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Let’s just say that HDR is extremely important when it comes to your 4K Television delivering the absolute best picture image possible.  HDR- High Dynamic Range is what allows the screen to display colors.  HDR works hand-in-hand with the 4K Ultra HD resolution.

In the past, without HDR…the colors were limited to the white ↔ black color gamut.  This limited how ‘real’ and true-to-life the picture could be.  When you use your video recorder or camera to record an event you want to replay it back and have it look as real and genuine as possible.  You want to re-watch the event as it happened.  You want the video to look like the real thing.  This means that the color on your video must perfectly match the colors of or in the real event that you recorded.  Before now, the video recorder was limited as to matching the color of the real event. 

Now, with HDR, we can match the exact colors that the recorder captures.  This is especially true of filming movies and TV shows.  Nowadays, producers are using 4K resolution cameras to make movies.  These cameras are suppose to capture the filmed event exactly how it appears in real life.  With HDR, this is now possible.

When shopping for a new 4K UHD TV, you want to make sure it has the HDR feature.  It most likely will, because TV makers have made HDR a requirement in specifications while manufacturing Televisions.  However, some TVs being sold today might not contain HDR.  Eventually, all 4K TVs on the market will offer HDR.

Without HDR, the picture image of an Ultra HD 4K TV is still stunning & amazing.  As a matter of fact, we bought our first Sony 4K UHD SMART TV on Amazon.com back in 2014.  It does NOT contain HDR unfortunately since High Dynamic Range- Color was not yet invented.  However, we are still shocked every time we watch a real 4K-made movies or show.

The picture image looks so true-to-life, so real…that it is hard to believe what you are watching.  Its like you are there on the scene.  Or, it is like you are looking through a window at a real live scene in person.  What you see on a 4K display is near what you would see with your bare naked eyeballs in person.

We say ‘near‘ because if it does not have HDR capability then it wont quite be as real looking as it would be with HDR.  Still incredible to watch though and much, much better than what you see on a 1080 HD TV. 

Many Smart Phones now contain the HDR feature.  You can turn it on or off.  You can also choose the ‘auto’ option.  This means that your phone camera will automatically choose if it uses HDR based on certain requirements built into the phone settings.  We recommend turning HDR- ON and leaving it on.

This will make all of your picture and videos look the best they can possibly look.  The colors will be impeccable.  The image will appear so real compared to the scene you were trying to capture.

To make it clear, High Dynamic Range is essential in making the picture image on a 4K TV look the best that it could possibly look.  When you see the image and you see how real it looks to life…you will know that HDR is involved.  The color are vivid and vibrant.  They pop-out from the image as if you are looking through a window at a rea live scene.

When shopping for a new 4K UHD TV, make sure it contains HDR.  It is important enough to make it part of your required criteria when shopping.

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  1. My TV SONY 4K UHD 65-inch does NOT have HDR. We got it off Amazon and saved a lot of money, but this was before HDR came out. We bought ours in 2014 when 4K was new tech. I wish our TV had HDR, but we will get it when we upgrade.

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