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Does UHD mean the same thing as “4K”?

A lot of people are asking this question, therefore you are not alone.  The bottom line is that all this stuff and wording is confusing.  And, its changed over time.  UHD— Means “Ultra High Definition”.  It refers to television resolution just like HD—means “High Definition”.

We were introduced to HD TVs back in the early 2000s.  We all switched over from standard definition (SD) and analog to HD (720 & 1080p HD resolution).  This was a welcomed change because it made the picture image looks so much better than it did in SD.  And, the flat panel television was invented.  This meant that it could be hung on a wall or fireplace.  It became very lightweight to where only one person was needed to carry a larger 42 inch TV when they could not do so with standard definition older Tube box TV.

We have all enjoyed the crisp clear images of 1080 HD TVs for nearly 15 years now.  Most household have at least 2 1080 HD TVs in them.  But, times change and technology makes electronics better.

Just like we switched over from SD to HD,…we are now switching over from HD to UHD.  We are adding the “Ultra” to High Definition because Ultra means that the pixels and resolution are significantly increased in an Ultra HD TV.  To be exact, there are four times as many pixels in the resolution of a 4K Ultra HD TV compared to a 1080 HD TV.  This means the picture image is four times better overall! watching 4K flat panel TVs

The wording and labels for 4K have changed over the years.  4K surfaced in 2012 and these televisions went on sale.  They have used several different labels, however the final wording has become:  “4K Ultra HD TVs”  Or, “4K UHD TVs”.  This means the same thing and this is exactly what manufactures are placing on the boxes of these new TVs.

4K means UHD, and UHD means 4K

Many merchants and consumers refer to this new technology as simply “4K” because its shorter and sweeter to say.  However, the actual naming on the box and labels on the shelves will read:  “4K Ultra HD”.  We just want you to be aware so that there is not any confusion when you are shopping.

This is what www.4KADVICE.com is here for!  To help inform people about this new 4K technology and how it is replacing the 1080 HD TV technology.  Soon, everyone will own a 4K Television and most of what we watch will be real 4K movies and TV shows.  This will take a few years to unfold, however 4K TVs have been on the shelf now since 2013.  We purchased our first 4K SONY 65 inch television on Amazon and it was the best decision that we ever made.  We did not want to deal with the pesky, annoying salesman in the store.  We did not want to have to pay shipping or pick it up ourselves.  And, we wanted the best selection at the cheapest prices.  Amazon gave us all of this and more.

The bottom line is that malls are closing as well as brick & mortar stores across the nation.  It is sad that this is happening to certain ‘mom & pop’ stores, however…it is what it is.  This is happening because people are making purchases online more than ever before.  WHY?  Because there is more selection, lower prices and convenience!

Imagine buying a 4K TV in one day and the day after the next it arrives on your doorstep?  Not only that, but they brought it into your family room and unboxed it for you.  It was FREE shipping that was guaranteed so there were not any worries.  We trusted Amazon because they have proven themselves over the years.  The are PROs at shipping fragile products like televisions.

We saved over $300 by shopping on Amazon and were able to read personal reviews from other consumers who bought the same TV we did.  That is what sold it!  Being able to read the reviews on Amazon.  You cannot do that in a physical store.

Enough about Amazon, since we have made out point.  Oh ya, there are convenient Amazon links at the bottom of this Post and throughout our entire site.  Please feel free to use them and link over to Amazon.  We would greatly appreciate this.

Now, did we clear up the meaning of UHD as it relates to 4K?  Its easier to remember by putting these two words together  ⇒  ⇒   “4K UHD”.

Thank you for reading our Post, and please SHARE it on Facebook or with your friends and family.  We want to educate people BEFORE they upgrade their televisions.  Do NOT go and buy another 1080 HD television.

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  1. Yea, there has been several confusing acronyms used to describe this new 4K tech. This is what confused people. I am glad they settled on calling it 4K Ultra HD or 4K UHD televisions. We bought our first 4K in 2014 and absolutely LOVE IT! We watch 4K movies all the time and it never gets old. Just looking at the details it provides is exciting and fun.

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