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Is It Time For You To Upgrade To A Better TV?

Does this image look like your family room?  Do you have an old television that you know needs upgraded?  Most families do need to upgrade their TV, therefore you are NOT alone.  As a matter of fact, statistics show us that only about 15% of consumers have upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD TV.  That right!  Most people have been content with their 1080 HD TVs.  However, with technology…sooner or later you have to upgrade to better televisions, stereo systems, cell phones, DVD players, cameras, etc.

So, what is a 4K Ultra HD Television you might be thinking?  You are at the right place to be asking this question.  Here at www.4KADVICE.com  you can learn as much as you want, or as little as you want.  The choice is yours.  However, we have done our job at providing you the most helpful information possible in order that you can make an informed purchase decision on upgrading your equipment to the latest and greatest technology.   4K Ultra HD Tvs 

We educate you to the fullest.  If you want the greatest education check out our 4K SCHOOL page.  If you are not interested or you do not have the time to read all this material, then just skim over some of our main Posts and quickly learn what 4K means.  This is all you really need to know when upgrading to a 4K Ultra HD TV from a 720 or 1080 HD TV.

You may be telling yourself that 4K TVs or any other 4K equipment like video cameras are just too expensive to purchase.  But, this simply is NOT true anymore.  Several years ago, a brand new 4K Ultra HD TV was costly to buy.  We speak from experience because we bought our first SONY 4K TV in early 2014 and paid a steep price for it.  Today, this same exact TV is half the price that it was in 2014. 

We highly recommend SONY since they were the first large manufacturers to pioneer the 4K technology.  However, most of the companies making 4K televisions today make a fantastic product.  You cannot go wrong by purchasing a Samsung, LG, Toshiba or Panasonic.  We are just partial to SONY because this was our first personal experience with 4K content and watching it on a new 4K UHD TV in our home.  It was everything that we thought it would be plus MORE!  We were blown away at how real-to-life the picture image was.  It was so real looking that we could hardly believe it.

What kind of television do you currently own?  Most likely it is a 1080p HD Tv, which is fine because this has been the best TV technology ever since we switched from standard definition – analog up to High Definition (720 or 1080 HD).  When this massive change took place, consumers were totally amazed at how crisp and clear the picture image was on a new high definition television.  Did you ever think that we would see a better picture image quality than high definition?  We certainly did not.

Then, back in late 2013 we saw a demo in an electronics store.  The demo was playing what they called “4K” content on a new 4K Ultra High Definition Television.  We were absolutely amazed at how real the picture was!  It appeared like we were looking through a window at the real scene of a movie.  The details were so defined that we could see the pores on an actors face along with wrinkles and blemishes.  We could see the tiny water droplets coming our of the splash from a water fall being shown in the movie we stood there and watched as the demo proceeded.  Do you remember ever seeing a 4K TV in action?

Have You Watched a 4K UHD TV?

First thing first:  Go find a 4K Ultra HD TV playing in an electronics store near you and watch it for yourself.  Allow what we are saying above speak for itself.  Read and learn what you need to about 4K before you make a purchase decision.  Upgrading to a 4K UHD TV is your best option at this time.  Do not go backwards by purchasing another 1080 High Definition Television.  When they added the “Ultra” to High Definition it mean something.  Check out our Post:  “What are 4K Ultra HD Tvs” to learn about the specifics of what 4K means.  Its not a long Post and you will learn within minutes.  You owe yourself this much before upgrading in order that you make the right decision that will last many years.

In a ‘nutshell’, to simplify what 4K means…..it is basically the same thing as a 1080 HD TV like you currently own.  All “4K” means is that instead of 1080 pixel resolution you now have four times higher resolution of est. 4000 pixels.  YES, this means that a 4K TV is actually FOUR times better picture image quality than a 1080i HD Television.  Who in their right mind would NOT want a TV that displays movies and TV shows that appear FOUR times more real than anything else they have ever watched on a television?  Not us, said we.

Who Would Not Want a 4K UHD TV

After Watching One In Action?



If the header image above is your family sitting around an old, outdated television, then do yourself a huge favor and consider upgrading to a 4K Ultra HD TV.  You will NOT be disappointed, we promise you.  If you know nothing about “4K”, then click our links and read our Posts regarding the specifics of this newer 4K technology.  You will learn that a 4K TV is not much different than your current 1080 HD TV.  They look the same, but a bit more sleek since displays have been getting sleeker and thinner year after year anyway.

The major difference is that a 4K Ultra HD Television provides you a much better TV watching experience than a 1080 HD TV does.  Period.  A 4K TV displays a crisp, sharp, color-filled true-to-life picture quality that far surpasses 1080 High Definition TVs.  To be exact, 4K televisions are FOUR times better, higher resolution than high definition.  Soon, most movies and TV shows will be filmed using 4K camera systems which means that




  1. Looks like 50’s or 60’s to me that picture above, haha. Those “ancient” TV’s are heavy stuff. I currently have HD TV that I still use. I have seen 4K Ultra models just in the store. I don’t watch so much TV but I like to play videogames so 4K would increase the gaming experience. I gotta seriously think this option. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Hello Toni, Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. Would you consider sharing our Post and Site on Facebook and with friends? We are trying to reach as many people as we can so they can make informed decisions BEFORE they upgrade their TELEVISION. They need to know about 4K.

      Yes, those old Standard Definition TVs were freakin awesome! Cool looking, but that is about it, because their picture image was shotty. Remember watching analog TV and it was blurry and hard to see. Thank God for HD TVs in early 2000s and now 4K TVs today.

      If you like gaming, you for sure need a 4K Ultra HD TV. I am an avid gamer and ever since I bought my first SONY 65 inch UHD TV on Amazon, I play even more. I play Battlefield and others and the details are so find on my TV that its fun to just watch, better yet play. There are 4K monitors also, which you can game on with your PC.

      X BOX S now has a 4K capable console and using that with a 4K Tv is the best graphics and gaming experience in the entire world. Thanks for sharing our Post. MB.

      4K DRONES

  2. I must say, after working for a company called AVAD who is in the audio/visual industry, these TVs are pretty awesome! I can surely attest to that. Looking at the picture, it’s almost as if it’s just a window and you’re looking into the real life when it’s just the screen. Pure, unadulterated, beauty. And best buy has them for a reasonable price for what you get. This is a great review because, let’s face it, who whouldn’t want to see the latest Marvel movie or the Super Bowl on a screen like that? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Trent, we appreciate your comment about this Post and reading our Site at http://www.4kadvice.com. We ask that you please share our Post and Site on Facebook or with your friends and family so we can reach more people. It is amazing that so many people tell us that they had no idea what “4K” was or what it meant.

      We tell them it is not much different than your current flat panel 1080 HD TV. But, there is one major difference and that is that the resolution of a 4K Ultra HD TV is four times better overall than 1080 HD. And, it makes a hug difference in the picture image. It is way more true-to-life than 1080 HD if you can believe that. Below are some more Posts that you might be interested in. Thanks again and good luck with you. – Matt B.



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