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We like to feature a 4K Ultra HD Television of the month.  This month of July we are introducing you to an amazing 4K Television!  It is actually NOT a Sony this time around.  As we love Sony because they were the first to pioneer this 4K technology,…they are not necessarily the best.

There are many other brands and models that can compete with Sony.  As a consumer, you cannot go wrong with Panasonic, LG, Vizio or Samsung in addition to Sony.  Shop based on what your criteria is.  Are you more focused on price, size of display, SMART capabilities, or brand name.  Every consumer varies as to what they are looking for. 

The great feature about Amazon.com is that they offer the largest selection.  You can research and shop for all of the above brand names and them some.  If there is a 4K UHD TV to be bought,…you will find it on Amazon.  The best part of all is that Amazon offers the lowest prices.

Aside from specials and discount deals, there overall prices are much lower than a brick and mortar store.  As you can imagine, Amazon does not have all the overhead expenses that a store will have.  Starting with the employees and sales people….Amazon has employees obviously, but they are not needed like they are in a store.

Customer reviews are plentiful on Amazon.  This feature alone makes for a good reason to shop on Amazon.  You cannot find customer reviews in a store.   Yet on Amazon nearly every single product has customers who purchased the same 4K TV product that you are interested in.

Many of them will put ‘their 2 cents’ in at the bottom of a product page.  People are honest about the product and you can often draw your own conclusion after reading numerous reviews.  This is a great way to inform yourself about a product in order to make the right decision for yourself.


Today, we bring to you a Samsung TV of the month:

Samsung Electronics UN55MU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)


This is a terrific price for this particular television which is exactly why we are featuring it.

This has a large display AND its a new 2017 model.  It is NOT refurbished or used like others sold on Amazon.

It is Ultra HD 4K SMART.  It is loaded with over 100 TV applications including Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.  It also contains a web browser built into the dashboard so that you can scroll the internet just like you would on a PC or laptop.  Totally awesome feature!



  1. I LOVE this TV. This will be my next television because I love the price. To get anything at 55 inches or above for well under $1,000 is a great, great deal. Especially if its Ultra HD 4K TV which the one above is. Of course it is SMART like all 4K TVs because you need internet access to be able to stream 4K content. it is also HDR- High Dynamic Range which makes the picture image better than any other!. Think about buying this one! it is a fantastic deal for the money. MB.

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