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OMG!  Check out this Samsung 65-inch 4K Ultra High Definition Television.  It is loaded with features including HDR.  The best part is the price.  We could not believe the price when we saw it.  We had to report to you so that you do not miss this deal.  To only pay $1,297 for this awesome TV is a steal!

Not only is it a 2017 (BRAND NEW), but its CURVED.  This is an extra bonus since we never recommend seeking out a curved television or paying more for the ‘curved’ feature since it does not bring any extra benefit other than ‘looking cool’.  This TV is SMART like most other 4K TVs since you need access to the internet in order to stream 4K content.  We are thinking about upgrading our bedroom television with this exact TV because the price is so good.  This TV is BIG.  65-inch is a large display that will bring you the ultimate picture image when watching real, native 4K movies and TV shows.

This is a HELL of a TV for this price.  Its a 2017 model with 4K Ultra HD resolution and SMART.  Samsung provides over 100 TV apps from within their smart platform.  You cannot go wrong with this TV.  At this price, you might be able to afford a 2nd 4K TV for a different room in your home.  Just say’in….

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)



4k ultra high definition


Click on the Amazon link below to read real reviews from other people who have purchased this same exact television.  Its always good to listen to other consumers and learn about the Pros/Cons of a particular product. 

Be careful though, not to misunderstand someone who might be giving negative remarks, but those remarks only apply to them. For example, this TV is too large for one consumer.  Well, maybe its too large in their specific room/house, but might be perfectly sized for your room.  HAPPY SHOPPING.


  1. YOU CANT BEAT THIS DEAL. Only on Amazon will you see something like this. For only $1200 Bucks you get every feature you can imagine INCLUDING curbed. A curbed is just cool to look at, but offers no other real benefit. But, throw it in at this price. 65 inch is HUGE display and its a 2017 model. These are 2016-model prices…Grab it while you can.

  2. What are you waiting for? 4K is not some exotic technology that only the rich buy as a ‘toy’. No, its actually the technology that is replacing 720 and 1080 HD TVs. Just like HD replaced SD- standard definition, …so is 4K replacing 1080 HD. Its awesome and worth it for sure!

  3. Wow, this is indeed a great discount! Considering that Samsung MU6500 Curved Ultra HDTV having a high resolution 4K display and come with OneRemote, using it to watch Transformer movie must be a great experience!

    Somebody say it is better to watch a blockbuster movie at cinema and enjoy the surround sound technology,. Well, I would say let’s go to the cinema to watch the premiere ( the premium ticket) and start invest in one of this TV to continue the movie marathon, after exiting from cinema

    1. Transformer movies, Hunger Games, Black List TV show…there are so many AWESOME shows and movies that you can watch on a 4K Ultra HD TV that were filmed with 4K cameras. This is how we get real, native 4K content….if it was filmed with 4K resolution cameras versus 2K./ 2K has been the norm for about 15 years now ever since HD came out in early 2000s.

      Ill tell you what…Now that 4K UHD TVS have come out and 3D>….I would MUCH, MUCH rather watch a movie at my house with my 65-inch 4K SONY than go to the theater. The picture image on my 4K TV blows the theater image away except for size of display of course. I WOULD go to theater for food though:-)

      4K is awesome. If you want to learn more, use our links and go read honest reviews from other purchasers of 4K TV on Amazon. People who bought a certain 4K TV will tell you all the Pros and Cons. Then you can save a lot of money by purchasing a 4K TV on Amazon. Thanks for using our site.–MATT B.


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  4. Unbelievable how much money people pay for products from the Asian part of our globe and those are the same people complaining about unemployment in their own areas.
    Products most people even haven’t any use for, because you find most, cheap produced big screen televisions in the smallest livingrooms. A 65″ television is meant for watching television from a distance of at least three meters or further away from the screen and only on this distance the curved feature has it’s influence.

    Prefer it to buy quality from my own area of our globe, pay more for quality and keep people employed, that’s the spirit of a healthy economy, don’t you think?

    I loved it to read your review, only had to make a statement about choices people have.


    1. Hi Farid – thanks for reading our Post and commenting on our site at

      We always hope that we are doing our job and providing helpful information to people about this newer 4K Techology.  It is important since 4K is replacing 1080 HD just like HD replaced Sd- standard definition.

      The picture on 4K is wonderful. SO real and true-to-life that its hard to believe what you are seeing.

      Actually a 65 inch 4K Ultra HD TV is meant to watch up close just like all 4K TVs.  You still cannot see the pixels even 12 inches a way. That is how small they are and why the picture appears to look so real. LIke what you would see with your own bare naked eyes.

      There are charts, but with 4K TVs depending on the display size…you are suppose to sit surprisingly CLOSE to them for the best experience.

      They are not like HD TVs or standard definition.  I think with 65 inch you are suppose to be about 8-10 feet away.  That is fairly close.  But, I see that is what you said above.

      4K TVs are simply awesome and FOUR times better overall than 1080 HD TVs…which are not bad themselves.

      – MB>

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


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