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So, you know a thing or two about 4K UHD and now you are ready to make a purchase.  You would like to buy your first 4K television setup and replace your family room 1080HD TV.  This is a wise decision and you will not regret it.  Below are some easy steps to follow that will help you with your purchase.

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They also offer many discounts and sales opportunities.  Most of all, their PRIME membership program is top-notch.  When it comes to shipping large fragile boxes like a 4K TV we must rely on the most reputable and proven merchant…which is Amazon.  

They guarantee two-day shipping with their Prime membership unlimited per year.  The annual membership price is less than $100 and well worth it.  At other merchants, you might pay $50 or more for one TV purchase shipment.  Whereas, with Amazon…size does NOT matter and all shipping is FREE and insured.  You can’t beat that anywhere else!  Thus, why we support and recommend Amazon throughout our site.



  1.  First  Decide how big of a TV you need.  Examine things like how big the room is that this TV will go in.  Keep in mind that with a 4K TV, you want to sit closer.  You cannot damage your eyes with any HD 4K TV  (unlike the old SD TVs, where they said it was not healthy to sit close).  

With 4K you could sit 1 foot away and still not see the pixels.  On average, you want to be about 10 feet away from your 4K TV when you setup your couches, etc.


     2.    Figure out what accessories you are going to need to go along with your 4K TV set and make it all work.  The first thing that comes to mind is a 4K Blu-ray Player.  You will need some kind of Blu-ray Player that you can watch Blu-ray and DVD discs on.  Most all players these days can handle any format of blu-ray or DVD.  

We recommend you get a 4K Blu-ray player which is different form a normal Blu-ray player.  You may also need a sound system.  Look for an HD audio system that can make your movies and TV shows all the more better with crisp, clear audio.

     3.    Budget — How much can you spend on a 4K TV?  This will factor in to the number 1 step above…SIZE.  Obviously, the larger the 4K TV…the greater the price for the most part.  Unless you find an outstanding deal for a larger TV (and they do exist on Amazon).  With 4K, the larger the TV set the better.  Push yourself to go larger if you can.  The bigger the size of 4K TV, the better the viewing experience is all together.  It is that simple.  

We are going to provide 4K TV UHD reviews and prices in another section at 4KADVICE.COM.  But, for now…you should begin to think about how much you can spend for a new 4K UHD TV.


    4.    Once you know your budget and size category,…you can begin your research and shopping.  Once again, we highly suggest you start with Amazon.  They have the best selection out of all merchants.  Click on any Amazon ad block on our site and it will take you into the main Amazon site.

 Otherwise, you can click on a specific 4K TV that we provide reviews on and it will take you to that exact TV in Amazon.  Stay tuned, …for updates on new 4K TVs, updated technology and the latest, greatest sales prices for all 4K equipment.4K UHD theater room


   5.   Purchase –  Once you make a final informed decision, you can now purchase your first 4K TV set and 4K Blu-ray Player ever!  Congratulations!  You will NOT look back.  Your 4K TV will be able to upconvert or upscale any TV show or movie that is being shown in HD (minimum 720 or 1080).  This is a feature that no other TV in history has been able to accomplish.  

What we mean by UPCONVERTING is that your 4K TV will take an image that is being shown on a TV network that is in either 720 or 1080…and digitally enhance the picture image to somewhere in between 1080 and 4,000.  It does this automatically and you will not even realize it.  

What you will see is the end result of a much better picture quality than that of 1080HD.  The picutre quality will be upscaled to an estimated 2,500 pixel resolution.  

It will depend on how the movie or show was mastered.  This means that the quality of upscaling that your TV does, will depend on what kind of camera system the movie was filmed in.  It gets complicated, but just remember to make sure that your 4K UHD TV is capable of UPCONVERTING or UPSCALING.  Ask you sales associate or review the specifications of the TV.  T

o ease your mind, the UHD Alliance of 4K manufacturers has decided that they cannot label a TV as “4K UHD” unless it meets certain minimum specifications.  One of these specifications is that the TV can UPSCALE.

To being building your 4K UHD Theater Room Start With Amazon.com.  Go and research various 4K UHD TVs and 4K UHD Blu-Ray Players.  You will want both.  And, don’t forget to purchase the HDMI 2.0 cords to connect the two together. 

4K UHD Blu-Rays discs provide the absolute best of the best in 4K content.  There is no picture image better than a real, native 4K UHD Blu-Ray.  This is as long as the film was made using 4K camera systems.

Otherwise, it might just be UPSCALED.  All 4K TVs do UPSCALING automatically.  This makes the picture image much better than 1080 HD, but it is not full 4K.




   Do All Your Shopping At Amazon.  Click Here.




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  1. I really like all the information you supplied to your site. Your pros. and cons. is on top. It like being in the store. I can take a trip down each lane. It’s like being in the store. Your side bar will take you away from your 4k tv. sale, unless you would like to keep me here. Real Nice!



    1. Hi Cherie – I like to offer something for everyone on our site http://www.4KADVICE.com. Thank you for commenting and appreciating our site. Please share with your friends so that we can help to educate them about 4K TVs BEFORE they decide to buy another TV. People should NOT buy another 1080 HD TV. They should upgrade to 4K because the prices are about the same. Take Care – Matt B.

  2. What are your thoughts? Do you still own a 1080 HD TV? Don’t worry if you do since most households still have 1080 HD. The stats show that about 80% have NOT upgraded to 4K TVs yet. But, this will eventually happen since 4K is basically replacing 1080 HD JUST LIKE HD replaced SD- Standard Definition about 17 years ago.

    We believe 4K TVs will last another 20 years, especially since they are combined with the newest HDR- High Dynamic Range features. This has to do with the color gamut and basically places NO LIMITATIONS oh what type of colors can be displayed on a screen to match the actual scene that is being captured by camera. As long as the video taker or producer uses a 4K resolution camera, HDR adds significantly to it. HDR is a major, major enhancing feature of the picture image and I believe most 4K Tvs 2016 models or later do have HDR. It is a required TV Spec. Best wishes and please use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon to do any kind of shopping. We are credited by Amazon when we refer our Users over to their site. Then, just shop as normal. MB.

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