Ultra HD or 4K or 4K Ultra HD?


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Or,  Should I Be Calling It 4K?  And….Do I Want It?

Here’s Your Answer:

Have you heard?  Netflix’s award-winning drama House of Cards is back next month! Not only that, but it’ll be one of the first shows ever to be available in Ultra HD. Great, right? Wait, what is Ultra HD?

Well, we might as well have this conversation sooner rather than later because you’re going to be hearing a lot about Ultra HD this year in 2017.  Fact is, you might have already heard about Ultra HD and not even known it.  Ultra HD or as it’s more commonly known, 4K, is the new 3D, in that 3D was the new Full HD, and so on.

4K Ultra HD is what the industry has settled on as far as a label.  We will refer to 4K TVs as 4K Ultra HD, or 4K UHD.

But up until this point, the money you would have put towards a 4K TV could have bought you a Porsche.  By this, we mean that 4K Ultra HD TVs have been costly when they were first released back in 2012.  New technology always starts high and lowers over time as it becomes more popular.  Just as 1080 HD TVs were expensive at first, so was 4K TVs.
Switching from Standard Definition back in the early 2000 to High Definition (HD) was the greatest Television enhancement this world had ever seen.  HD televisions have ruled the world of TV watching ever since.  But, after over a decade of selling 1080 HD TVs, manufacturers thought it was time for another enhancement.  This enhancement to 4K is just as big a change as was HD from Standard Definition.
Televisions are still flat panels and getting thinner and lighter every year.  This has not changed.  The only difference with 4K TVs is that they contain a hell of a lot more pixels and resolution than 1080 HD.  They squeeze 4 tiny pixels into the size of what was equal to ONE 1080 HD pixel.  This makes the picture image flawless and very true-to-life in appearance.

What you really need to know about Ultra HD or 4K is that UHD TVs display quadruple the image quality and double the resolution of current Full HD (1080p) TVs.  Its simply amazing to watch and if you have never seen one….you are missing out!

Once you first watch a 4K Ultra HD TV playing 4K content, you will wish you had one.  Many consumers, after watching a demo, must buy one because the picture image is so incredible that it makes watching movies and TV shows that much more exciting.

What’s more, these 4K TVs are large.  Most are in the 50- to 120-inch range.  However, you can purchase a 40 inch 4K UHD TV.  The 4K TV works best the large the display is.   Because why would you want a tiny a 3840 x 2160 resolution TV?  While the cost of one of these new 4K TVs won’t be in the $20,000 and up range, though some will be, don’t expect them to be a couple thousand dollars either.  They did range in the several thousands back in 2012 – 2014.  However, beginning in 2015 prices began to drop drastically and consumers now paying what they expect to pay.  This meaning that 4K is NOT new technology any longer.  It might be new to you!  But, 4K has been on sale for 6-7 years now.

Besides price, there is more and more 4K content being released every month.  Producers are begining to film movies and shows using 4K camera systems which is what gives us 4K content.  2K cameras are what has been used to film 720 and  1080HD movies for the past decade.  These cameras are what first gave us High Definition.

Ultra HD 4K TVs aren’t gimmicky the way 3D TVs were considering TV shows and movies are shot in 4K anyway .  We do not suggest that people wait to buy a 4K TV any longer.  Back in 2014, we would have suggested you wait another year or two until prices came down and there was much more 4K movies and TV shows available to watch.

We Are There Now

Prices have dropped and leveled out to where they will remain.  With the exception of special sales or year-end sales…4K TV prices are very reasonable now.  They are not much more expensive than a 1080 HD television.  Go buy one and you will not regret it!

To recap, a 4K Ultra HD TV is not much difference than what you probably have sitting in your family room.  As far as ‘look’ that is.  These TVs are flat panels and very light.  The main difference is in the pixilation.  4K TVs have millions more pixels in their display than does a 1080 HD.  This makes a HUGE difference in the picture image.  When watching a 4K TV, you will notice the difference.  The image is crystal clear and colors are vibrant.  It looks as if you are looking through a window at the live scene of a set…but really you are looking at the 4K display.

The picture is so true-to-life that what you watch on a 4K UHD TV is basically what you would see in person.  That’s how good it is.

Do you have any questions or comments?  Please COMMENT below.

If you are still confused or not sure you believe that 4K could be this good….then please click on our other Posts below and continue to learn.  Most of all, go to your local electronics store and request a demo.  Make sure you tell them that you wish to watch real, native 4K content on a 4K television.  Go and see for yourself!


*We want to reach as many consumers as possible to educate them so that they can make informed buying

decisions before upgrading their HD televisions.


  1. After reading this page on 4K Ultra HD and another post of yours on HD, I finally know the differences between them and can make a better decision regarding purchasing my next TV.

    Your descriptions are clear, concise and the visuals you use make them easily understood.

    If you have other training please advise. I like your style and feel I can easily learn from them.

    1. Hi Roger, thank you for your thoughts and comments here at http://www.4KADVICE.COM. We welcome you to PLEASE share this Post and our site with your friends and Facebook in order that we can reach out and educate other people about this new technology before they make a purchase to upgrade their TV.

      I really appreciate your supporting our site and method of providing articles and Post. We have achieved our goal when we hear a reader like you tell us that our Post was helpful to you and assisted in informing you so that you can make a better decision. Please come back to our site when you consider upgrading and use our AMAZON links to take you to Amazon.
      We highly recommend Amazon because they have the best selection, they have the lowest prices. But, most of all they are convenient. We bought our first SONY 4K UHD 65 inch television on Amazon. They are professional at shipping fragile products and they give a warranty about shipping. They ship for free in 2 days.

      Best of all, they delivered our new 4K TV right into our family room and in-boxed it. I have an injured shoulder and cannot lift anything so this was very helpful.

      Below are some other Posts that you might enjoy. They will educate you further as you asked. Thanks again as we value your opinion and comments. You have helped to motivate us to reach our goals. We created this site because back ion 2014 when we became interested in 4K TV…we had no idea what they were either. We went online to get information and COULD NOT FIND ANY. Therefore, we created this site to help people learn more about this.


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  2. Hi Matt,
    I’ve been a huge fan of the 4K image from the first time I laid my eyes on it in a store. I am a cord cutter meaning I do not subscribe to cable or dish programming. I stream my entertainment on a device connected to my TV.
    My question would be if I purchased a 4K TV what internet speed would I need to see this quality image?

    1. Glad to hear someone knows what we are talking about when it comes to 4K Ultra HD TVs! Thank you for commenting and taking the time to read our Post. Please consider sharing our Post on Facebook or with your friends so that we can reach more people and help to educate them in order that they can make informed decisions the next time they upgrade their TV. This is why we created this site, since a few years ago there was NOT much information online (when we went to buy our first 4K SONY).

      Streaming is the way to go for sure! Streaming is where you will find the most 4K content as you have probably realized already. Sometimes the picture image is a better quality when it comes to 4K when you are hooked up via a cord like cable. But, not much of a difference.

      I would recommend renting a 4K UHD Blu-ray and watching a movie this way. You will be blown away when you watch. 4K content is amazing to watch, but the top of the line is a 4K Blu-ray. However, you do need a 4K UHD Blu-ray player. A typical HD Blu-ray player will not play 4k Blu-rays. They are not expensive at about $120 for 4K UHD Blu-ray player.

      GREAT QUESTION about internet speed. Various providers make different statements about this. For example, Netflix who has an upgraded membership to allow for all of their 4K content says that a speed of 20 mbps is required. I have cable internet with speeds up to 100, but rarely does that ever happen.

      I would say you safely need about 15-20 mbps to have no lag. Thanks for commenting.

      Here are some more helpful posts below and please share our site at http://www.4KADVICE.COM to help us. If you have a site that you would like support, we are happy to engage. – Matt B.





  3. Wow, you did a great job explaining the difference between 4K and regular HD tv! I will say I have a couple of concerns, however. One is the internet speed. Am I going to have to upgrade that to get the crystal clear picture you’re talking about? Also, I haven’t cut the cable cord yet, although I’m getting close. My brother is recommending an antenna or a dish. Will this make a difference? Right now we get channels in, how shall I put this, “regular” and HD, and to tell you the truth I can’t tell much difference. I’m going to have to go look at the picture in person, I guess. Do they carry these at Cosco? Thanks for the article!

    1. Hello Suzi, thank you for commenting on our Post and supporting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com.

      We really appreciate you complimenting our Post and the writings within it.. We strive to provide helpful information about this new 4K technology so people can make informed decisions before upgrading their 1080 HD or just before buying any other 4K gear like cameras, etc.

      Very good question. You might have to upgrade internet speed in order to stream 4K movies and TV shows. YES, you bring up a good point. However, check your speeds right now. If you call your provider over the phone they can do a “ping” test and tell you exactly what your speed averages.

      I say this because nowadays (unlike years ago) most internet speeds are high enough to handle 4K streaming. Years ago the providers were picky about selling speed, but since technology has improved and there are far more fiber optic lines running everywhere….its cheaper for faster speeds and capacity.

      It does depend on where you live though. If you are rural, your connection and speed might be an issue. In that case, they now have internet satellite you could use.

      I agree that you should go and watch a demo next time you are out shopping. All electronics stores have 4K now and that is most of what they are selling. Soon, everyone will have 4K TVs just like we all switched over from standard definition analog (tube ) TVs. 4K is going to replace 1080 HD TVS in the near future. You can see for yourself if you ask them for a demo of a real, native 4K movie or show on a 4K Ultra HD TV. There is a BIG difference because its 4 times better, higher, picture image quality than 1080 HD is.

      Your TV provider network does not matter. For example, we have DISH satellite and our 4K SONY 65 inch TV works great with it. There are even some networks that are broadcasting some shows or series in 4K. The movie or show would have had to be mastered or filmed using 4K cameras, but that is what all producers of movies are moving toward right now. Most of the newest box hits were filmed in using 4K cameras. You can still play and watch a 4K -made movie on a 1080 HD TV….what you see on the TV display is basically limited to the maximum resolution that your TV offers.

      The History channel recently played a TV show series in 4K. Anyone with a 4K Tv benefited. All others were limited to 720 or 1080 HD.

      Thanks again and your comment brought up solid and relevant questions. Here are some more Posts below that might interest you. – Matt B.

      P.S. By the way, YES Cosco does sell 4K Ultra HD TVs as well as Sams Club. They have great prices too! Walmart and target as well as Amazon online. Many brick and mortar stores are closing down as you have probably seen on the news. This is because people are shopping online more than ever before. This includes buying TVs online. This is how we bought our first 4K SONY TV. We saved about $300 and it was conveniently delivered to our family room. It only took 2 days and shipping was free. Amazon are PROS at shipping fragile products like TVs. So, that is an option for you too if you want even lower prices on 4K. We provided helpful links over to Amazon if you need.

      Any merchant store who sells Televisions will be selling mostly 4K TVs right now.


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  4. Great review; I have 2 4Ks, one in the living room and one in my bedroom; the one in my room is of course smaller and wall mounted. The one in the living room is just toooooo large to put up on the wall until I move into a home with a built in theater that is.
    I have been the 4K fan also since they came to the store and looked at them for a long while before purchasing. Well I purchased both last year; the one in my room was the store’s wall sample and I got a hell of a deal on it.
    I couldn’t in good faith tell someone to purchase anything else but the 4K.
    Now, the part I hate is having to pay Comcast Cable the extra money per month to use their HD equipment. As far as I’m concerned cable monopolies are a huge rip off and I hate them but what can you do? I know about the streaming effect but I would have to wait too long to see programs that I enjoy.
    I was very happy to finally run across a site like yours; I haven’t seen one yet (besides yours) and it’s good to know that people are going to be able to afford what should have been in the first place but that’s how we are right? Charge arms and legs for new electronics right off the bat and then when the market is soaked, bring down the price.
    Take care and I have already posted to my FB pages, my Twit account, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
    Great review and thanks again.

    1. Hi Rene, thank you so much for commenting on our Post and viewing our site. If you can share our Post and site it would help to let others know about this newer 4K technology so they can make informed decisions when they go to upgrade their TV. Many people are not aware of what 4K is and its really no different than a 1080 HD flat panel other than the pixels and resolution. This does make a HUGE difference when you watch a native, real 4K movie compared to 1080 HD as you know.

      Congrats on already owning 4K TVs. You and I are the minority. Soon, everyone will own 4K TVs since they are replacing 1080 HD just like 1080 HD replaced standard definition and analog. Soon, most of what gets broadcast on TV will be in 4K. You can still see it in 1080 if that is your TV maximum, but you will be limited and NOT be able to enjoy the colorful, true-to-life looking picture of 4K.

      Where did you buy your 4K televisions? Did you ever consider Amazon? They have great prices and its so convenient to have 2 day shipping right to your family room. That’s what we did and we loved it.

      We could NOT agree with you more about the cable monopolys! They are ripping everyone off by controlling prices and making people pay much more per month just to have their required “4K equipment” or faster internet service to be able to handle the speed of 4K content.

      THANK You for sharing this Post already…we cant tell you how much we appreciate that. As you know, people sharing our sites is what it takes to get increased traffic and awareness. We would be happy to do the same if you have a site.

      We created this site http://www.4kadvice.com because there were none like this back in 2014. Still not too many sites that give quality, helpful information about this new technology. We appreciate your support and come back to us if you every need anything! – Matty B. P.S. You might enjoy these other Posts or share them along so they can help to inform others before they make a purchase decision for an upgraded television.



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  5. Hi Matt,
    I’m glad I stopped today on your website and read this, thanks for sharing great information about 4K Ultra HD Tvs, I had no idea they were already in the market.

    Thanks for explain so clearly what is the difference that makes this Tv so great.

    Next time I go to a store I will ask for one, so I can see how it works. As we have Netfix at home, this information is good to have handy.
    Will tell my husband to read your site too.

    1. Hi there, YES 4K TVs have been on the market since about 2014. That was when we bought our first SONY 4K TV and we paid a top price for it at that time. No regrets because we have completely enjoyed watching it for over 3 years now. The good thing is that since they have been on sale for over 3 years now, the prices have dropped significantly!

      You can buy a 4K TV for the same price as a 1080 HD TV. Prices were dropped because this tech isn’t considered new anymore, PLUS it is replacing 1080 HD TVs, therefore manufacturers needed the pricing to match up with 1080 HD TV so more consumers upgrade.

      Yes, check out a demo and see what you think. They are amazing to watch. – matt b.

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