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For starters, UPCONVERTING means the same exact thing as UPSCALING.  People just call this feature by these different names depending on what they prefer or which was the first they ever heard.

Since we know that UPCONVERTING is also know as UPSCALING we can now explain what this is in simple terms.

To begin….just think of any movie or TV show being digitally enhanced.  This basically means that the producers will take any 720 HD or 1080 HD  (these are the minimum requirements for a film to be upscaled.  They cannot upscale a Standard Definition (SD) mastered film) film and on a special computer system they will squeeze the data into more pixels so that the film will have higher resolution overall.  They will take a 1080HD mastered film and enhance it to be more clear, more crisp and look more real overall.

The final quality of resolution will not be full 4K level, but somewhere in between.  The picture image will for sure be better than 1080HD, but not as good as a film that was originally mastered in 4K using 4K camera systems.


The Beauty Of Upconverting


One of the greatest features of any 4K Ultra HD TV is that it upconverts or upscales every single movie or TV show that is played on it as long as it is 720 or 1080 HD resolution.  They cannot upscale a standard definition or analog picture image.  This means that upgrading to a 4K television is well worth the money!  Despite prices being slashed in half since 2014 on 4K televisions, consumers are still hesitant to make this upgrade because of negative ‘rumors’.

These rumors going around are that there is NOT enough 4K content to justify purchasing a 4K TV right now.  THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  Perhaps, 2-3 years ago the number of  real native 4K movies and shows lacked existence.  However, this is NOT the case today or even last year.  We are living proof that this rumor is false.

We bought our first SONY 4K Ultra HD TV back in 2014 on Amazon and we even found plenty of 4K content to watch at that time.  Ever since, there has been more and more movies and shows released that are in 4K.  There is enough 4K content to keep you watching your 4K TV all year long.  Plus, producers are now making movies using 4K cameras.  If you don’t have a 4K TV, then  you will miss out on this amazing & stunning picture image quality that 4K provides us.



Check out our Post called REAL or FAKE 4K to learn more about upconverting a 1080 HD picture image.

Also, look at BUY NOW – 4K CONTENT to learn more about how much 4K content exists today.


Many films today are called “4K”, however they were only upscaled from a 2K or 1080HD version.  They are not REAL or NATIVE 4K because they were not created using 4K cameras.  They were made with 2K cameras which is still the ‘norm’ in the commercial film making industry.  Eventually, the norm will be to create films using 4K cameras which would make these movies and shows real, or native 4K content.  This will take several years and happen slowly over time as it is right now, because switching over entire camera systems for production is very costly.  4K cameras are much more expensive at the commercial level than the consumer level.  As for consumers, you can easily buy a 4K TV now for a modest, affordable price.  Many households now are upgrading to a 4K UHD television when they need to replace their old 1080HDTV.

Below, are some recommendations for quality and affordable 4K UHD televisions from Amazon.  We highly recommend Amazon because they have the best selection at the lowest prices.  In addition, they are the most trusted shippers of electronics in the world.  When it comes to shipping a 4K large TV…you want only the best, most reputable company to ship you the goods.


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