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Check out these awesome Amazon tablets that are currently on sale.  Well, actually…they always seem to be on sale.  However, for Christmas, my wife bought me the 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet.  It is totally awesome!

We are not so involved with the Apple – iPad craze.  But, I did want a bigger-screened tablet so that I can work on it and watch movies and TV shows.

Now, this is not a 4K Ultra HD Tablet.  They do not make them yet anyway.  I do not believe that Apple makes a 4K tablet device either.   4K TV sale

I am sure this is coming in the near future since Smart Phones now come with 4K displays. 

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ does have the option of choosing a high resolution up to 4K Ultra HD. 

This means that I can watch Netlix Ultra HD movies and TV shows right on my phone.  I cannot do this on my Fire tablet yet.

However, this 10-inch Fire Tablet is on sale now.  We only paid $100 over the Christmas Holiday Sale Season.

You can get a 7-inch Fire Tablet for only $39!!

An 8-inch Tablet for $59.99!!

And, the 10-inch for $119.99!!

So, its not on sale for $99.99, however it is still $30 OFF the regular price of $149.99.  Make no mistake…all of these tablets are of high quality.  They are built strong and contain the latest tablet operating systems. 

You get access to all of the Amazon applications and the Google Play Store. 

You have to download a special link, but after that you can download any Playstore application that you might be using on your Smart Phone. 

The display is High Definition 1080i HD and it looks great! 

For some reason, the picture image seems to appear more crisp and clear than what my 1080 HD 55-inch Flat Panel TV looks like.  Perhaps the smaller display makes the images appear more crisp and clear. 

So, if you are in the market for a new tablet, or need gift ideas….these prices are rock bottom at Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Deals – Save up to $30 on Fire tablets – starting at $39.99. Limited-time offer


Although these tablets do not contain 4K resolution displays, it will not be long before this happens.  We predict that the next generation of Amazon Fire Tablets will be in 4K.

4K Ultra HD

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