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Look For The Samsung 4K TV

Samsung is offering amazing deals right now on Amazon.  Apparently they are needing to clear out there 2016 inventory of Samsung 4K TVs.  This is a fantastic way to purchase your very first 4K TV and step into a higher realm of TV watching experience.

A Samsung 4K TV is just as good as a SONY, despite SONY being the first to pioneer this 4K technology.  They are both fantastic brands.  Much of it comes down to personal preference.

And, a wonderful experience it is!  Trust us when we say that you will be totally amazed when you watch a native 4K movie or TV show on a good 4K television.  Samsung TVs are top-notch and just as good as SONY. 

Look for the best deal to purchase your first Samsung 4K TV or any other top brand like Vizio or Sony.

As an example, on…you can get a mid-size 55-inch 4k TV for about $600.  These are great prices for this kind of TV which cost twice as much as this just 2 years agoPRICES ARE WAY DOWN.  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY ON AMAZON!

Samsung 4K TV


Samsung 4K TV Specs

After all, most parts that go into a television all come from the same manufacturers.

You cannot go wrong with a 2016 model either.  You are taking advantage of low, low prices on Amazon when you consider buying this television or one similar to it. 

This particular Samsung 4K TV is a 65-inch SMART 4K UHD TV.  Its awesome and has a stunning, true-to-life picture image.  Like all 4K Tvs, this Samsung also UPCONVERT or UPSCALE (same thing) every picture image playing on its display. 

SEE:    What Is Upscaling?

This means that as long as the film is minimum 720 or 1080 HD, then it will automatically enhance its resolution to a much higher setting. 

This is because a 4K display contains 4 more tiny pixels within the size of what is equal to ONE pixel in a 1080 HD. 

That means that 4K really is FOUR times better in overall resolution, clarity, color and sharpness.  And, you can notice!


Samsung 4K TV UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


Here are just some of the features of this incredible Television:

Samsung 4K TV
Samsung 4K TV

4K UHD Picture Quality

Enjoy incredible picture and dramatic detail with UHD. Its 4K resolution means everything you watch looks 4x sharper than Full HD.

Slim Design

We’ve dramatically slimmed the entire TV, so nothing stands between you and your viewing experience. If that weren’t enough, it also creates optimized contrast across multiple zones of the picture.


And more…


Samsung 4K TV
Samsung 4K TV

UHD Upscaling Picture Engine

Upscaling Picture Engine upgrades lower resolution movies and TV shows to a stunning near ultra high-definition experience with enhanced detail and optimized picture quality.

HDR Premium

Our HDR Premium technology displays HDR (High Dynamic Range) content from new generation Ultra HD Blu-ray, HDR streaming content, and HDR content available on Vidity compliant storage devices. Meets CTA HDR-compatible requirements.

Note: Complies with CTA (Consumer Technology Association) definition requirement for HDR open standard profile playback.


4k ultra high definition

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  1. A Samsung 4K TV is a quality TV set. It ranks up there high with Sony. It comes down to personal preference of which one you choose.

    The entire point whether you buy a Samsung 4K TV or a Sony 4K TV….just go buy one. Upgrade to 4K because you are missing out on the most incredible picture image that is so real and true to life that this world has ever seen. It blows your mind how awesome it is. There is plenty of 4K content and the prices are as low as a new 1080 HD TV. So, why not upgrade to 4K?

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