This site is dedicated to all things 4K.  As technology progresses with TV and content (movies and TV shows), we are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date and detailed reviews about the 4K industry as a whole. If the world progresses up to 8K, we will progress with it and bring you along with us.  We are striving to be the number 1 (Go-To) Site/blog for all your needed information regarding 4K.

Our site covers reviews on 4K TVs, Cameras, Receivers, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Content, 4K Blu-Ray and more.  We absolutely love 4K and after you spend a short time on our site, you will too.

For many people, watching TV and Movies is relaxing and constitutes a stress-relieving activity.  We highly recommend that you get up to date information and lessons from our “4K School“.  We cover the basics of 4K including the technology behind it.  Beyond that, we offer detailed & honest reviews on all 4K equipment and content.  Once you are educated, we provide you easy access to make purchases right here on our site via convenient links to the best retailers and discount prices that exist each day.

Stay updated on all things 4K.  People of all ages will find interesting articles and Posts that will help educate you if you are entering the world of 4K.  If you are new to 4K , we have you covered.  If you are an experienced 4K-er, then save time by trusting our valuable reviews on existing and new products.

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My name is Matt Bronowicz and I am a 4K enthusiast.  I absolutely LOVE technology especially when it comes to Television, Recorders and Digital equipment.  Even more than the equipment, I love watching TV and movies.  This is how I de-stress day to day.  I am an avid native 4K content ‘hunter’.  This means that every day I am searching for new movies and TV shows that were mastered in 4K (native) and put up for streaming or sale.  I bought my first 4K TV about 2 years ago (2014) when they first came out.  I call myself ‘stupid’ for paying that high of a price for a brand new 4K TV when the technology was new at the time.  I know, that was dumb, but I do not regret it for a minute.  I fell in love with watching TV in 4K the first time I laid eyes on it.  Once you go 4K, there is no going back!  After watching TV in 4K its actually ‘painful’ to watch 1080HD movies.  That is how much 4K differs from anything inferior to it.  

The reason I created this site 4KADVICE.COM was because back in 2013 and 2014 I became extremely interested in 4K technology and how it related to television.  I could not believe that the picture quality on a 1080HD TV could be any better than it was.  I though 1080HD was the best picture possible.  We all thought that after switching over from standard definition (SD).  But, this was not the case.  I watched a native 4K movie on a display at a local electronics store and my mind was blown!  I could not believe how crisp and clear the image was.  I wanted a 4K TV right there and then.  I began to do research about 4K before I could make a purchase.  The problem was that I could not find any information about it online.  It was very frustrating, but at the time,…there just wasn’t much information or details about 4K on line anywhere.  So, I decided to end that.  I wanted to help people who were just like I was back in 2014.  I wanted to give people accurate and quality information about all things 4K.  I wanted to be able to educate people so they could make informed purchase decisions when it came to this new 4K technology with Televisions, cameras, video recorders.  Therefore, this is exactly what I did and www.4KADVICE.COM was born.  To this day, I use my spare time to manage this site and keep it updated.  I provide an education about 4K as well as reviews on the best products.  Even better, I provide the best deals and prices so that consumers do not have to waste their time researching on their own.  We do all the homework for you!  4K Ultra HD Tvs

Just recently a family member of mine purchased a non 4K TV  (it was a 1080HD TV) and I asked her why.  She said that there was not enough 4K content to justify buying a 4K Tv.  I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE.  Sure, 2-3 years ago there was much less 4K content out there.  But, today there is plenty of 4K content to keep anyone watching TV all  year long.  And, daily there is more native 4K content released via 4K streaming, 4K programming, 4K receivers and 4k Blu-ray discs.

It is more complicated than how I am explaining it above.  Therefore, we encourage you to surf around our site and view all Pages/Post to learn more.  In Summary, you should NOT hesitate to purchase a 4K TV today.  The prices have dropped substantially.  They are now affordable for most consumers.  With that said, there is plenty of 4K content.  Because of how much better 4K TV is to watch than SD- standard definition or 1080HD…it is well worth making the change.  There is also what we call ‘in-between’.  This means that most 4K Tvs are able to “upscale” a.k.a. “Upconverting” regular 1080 programming and movies up closer to the 4K level.  Upscaling will not give you full 4K resolution (only native 4K content does this, Or 4K mastered films), but the image will be somewhere in-between.  All in all, it is still better than 1080 HD.  With upscaling, your picture might improve to more like 2080 or 3010 pixels depending on your specific TV.  We educate you about all of this within our site, so enjoy!

–Matt Bronowicz



   Founded in 2014






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  2. Great site and very educational. Thanks for sharing your tips and information with the world!
    Continued success.

    1. Glad to hear that a specific Article of ours has helped you. Our goal is to educate people about 4K technology in order that they make the right purchase decision when they go to upgrade their Television.

      NO ONE should be buying another 1080 HD TV right now when a 4K Ultra HD TV is available for the same price as 1080 HD.

      Thanks for your comment and please come visit us again and use our Amazon links to go and do all of your normal shopping. Please share our site http://www.4kadvice.com so that we can reach more people as well. Kind Regards, Matt B.

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