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Blow Your Friends Away With A 4K UHD TV


Everyone likes to ‘one-up’ their neighbors.  In this case, with a new 4K Ultra HD TV….you would be doing more than impressing your friends and neighbors.  Most likely, your neighbors and friends do NOT own a 4K TV.  Perhaps, one friend might.  But, for the most part….4K TVs are still very new.  Most consumers have no idea what “4K” is or what it means.

There is a lot of bad information going around.  We get comments from puzzled Readers saying that they thought a 4K TV was some kind of exotic, special high-priced toy that only the rich people buy to stock their theater rooms.


This is not the case we tell them.  We go on to tell them that 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs, just like HD TVs replaced SD- Standard Definitoin TVs.  4K is a major enhancement to TV watching over what we have already become accustomed to, which is the flat panel 1080 High Definition Televisions.  HD TVs first came out around year 2000-2001.   What is 4K TV

They were a major, major enhancement to Television.  Instead of dealing with those big, ugly tube box TVs that required 3 grown men to move a larger one….customers could now hand a flat panel TV on their wall or over their fire place. 

Not to mention the picture image of “HD” was absolutely amazing compared to SD.

I remember sitting in a bar that had two new HD Flat Panel TVs handing right in front of me.  I could not believe my eyes.  I was shocked at what I was seeing. 

There was so much fine detail on the screen that it boggled my mind.  You could see various features in the picture image that I had never seen before on a TV.

There was a football game playing and I could see the blades of grass and I could read the logo on the players shoes.  It was amazing.  I have never forgot that!

Well, skip forward to 2014-current.  Imagine taking an HD quality image on a TV screen and multiplying the quality and clearness by FOUR times.  Imagine a picture image that is literally FOUR times better over all.

That is exactly what a 4K Ultra HD TV gives us.  It consists of a pixel count that is precisely FOUR times as many as the count in a 1080 HD TV.  This makes a HUGE difference in ‘realness’ and ‘True-To-Life’ television on the screen.

I looks so real depending on what you are watching on a 4K TV.  It makes it seem like you are there.  No joke.  No kidding.  No exaggerating.  Go and see for yourself at your local store and then come back to our helpful site 4KADVICE.com and use our Amazon banner links to go shopping and researching 4K TVs on the Amazon site.

4K Ultra HD TV



Remember these good ole days when everyone would gather around and watch CHIPS PATROL or The Dukes of Hazzard?  Televisions looked just about like the one above.  “Tubes” they would be called for generations.  Televisions are not very old to begin with. 

Perhaps, early in the 1900 century is when they were first invented.  Thinking back, I remember TV shows like The Wild Wild West, Incredible Hulk, The A-Team and TJ Hooker.  These were mostly in the 80’s.  I cannot vouch for TV shows prior to the 1980’s, but perhaps someone would like to comment on this?

Things have changed…that’s for sure.  When we all switched over from Standard Definition (SD- Analog) to High Definition (HD) it was a wonderful upgrade.  The picture image was amazing to watch even if on a 720 HDTV.  We then got to experience full 1080p HDTV and that was even better. 

Most people could not imagine the picture image quality being much better than 1080p HD.  We, being included in this thought…figured that 1080p HD was the best our TV watching experience was going to get.

Right about now, some might be asking themselves:  WHAT IS 4K UHD?  ⇒ ⇒ { Click this highlighted link and Learn what 4K is }

Then, technology brought us SMART televisions which was a feature add-on to 1080 High Definition TVs.  A welcomed addition to TV watching for sure!  To be able to open an application via the TV display with our remote was just fantastic. 

For example, when Netflix came about…I though I had died and gone to Heaven.  With a few clicks, I could choose a movie or TV show out of thousands and stream it right on my television.  It only got better from there with many other TV applications being available.


4K Ultra HD      4k uhd TV    4k uhd TV



Show Off Your New 4K Ultra HD TV

After you buy a 4K UHD TV, of which are very affordable now,…you can blow your friends away by showing off a Real 4K movie.  A film that has been mastered or filmed using 4K cameras is like nothing else!   When you watch this with your friends, their jaws will drop and EVERYONE will want one.  You can be the ‘talk of the neighborhood’ and impress the heck out of just about anyone that watches your new 4K TV.

Everyone Wants 4K   ⇒ ⇒ { Learn why everyone wants a new 4K UHD television }

With plenty of 4K content to watch nowadays, what are you waiting for?  Prices have been slashed in HALF since 2014.  Prices in general will not get much lower than they currently are.  Sure, you can wait for special pricing here or there,…or an end of the year sale…But, you are missing out on being able to watch the best, MOST REAL TV picture image that exists today.

You can research and purchase right here on our site at 4Kadvice.com  Thats what we are here for. We want to help you make informed purchase decisions.  Not at all times, can you obtain enough information and data to help in your decision making process.  But, we have eliminated this potential problem for you.  We are providing you top-notch honest and detailed reviews about all kinds of 4K equipment including televisions.   UHD 4K TV

We Recommend Amazon

Amazon.com is our Go-To online merchant.  In todays time, more than ever…consumer are making purchases online.  Consumers are even buying larger,  higher valued items like (televisions) online for several legitimate reasons: 

Because of this, we recommend Amazon.com. 

We purchased our 4K UHD SONY 65-inch television along with a Blu-Ray Player and 4K Media Player on Amazon.

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So, are you still thinking about upgrading to a new 4K UHD TV?  Are you convinced yet that it will be worth your while?  You can create wonderful memories with your friends & families by introducing this newest television technology to them.  Impress them with a picture image that will blow their minds! 

Show them that watching any TV show or movie is very different when you watch through a 4K UHD display.  Everything on the screen looks so real.  It as if you are right there live on the scene of the set.  Its like the actors are in your family room, Or you are looking through a window at the real scene. 

The details on peoples faces, the sharpness and clarity are so amazing, that its hard to believe what you are watching is only an electronic display screen with colors and light.  It just about as good as your real human eyes.

Start Enjoying 4K television right now.  Shop on Amazon.com

You can enter the 4K UHD TV world by purchasing this mid-sized, 43-inch LG Electronics 43UH6100 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)  for UNDER $500!

This is just ONE of many incredible deals happening on Amazon right now.  Merchants are trying to get rid of their 2016 stockpile of 4K UHD televisions.  Therefore, they have DROPPED prices significantly!  There is nothing wrong with a 2016 model.  Nothing whatsoever. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this and see for yourself just how good 4K TV watching really is.





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  1. There are some amazing prices right now on Amazon for any size 4K Ultra HD TV.

    Have you upgraded yet? Do you plan to?

    By year 2020 every household in the U.S. will own at least one 4K TV. This is because they are replacing 1080 HD TVs entirely.

  2. Wow! I didn’t know that 4k televisions are now cheap. I remember like few years ago they we’re like new technology and the tv cost a lot like above thousand dollars. Now that they’re way cheaper now I will try to buy one. But do you know when’s the best time to buy this 4k tv? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Author

      Hi John,  Thanks for visiting our site 4kadvice.com and taking the time to comment. We do appreciate.  You could help us further by sharing our Posts and Site with your friends.

      Well, honestly…the best time to upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV is right now.  Prices are as low as they are going to get because they are already matching the price of a new 1080 HD TV.  This is because 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TV entirely.

      A few years ago, YES, 4k TV prices were super high like all technology is at first.  You CAN get some great deals on Black Friday and around the Christmas Holiday season on Amazon.  You for sure can get some awesome sale deals.

      However, on Amazon there are sales and deals all the time for new 4K TVs.  I would not want to wait until Black Friday just to save a few bucks.  I would want to buy a new 4K HDR TV now and start enjoying it.  There is so much 4K movies and TV shows now out there to keep you busy all year long. Plus, new movies are being filmed using 4K cameras making the best of the best of 4K content.

      Gaming with a 4K TV is like nothing else.  I play Battlefield on my 65-inch 4K and it blows your mind how real it is.  My wife thought I was watching a real army movie when she first saw me playing Battlefield on my SOny 4K TV.  It upscales all the images and makes it look so real and true-ti-life..

      I would go with the TCL 55-inch 4K HDR TV on sale at Amazon right now for well under $500.  Its bar far the best deal on the planet.  And a quality TV with most parts the same as Sony and Samsung.  – Matt B.

      The Absolute Best 4K TV If You’re On A Budget

      The Best 4K TVs You Can Get For Under $500

      Save $500 On This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  3. Hi Matt!

    I found this review very helpful! I’m currently researching a number of technical terms related to audio and video production, so understanding the difference between 4K and its predecessors is vital.

    On a side note, I’m a huge football fan and for years wished I could attend more games in person. But as TV technology has advanced, I’m much more keen on watching at home as, like you mentioned, it feels more and more like you’re actually there!

    1. Author

      Hi Tucker, thanks for commenting on our site http://www.4kadvice.com.  Yes, you are correct that with 4KUltra HD TV displays the picture image makes it seem like you are right there on the scene.  Especially if you watch native, REAL 4k content.  Or 4K broadcasts.

      The Olympics were broadcast in 4K for the first time ever recently.  Of course you needed to have a 4K TV with HDR (which they all have HDR nowadays standard), and you needed Dish Networks 4K Joey Receiver.  Of which I already had both.  So, I tuned to channel 540 which was their designated 4K broadcast.  The broadcast was delayed by 24 hours, so it was not live, however it was in AMAZING, crisp 4K color and design and it was totally, totally awesome.

      The snowboarding (Ive been a Rider since 1992, so I tuned in to every snowboard event) blew my mind how real and true-to-life the picture looked.  You could see detail on their bodies and faces that you never usually get to see on Television.  I could see snowflakes stuck to their boards and snow flakes falling.  SO much detail it was like I was standing 10 feet from them live in person.  No joke.

      Its been slow going for 4K broadcasting, however The History Channel has been doing it for over a year now with certain series.  Of course Netflix and Amazon Video both have over 150 4K movies and TV shows.

      Its well worth buying a 4K HDR TV now since prices are the same as the price for a new 1080 HD TV.  It makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD TV.  4K is replacing 1080 HD (2K) just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition back around year 2000.

      Hope these other articles are helpful, THANKS and PLEASE share our site to reach others.–Matt B.



      ULTRA HD 4K TV 

  4. Hey there, great post!

    I knew that 4k tv has even better quality picture and more pixel density (I think) than the LED’s etc, although I am wondering if there IS actually a big, visual difference between the HD LEDs and 4k tv and if other aspects of the 4Ks are a better TV overall..

    1. Author

      Hi Anne,

      These are great questions that you ask.  Thanks for the visit and sharing our posts.with your friends.  There is a HUGE difference between HD LED and 4K Ultra HD TVs.  Especially if you watch a real native 4K film.  Native 4K means that producers used the latest 4K resolution cameras to film something versus HD cameras.

      The picture image on a 4K UHD TV with HDR- having to do with colors…will be the most amazing picture you have ever seen in your life.  Far more real looking and true-to -life looking than any HD LED.

      4K TVS actually use a combination of LED AND LCD to create the highest resolution picture in the world.  You have to see it for yourself to believe it.  But again, avoid any “4K UPSCALED.OR UPCONVERTED” film and be sure to watch a REAL, NATIVE 4K film.  You can search for them online to verify.   I have a post that talks about REAL versus FAKE OR UPSCALED films I will link for you below.  

      Thanks for the visit,  Matty B.


  5. I always wanted to buy a 60 inch 4K tv for my living room . My personal favorite is the LG curved one. These TVs usually go for a lot of money . But boy those graphics are to die for. Whether your watching a movie on Netflix or a Football game it’s truly jaw dropping. I have to get one asap

    1. Author

      You would be surprised if you checked prices today on a 60 inch LG curved 4K UHD TV WOTH HDR.

      You should click 9n one of our Amazon Ads on right side of this site http://www.4kadvice.com and go shopping at Amazon.  At least go and search for prices on LG TVs.  Prices have dropped super.low and now they are affordable. Thanks and please share our posts,  Matt B.

  6. I found this review very helpful.
    My son and daughter both work at a sports bar. My son won a TV from work because they were replacing all their TV’s. I believe it was a 4k smart TV because it has many of the features you spoke of.
    My son loves his video games even more now.

    1. Author

      I bet your son LOVES his new 4K TV!!  Everyone who gets one just loves it.  A 4K TV with HDR referring to amazing colors gives us the greatest, most amazing picture image that any of us has ever seen in our lives.  The.picture is so crisp, Real looking and true-to-life that it is like you are there live on scene of set.  As long as you watch a native, Real 4K made film.

      I game in my Sony 4K TV and it blows my mind how high quality the graphics and images are.  Thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and please share our posts.  Kind Regards, Matt B.

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