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Sony XBR65X850D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 Model) (Electronics)

There’s 4K, and there’s Sony 4K HDR. Go way beyond what you’ve seen before and experience truly remarkable clarity, color, contrast, and more.

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 57.3″ x 33.3″ x 1.8″, TV with stand: 57.3″ x 35.3″ x 11″
  • Smart Functionality: Yes
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution produces incredible clarity for a more lifelike picture
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit)
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Motionflow XR 960 (Effective)
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI (HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0a), 3 USB
  • Accessories Included: Voice Remote Control (RMF-TX200U), Batteries (R03), AC Power Cord (Pigtail, US with polarity), IR Blaster (IRB-BR1), Table Top Stand (Separate, assembly required)

Are You Wondering What Our First 4K Television Was?

Maybe you are, or maybe you could care less.  We just thought we would give you some background as to how we got into 4K and why.  Also, when and where we bought our first 4K televsion, which was 3D, and SMART along with UPCONVERTING abilities like most 4K UHD TVs have today.  Notice how I called it a 4K UHD TV for referencing it as ‘today’ or a current TV.  Back in early 2014, when we made this large 4K TV purchase,…manufacturers and merchants were only calling this equipment “4K”.  Today, it is now commonly referred to as 4K UHD —> { 4K Ultra High Definition }.

A few years ago when I got very interested in 4K, I could not find much information about it online or anywhere else.  They were starting to go on sale, but resources were still very limited.  I wanted to read about 4K, know what I was buying, what NOT to buy, what other accessories I needed, where to locate 4K content to watch, who made the best 4K TVs, etc. etc…but had a hard time finding any information like this in early 2014.  Thus, exactly why I created this website.  My goal is to help people who were just like me a few years ago.  We are providing the best, most accurate and up-to-date information about everything 4K.  This means televisions, still cameras, video recorders, Blu-ray & DVD players in 4K, smart phone, pads, and even virtual reality headsets.

We know that it hasn’t even been that long since we changed over from SD to HD  (standard definition to high definition).  That alone was a major feat!  And, consumers fell in love with High Definition.  Everyone has HD nowadays.  Networks are basically required to broadcast in HD  (minimum 720 or 1080o HD).  We would not be doing our job if we did not review our very own television set.  This is to help assist you in your research to find the best 4K television that fits your household needs.

If you are hesitating on buying a 4K TV,…or you wish to wait longer for prices to drop further…that is your choice.  However, we highly recommend that you make a purchase sooner than later and begin to enjoy 4K.  After all, it is 4 times better picture image quality than 1080p HD.  That is a significant difference.  If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows along with live sporting events, and you appreciate technology when it comes to electronics like: TVs, cameras, tablets, smart phones, gaming, virtual reality devices & more,…then why wait any longer to make the switch.

Upgrade to 4k Now.  Utilize this site at:  WWW.4KADVICE.COM to learn everything you need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision.  Better yet, we make it totally convenient for you to make your purchases right here on our site.  Link from here, directly to the lowest, best priced TV products and finalize your order.  After research & comparison, we recommend Amazon as the best place to purchase 4K electronics.  They have the lowest prices and the largest selection of 4K products in the world.  Their service is top-notch and their delivery times are the fastest and most reliable.  When it comes to shipping a large, fragile, 4K television set…you want only the best professionals doing so.  This is why we chose Amazon.

Now, lets move on to reviewing my own 4K TV.  For starters, prices are ripe.  You are not going to see prices too much lower than what they are right now near the end of 2016.  You might find some extra sales from time to time…but in general, 4K prices on TVs are about the lowest they will get.  Entering into 2017 we can verify this, but for now we stand by it.  This means that there is no reason to wait for lower prices before you buy a new 4K TV.

We recommend SONY when it comes to 4K.  They were basically the first company to create 4K and implement the enhancements into a real television set.  SONY has pioneered 4K and offers an incredible product(s).  By now, there are many other very comparable 4K televisions makers…but we are partial to SONY because of the attachment we have since this was our very first 4K TV set.

Here is another way to learn more about this particular TV and make a purchase.  We paid $2,892 for this same exact TV about 2 years ago.  As you can see, the price is now only $1,400.  For what you get, its a great price for this 65-inch HUGE, upconverting TV and SMART capability.  I must add that it contains a browser in it just like your laptop or PC has.  And, it comes with about 200 TV applications.  It is SMART beyond SMART and we love playing with it.

I just realized that this particular TV does NOT have 3D ability.  I will provide a similar TV below that is comparable and DOES have 3D so that you can see the price difference.

I was not even looking for 3D, but it came with our first TV.  And, its amazing.  If you find native content which is mastered using 3D camera equipment in 4K, then you will get the absolute best 3D watching experience on this TV.  We located native 3D movie on YouTube, put our glasses on…and got our minds blown away!  It was outstanding picture image in 3D.  It appeared as though a fish was coming right out of the screen and up to our faces in our family room.  It actually made us move our head back swiftly to avoid the fish.  It was that good.

Below is a similar 4K TV to above except that it DOES contain 3D.  The price jump upward is decent to go from any non-3D to full 3D capability (*Be warned).  This price = $1,998.  This is about $400-$500 higher to gain 3D benefits.

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  1. I thought your article was very informative. I loved the layout of your page. This is definitely something I’m striving for on mine. Since I didn’t even know 4k TV’s and other products existed, I was happily surprised to read your article. I’m like that you gave a lot of detail, the best prices, and your own experiences with purchasing and owning your own. You just aren’t sell the product, you seem excited about the advancement of technology. And it seems that you are trying to help out the customers by giving them the lowest prices, giving the link, and wanting the best home experience they can get. I look forward to reading more from you. This article does make me want to buy these 4K products.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear this Post was helpful to you. That is the purpose of my site….top educate and inform people about everything pertaining to the new 4K wave of tech. YES, thank you…I was unable to find any information about 4K several years ago when I became very interested in it. I had seen a display at a local Best Buy and watched 4K on their TV. I was blown away! I never thought that we would see a better picture quality than when HD (720 and 1080Hd) first came out. We all switched over from standard definition and networks started broadcasting in only HD (720 and 1080). We ALL had to get HD TVs. Now, we have 4K entering the industry and its been here about 2 years….thats why most have not known about it yet or the details. Its good timing for you and everyone else to discover this now, because you have given it time for prices to seriously DROP bigtime! You can get a 4K TV now, for what the lowest prices of HD Tvs came to be. If anyone is going to buy a new TV to replace their HD TV….it should most definitely be a 4K UHD TV. Thanks for sharing about this Post and please come back to us to learn more if you need.

    2. Hi HOlly, we are just following up with our Readers to see if anyone has upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD TV yet. If so, how do you like it and is all the hype justified in buying one of these awesome 4K TVs? – Matt

  2. hi matty i am fairly new to 4k and have only just started my research but am very interested. what do you think about 3d and 4k together? i have heard that the 3d is not good enough yet to view in 4k and that it doesn’t look good. do you think i should wait for the next technology? also i am not sure if i want to spend the extra money for curved screen – do you think it’s worth it?

    1. Author

      Good question, well that might have been the case last year, but 3D now is plenty good enough to view on a 4K TV. I do it all the time. I recently watched a 3D made movie on Youtube using my SONY 4K , 65 inch 3D TV and was totally blown away. It was mind boggling how 3D and crystal clear the picture image was. We had a room full of people watching and every agreed that this 3D movie was the best they had ever seen in their life on our TV. No joke. The image on the screen at one point was a shark…it came out of the screen and up to your face to the point where all of our heads shot backwards to avoid it…it was that real coming out at you from the TV (without glasses on of course). Just unbelievable image and 3D quality. You just have to know where to go find the 3D native, filmed in 3D using 4K cameras best things to watch. Youtube has many and Netflix and Amazon Instant. Good luck and please come back to 4KADVICE.COM to learn as much as you need. Please also consider clicking on ANY of our Amazon ad blocks to take you to Amazon and then shop like your normally would. This would help to support this site which was created as a helpful site to the general public to educate about 4K. A few years ago I could find NOTHING online about 4K while trying to do research before I bought my first 4K TV. Its was frustrating. That is why I created 4KADVICE and spend my spare time educating people so they can make better purchase decisions on 4K. Take Care- Matt B.

    2. We are just following up with our Readers….have you upgraded to a 4K Ultra HD TV yet and if so, how do you like it? – Matt B.

  3. Hello

    I’m showing your recommendation to my wife right now, we were doubting if buying in Store or Amazon was the best option, after comparing the price, we really agree with you that Amazon has the best price, so I think she would come along and this new year finnally we will have a new tv, my friends are counting with that hey superbowl is coming, I mean Santa hohoho.

    I will let you know if we finnally close the deal

    Thank you for your time


    1. Author

      Good luck on that. Yes, prices are low enough on 4KUHD Tvs to justify a purchase. The picture quality is so, so much better when you watch 4K or live sporting events that are broadcast using 4K camera systems. Networks are starting to do this more and more. Just like we switched from SD to HD,…we are all going to make another switch to 4K UHD from 1080HD. And, when more consumers see that the picture image is FOUR times better than 1080HD,…they will be buying up 4K TVs and blu ray players left and right. People will be happy to get 4K because it look so much more real on a 4K TV than any other type of HD. Its amazing to watch a native 4K movie that was filmed in 4K using 4k cameras. Plus, all 4K TV upconvert or upscale the image so that its much better than 1080. They automatically do this. They cannot upconvert all the way to 4K but its plenty better than 1080. Hope all goes well. Please come back to 4KADVICE and at least click on our Amazon ad block to take you to amazon before making a purchase. This would help us greatly as we created this site for consumers to help them make informed purchase decisions and educate about 4K. Back 2 years ago, I could find NOTHING online about 4K when I was trying to research about it and learn more. That is why I spend my spare time trying to help others with this site.

  4. Funny thing here is that I was looking into this Sony 4k tv, may even go with the 3D soon since its better to have a whole in one.

    As I use s ps4 pro(4k gaming console) for gaming with my buds after we work. The 4k enhancement from the console itself will add to the 4k tv visuals and enhancements.

    I am always looking online for 4k reviews and such, since you made this site to provide such information in great detail, I will be coming back soon!

    Thank you for a very informative read.

    1. Author

      Thank you, YES …PLEASE Come back to 4KADVICE.COM and refer share to your friends. I created it because in 2014 I could not find any info or details about 4k online. I was interested but there wasn’t any content. So I decided to create this in my spare time to help others learn and now it’s taking off!

      Yes, buy the 3D…its amazing image if you find real native 3d made films. It’s worth it for gaming etc. Plus Sony 4k 3d, has built in Playstation 3…streaming. I plug controller into back of TV or go wireless. But, I also use xbox one and graphics on my 4k tv are totally stunning and real. Please click much my AMAZON ad blocks if you ever decide to purchase anything via amazon. I get credit and that helps me provide best content and information to help people learn and make informed purchase decision.

  5. Great article on 4K television. I have always been wondering what all these technical terms mean when I go into departmental stores to look at flat screen televisions. Now I understand them.

    Thanks for pointing out that Sony was the company to actually invent and implement 4K technology. I will definitely be looking at Sony TV models from now on. How long have you been using yours? Any problems with it so far?


    1. Author

      Glad to hear that we can help. This is exactly why I created this site 4KADVICE.COM! To help teach people about it all so they can make informed buying decisions. I did this because in 2014 when I became interested in 4K I could find NOTHING online about 4K anything. It was frustrating to say the least. I had no help. I made a blind purchase on my first 4K SONY TV, but it turned out to be the best and I have no regrets OTHER THAN the steep price I paid at the time which was $2,890. When in fact the same TV today is about $1,400. Half as much as back then. Oh well, that is technology for you as you know!

      I have never had a single problem with my SONY 65 inch 4K UHD TV. It does have 3D which is stunning when you can watch a native 3D film (like on Youtube they exist). This means the movie or show was actually filmed or mastered using a camera that is a 4K 3D camera. This is instead of a movie being enhanced or upscaled INTO a 3D movie. Those are good but not nearly as good as NATIVE 3D 4K. Please share our Posts and Pages and come back to us when you make a purchase. Just click on any Amazon Ad banner and let it take you to Amazon just like you normally would go. Then do your shopping and check out like normal. This helps support us, since we do this in our spare time trying to help other people avoid NOT being able to find enough information about 4K.. But, we love working on it and helping to inform others (since we didnt have that). Thanks for contributing by commenting. And again, Please share this on Facebook…would help us:-)


  6. I have yet to make the jump to 4K TV, mainly because my old Samsung flat screen is still working fine. If I have the budget for it, I’ll definitely look for a Sony 4K model in the nearby department store.

    The price range for the 4K TVs you just mentioned is quite pricey. Furthermore, I don’t know if there are many movies and TV shows out there that are produced in 4K and also in 3D. Do you still think it’s worth spending over a thousand dollars for them?

    Thanks and great review!

    1. Author

      That is understandable why you do not need to upgrade yet to a new 4K tv. Most of us have had our HDTVs which work perfectly fine. However, in the future…when needed you will have the option to buy another HDTV (1080) or to upgrade to a new 4K UHD. You cannot go wrong updating to 4K. The picture image quality is 4 times better than 1080 HD. It really is. You will be amazed if you ever see a native 4k movie on a 4K uhd TV.

      When I first saw a demo back in 2014, I was blown away a how real it looked. The picture was so real, it was like I was right there live on the set of the movie. The actors look so real that they may as well be standing there with you. You can see wrinkles, and lines on their face, the colors are vibrant just like if you were there live looking at them. It makes watching TV so much more enjoyable and real with a 4K UHD television set.

      We hope that you will come back to our site for more information when the time comes that you are ready to upgrade to 4K. The prices have already dropped low enough that they are comparable to 1080 HD TVs right now. This was not the case a few years ago when we purchased our first 4K.. We paid more than twice as much as this particular TV is currently marked at. At the time, in 2014, there was basically no helpful good information online about 4K even though these TVs had hit the shelves. I searched but could not find any sites that would educate me, help me compare 4K TVs and provide quality reviews. Therefore, I decided to create this site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. Our goal is to help educate consumers in order that they can make an informed decision on buying 4K UHD. We want to give to people what we did not have available to us at the time.
      We are not sure if prices will come down much farther. They are at a stable point just like 1080 HD TVs reached eventually and leveled off. Today (01/26/17) while researching I found several amzing prices on Amazon for 4K. You can get a 43inche Westinghouse for $400 and a 55 inch 4K Samsung Smart TV for $800.

      Good luck and PLEASE share our Site and Posts to anyone you know who is interested in 4K. – Matt B.

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