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New Research Shows Massive 4K-UHD TV Sales Surge

Recent surveys and polls have shown that all consumers want 4K.  Well, we should say that ‘most’ consumers have a strong desire to switch over to 4K.  Less than 10% of the population currently owns a 4K Television set.  This goes to show just how new this technology is.  

However, statistics also confirm that 4K is taking off far faster than the transition from SD to HD did.  This means that more and more consumers are buying 4K every day.  By the end of 2017 (including the 2017 Christmas season), the percentage of people who purchase and own 4K will double to 40%.  

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New research and sales analysis out today has revealed that approximately four in every eight North American homes will own an Ultra HD/4K TV before the end of 2018.  So, sales are drastically picking up steam.  4K TVs

4K technology is not so new.  These kinds of televisions have been on shelves for nearly 5 years now.  However, as with most technology…you had to pay a steep price to buy a 4K TV within the first few years. 

Plus, there was a lack of 4K content to watch.  This is NO LONGER the case today.

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, this eye-catching figure – which equates to more than 11 million North American homes – is the result of rapidly falling prices for 4K TVs and increased availability that’s seen shipments of 4K TVs to the region this year surge by more than 80%.

The Strategy Analytics report also makes the point that North America’s penchant for very big TVs relative to other regions around the world has played a part in Ultra HD’s success there.

More than 80% of Ultra HD TVs shipped in 2016 were 50-inch or bigger, at the same time that big-screen TVs which don’t have Ultra HD native resolutions have been becoming increasingly hard to find as manufacturers switch production over to the higher resolution format.

In fact, Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2020 all 40-inch and bigger TVs sold in North America will be Ultra HD – by which time, the report also suggests, almost 75% of all North American homes will own at least one 4K TV.


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The main reason is because 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs, just like HD replaced SD- Standard Definition TVs back in year 2000.  The regular 1080 HD TVs that we have come to love over the past 17 years will no longer be produced by year 2020.  Similar to the fact that SD tube box TVs are no longer produced  (Thank God).

The figures reported give North America the highest levels of Ultra HD TV ownership anywhere in the world – though the report also stresses that when it comes to shipments  of Ultra HD TVs China is miles ahead of the pack, with as much as 25% of domestic shipments coming from such Chinese brands as TCL, Skyworth and Hisense.

Samsung 55 inch 4K TV


Looking elsewhere around the globe, Strategy Analytics reports that the Western European UHD TV market also performed very nicely in 2015, shipping more than five million sets on the back of strong demand from Germany and the UK – two countries which became the first outside the USA and China to ship more than one million 4K TVs in a single a year.

So striking are the latest 4K sales and shipment figures, in fact, that the higher-resolution format now appears to be fully established in the mainstream, with the TV industry’s focus already shifting to ‘what’s next’.

4K Ultra HD movie disc


We have watched the “Revenant” via UHD Blu-ray disc option at home using our SONY 4K Blu-ray player and the picture quality was so stunning that it was unbelievable!  It was like we were right there back int eh wild west along side Leonardo.  

The image was so crisp and sharp that it appeared like we were looking out a real window at the scene as if we were actually there.  This is some serious technology advances considering we have lived with SD (Standard Definition) for half a century.  We surely welcome it.  

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To sit back and watch a good movie is extremely relaxing and takes your mind off the stresses of life.  It helps you forget about the challenges of life.  But, to sit back and watch a movie on 4K Blu-ray makes this experience 10 times better and real.  

4k UHD Blu Ray Player

The image alone is so impressive that it captures your attention and absorbs you regardless of how good the plot of the movie is.

 *Note:  From our experience, currently the best of the best picture images come from 4K UHD Blu-ray discs.   Not to be confused with a standard Blu-Ray Player which does “Upscaling to 4K”.  These are NOT the same.

It is worth watching and noting the differences to help you decide if you should also purchase a 4K blu-ray player along with your new 4K television.  Without a doubt, we highly recommend that you do.  SEE —> Our Posts related to 4K Blu-ray product reviews to point you in the right direction.

“2160p resolution has almost become a given in the large screen TV market,” says David Watkins, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service, “and attention is now turning to other attributes that fall under the Ultra HD umbrella such as high dynamic range [explained here], wide color gamut and high frame rates.

A high proportion of mid to high-end Ultra HD TVs sold this year will support HDR which in combination with higher resolution and enhanced color representation will deliver a significant step change improvement to the TV viewing experience beyond resolution alone.”   


At the same time, though, Strategy Analytics notes that while the hardware part of the UHD equation is essentially a done deal, the content part certainly isn’t there yet.

As Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices Analyst Chirag Upadhyay puts it: “”The uptake of Ultra HD bears many of the same hallmarks as the early days of “basic” HD in that TV manufacturers have been very quick to seed the market with the necessary displays but there is very little in the way of content in order to take advantage of the full potential of the technology.

“In the case of Ultra HD,”  Upadhyay continues, “streaming services such as Netflix NFLX +0.23% and Amazon are offering some Ultra HD programming but with less than 10 full time Ultra HD channels operating globally today, most consumers have to make do with generally less than impressive up-converted content.”

These comments do, though, neglect to mention that we now also have Ultra HD Blu-ray players and discs. For more on these check out my reviews of the Samsung K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray playerand the Ultra HD Blu-ray discs of Deadpool and The Revenant.

Or if you’re thinking of adding to the 4K TV sales tally, check out my reviews of the Samsung UN55KS9500, Sony XBR-65X930Dand Panasonic TX-50DX750.


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