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Surprise Your Friends With A New 4K TV


Remember these good ole days when everyone would gather around and watch CHIPS PATROL or The Dukes of Hazzard?  Televisions looked just about like the one above.  “Tubes” they would be called for generations.  Televisions are not very old to begin with.  Perhaps, early in the 1900 century is when they were first invented.  Thinking back, I remember TV shows like The Wild Wild West, Incredible Hulk, The A-Team and TJ Hooker.  These were mostly in the 80’s.  I cannot vouch for TV shows prior to the 1980’s, but perhaps someone would like to comment on this?

Things have changed…that’s for sure.  When we all switched over from Standard Definition (SD- Analog) to High Definition (HD) it was a wonderful upgrade.  The picture image was amazing to watch even if on a 720 HDTV.  We then got to experience full 1080p HDTV and that was even better.  Most people could not imagine the picture image quality being much better than 1080p HD.  We, being included in this thought…figured that 1080p HD was the best our TV watching experience was going to get.

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Then, technology brought us SMART televisions which was a feature add-on to 1080 High Definition TVs.  A welcomed addition to TV watching for sure!  To be able to open an application via the TV display with our remote was just fantastic.  For example, when Netflix came about…I though I had died and gone to Heaven.  With a few clicks, I could choose a movie or TV show out of thousands and stream it right on my television.  It only got better from there with many other TV applications being available.



After you buy a 4K UHD TV, of which are very affordable now,…you can blow your friends away by showing off a Real 4K movie.  A film that has been mastered or filmed using 4K cameras is like nothing else!   When you watch this with your friends, their jaws will drop and EVERYONE will want one.  You can be the ‘talk of the neighborhood’ and impress the heck out of just about anyone that watches your new 4K TV.

Everyone Wants 4K   ⇒ ⇒ { Learn why everyone wants a new 4K UHD television }

With plenty of 4K content to watch nowadays, what are you waiting for?  Prices have been slashed in HALF since 2014.  Prices in general will not get much lower than they currently are.  Sure, you can wait for special pricing here or there,…or an end of the year sale…But, you are missing out on being able to watch the best, MOST REAL TV picture image that exists today.

You can research and purchase right here on our site at 4Kadvice.com  Thats what we are here for. We want to help you make informed purchase decisions.  Not at all times, can you obtain enough information and data to help in your decision making process.  But, we have eliminated this potential problem for you.  We are providing you top-notch honest and detailed reviews about all kinds of 4K equipment including televisions.

We Recommend Amazon

Amazon.com is our Go-To online merchant.  In todays time, more than ever…consumer are making purchases online.  Consumers are even buying larger,  higher valued items like (televisions) online for several legitimate reasons:  Because of this, we recommend Amazon.com.  We purchased our 4K UHD SONY 65-inch television along with a Blu-Ray Player and 4K Media Player on Amazon.


So, are you still thinking about upgrading to a new 4K UHD TV?  Are you convinced yet that it will be worth your while?  You can create wonderful memories with your friends & families by introducing this newest television technology to them.  Impress them with a picture image that will blow their minds!  Show them that watching any TV show or movie is very different when you watch through a 4K UHD display.  Everything on the screen looks so real.  It as if you are right there live on the scene of the set.  Its like the actors are in your family room, Or you are looking through a window at the real scene.  The details on peoples faces, the sharpness and clarity are so amazing, that its hard to believe what you are watching is only an electronic display screen with colors and light.  It just about as good as your real human eyes.

Start Enjoying 4K television right now.  Shop on Amazon.com

You can enter the 4K UHD TV world by purchasing this mid-sized, 43-inch LG Electronics 43UH6100 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)  for UNDER $500!

This is just ONE of many incredible deals happening on Amazon right now.  Merchants are trying to get rid of their 2016 stockpile of 4K UHD televisions.  Therefore, they have DROPPED prices significantly!  There is nothing wrong with a 2016 model.  Nothing whatsoever.  We encourage you to take advantage of this and see for yourself just how good 4K TV watching really is.



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  1. We actually did this! Not on purpose, but we indeed impressed and blew away about 20 people one day. We were hosting a party and kids including people seemed to get bored. I had the bright idea of showing off our new 4K uhd SONY TV. It is huge at 65 inches which usually impress people. But, we handed it 3D glasses and out on Shrek. It was in 4K and 3D and it blew EVERYONE away. Kids and adults sat there amazed at how real, how clear, how crisp our picture image was. All the Dads asked where I got it and what it was. I told them the truth…that we bought on AMAZON.COM because we shopped and they had the best prices. We also liked the convenience factor. I have a bad shoulder and cannot be lifting anything. Even though this 65 inch Sony 4K UHD HDR TV was not very heavy, we didn’t want to risk it. Amazon had guaranteed shipping and reviews stated 100% that they were reliable and never any shipping problems. We trusted Amazon and everything worked out perfectly fine. The shippers even brought tv inside and put on our TV stand for us.

    Prices at this time were higher. This was 2 years ago in 2014 near the beginning of this 4K tech first coming out. So, we knew we were paying a premium for this new tech, but it was worth it. We have enjoyed 4k content ever since. Today, there is PLENTY of 4K content to watch. And, today…prices are way down. They are at least HALF the price today that they were 2 years ago in 2014. We could have waited, but then we would not have enjoyed it over past 2 years.
    I would recommend NOT waiting and buy a 4K tv today…ASAP.
    Plenty of 4K content, reliable fast and free shipping through AMAZON.COM, free shipping, and the lowest prices when compared to other online merchants. We didnt have to lift a finger and it was delivered right to our family room. It was set up and calibrated within an hour and then our.very first 4k movie was on! It was incredible to watch. Looks so real that it’s hard to believe what you are seeing. It’s like you are there, or looking through a window at a real seen. -MB

  2. I love to show off my 4K Samsung TV. Ever since I got it my friends have made my house the main hangout. I don’t mind, but they never leave!
    They keep saying that they can’t watch TV anywhere else after watching on my 4K television because all else looks terrible.
    4K picture images are awesome. They look so real and that makes it fun to watch. The series Breaking Bad which is 4K uhd is on Netflix and the resolution is super cool. Fun to watch.

  3. Yeah, if I were to buy a 4k tv, I would totally be off of Amazon. I just trust them a lot, you know? Honestly, 4K sounds really cool! I know, I know, I’m that weird girl that doesn’t keep up with any kind of technology. I still watch my VHS tapes of Betty Davis… Hey she’s fabulous! But this actually sounds really cool! I remembered watching movies as a kid in the 90’s and thinking it can’t look anymore realistic. Now they have CGI and 4K tvs! Odd
    Have a lovely day!
    Ms. Madelaine

    1. Author

      Hi Madelaine! Thanks for commenting and sharing our Post on Facebook. We hope to reach other people and let them know how cool 4K TVs are along with 4K -made movies and TV shows. They are just so awesome to watch because the picture image looks so real! You can see fine details and its so clear as if the actors are right in your family room. True-to-lie images are what 4K Tvs provide. They are 4 times better overall resolution than a 1080 HD TV which is what most of us have been watching for past 10 years.

      Yes, Amazon really is the best place to buy a 4K ULTRA HD TV. That is where we bought our first SONY 4K back in 2014. They guarantee their shipping and its fast and reliable. Not to mention they have the best selection of 4K and the lowest prices online. You can buy a mid-size 4K TV for about $600 right now. So, they are reasonable and prices have dropped down to a level that is normal for consumers now.

      You should request a demo next time you are near an electronics store. See what 4K looks like for yourself and it will blow your mind how real it looks. Watching a Betty David enhanced upscaled version on a 4K TV would be totally amazing! Please come back to our site when you ever plan to buy a 4K TV or anything for that matter and use our Amazon link to take you over to Amazon. That would help support us. Take Care, Matt

  4. I have a 4K TV and it is great! Excellent quality! A better investment than spending money in the movie theatres. I bought mine from Best Buy, wished I would’ve bought it from amazon. I just never have a good feeling when buying something big like a TV online. Does amazon still provide warranty?

    1. Author

      Hi Benjamin! So, you know full well how awesome 4K TVs are! You are in the minority like I am having owned a 4K Ultra HD TV already. Only 10% of households own 4K. However, most consumers are upgrading to 4K because why would you buy another 1080 HD when we now have the incredible 4K TVs. They are 4 times better overall resolution than a 1080 HD TV if you watch a real or native 4K movie or TV show.

      We have an awesome Post about REAL and FAKE 4K CONTENT that might interest you. This Post basically verified all recent movies and whether they were filmed using 2K cameras and then digitally enhanced to be called “4K” or 4K cameras which means they were filmed using 4K camera systems and they are REAL or Native 4K. The latter being the absolute best to watch.

      Also, do you have a Blu Ray Player? I recently learned that out of all 4K content to watch on our Sony 4K 65 inch is a 4K UHD Blu-Ray movie using our 4K Blu-ray player that we just bought for about $119. They are reasonably priced to buy a 4K player, but you have to have one in order to watch any 4K UHD Blu-ray movie. And, out of all 4K content, 4K UHD Blu-rays are the top, top best. Have you ever seen one. They are amazing the picture image! Totally insane awesome to watch a 4K Blu-ray. Much better than a streamed Upscaled or upconverted 4K movie. Here are some other Posts that you might like from our site at http://www.4KADVICE.COM,

      Please SHARE our Post on Facebook so that we can help educate others about 4K and you can show off your 4K TV and tell people how awesome it is. Thank you again for commenting, Matt





    2. Hey Ben, I forgot to answer one of your questions about Amazon. We bought our first 4K TV on Amazon in 2014 and we have no regrets. We had no problems and it was very convenient to have it delivered right to our family room. As you know, Amazon has the largest selection of 4K and the best prices overall. But, no worry…all that matters is that you own a 4K Ultra HD TV now and can enjoy it and show it off to friends by impressing them with how incredible the picture images are.
      BTW – YES Amazon offers a guarantee and shipping warranty on all 4K ULTRA HD TVS. Amazon is the most reliable shipper of fragile products on line and they offer fast free 2 day shipping. Very convenient and they saved us money. Perhaps you will consider buying a 4K Blu-ray player on Amazon and using our link to get you there from one of our Posts (if you don’t already own a 4K Blu-ray player, this would be the best investment you could make into your 4K TV).

  5. What a great share Matty!
    At my house, we LOVE movies. Not a day goes by without watching one or two.

    For awhile now, I needed a new TV. I have been having issues with my speaker box and finally it blew. After reading your post, I definitely know what I want out of a television. I’m going to look more into a 4K now!

    1. Author

      Hi Jorda, Glad to hear that you love watching movies and TV shows. We do as well! This is our way to relax and de-stress from the day. With this said, it makes a lot more sense to us to be able to watch the highest, absolute best resolution and picture image that is available today…..this happens to be the newer 4K Ultra HD TVs. Prices have dropped BIGTIME and now is a good time to upgrade to 4K. Prices are about the same as any 1080 HD TV. You can buy a mid size 49 inch 4K TV on AMAZON for about $489 right now. For as good as the picture image is and how totally real it looks while watching it…its well worth the upgrade. There is plenty of 4K content to watch today as well and more and more is released daily.

      As a matter of fact, many movies being produced today are being filmed with 4K cameras. This is what gives you the best Real and Native 4K images on a 4K TV.

      Please read more about 4K on our site at http://www.4kadvice.com

      Come back to our site and please click on our many Amazon links to take you to Amazon where you can shop and compare various 4K Ultra HD Tvs. Amazon does have the best prices and largest selection. They guarantee shipping and its fast right to your door. This is what we did when we bought our first Sony 4K TV. We bought it from Amazon. Use our convenient links if you wish. Thanks for your comments and support. – Matt B.

      By the way, below are some other helpful Posts about 4K that might interest you.




      WHAT IS 4K UHD?

  6. Amazon seems to be a great place to buy 4K but what about guarantee service? For instance, if something is wrong with the television, what about guarantee service? Is it possible and what way does it happen? And one additional question – can the phone screen be shared to this TV?

    1. Author

      Hello Arta, Thank you very much for commenting on our Post and taking the time to read it. Yes, Amazon is the best online merchant to buy 4K electronics from including 4K Ultra HD TVs. They have the greatest selection, at the lowest prices. They have also mastered shipping fragile products like televisions complete with a guarantee. Their shipping is FAST too and they bring it right to your door or even your family room like they did for us. We bought our first SONY 4K from Amazon and got the best deal saving about $300.

      The manufacturers themselves have product warranties, but Amazon also has shipping guarantee in case of damage. Many consumers are now buying TVs on Amazon because of the savings and fast shipping.

      Great question, and yes you can screen mirror your smart phone on any 4K Ultra HD TV. These TVs have many more features than the older 100 HD Tv. 4K TVs also do what is called UPSCALING, which means that they automatically enhance the picture image to a much higher quality for any 720 or 1080 HD film being played on it. Its not full 4K quality but it makes watching anything on your TV look much better and higher resolution. Then, of course the real ‘magic’ happens when you watch a real, native 4K mastered movie or TV show. They are producing more and more of these every day.

      There is plenty of 4K content to watch on a 4K TV today. This wasn’t always the case, but today….there are no complaints about there not being enough 4K -made movies and TV shows. Please share our Post and site on Facebook so that we can reach out to other people who are not familiar with 4K and help them make informed purchase decisions. Go to http://www.4kadvice.com to share. Thank you Kindly, – Matt B.

      Here are some other great Posts that you might be interested in.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  7. Hi Matty, and thank you for sharing this information. I got my TV about 4 years ago and since then I stop reading about the newest models and technologies. Now days everyone is speaking about 4K and I was wondering what all this noise is about. Thanks for your post now I got it! Start thinking for replace my TV with 4K one. Sounds really amazing!

    1. Author

      It really is amazing what a 4K Ultra HD TV looks like while watching. The picture image is amazingly stunning and so real and true-to-life. Its almost hard to believe. It makes watching movies and shows way more exciting and interesting because there is so much detail. You are not just looking at a plain old beach seen or mountain views inside a movie….with 4K Ultra HD TV now you are able to see the blades of grass up close, or the grains of sand on the beach. You can see the water droplets of a water fall coming down. You can see wrinkles on a face and the pores of an actors face up close because of the detail 4K provides.

      All 4K means is that its 4 times higher resolution overall than a 1080 HD TV which is probably what you have since most of us have owned a 1080 HD over past decade. The resolution is actually 4 times the pixels and resolution than 1080. It all depends on if they filmed the movie or show using 2K cameras (which give you 1080 HD) or 4K cameras (which now give you 4K images). There is a major difference. Also, its worth upgrading to a 4K Ultra HD TV because all of them do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING. This means it automatically takes every 720 or 1080 Hd show or movie that is playing on your 4K and enhances the resolution. It can do this because it is using up all those extra pixels that 4K contains. Check out some of my other posts about this and upgrading to 4K. Please consider using Amazon to buy your 4K TV like we did. We have Amazon links in our Posts to help you find your way to Amazon 4K purchase screens. Thanks for commenting and I wish you well. – Matt


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  8. I’m actually in the market for a new tv as I just recently got rid of my old one. I definitely want a smart tv because I think that gone are the days of needing cable, and I also enjoy streaming movies and shows.
    I didn’t really know that much about the 4K tv’s. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes technology with electronics. It seems like as soon as something great comes out, a few months later something even better comes along and trumps it.
    What type of 4K TV would you recommend for someone who doesn’t want a lot of TV, but likes to stream movies?

    1. Author

      Hi Nicki! Thanks for commenting. You for sure want a SMART TV. Most TVs today are SMART. You also want a 4K Ultra HD TV. I would NOT recommend upgrading to another 1080 HD TV. 4K is here to stay. Soon, most movies and TV shows will be filmed using 4K camera systems which means you have to have a 4K TV to benefit from them most. If not, your TV max resolution will limit what you see. There are plenty of 4K content that exists right now to keep us busy all year long. I LOVE streaming 4K movies on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. YouTube also has tons of 4K content to watch including 4K 3D which totally rocks your mind when you watch it. It looks so real.

      If I were you, I would look at buying a SONY 4K Ultra HD SMART TV. Prices are way down for 4K now compared to 2-3 years ago when it first came out. Prices are at normal consumer levels now, so I don’t think they are coming down much further other than special sales on Amazon, etc. I would recommend Amazon also. We bought our first 4K on Amazon and it was a SONY 4K SMART 65 inch. Today, this TV goes for about $1,400 on Amazon. SONY pioneered 4K technology so that is why we went with SONY. But, you can choose from other 4K TVs that are just as good like LG and Samsung.

      Your best bet is to get a mid-sized 4K Smart TV like 42 or 49 inch for about $500 on Amazon give or take. Below are some great links we have on http://www.4Kadvice.com that talk about exactly what you asked….the best TVs to buy in 4K. Hope this helps. Please share our Post on facebook so that we can reach other people.- Matt




      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)


  9. After reading this I think I’m going to go with a 4k TV. They seem like the best quality TV out there. I think a lot more streaming providers are going that way as well.

    Thanks for the great article and helping get me make my decision. You really explained it well.

    1. Author

      Gareth, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this Post and our site at http://www.4kadvice.com. Please consider sharing our Post and site on Facebook so that we can reach more people and educate them about 4K before they go and upgrade their television. 4K is taking over the TV market and soon that is all that consumers will own after replacing their 1080 flat panel HD TVs.

      This 4K Ultra HD TV technology is as big of an advancement as was HD TVs (720 and 1080 HD) to the older standard definition analog TVs that we all owned for many decades. After going to HD TVs from SD,..who would have ever thought that we would see a picture image quality better than that!? I didn’t! 1080 HD was an amazing sharp and clear image that was incredible to watch. It changed TV watching and made it more fun and exciting than the older, HUGE, heavy and blurry SD analog TVs.

      But, but, but…technology always surprises us what man is capable of inventing and improving upon. We have enjoyed 1080 HD Flat panels for over a decade since they came out. However, we have just as big of an upgrade to TV tech as HD was. 4K tech will be with us for at least another decade if not more because it might just be about as good as resolution that we can handle with the human eye. 8K TVs do exist now as you probably know, but only at the commercial level. 8K will probably never become cheap enough to manufacture at the consumer level. The parts and tech are just way too costly to make it affordable for a residential TV. They are instead used for satellite images, medical purposes like MRI and Xray scans so that the 8K resolution can be zoomed in on and analyzed. Consumer Tv watching never has a need to zoom in closer and benefit from the billions of pixels like 8K contains. It just does not make sense.

      With that said, 4K is the way to go. Right now, most of what is sold online and in brick and mortar shops are 4K UHD Televisions. These are what everyone is upgrading to because very soon within a few years…most movies and TV shows will be mastered using 4K camera systems. Many producers are already filming in 4K. This is what gives us Real or Native 4K content when 4K cameras are used as opposed to 2K cameras which is what has been used for past 15-20 years. However, there is a difference between REAL 4K movies and shows and “FAKE”. (Not really called fake, but…)

      What happens is that movie producers will take a 2-K made movie and digitally enhance it and then call it 4K. This isn’t true 4K content, however the picture image is much better than its original form. For example, a 2K made movie can be UPSCALED or UPCONVERTED (these mean the same thing) and then be labeled 4K to attract consumers. By doing your homework, though you can know that its not true 4k. The picture quality image will NOT be a full Ultra HD 4K image. Its not using all 4000 pixel resolution like it would be if the movie was filmed or mastered with 4K cameras. We have a sister site that lists all movies and shows and whether they were filmed using 2K camera or 4K so we can know the difference between REAL or FAKE 4K.

      As I mentioned even the FAKE 4k movies are still a lot better picture image than any 720 or 1080 HD movie. But, not as good as full 4K.

      I say all of this because if you own a 4K TV you should know which movies are going to give you the most benefit out of your 4K Tv. Also, consumers can be misled if they are watching an UPSCALED 2K movie labeled as 4K and think that this is the best their TV quality is going to get. That is wrong. They need to rent or buy or stream a real 4K camera made movie or show and then watch it on their 4K Tv.

      One last important aspect about 4K Ultra HD TVs that many consumers do not realize. The reason why its best to buy 4K now and not wait for more content (there is plenty of 4K content right now) or prices to drop is that prices have already dropped and leveled off to what consumers expect (says manufactuers). And, there is enough 4K movies and shows to keep you busy. Most importantly, ALL 4K Tvs do this same thing we mentioned above. They upscale or upconvert automatically any 720 or 1080 HD film being displayed on it. It has to be at least 720 or 1080 HD quality in order for the UPCONVERT to take place. You don’t even know its happening, the 4K TV just does it and ultimately gives you a picture that is far better than 720 or 1080HD whichever it is. That’s why buying 4K to start enjoying it now makes sense. Then, when you want the best of the best, go and stream a real 4K movie or rent a 4K UHD Bluray and see your 4K Tv at its greatest. Here are some Posts that you might enjoy.


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      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?

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  10. I can’t wait to get a 4k tv in my home. My brother has one and I’m like a little child at Christmas when I call over to his house and I end up looking at the TV rather than making conversation with him.I am going to hold off for about a year until prices come down a small bit.Thanks for the reviews and information.

    1. Author

      Hi Trev, Yes, I don’t blame you that you want a 4K Ultra HD TV as soon as possible. They are amazing to watch and they look so real To most, when they start watching 4K content on their new 4K UHD TV it so much more fun and enjoyable to watch than even a 1080 HD TV because of the detail you can see. It looks so true to life that it like you are right there on the scene of the set. Or, its like the actor is literally in your family room standing there because their face looks so real. You can see wrinkles, pores of skin, color and sharpness look real to life like what you would see in person.

      Prices may come down a little lower, however they have leveled out for the most part. Prices have been slashed in half since 2014 and manufactures are saying that general prices are at levels that consumers expect to pay since this new 4K tech launched back in 2012-2013.

      The best way is to look for special or deals on a 4K. Right now, the best deals are the 2016 models being sold on Amazon to get rid of their stock for the 2017. Thing is, these 2016 models are just as advanced and up-to-date as the 2017 models. The only difference is that they are more than half off the original price.

      I own my first SONY 4K 65 inch tv that I bought in 2014 from Amazon. Its several years old now and its picture quality is just as good as a 2017 model because 4K is 4K. Its the resolution of there being millions more pixels than a 1080 HD, for example. This is what makes them look so real…Please consider bookmarking my site and coming back to http://www.4kadvice.com in a year or so when you are ready to upgrade. We often list sales and special offers here on our site. We also review the best TVs and explain why. We also link people to Amazon as a convenient way to make your purchase AFTER educating you about the PROs and CONs.

      You might be interested in these other helpful Posts as well below. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.-Matt




      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

      4K SCHOOL

  11. A TV is a big purchase and I don’t want to commit to buying something one day and find out its “old” technology the next! I can’t afford to buy a new TV every couple years just to keep up with new technology. That being said, we do need a new TV at this point and I think it should definitely be 4K. Thanks for the review!

    1. Author

      Hello Joy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We totally understand what you are saying about how fast technology changes. You don’t want to have to buy a new TV every 2 years because of how tech is changing so quickly. Many consumers have these same thoughts and this is why many hold off on upgrading to a new TV.

      However, not to offend you…but this isn’t exactly realistic or true. Its more of a rumored kind of thinking. Like I said, I do not mean to offend you whatsoever. And, technology does change somewhat quickly but not as quick as you think.

      For example, we switched over from Standard Definition Analog over a decade ago. This was back in early 2,000 if you remember. This was when we went from those large, deep HUGE, heavy televisions to the flat panel High Definition TVs. This was when all consumers were first introduced to 720 and 1080 HD. TV broadcasts also started in High Definition. Today, 90% of all consumers own HD TVs in their house. Usually more than one. Your TV that you own right now is probably a 1080 HD TV flat panel. As mentioned, this big new technology that changed everyones world by providing us an incredible picture image that was in High Definition happened over 10 years ago. We have had these 1080 HD TVs ever since then.

      So, we now have another BIG upgrade in television technology and this is 4K Ultra High Definition. Going from “HD” to “UHD” – Ultra High Definition…is just as big of a change in TV tech that is was going from the old crappy standard definition large heavy TVs to 720 & 1080 HD Tvs (like the one you own right now).

      With that said, I can promise that because 4K is such a massive change to how we watch TV and the quality of watching it that its going to stick around for a long, long time. 4K is here and 4K is here to stay. Everyone will be upgrading to 4K Ultra HD TVs sooner than later. Most of what is sold today at electronics stores and online are 4K TVs. Not 1080 HD TVs like have been sold for past 10 years+.

      This is why its totally safe to upgrade now to a 4K Ultra HD TV. We will have this awesome technology for at least another decade if not longer because 4K might just be about as good as TV watching is going to get. This meaning that anything higher resolution than 4K our human eyes might not be able to handle processing a better pixel resolution. We might be maxed out. Also, above 4K Television resolution, it gets very costly to manufacture anything else.

      For example, we already have 8K televisions and monitors that exist. But, not at the residential consumer level. This is because it is too expensive to make an 8K consumer TV for sale to the masses. They are only used at the commercial level today because corporation can afford them but not consumers like you and me. They are used for things like medical monitors and xrays, and satellite images which can be zoomed in and use the 8K resolution. This is more proof that 4K consumer TVs are here and here to stay for at least 10-15 years. Its safe to buy one now and not have to worry about upgrading in a few years.

      I hope this helps explain. Here are some more Posts that you might enjoy. Thanks again, – Matt




  12. Hi Matty,
    I didn’t know that the 4k TVs are that cheap now. I have 2 LCD tv right now and they are quite old (well old for TVs which is a few years old) and my next purchase will certainly be a 4K TV. I did not think about amazon either. Really something to look into. I always thought that buying big items like that online would be a pain for the delivery and warranty. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Author

      Hi Denis, Yes 4K Ultra HD TVs have come way down in price depending on where you live and where you shop. Amazon.com is where we bought our first SONY 4K UHD 65-inch a few years ago and prices were still high back then. But, today the price of this same TV that we have is HALF the cost of what we paid for it in 2014. After researching, we verified that prices in general for any 4K TV have lowered enough to level out for consumers. Now, is a good time to buy one. All 4K Tvs are made of both LCD and LED. They work together to produce the best picture image quality possible since they are squeezing 4 more tiny pixels into the size of what is equal to ONE 1080 HD pixel. That is why 4K TVs are truly 4 times better picture image overall than any 1080 HD TV. They really are amazing to watch movies and shows on. They look so real that its hard to believe.

      That is true that years ago most consumers would never consider buying a big fragile item like a TV online. But, times have changed bigtime. Now, more and more consumers are buying TVs online because there is a larger selection and lower prices. More specials and deals to be had. Also, Amazon is who we recommend because they are the most experienced and reliable online shipper of fragile products like TVs. They do offer a warranty and shipping guarantee. They also offer FAST, FREE shipping for TVs. We got ours within 2 days and they delivered right to our family room and even unboxed it for us since my shoulder is painful. We had no issues whatsoever buying this TV on Amazon. They are PROS at packaging and shipping. We saved a lot of money by doing this but most of all it was very convenient to have it shipped to our house. Now, we mostly shop on Amazon and have bought other TVs and electronics there also. Its safe and worth it.

      Brick and mortar shops are closing left and right in the U.S> because more consumers are shopping online for even bigger items than ever before. Please share our Site and Post if you can so we can reach others. if you decide to upgrade your TV, please consider linking over to Amazon from our site http://www.4kadvice.com. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. – Matt P.S. Below are some other links that you might enjoy.




  13. It feels strange to think about how much TV’s have changed in such a short amount of time! We had the big old boxes when I was a kid and we only had a black and white TV at our island holiday house so we would watch our cartoons in black and white which was a bit out-dated for the early 90’s! I remember when the first plasma’s came out, they were so big and bulky it’s truly amazing how far technology has come. It’s almost time to upgrade in our house so I’m looking forward to getting a 4K now.

    1. Author

      Hi Tennille, Thanks for sharing! Very interesting story about the older TVs that were so large and heavy and deep. I recall black and white as well. Television has come a long, long way since the 1950’s when they first came out. Or around that time, I am not sure when TVs came on sale for the first time. Sometime between 1920’s and 50’s. I will have to research that and update people. That is something I should know.

      Anyway, the Plasma TVs were a big tech advance back in their time. They had the best picture image out of all TVs and they were in great need. Another user recently commented that he wanted to replace his older Plasma with a new Plasma because he didn’t believe that the newer 4K Ultra HD TVs had a better picture image than his Plasma.

      I let him know that back in 2013, they stopped making Plasma TVs all together. The reason was that 4K Ultra High Definition Televisions had been invented and were going to take over the TV market since they were far better quality than Plasma ever was. And, its true…that’s exactly what 4K is doing. And, for good reason too.

      The advancement of 4K TV technology is not some minor tech upgrade. This is BIG. 4K TVs are as big of a TV tech advancement as 1080 HD (high Def.) was when it replaced Standard Definition and Analog. 4K is going to be the norm within a few years and right now…that is pretty much all that is being sold when people upgrade their Tvs from 1080 HD. Good luck and please come back to our site at http://www.4kadvice.com to learn more or read about reviews. Please share our site and post if you don’t mind on Facebook. We are trying to reach as many people as we can BEFORE they go and upgrade their TV so they know about 4K.

      Here are some other Posts that might interest you as well before you buy a new TV:



      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  14. Fantastic post Matty, but to be completely honest I can’t say I have seen a 4K tv outside a best buy or something, and I really didn’t notice much of a difference. I am still used to 720p honestly so it’s not that weird that 1080p HD looks amazing to me. I will probably wait a few more years then pick myself up a 4K.

    1. Author

      I understand what you are saying. You are not alone as only 10% of households have upgraded to 4K yet. But, trust me, everyone will soon upgrade to 4K when they are ready. Most of what is being sold are 4K Ultra HD TVs at BestBuy etc. This is the latest technology for TVs just like 720 was back when it took over standard definition.

      4K is not just a special enhanced type of television…its not like a 1080HD tv with extra perks. 4K is an entirely different display with 4 times the number of pixels and resolution as 1080 HD.

      If you saw a 4K demo and didn’t notice much different from 1080HD then you probably did not see real, Native 4K content. For example, if BestBuy has 4K Ultra HD TVs on display, but they are only tuned into a local TV station or they have a 1080 HD movie playing then that is the best you are going to see.

      It all comes down to the content that you are watching. The 4K TV will only be as good as whatever film you are playing on it.

      For you to get the full benefit of a 4K TV and put all of its pixels to use, you should request they put in a real 4K UHD BluRay or play some other streamed 4K content.,

      The difference is how the film or show was filmed or mastered in. Producers are using 4K cameras more and more and soon that is all they will use. If you have a 4K TV you will benefit from that. Now, they mostly use 2K cameras to give us 720 or 1080HD picture quality.

      When you see a real, native 4K filmed movie you will totally be able to tell the difference from 1080 HD film and especially from a 720 HD film. Its night and day better with 4K.. Thanks, MB

  15. I think its time I traded my old t.v. for a 4K television. I got my flat screen t.v. almost 8 years ago and its really starting to show its age. Its a 42inch but I think I can get away with a 50inch model.

    I would like a 4K television with impressive sound as well. I don’t want something that requires separate speakers. Would you recommend Sony or Samsung? Which one is better for sound?

    1. Author

      Hi Jonathan, we cant thank you enough for taking the time to read our Post and support us with your comments. PLEASE share our Post and Site on Facebook so that we can reach others and educate them BEFORE they make another TV purchase. Our site http://www.4KADVICE.COM offers an endless amount of helpful information.

      This is ironic because I was in the same position as you when We bought our very first 4K ULTRA HD TV back in 2014. We had a Samsung 50 inch 1080 HD TV for at least 8 years. It had broken down several times already.

      I saw a 4K demo at BestBuy in late 2013 and I was blown away! I could not believe how real the picture image looked on this demo. You could see such fine details that I just stood there staring in amazement. Needless to say, I had to buy one!

      But, I went online to do research about 4K TVs back in early 2014 but I could not find anything. There was no helpful info about 4K online at that time. We bought a SONY anyway from Amazon, but then I decided I wanted to help other consumers so we created this site 4KADVICE. Our goal is to educate others BEFORE they make a purchase to upgrade their TV to 4K.

      I would recommend SONY before any others. The others are very good too, and probably would not give you any issues ever. But, we are partial to SONY after learning that they were the first to pioneer the 4K Ultra HD technology. I think they are the best with 4K and have the best picture image.

      We have a 4K SONY UHD 65-inch Television that is completely amazing to watch 4K content on it. Its a few years old now, but its stunning. Our friends and family have jaws that drop when we show them a 4K movie. I mean this is for real! 4K TVs are FOUR times better overall quality than 1080 HD.

      Consider Amazon also. Do your research and even look at them at BestBuy. But, if you want the best selection and LOWEST prices…Amazon.com is the best place. We bought our SONY on Amazon. It was convenient because they delivered this SONY into our family room and unboxed it because I have a bad shoulder. It only took 2 days and the shipping was guaranteed. We had no issues and saved about $300.

      With that said, we have Amazon links throughout our site. If you click any of them, you will be taken to Amazon.

      Thanks for considering this and contributing to our site. Good luck with your 4K purchase. Some other Posts below might also help you. – MB.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



  16. I didn’t know that 4k TV was even an option. I really like the explanation. You make is easy to obtain one through many options which is convenient. Are movies actually made for this type of viewing or do you just see any movie more clearly with a 4k TV?

    1. Author

      Hello Lucy, First, thank you for taking the time to comment on our Posts. If you can, please SHARE our Post and site on Facebook so that we can teach others about what 4K is.

      With that said, most people do not know what 4K is, or what it means so you are not alone. Only 15% of households own a 4K TV right now as of March 2017.

      To simplify, 4K is NOT much different than your current flat panel HD TV. Whether you have a 720 or 1080 HD TV (which refers to resolution)…most people have HD TVs.

      All that 4K Ultra HD means is that the TV contains A LOT more pixels and higher resolution than 720 or 1080HD. Four times as many pixels to be exact. So instead of 1080HD (which refers to 1,080 vertical pixel resolution), you get 4,000 pixels. Which is about 4 times more. What this means is that a 4K Ultra HD TV has a resolution that is SO Crisp, so clear, such good color…that it is simply amazing and stunning to watch a movie or TV show on.

      Just like we switched or upgraded from Standard Definition (which were the large, deep heavy tube Televisions that we all had before the flat panel HD TVs came out in early 2000….we are now switching or upgrading to a much higher resolution or improved picture image.

      This is a HUGE change because it makes watching TV even better and more fun because it looks so real. A 4K picture image is true-to-life images that makes you feel like you are right there live on the scene of the set. You should check out a demo next time you are at an electronics store and you will see what we mean.

      When people buy new TVs today, they are buying 4K UHD Tvs. Below are some more Posts that might help explain. Thanks – MB>


      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?

  17. Televisions have come so far just in the past 10 years. They’re no longer just for watching television, some smart TVs have so many functions that it’s hard to keep up with! And 4k TVs are just….beautiful. They can be pricey if you don’t have the money for them, but I’d say they’re a good investment for any living or bedroom!

    1. Author

      I agree, just over past 10 years we have gone to being introduced to HD all the way to HDR features and now 4K Ultra HD TVs. Its awesome and my most favorite part of 4K is the gaming. My game graphics look incredible!


  18. Hello,

    Thanks for inviting me to visit your site !

    Nice overview of a lot of high deffinition screens !
    I is a real pleasure to have a walktrough…
    A lot of valuable information within the details ans very wel displayed pictures

    It was apleasure to visit your site !



    1. Author

      Well Thank You Sir, I appreciate the positive feedback as we try to make our site the best it can be. Many people simply don’t know what 4K is or what it means so we use our site to help inform others as much as we can. Hopefully our traffic will flow and if you can share our Post this would help us greatly. We are happy to do the same for you. Here are some other Posts you might like. Thanks, Matty B.


      WHY BUY 4K UHD?



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