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We wanted to take a moment to set a few things straight.  After all the hundreds of comments we get on this site…we thought it would be important to provide a quick update.  Rumors can educate people in the wrong way.  Consumers will make bad decisions if they do not have the correct information.  This is why we are here to offer the most up to date, accurate information about this newer 4k Ultra HD TV technology.

We at stand by our words.  You can count on us to give you real information & advice.

Every day we get comments on this site from people telling us that they have never heard of “4K”.  People don’t know what it is or what it means.  So, we feel like we are contributing to the mainstream consumer market by educating people about 4K.

The 4K market is exploding as people learn that a 4K Ultra HD Television is priced at the same level as a 1080p HD TV nowadays.   Manufacturers have stated that they are doing this on purpose in order to get more consumers upgrading to 4K and not just buying another 1080p HD TV when they need to.  4K TVs are totally replacing 1080p HD TVs,..therefore the prices need to be comparable.

This is great news for consumers in general.  You should NOT upgrade to another 1080 HD TV if the prices is the same for a 4K.  That makes no sense.

Don’t Upgrade To Another 1080p HD TV!

Netflix 4K Ultra HD content

We get other people commenting that they are waiting until there is more 4K content before they upgrade to 4K.  This might have been the case 2 years ago, but it is NOT so today.  There is plenty of 4K movies and TV shows to keep you busy all day long.  All year long for that matter.

There are so many streaming services now that its difficult to choose which one you want to use.  This is a good problem to have.  Having options in the market is always the best strategy for consumers.  Everyone like something different.  People have different opinions and desires.  So, if there is a large selection,..then you can appease most everyone.

This is what Amazon provides.  They have the largest selection of 4K devices in the world.  And, they offer these products at the absolute lowest prices.  Believe us, we have researched and compared prices for the past 2 years.  Amazon is it!  We saved over $300 on our very first Sony 4K UHD 65-inch television.  Amazon also is a PRO at shipping large fragile products.  No need to worry about that since they guarantee their 4K TV shipments.  Plus, they come FAST within 2 days right to  your door.

Not sure about you, but we hate sale-people in stores.  They follow you around and annoy the heck out of you.  They try to sell you things that you don’t want or need.  By shopping on Amazon you avoid these annoying pesky people.

You also get to read honest reviews from actual purchasers on Amazon.  Choose a 4K TV that you are interested in and read many reviews from consumers who bought it and use it.  This is the best way to help make an informed decision while shopping.  You cannot get this in the store.  There is a reason why brick and mortar stores are closing down more than ever before.  Consumers are using technology and conveniently shopping on line. 

Amazon Is A Shipping PRO!

People are using Amazon to buy everything from groceries to 4K TVs.  There is nothing wrong with this since it is helping consumers save billions of dollars in costs.

Another user recently asked by 4K TVs have been so slow to take off.  Today, the 4K UHD TV market has exploded!  People now see the benefit of upgrading to a 4K TV.   Not only that, but consumers know that prices are way, way down from where they were at the beginning of 4K in 2013.

People decided to wait before upgrading to a 4K TV for several reasons.  At the beginning there was a limited amount of 4K content (TV shows & Movies) to watch.  Plus, as with all new technology,…price initially start out very high and then drop over time.   Well, we are now at that time when prices have dropped bigtime for a 4K Ultra HD Television.  Now is the time to upgrade to 4K.

There is more 4K content than ever before.  There are 4k streaming services galore online.  Take your pick and start watching 4K on your new 4K TV.  You will be amazed at how true-to-life and real the picture image is.  Its like you are looking through a window at a real live scene when you watch a 4K TV in action. 

This is no exaggeration…4K TVs are FOUR times better quality overall than the resolution in a 1080p HD TV.  The number of pixels is FOUR times that of a 1080p HD TV.  This is what makes the picture look so real.

With a plethora of 4K movies and TV shows and the prices being the same as a 1080p HD TV…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

4K UHD monitors

If your current 1080 HD TV works perfectly fine, then yes, we agree that it does not make sense to upgrade to a 4K TV now.  Save up for the future.  But, sooner or later you will need a new TV and it will be 4K.  Most merchants only advertise for 4K UHD TVs.  You will not see ads for 1080p HD TVs anymore.  Again, the reason is that 4K is replacing 1080 HD TV entirely.  This will take some time to happen.

What Are You Waiting For?


If you would like to learn more, please feel free to scroll our site and read our Pages.  We have provided some helpful Posts below to get you started.  Furthermore, we highly recommend using Amazon to purchase 4K ‘gear’.  Our research tells us that Amazon offers the lowest, overall prices and the largest selection.  We are not just telling you this, but we are living by our words.  We have used Amazon to buy ALL of our 4K Ultra HD TVs.  From Sony to Vizio…Amazon is best.













  1. Please share your thoughts and opinions in this comments section. You can help others by putting your ‘2 cents’ in and help to support our site. We are trying to provide helpful information to consumers so they can make informed purchase decisions.

    It is clear that our site is needed since 85% of all household still do not know what 4K is or what it means. Not to mention they still own 1080p HD TVs and have not upgraded to 4K yet. But, they will in time. Please share our site to help others too.


  3. Another great article Matty!

    Very surprised to find out that 4K TVs are costing around the same price as 1K TVs!!!

    Means that it literally makes it a no brainer when considering buying a new TV as you’d be getting 4x as much quality for the same price by switching to a 4K TV!

    Thanks again for the heads up.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting on our Post and supporting our site in this way. By commenting you have encouraged others to comment as well….so thank you!

      Yes, its amazing that 4K TVs now are priced the same as 1080 HD. Merchants and manufacturers have done this purposely to speed up the upgrading process. Plus, they only want to build 4K TVs since this is the future.

      Here are some other helpful posts. – Matt B.



  4. Hi MattyBx
    I like your post I never heard of the 4k its very interesting and goes into detail about it.The lay out says it all!!!
    Its very inportant peple know what this is before they buy and you put together just that.
    Thank you on this I learned something new.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Jessica – thanks for taking the time to read our Post and comment on our site!

      Most people have not heard of “4K” nor do they know what it is or what it means.  Glad we can help educate you about 4K Ultra HD TVs.  Soon, everyone will own a 4K TV since they are totally replacing 1080 HD TVs.  HD has been around since the early 2000s when it replaced SD or Standard Definition.  SD and analog was the picture that was terrible and blurry.  The TV were those huge, large, heavy tube boxes.  it took like 3 grown men to move one of those big TVs.

      Now today 4K TVs are the same as 720 and 1080 HD TV…they are both lightweight and flat panels.  The major difference as you know is the pixels and resolution.

      4K looks so real and true to life that it will surprise you when you first watch a real, native 4K movie or show.

      Do you have plans to upgrade to 4K anytime soon?  No rush, but when you do please consider using our Amazon links to take you to Amazon for TV shopping.  THey offer the largest selection of 4k TVs. Most of all they have the lowest prices.  Much lower than in-store TV products since Amazon has less overhead and doesn’t have to pay sales people like they do in the store.

      Please share our site as well with your friends and family so they can get informed BEFORE they upgrade their TV.  No one should upgrade to another 1080 HD TV since prices for a 4K TV are about the same as they are for a 1080 HD TV.  HEre are some more Posts.  thanks, MB>


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

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  6. Matty,
    Movies and TV are all we know here in the states. Sometimes I think that many of us are missing the hidden opportunity in getting in the business of entertainment somehow– and that can be in technology, online, film, streaming and even behind the scenes. I only wish that I had the interest as a personal passion… until reading this mine was zilch, though now you’ve given me some serious thought about what to get involved with.

    -Nerissa S.

    1. Hi There, thanks for reading our Post and commenting on our site at  You bring an interesting and new perspective to all this.  TV, movies, sporting events are EVERYTHING in the U.S. for sure.  It seems life is surrounding by TV watching and all the elements that come with it.  Watching the news ever night and spending family time watching good movies.  Heck, we watch our own movies that we create on our Smart phones nowadays.

      More and more technology is related to TV and entertainment like being able to stream commercial -free movies and shows through the internet.  Places like Netflix and Amazon are changing the way we watch TV and this is a perfect example of some high tech computer programming nerds who built mobile apps and software who actually tapped into TV entertaining because now they all produce their own TV shows!  Netflix and Amazon have over 50 different 10 episode series to watch and they are NOT bad!  Very good acting and plots.  These are what we normally watch because they are in 4K UHD and have no commercials.  Its awesome to be able to stream.

      There are so many other opportunities that I too, wish I would have gotten into to earlier in my life.  its never too late, though to start something new related to TV and entertainment.

      For example, you could start a website blog where you and your soon-to-be members rate various movies and give your feedback.  I am sure its been done, but its not about that.  It would be about making your site the best, the most attractive and using SEO to rank the highest and gather the most users who come back.

      Good Luck, MB.

  7. hello
    Its very important people know what this is before they buy and you put together just that.Very surprised to find out that 4K TVs are costing around the same price as 1K TVs!!!
    Thank you on this I learned something newYes, its amazing that 4K TVs now are priced the same as 1080 HD. Merchants and manufacturers have done this purposely to speed up the upgrading process. Plus, they only want to build 4K TVs since this is the future.Most people have not heard of “4K” nor do they know what it is or what it means. Glad we can help educate you about 4K Ultra HD TVs. thank you for the info

    1. Hello Mohammad – how are you?  Thanks for reading our Post and supporting our site by commenting.

      Yes, manufactuers and merchants recently admitted that they purposely lowered prices on 4K TVs so that more consumers upgrade to 4K. They put prices at the same level as 1080 HD so people will buy 4K and not go and buy another 1080 HD.  THey only want to make the 4K TVs now.  Interesting I agree.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  8. Honestly, I never really thought about 4K TVs until I read this article. When this kind of tv is first introduced into the market, it was not as good compared to the older version, so I stuck to the older one.
    I didn’t know 4K TVs are actually this good.
    The next time I need a TV, I’ll buy the newer version

    1. Hi Michael – thanks for reading our Post and taking the time to comment at  Oh yea, 4K Ultra HD TVs are super good TVs.. The best in the world right now.  They contain FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD which means the picture image is stunning to look at.

      it looks so real that its like you are looking through a window at a real live scene.  This is if you watch real, native 4K content.  Which is content that was filmed using 4K resolution cameras.  Soon, everyone will own 4K since it is replacing 1080 HD TVs and most movies will be done in 4K.  Its a great thing.  4K makes watching TV and sporting events all the more better because the picture is so true-to-life as if you are there.

      Check out a demo and see for yourself, then come back to our site  and read reviews and learn about Amazons Discount sales.  Thanks again, MB>

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