises of more coming through YouTube, Netflix, and Sony Studios, but so far there has been little.

I’m glad that processing is important again. It’s a much overlooked quality feature in TVs, but it is critically important to your picture enjoyment.

2)   Consideration

Price Matters

Vizio introduced a very cost effective 4K UHD TV recently with the P-series models. Pricing is compelling even if you do not plan on watching a 4K signal. For example the Vizio P552ui-B2 is priced just above a 1080p HD models at just $999 and just $1298 for the 65” version. While Vizio’s video processing engine is overamped, the pricing is too interesting not to consider the upgrade.  At the other end of the spectrum the top Samsung and Sony models can reach into the $3000s.  At that point, even though the picture quality is astounding even when up scaling a 1080p signal.  These prices have dropped significantly.  We paid $2,790 for our Sony 4K UHD TV back in 2014.  This same exact TV today is only $1,300 new on Amazon.  That is more than half the cost that it was 3 years ago.  Our Sony was a 65-inch TV and very large.  $1,300-1,600 is not a bad price for a 4K UHD TV that large.

Research on Amazon.  We  highly recommend Amazon because we saved over $300.  Plus, you avoid annoying in-store sales people and you can read reviews about the TV product from other verified purchasers.Ultra HD is 4K

3)   Consideration

Appearance (curved TVs anyone?)

From a design perspective, most all 4K UHD TVs will be receiving the top of the line aesthetic packages, while 1080p HD TVs will be somewhat left in the dust in this regard.  However, it’s not as if a super thin bezel framing and 2” deep TV is bad looking. So, from a design perspective only those that want the best looking and most avaunt-guard TV such as the new curved UHD TVs will need to consider appearance as a buying factor.

4)   Consideration

Features: 3D; Operating Systems; Remotes

Would manufacturers of TVs leave you high and dry to attempt to force you to buy an UHD 4K TV in order to get a better operating system, voice controlled remote control search function, and 3D compatibility with lots of free glasses? You bet they will.  The feature sets on 4K UHD TVs are destined to get stronger while HD 1080p TVs features are relegated. This much was obvious at the CES show.  But they cant cut too much or the discount brands will swoop in and take market share.

5)   Consideration

TV Sizes

Would TV manufacturers stop producing 1080p HD TVs in the larger sizes in order to compel consumers to purchase 4K UHD TVs?  Yes, they are doing this right now.  They are focusing on manufacturing 4K UHD TVs because these are replacing 1080p HD TVs.  This is why they have dropped prices.  4K TV prices are the same as 1080p HD TVs right now.  Another reason NOT to wait to upgrade to 4K.   There are only a few major suppliers of LCD panels, so if they have the opportunity, they might stop making the very large 1080p HD TVs altogether.




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  1. We love our 4K TV. its a sony. But, we are thinking about replacing our other HD Tvs with a Vizio. We have a 1080p HD TV Vizio right now and we like the SMART platform and apps on it. Many of the larger manufacturers make great TVs. LG and Samsung…you cant go wrong. Just get a 4K TV and start enjoying it with your family.

  2. Do you plan to upgrade soon to a 4K TV? Prices warrant an upgrade to 4K and not another 1080 HD TV. that does not make any sense.

  3. I’m sold you have convinced me to buy a 4K tv. I did not notice the price drop. But now that I sit back and think about it. You are right and it makes sense. Would you suggest buying the tv online or in a store like Walmart or Best Buy? Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi James, I have seen that you have commented on my site before. Thanks for taking the time to read our post and contribute your thoughts in our comment section. If you can, please share our Post and Site so that we can reach more people BEFORE they upgrade their TV. They need to know about 4K Ultra HD TVS!

      We highly suggest buying your first 4K UHD TV ONLINE!.. This is how we bought our first SONY 65inch 4K UHD SMART TV. We bought on Amazon. We saved over $300 because we bought on Amazon and it was delivered to our house within 2 days. Shipping is guaranteed so not to worry about that. Its also FREE shipping and it comes FAST. its much easier than dragging it in and out of cars from the in-store. We also avoided those annoying, loud, idiotic salespeople that are usually in the store who try to sell you anything that you don’t want or need. Shopping Amazon is the best way to do. They have the largest selection of 4K TVs and at the lowest prices per our research and comparison.

      You can use our helpful Amazon links to take you over to Amazon when you are ready. T hanks again! – MATT B.

  4. If to be honest than i didnt realy understoon up until now what is a 4K resolution not talking about the differences between 4K and what we ahve now. I am about to buy a new tv and the information you gave here helped me a lot. thanks. and as you wrote there are more and more movies and TV shows being filmed with 4K cameras.

    thenk you

    1. Thanks for commenting and giving us your thoughts about our Post and site at http://www.4KADVICE.com Thank you for supporting us and PLEASE, PLEASE share our post and site so that we can reach other people and educate them about 4K TVs also.

      Please use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon. We bought our first Sony 4K TV on Amazon because we saved over $350 dollar! They have the best prices and largest selection. They ship for free, quicklyu with 2 day shipping. Good Luck! – Matt B.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  5. Wow, great content! I learned a TON! I have just relocated and want to upgrade my TV from the 52” I have now, to something way more impressive – I’m thinking a 70” to hang on my living room wall! I’ve been considering Vizio (mainly due to their price points) but right now I’ve got Best Buys’ home brand, Insignia and haven’t had any problems with it. What would be your opinion?

    1. Hi Courtney – so glad you found our site http://www.4kadvice.com and read some of our posts. Please SHARE our site with your friends so that we can reach more people and educate them about these 4K TVs. 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TV and this is why prices have dropped to the same level as 1080 HD TV. 4K TVs are simply awesome. 1080p HD TVs are awesome too! The picture image is so real looking, etc. Its just that 4K TVs are really FOUR Times better with much higher quality resolution. 4K looks even MORE real than 1080 and true-to-life. It makes watching TV an even better experience because you see so much detail in every scene. Its hard to believe just how real it looks kinda like what you would see with your bare naked eyes in person. Its that good.
      So, upgrading you should consider Amazon since we bought our first SONY 65-inch 4K UHD there we saved $350. It was not even on sale…Amazon prices are just way lower than others and they have the biggest selection of 4K TVs. They also do 2-Day FREE guaranteed shipping so its protected.
      a 70 INCH TV handing on your wall would be absolutely Incredible! I mean the larger the 4K display, the better the picture image so at 70 inches you are getting the best of the best. Ours is a Sony 65-inch and its BIG. Its super large so another 5 inches would make it even better. You are wise to do this and it will last you at least 7 years. You can stream an endless amount of 4K movies and show now on Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu and YouTube among many other places. All 4K TVs are Smart and they UPSCALE. This means that your new 4K TV will digitally enhance and raise the resolution of ANYTHING you watch as long as it is at least 720 or 1080 HD resolution. Which most shows are.
      You cannot go wrong with Vizio. Its our 2nd favorite brand and we currently own a smaller 4K vizio. We just like their look and how they do their SMART dashboard and TV apps. Their prices are always very good compared to other larger companies. Vizio is a great, great 4K UHD TV. Go to Amazon and you can read reviews from actual customers who bought Vizios and see what they have to say. Please use our Amazon links to take you over to Amazon if you don’t mind. This will help to support us. INSIGNIA is OK also. Honestly, most manufacturers of TVs all get the parts from the same exact 1-3 companies in Japan. This means most parts are the same in any TV…many don’t know that. Therefore, what you are paying for is the name. Insignia makes a fantastic 4K Ultra HD TV as well! And, the prices are lower for these than Sony or LG. I would say go with your gut instinct whether to buy another Insignia or Vizio. Search on Amazon to research more and read a lot of reviews about each TV you want. You cant go wrong with any 4K UHD TV at 70 inches. so choose which SMART TV apps and dashboard layout you like best. Good Luck! And COngrats..you will be amazed by 4K shows and movies. – MAtt B.

  6. 4K televisions are the wave of the future and I have been seeing the things you are in the television industry. Most of the manufacturers are starting to not sell the larger screen sizes for previous models. This happens every time new technology comes about and it can be frustrating only if you don’t want to conform to the new wave. I feel like 4k will be around for a long time though. Thanks for all the information. I look forward to reading more of your posts so I can eventually purchase my new tv.

    1. Hi There, thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com in this way. This helps to encourage other users to comment as well.

      YES, 4K TVs are the future. They are replacing 1080p HD TVs and eventually everyone will own one.

      Glad to hear that our posts have helped to inform you so that one day when you do upgrade to 4K you will be educated about them. Thanks for returning to our site and this is why we keep it updated every single day with new information and reviews. Please use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon for all your shopping.

      Here are some other helpful Posts. – Matt B.

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  7. Thanks so much for posting this information about 4K TVs! I haven’t bought a TV in a long while and didn’t even know they existed as I haven’t kept up with what’s out there. My HDTV 1080 TV is still working but I noticed it was starting to get a big blurry and I already had it repaired once. I am definitely bookmarking your page so that when I am ready I will be able to get the info I need. Sorry if I posted this twice, wasn’t sure it went through the first time.

    1. Hello Dee, thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site http://www.4kadvice.com in this way. Your comments help to encourage others to comment as well, so we do appreciate your time.

      You are not alone. Most consumers are the same as you in that they have owned a 1080 HD flat panel TV for many, many years and are happy with it. This is totally fine especially since HD TVs are great. They have a crisp and clear picture especially when compared to those old standard definition large, heavy tube boxes we all had prior to year 2000.

      But, 4K Ultra HD TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs. 4K is the newest updated enhanced television that we will all own in the near future. My 1080 HD Flat panel went out on me several times. A bulb or something. Samsung actually paid for the repair the first time.

      However, soon thereafter it was just time for us to upgrade our TV and get a new one. This was back in 2014 when the 4K Technology had first come out. So, the prices for a 4K TV were steep. I was so impressed with 4K and the picture image was absolutely AMAZING that I had to have one. My wife could have refrained, but I won over that battle :-). We paid twice as much back then as the same exact SONY 4K TV is selling for today. Oh well, we have really enjoyed watching it for 2-3 years now. The picture is so real and true-to-life that it changes your TV watching experience because there are so many details to look at. So many features, details, colors, and small stuff within scenes that you never notice before. It makes it super fun to watch.

      Thanks so much for book marking us. That is why we are here. Back in 2014 when our TV broke, we became interested in 4K and had to make a decision whether to pay extra and upgrade to 4K or buy another 1080 HD TV. When I went online to research and learn more about 4K I could find NOTHING helpful anywhere.

      Thus, why 4KADVICE.com was born. I wanted to help people like me so they can make an informed decision. Buying a TV is a big purchase for many reasons as you know. You are going to use it nearly every day for the next 4-7 years, Plus its a lot of money!

      The good news is that you DONT have to pay extra for a 4K Ultra HD Today. They are priced about the same as any 1080 HD and manufacturers have done this on purpose. They want consumers to know that 4K is here and here to stay. They want people to know that 4K is not some special exotic device that only the rich buy as a tool. But, instead it is replacing 720 and 1080 HD TVs entirely. Just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition…its the same type of enhancement. But, a big enhancement because the picture image truly is FOUR times better in overall quality, sharpness, color, contrast….basically everything about a 4K TV is FOUR times better (pixel resolution literally is FOUR times as many pixels in 4K than 1080 as our Posts explain).

      Please do visit us in the future. We update daily with new deals and information to help people. We help you link over to Amazon whom we bought our first Sony 4k from because it was the cheapest place. We saved over $300 by using Amazon and it was fast, 2-days, guaranteed shipping, and very convenient being delivered right into our family room and unboxed for us (since I have bad shoulder and not suppose to life). The entire experience was fantastic with Amazon except we know we paid top notch price at the time for the new technology. But, we have several other 1080 HD TVs in our home that also need replaced soon and with those we can enjoy the lower 4K TV prices today. Here are some other Posts that might be helpful and thanks again! — MATT B.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  8. Thanks so much for posting this information about 4K TVs! I haven’t bought a TV in a long while and didn’t even know they existed as I haven’t kept up with what’s out there. My HDTV 1080 TV is still working but I noticed it was starting to get a big blurry and I already had it repaired once. I am definitely bookmarking your page so that when I am ready I will be able to get the info I need.

    1. Good luck and best wishes with shopping for a new television. 4K Ultra HD TVs are probably what you will shop for since that is mostly what is being marketed and sold in todays market. Its a good thing though because the picture image is so, so much better and more real looking than any 1080 HD TV is. You cant go wrong with a 4K TV because they also ALL upscale or upconvert every 720 or 1080 HD film that plays on it. This means it digitally enhances the pixel resolution and makes it higher quality than what it was filmed in (720 or 1080 HD). It wont upscale to full 4K, but its much better than 1080. To watch the best 4K content you need to find real, native 4K mastered movies and films. These are happening now all over and you can find them on sale at Amazon or Walmart. (4K UHD BluRays I am referring to) are also the best 4K movies and shows to watch. Soon, everyone will own 4K TVs since they are what is replacing 1080 HD TVs, JUST LIKE High Definition TVs replaced Standard Definition ugly Tube Box TVs back in the early 2000s. Take Care – Matt B.

  9. Your site is really cool i love how you have different kinds of tvs across the top that people can click on thats really neat!! what theme do you have?? You have a lot of great information here and a very attractive site! You have done very good at selling the products! Congrats!

    1. Hi Rebekah – thank you for reading our Post and supporting our site http://www.4kadvice.com with your comments.

      Thanks a lot for the compliment on our site theme and images at the top. I was actually recommended this theme by a mentor type person. This person made over $500,000 in 2016 after only 3 full years of managing his photography website blog. He does affiliate marketing just like you and I are doing. However, he is not with WealthyAffiliate. I assume you are being that this comment comes from WA platform.

      Anyway, HE used this theme to accomplish all that he did so I figured why not give it a try. They are called “X Themes” and it was about $50 to purchase a license. Its really easy to use in WordPress and within the theme you have about 4 totally different layouts to choose from. I think mine is called “ETHOS”

      It has worked really well although some users have said that by having images scrolling across the top of the page and then a scroller box of Posts shortly below that…it was confusing or distracting. The majority like it how it is so its staying that way. I got over 155,000 impressions over the past 3 months…so its working. I don’t say that to brag at all because I have worked my bum off for 9 months on this 4K site. I know that it takes time. Like 12+ months before you see steady traffic and revenue. Its hard to work for free for 1-2 years, but since I know that it will pay off in years 3 thru …however long 20+ years…I remain motivated.

      You can make revenues and gain traffic with ANY niche. Good luck to you. What is your niche and site, so I can check it out and involve myself like clicking YOUR ads? We should be helping eachother here at WA since we all share the same goals. MB.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  10. Yes! I think it is time to upgrade to a 4K TV…! I own a 1080HD right now but after reading this article, I see that this will make a big difference in view ability — ! Aside from that, i wanted to mention how helpful your post is, in pointing out all the differences between all this new technology! Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy – thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our Site http://www.4KADVICE.com in this way. It helps to encourage others to comment as well.

      You are very welcome. It excites us that we are reaching our goals with this site. We wanted to help educate people so they can make informed purchase decisions about new TVs and other gear.

      Back in 2014, when we became interested in 4K UHD after seeing a demo, we went online looking to learn more. We could find basically NO INFORMATOIN that was helpful. I guess it was too new. There still is not to many other helpful site regarding 4K. Thus, this site was born and designed to help people like yourself.

      Glad we have helped you and please share this site so that we can help even more people BEFORE they upgrade their television.

      And, for your convenience if you do plan on taking advantage of the cost savings and convenience of shopping on Amazon.com we have provided you numerous Amazon links throughout the Post and site. Here are some more Posts that might be helpful to you. THANKS AGAIN — MB.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


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  11. hey matt,
    good article out there. I currently own a 1080p HD TV. I think its about time for an upgrade. Could you tell me which one should I buy? Also I’m very much impressed by the smart gestures. Also could you tell what’s the approximate life of the UHD TV’s?

    1. Hello Edgar, thanks for coming to our site http://www.4KADVICE.com and reading our Posts. Your comments are welcome. Please SHARE our Site with your friends so that we can reach and help others too.

      4K UHD Tvs last about 5-7 years just as long as a 1080 HD TV does. Sometimes few years if something goes wrong with it. But for the most part 4K TVs will last a long time.

      4K technology is here and here to stay. Just like 1080 HD took over Standard Definition tube boxes back in early 2000s, so is 4K Ultra HD replacing 1080 HD. 4K is replacing 1080 HD and its a wonderful thing because the picture image on a 4K TV is just AMAZING. its so much better than a 1080 HD if you can image that! HD isn’t bad, its just that 4K contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than 1080 HD and it makes a BIG difference while watching it.

      PLEASE USE OUR AMAZON.COM links to take you to Amazon. You can read honest reviews from other people who have bought a particular TV and get the inside information about it.

      You should highly consider AMAZON to upgrade your TV to a new 4K. THey have best, largest selection and the lowest prices. The 2016 models they reduced prices on these a lot to get rid of stock. 2016 4k TV models are just as good as 2017 so you may as well take advantage of the big cost savings. Amazon has a lot of other great deals on 4K TV too. The lowest prices out there. WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST SONY 65 inch 4K TV on Amazon and saved over $300! Its 2 day free shipping with guaranteed shipping and protection.

      Or, check out the Post from us below about a Samsung 65inch 4K ULH CURVED, SMART TV on sale at Amazon right now. This is the one I would buy right now. It has every benefit you can think of at a great price for a larger 65inch TV. ($1,200).

      There are many others like Vizio and Lg that have low prices for mid sized displays if that is what you need. You can get a 50 inch 4K Samsung Tv for $600 on Amazon. See below and thanks again, MB.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)




  12. Thanks for all the new information about the 4K resolution TV’s. It’s amazing. Not long ago the 1080p HD TVs were the best and most advanced (and most expensive) sets available, and now the 4K UHD TVs have made the old ones obsolete. I remember those big, heavy old boxes back in the days when there were only 3 channels available. We sure have come a long way.

    1. Hi Mark – thanks for commenting about our Post and supporting our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com

      OMG, I too remember those big, lanky Heavy tube box analog standard definition TVs…we all had them for so many decades until HD came in the early 2000s. 

      HD was awesome especially compared to SD tube boxes. And we could hang flat panels on wall etc.

      You nailed it exactly!  HD now is going obsolete b/c we now have ULTRA HD which is FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than 1080.  It makes a big difference and the picture is stunning real looking.  Prices are about the same as prices for 1080 HD TV now too.  So, its justified to buy 4K UHD rather than another HD TV.

      Use our Amazon links if you plan to upgrade to 4K.  Because our research shows that Amazon does have the largest selection and lowest prices.  The best deals especially on 2016 models right now bc they are getting rid of them they say.  ALL 4K TVs also do what is called upscaling.  See below but its another reason to buy 4K now and not wait. Start enjoying the heck out of it!  And, you will.  EVERYHONE who buys and uses 4K says how amazing and real the picture is even compared to 1080 HD.  True-t0-life looking for sure.

      Thanks again, MB.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  13. This TV looks freaking amazing! I’m a hardcore gamer and I tend to like bigger TVs as it provides a better gaming experience. I’m actually really interested a new TV to play on due to my old one becoming extremely outdated and broken. I just have one question.. does this TV have HDMI support so that I can hook up my Playstation 4. If so, I would love if you gave me the link to this so I could purchase it ASAP…!!

    1. Hi Tomas – thanks for commenting!  If you game like I do, then you NEED a 4K UHD TV.  I have a SOny which streams games through the actual TV. I don’t have a console. And the grpahics will blow your mind because its 4K.  But, only PS3, I cant stream PS4 yet.

      Yes, absolutely…all 4K TVs have at least 2-4 HDMI 2.0 hookups and they all upscale images that are HD and they are ALL SMART TVs with internet and browsers.  All of them have all of these features so you should be set with gaming.

      Not sure what size you are interested in for a 4K UHD TV?  But, here is a link for what TV I would buy right now that is LOADED.  Not sure your budget either.  But, once you are on Amazon by going to this link, just shop for the size you want and go for it. Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG…you cant go wrong with any one of these if you don’t like the one linked below.  Good luck and thank for using our links!  MB.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  14. Matthew, I’d heard of 4k before but didn’t really know what is was all about. I didn’t realise there was such a huge resolution difference compared to 1080 HD. So thanks for an informative article. That being said, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading any time soon. I think my money is better spent elsewhere!

    1. Hi Robert, we are glad that our site could help you learn more about 4K.  that is our purpose.  Thanks for commenting.  Yep, the resolution is FOUR times as many in 4K than 1080.  It makes a big, big difference in the picture ‘realness’.  You should go request a demo of 4K at a store. that’s best way see for yourself.  Here are some other helpful Posts. –MB.



  15. Great article. This is a very good comparison between 1080 vs 4K. I currently have a 1080 HD and the picture quality on the HD channels are excellent. However watching tv on a 4K tv I can see the difference and the quality is even better. Luckily the price on these TVs are getting cheaper.

    1. Hello Harjit!  Thanks for reading my post and supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com by commenting.

      We are glad you found our article helpful.  That is our goal to educate and inform consumers.  Most people currently own a 1080 HD TV.  Only about 20% of households have even upgraded to 4K.  But EV ERYONE will be going to 4K since it is replacing 1080 HD TV JUST LIKE HD replaced Standard Definition about 17 years ago.

      Yes 4K UHD prices have all dropped down.  4K prices are now at the same level as 1080 HD TV prices.  Merchants have done this on purpose to make sure consumers upgrade to 4K and don’t buy another 1080 HD TV.

      Don’t get me wrong, HD is awesome too.  Especially when compared to Standard Definition!  Here are some other helpful Posts you might enjoy.  Thanks, MAtt B.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)           WHERE TO STREAM 4K UHD CONTENT

  16. Phew, I’ve was just about to buy a 1080p HD TV this weekend so I’m really glad i found your site! I hadn’t heard about upscaling or fake 4k before. Looks like I’ve got some more research to do. I’ll definitely check out the Vizio TV’s next. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Hey Stu – yea I would NOT buy another 1080 HD.  Even if you think about 2 years from now…most everyone will be upgrading to 4K and there wil be 4K broadcasts and so many more movies and TV shows.

      We are moving toward 4K entirely since it is replacing High Definition.  Since we keep TVs for 5-7 years, its probably best you get a 4K UHD TV.  Prices are about the same and you can find deals on Amazon.

      Feel free to use our Amazon links and shop around on Amazon. We bought our first Sony 4K on Amazon and it saved us over $300 compared to in-store. T hey ship in 2 days guaranteed safe shipping.

      CHeck out our Posts on a few GREAT DEALS at Amazon right now depending on your display size you want.

      Link over to Amazon from our Right Side Bar on our site http://www.4kadvice.com and READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS about the 4K TV you are interested in.  You get a real honest feedback about it.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  17. Very helpful article! Ive been thinking about upgrading to 4k for some time now but my lack in knowledge about them has held me back. I like how you explained the difference between 4k and 1080; it was clear and easy to understand. I was also surprised to learn about the pricing. Not much difference between the two! Thank you for sharing this. Now I can make a much more informed decision.

    1. Ho Johel – thanks for reading our Post and commenting on our site.  Please share our site with your friends and family so that we can help them learn about this newer 4K technology.  This 4K UHD TVs are replacing 1080 HD TV so its good to know that before you go and buy another TV.  Don’t buy another HD TV.  Get 4K UHD instead.

      Yea, today there is not much difference between price of 1080 and 4K UHD TVs.  Manufacturers have done this on purpose to get more consumers upgrading to 4K.  Obviously it wasn’t always like this. Unfortunately we paid a steep price for our Sony 4K 3 years ago. But it was worth every penny since we have enjoyed the hell out of it for years now. Please share our site so that we can reach others and educate them about 4K TVs.

       – MB>

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  18. I’ve learn more information here about 4K technology and my question is why we should upgrade for 4K TV’s since the mainstream channels stream only in HD.

    I personally have a Samsung 4K Smart TV, i bought it at beginning of 2017, and i watch the same channels as on the other standard TV 🙂

    The only thing whats makes difference is when i play games on the Xbox. There i see the difference. Can u give us other reasons why we should purchase a 4K TV ?

    You have explained well the 4K, by the way, great job! Thank you!

    1. Good question and good points you have made about 4K Ultra HD TVs and the network broadcasting efforts.  I remind you that when HD took over standard definition…we also had to wait for more 720 and 1080 HD programs to come onto our normal cable or over-air broadcasts.  This took some time until eventually years later, most show on any channel were done in HD 720 or 1080.

      Same is happening with 4K.  Networks are slowly broadcasting more 4K Ultra HD material.  The History Channell just broadcast an entire series in 4K.  You would not have known if you didn’t have a 4K TV.

      So, within a few years there will be a lot more being broadcast in 4k.  It just takes some time.  But, in the meantime you can stream a countless amount of 4K UHD movies and shows from your TVs app section where you can find Netflix or Amazon.

      Another reason for buying 4K is that ALL 4K TVs do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING.  They take a minimum image like 720 or 1080 HD and upscale the resolution to fill in all the additional pixels that are contained in a 4K compared to a 1080.  It cannot upscale to full 4K, but it usually much better and higher resolution than its original format of 720 & 1080.

      That means that most of what you watch on network broadcasts like channel, 2, 4, 5 should be automatically upscaled and look better than if you were to watch those on a 1080 HD flat panel TV.

      The biggest reason I think to buy a 4K TV is to enjoy the amazing picture image that looks so real and true-ti-life when you watch the best of the best 4K content.  This would be movies and shows that were produced using 4K cameras.  You can find these at this Post below called “real or fake 4K”.  This way you know what you are watching and wont get disappointed if you think the picture image should have been better.  Thanks, MB.


  19. I am so glad you provide so much information on 4K televisions. My husband received a 4K TV for his birthday and we love it. We are big time PS4 gamers so we absolutely love seeing the games on the PS4 pro now. I hope everyone catches up and goes on Amazon and buy them a nice 4K TV like you suggest because they are so pretty to look at.

    1. Awww thanks!  We are trying to educate people about 4K because most simply do not know what it is or what it means.  When in fact, it just means that its the new technology replacing 1080 HD TVs.  Just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition so is 4K Ultra HD replacing HD.

      Its much better resolution (FOUR TIMES EXACTLY) than 1080 HD.  It makes a big difference when watching as you know.

      I too am a huge gamer!  I have a sony 4K UHD 65 inch and it came with a built in PS console.  I stream all the games I want to play and hook controller up behind the TV.  So I basically have no separate console.

      The only bummer is that I cannot stream any PS4 games yet.  BUt, Its awesome graphics and resolution.  So much fine detail to look at.  Thanks for sharing our site and congrats on your 4K TV good to know that someone out there knows what I am talking about 🙂  – MB.

  20. Thanks for the info. You make a compelling argument to upgrade to 4K and avoid the mistake of paying almost as much for tech that’s aging out. I also like your post on “Are 4K devices just toys…” In it, you describe the process of upscaling and upconverting movies. Very helpful stuff.

    1. Hi Michael – thanks a lot for taking the time to read our Post and support our site http://www.4KADVICE.com by commenting.  We are trying to educate people so they can make informed decisions when they go to buy another Television.  Do not buy another 1080 HD TV since 4K Tvs are really FOUR times better higher resolution and are priced about the same as 1080 HD TVs.

      Glad our Posts were helpful since this is our goal.  Please help us further by sharing our Posts and our Site and clicking on our Right Side Bar of our site http://www.4KADVICE.com as well as on the Footer of our site.

      Below are some more Posts that might interest you and be helpful. – Matt B.




  21. I wish i had stumbled upon this website jus a few days ago.. recently bought a 1080 HD tv.. after reading this article i understand the real difference.. the number of pixels, signals and the sized.. i guess i made a huge mistake not researching enough before buying.. anyways, could you please give me an idea when 4K will take over and HD gets obsolete??

    1. Hello Vamshi!  Thanks for reading our articles and providing a comment which helps to support our site http://www.4KADVICE.com.  If you recently bought another 1080 HD TV…don’t worry.  You can still upgrade within a few years and buy the better 4K UHD TV.  Please share our site 4KADVICE.com because  you are a perfect example why consumers need to learn about this newest and latest 4K UHD TV technology.  So you can make informed decisions.  Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.  -Regards, Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

      4K SCHOOL



  22. Thank you so much for the information. Your website looks great. I currently have a 1080hd but I am planning on upgrading in the near future. This will help me make a better informed decision on what I buy. Would I get a better deal buying online as to in the store?

    1. Hi tara, thank you for taking the time to read our post and support our site http://www.4KADVICE.com by commenting. We do appreciate it. If you can help us further by sharing our Post that would be awesome. We can return the favor if you just send me your web address. Also, if you can click on our 3rd party ads on the RIGHT SIDE of our site AND/OR the Footer of our site that would drastically help our cause.

      You are not alone. Most households still have 1080 HD TVs. The stats show us that about 80% still have not upgraded to 4K Ultra HD TVs. But, they will eventually go to 4K since 4K is replacing 1080 HD TV. Most of what you see advertised on TV and elsewhere are these 4K UHD TVs. They are awesome too,..the picture image looks so real and true-to-life that its hard to believe what you are seeing. It makes TV watching and movies more fun because of all the details.. It really does make you feel like you are there on the scene. Landscape videos are the best. Waterfalls, Beaches and mountains look downright amazing on a 4K TV.

      4K TVs are now priced about the same as a new 1080 HD TV. Manufacturers did this on purpose because they want consumers/customers upgrading to 4K TVs and not buying another 1080 HD.

      So, you should definitely consider upgrading to a 4K TV when you are ready. We are glad to hear that we have helped to inform you about this purchase decision making. TVs are big purchases in ones life. Therefore, it only makes sense to learn about what you are going to buy, etc. Our site;s goal is to help you learn.

      YES, YES…by far you get the best deal online. You have probably seen in the news lately that so many brick and mortar physical stores are closing down left and right. This is because more people are shopping online on Amazon.com. (you can use ANY of our Amazon links throughout our site, or on RIGHT SIDE or FOOTER of our site to take you to Amazon). Amazon offers the best selection of 4K Ultra TVs, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, they offer the lowest prices.
      We bought our very first Sony 4K UHD TV on Amazon and saved about $360 bucks. We were also shocked at how fast it was delivered and the shipping was FREE. It came within two days and was delivered right into our family room. (we asked the shippers to bring it in and unbox it because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift. They did so) and it was very convenient. Most of all we rely on the reviews that are honest and real coming from other customers who bought the same product we were interested in (which was the Sony 65-inch 4K UHD Smart TV). So it worked out and this is why we recommend people use our links and go to Amazon to research and shop for 4K TVs. You can compare TVs and prices, and read reviews etc. Thanks again for commenting and come back to our site as we are always putting up new Posts. We have several Posts that review various 4K TVs and give prices. We also have posts that give you discount deals and show you where to get them. All the best 4K TV deals we provide. Thanks, MATT B.

  23. I liked the clear explanations. For any lay person looking to upgrade, this is an excellent web page. You laid it all out and made it easy to understand. The definitions of some of the more technical jargon made it easy to follow. Nice, clean page. The graphics helped to flesh out the explanations.

    1. Hi Julie  – Very glad to hear from you and thank your for supporting our site http://www.4KADVICE.com by commenting.  Please help us by clicking on our ads on the RIght Side of the site as well as Footer.  Use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon if you ever shop there?

      Thanks again, and especially for the compliments of our Article which we try so hard to research and write it well.  Thanks so much for encouraging us to move forward and keep doing what we do.  We educate the public about this newer 4K technology so they can make a more informed purchase decision when they go to buy another TV.  Kind Regards,  MATT B.   —P.S.  Below are some additional helpful Posts you might like.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



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