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Which Item Will Be Purchased The Most?

Yep, you guess it correctly!  4K TVs are going to explode this Christmas season with more purchases than any year prior.  Whether it be someone purchasing a 4K Ultra HD TV for themselves or buying it as a nice gift for someone else…..these ‘newer’ 4K TVs will be the number 1 product this year.

It is predicted that consumers will buy 4K TVs at a rate never seen before.  4K TVs are not so new.  They first hit shelves in late 2013 & 2014.  But, they were expensive and there was not much 4K content to watch.  It was hard to justify a 4K TV purchase at that time.

However, things have changed drastically.  Today, the prices are way down and nearly equal to how much a new 1080 HD TV cost.  Plus, there is plenty of 4K movies and TV shows to watch.

The timing is right!  4K TV prices are way down compared to what they were 4 years ago as mentioned above.  This means that is would be ignorant for someone to buy another 1080 HD TV when they could purchase a brand new 4K Ultra HD TV for the same price. 

That would be like someone buying a 1990 Ferrari when they could be buying a 2017 Ferrari for the exact same price.

4K TV Sale

It would make no sense.

Therefore, if someone does this, it is because they simply are not aware of 4K, nor do they know anything about 4K Televisions.

This is exactly why we created this site  To educate people about 4K so that they can make informed purchase decisions when the time comes for them to upgrade their Televisions.

This is where you can help your friends & family avoid a costly, stupid mistake.

Share our Posts and Site with the people you know so that you can look like you are super smart and ‘in the know’.  You can help teach them about 4K and they will thank you every time they sit down and watch a stunning movie on their new 4K UHD TV.

Better yet, show off your new 4K TV over the holidays and we guarantee you that your friends will want one.  They will want to know where you bought your 4K TV so they can buy one too.  Please direct them to our site if this occurs and we will help educate them as well.

4K TV Sale

The picture image alone will ‘blow their minds’.  Not to mention the streaming ability and online connection that ALL 4K TV contain.  Furthermore, HDR will make their jaws drop because of how real and true to life the picture and colors are no matter what they are watching  on an  Ultra HD TV.

HDRHigh Dynamic Range refers to the color spectrum within a TVs resolution.  HDR first came out just recently in 2015-2016.  Now, 100% of 4K TVs contain HDR because that is a required specification for television manufacturers. 

Prior to HDR, TVs were limited as to how many colors they could produce.  With HDR, there is no limit to color.

A producer can capture an event on camera and reproduce the colors on film to precisely match whatever colors they captured in real life.  HDR provides the most accurate and vibrant colors that could exist. 

HDR combined with 4K resolution is exactly what makes the picture image look so real and true to life.

Don’t Buy Another 1080 HD TV

Do not let your friends buy another 1080 HD TV.  HD- High Definition is being replaced by UHD- Ultra High Definition.  Just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition, So is Ultra HD (4K) replacing HD after 17 years.

4K TV Sale

Its about time!  Although HD is awesome and many people thought we would never see anything better than HD.  This is because when HD first came out, it was so much better than SD, that it has shocked consumers for the past 15+ years. 

HD was a huge jump forward when being compared to Standard Definition.

Remember those ugly, big, heavy Tube Box TVs?  They existed prior to HD Flat Panel TVs which came out in year 2000.  The hideous tube boxes required 3 grown men to move a larger one.  The picture was blurry and just plain crappy. 

But, this is all we had for many decades.

4K TV Sale


When 2000 came around and High Definition Flat Panel Televisions first hit shelves, they were expensive.  However, it did not matter.  People love their TV watching time. 

To be able to hang an HD TV on your wall or above your fire place was a major, major advantage of HD.  Not to mention the picture image itself, was like nothing we had ever seen before.

HD was so crisp and clear…that it boggled people’s  minds how good it looked, especially when compared to SD.  Because this advancement was so large….and so satisfying…it has lasted more than 17 years. 

No one thought we would see anything better and many people still think this way  (who are not educated).

Technology never ceases to amaze us.  Sony was first to pioneer this 4K technology.  They figured out how to squeeze FOUR more tiny little pixels into the size of what would be equal to ONE pixel within a 1080 HD screen.  This is what makes it “4K Resolution“.

4K TVs literally contain FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD TV contains.  And, it makes a HUMUNGO difference when watching.

4K Equals FOUR Times As Many Pixels

You really have to see it for yourself.  It is difficult to explain just how awesome & stunning a 4K resolution picture screen is.  Go to your local electronics store and request a 4K demo. 

Make sure the film that you watch is a real, native 4K film where they used 4K resolution cameras to make it.  Do not just watch an UPSCALED version of 4K  (more to come on this).


4K TV Sale


Everyone owns at least one 1080 HD TV and many own more than two.  Now is the time to start replacing all of your HD TVs with Ultra HD TVs (4K).  Especially since prices are the same. 


Plus, there is plenty of 4K content to watch all year long.  More and more 4K content is being released every month.  More and more HD films are being UPSCALED to “4K”.  And, more and more new films are being mastered using 4K resolution camera systems. 

This is what makes the film the best of the best in 4K. 

It all comes down to what kind of camera was used to produce the movie or TV show.  If producers use 4K resolution cameras, which are the highest to date, then a real, native 4K film is created.  These look the ultimate best on your 4K TV.

Whereas, if they use 2K (1080) resolution cameras like they have been doing for the past 17 years, then they are limited to only being able to UPSCALE the film and label it “4K”. 

Upscaling means that they digitally enhance the HD film to fill all of the extra pixels found in a 4K resolution TV screen.

Upscaled or Upconverted (these mean the same) films do look better than 1080 HD on your 4K TV, however they do NOT look as good as a real, native-born 4K films created with 4K resolution cameras.

real or fake 4K uhd content

There is REAL 4K and there is FAKE 4K.  The latter refers to the upscaled films and the REAL 4K refer to all those mastered using 4K cameras.


The link above will take you to a Post that further explains real or fake 4K.  We also give you access to a helpful database which verifies the type of movie or TV show each one is.

We want you to know this before you choose your next film to watch so that you never get disappointed in your new 4K TV.  You will know exactly what you are viewing.



Where To Buy 4K

Now that you know about 4K Ultra HD TVs, HDR and if a film is REAL or FAKE 4K….it is time for your to consider upgrading  your Television.

Most of what is being advertised this sale season is 4K TVs.  You will NOT see too many 1080 HD TVs marketed.  You can still buy one, but we highly suggest that you do not.

Everything is moving toward 4K and soon everyone will own 4K Televisions.  Not just TVs, but any device that has a display screen has the potential to be upgraded to 4K. 

This includes laptops, PCs, Gaming Consoles, Cameras, Video Recorders, Smart Phones, Drones, Virtual Reality Headsets and more.


4K UHD movies


Search our site to find more articles about all the other devices, aside from 4K TVs, that are benefiting from this newer 4K resolution technology.

For example, my Samsung Smart phone (Galaxy S8+) has a 4K option for the screen and the camera.  It takes the most amazing pictures and videos.  When we play them back on our 4K UHD Sony TV…they look incredible!

Do not make the mistake of buying your first 4K UHD TV in the store.  We recommend that you watch a 4K demo and research these televisions in the store, but make your actual purchase online (AMAZON).

By doing this, you will save hundreds of dollars and avoid any annoying sales people who are trying to sell you everything you do not want or need.  4K TV Sale

We did this and saved $390 several years ago.  We bought our first Sony 4K 65-inch TV on Amazon and it was safely delivered within 2 days to our front door. 

Actually, we asked the shipper to bring it into our family room because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift.  They did so and it was beyond convenient.

Today, if you buy a 4K TV on Amazon some even offer FREE installation.  Otherwise, it might cost, but you can always add a request for in-home installation of your new 4K TV.  Something to consider.

Since then, we have purchased several other 4K UHD TVs on Amazon and this was the best decision.  You can read honest and real reviews on Amazon from other customers who may have bought the same exact item that you are interested in. 

This is valuable information in your decision-making process.


Do not be the last to upgrade to a 4K TV.  Start enjoying it now with your friends and family.  Being making new memories.  It is more fun to watch a 4K movie than ever before.  You can see so many details that you could not see on a 1080 HD TV.

4K TVs give us the best picture image this world has ever known.  They are NOT going away.  4K is here to stay for at least another 20 years just like HD has lasted more than 17 years now.

Add in HDR and you will never want to stop watching your news 4K TV!


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  1. You guessed right! 4K TVs are all the talk this Christmas season! Go and Buy one ASAP! Impress your friends like we did. They will be shocked that you have one!

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