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Remember These Televisions?


Does anyone remember these televisions in the upper image on this Post?  I sure do.  And, I am happy to forget them.  Many young people may not remember these if they were born in the late 90’s or after.  They were lucky to be born into the world of flat panel TVs.

However, the rest us can think back about how large, how massive and deep these colossus televisions were.   It took 3 people just to move one.  Our parents always told us NOT to sit too close or else we would go blind looking at these things.  That might have been true.  Who Knows!

We have come a long way in TV technology since these tube boxes were sitting in our family rooms.  I guess we should be thankful that televisions were invented in the first place.  Not much progress was made on these particular God-aweful devices for many decades.  It was not  until the late 1990’s that we got introduced to flat panel televisions.  They were a welcome site and many people began hanging them on walls and fireplace mantels.  This helped to create a lot more usable space in the family room.

Most importantly, High Definition (HD) was created in the 1998 to be exact  (I Googled It).  But, it was not until the early 2000s that it hit shelves hard.  Consumers were forced by the government to switch over to HD flat panel televisions because they wanted standard definition (analog) to be put to rest.  This was a welcome change, because like we said, the televisions became a lot lighter and easier to mount on walls.  The picture image of High Definition blew a lot of minds. 4K UHD TVs

After looking at a blurry, fuzzy, undetailed picture screen for so many decades….consumers just could not believe how crisp and sharp an HD TV was.  I personally remember sitting in a bar and watching an HDTV up on the wall.  I was stunned at how crystal clear the image was with all its fine details.  I wanted to buy one to say the least.  That is exactly what we did.

Soon, all the televisions in our home would be HDTV flat panels.  We got rid of the bulky, heavy tube TVs as soon as possible.  There was absolutely no need for them anymore.  How about you?  What did you think about the new HD Flat Panel TVs when they first came out?  SHARE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.

We are getting to the answer of how long 4K TVs will last.  But, we had to first remind readers about the history of HD and flat panels.  Since they were invented in 1998…they have remained strong until today – 2017.  They have not gone away or anything like that.  However, they are going obsolete as I speak.

There is a new ‘boy’ in town.  His name is “4K”.  This is something that you are going to want to know about.  If you want the most education about 4K…visit our 4K SCHOOL on this site www.4KADVICE.COM.  And, while you are at it please help us by SHARING this Post on Facebook with your friends.  We are striving to educate consumers by providing the best, helpful information about this new 4K technology.  We want people to make informed decisions when they go to upgrade their television.  This is the primary goal of our site.  We could not find any helpful information online back in 2014 when we wanted to buy 4K.  Thus, why we saw the need for this helpful site.  However, it is only as good as the traffic that sees it.  So, please share.


…Back to the duration of 4K.  If we think about how long HDTV lasted, we can get some idea about how long 4K will last.  Upgrading to a 720 or 1080p HDTV was a big deal back in the day.  People were super excited about it.  Today, most every household owns at least 2 HDTV flat panels.  They have worked very well for nearly 19 years without any major enhancements or changes to the overall specifications.  But, as we all know technology moves forward and has a way of changing the entire ‘landscape’.

This is exactly what has happened!  In 2013, SONY teamed up with some IT scientists and developed 4K.  To be simple, all that 4K means is that the TV display has 4000 vertical pixels.  If you compare this same number to a 1080 HD TV it amounts to having FOUR times as many pixels.  They figured out a way to squeeze FOUR more tiny pixels into the size of what is equal to ONE 1080 HD pixel.  This was an amazing idea because it means that our TVs will show a picture image that is FOUR times better, higher overall resolution quality than 1080 HDTVs.  And, its true!  These 4K Ultra HD TVs really are FOUR times better than 1080 HDTVs.

For decades, 1080p HD has been the best picture image that you could possibly watch on your TV.  Broadcasters and networks have been using 1080 HD to display a crystal clear image on your TV.  Movie producers have been using 2K camera systems to master films.

However, all this has changed.  We now have a better picture image than ever before.  These extra pixels make a HUGe difference in the picture quality.  These additional pixels that amount to 4K…contain 4 more times the data information than 1080 does.  This means better color, sharpness, clarity, depth and contrast data that emits via the display.  The end result is a true-to-life picture that is as good as what your human eyes would see in real life.  4K is here, and here to stay.

Just like HDTV lasted 19 years, 4K will last just as long.  Everyone will switch over to 4K TVs and most of what is sold today are 4K Ultra HD TVs.  If you look at the latest newspaper ads or online…electronic stores are marketing 4K devices.  If you plan to upgrade, it will be to a 4K TV therefore its good that you are reading this Post and you know what to expect.

4K Is Here, And Here To Stay

That’s a major statement!  To say that 4K cameras are basically able to record images that are equivalent to what our own human eyes would see in person.  But, it is 100% true.  We cannot believe how awesome the picture image looks when viewing a 4K Ultra HD TV as it plays 4K content. 4K Ultra HD Television

It is true that in order to get the greatest benefit from a 4K TV, you must watch a movie or show that was filmed using 4K cameras.  Several years ago, there was not much 4K content on the market.  This is why many consumers held off on upgrading to 4K.  They wanted to wait until there was more 4K to watch.  That is understandable and probably why the sales of 4K TVs have been slow since 2013.

However, this has drastically changed now.  Its like people have finally gotten the ‘memo’.  Most of what is advertised and on sale right now are 4K Ultra HD TVs as well as other 4K gear.  Consumers are only upgrading to 4K because why would you want to go backwards and buy another 1080 HD TV?

Sooner, most movies and TV shows will be mastered in 4K.  This means that they will be using 4K cameras instead of 2K cameras.  It all comes down to the camera that is recording the event.  The better the camera and higher the resolution, the more real the footage looks on a display.  With this in mind, 4K cameras provide the most true-to-life real looking images.  It makes it appear like you are right there on the scene of the set.  There are so many details you can see that it completely changed the way we watch television.

If it is time for you to upgrade your television, DO NOT GO AND BUY ANOTHER 1080 HDTV flat panel.  The cost of 4K has now dropped to levels that are comparable to 1080 HD prices.  NO JOKE….prices are way down and these 4Ks are affordable for anyone’s budget.

Want The Truth?

If you want the honest to God truth, Amazon.com is the best place to select a 4K Ultra HD television to buy.  This is exactly where we bought our very first SONY 4K 65-inch TV back in 2014.  We did pay an ‘arm and a leg’ because this technology was so new at the time.  But, after seeing a 4K demo in a store, we just had to have one.  And, we have no regrets since then.  We only wish that 4K would have been invented decades ago!


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  1. I hope that 4K sticks around as long as HDTVs did which was 19 years and current. I wonder if we will see another enhancement of MORE THAN 4K? Meaning will we ever see 8K at the consumer level? I know 8K already exists at the commercial level for medical and government jobs. But, the display size for 8K is so large that it makes the TV very expensive to manufacture and sell. Therefore, it will probably always be too expensive at the consumer level. However, some say 8K is not processable by our human eyes. Its mainly for zooming in to examine fine details. Our human eyes can only process so much. Think about it.

  2. I expect 4K to last some time, but with all technology, 4K will eventually become outdated (inevitable but also a good thing). It’s nice that we have 4K now though to see how far we’ve come from black and white televisions to now. Even if something better than 4K comes out, I’d be fine to stick with it because of how high quality it really is.

    1. Hi Jackson, You might be right about 4K going obsolete like everything else. Something better will probably come along, although we don’t really know. We have come so far from analog and standard definition in just a decade or so. Prior to that we watched a terrible picture since the mid 19th century. Thanks for commenting. Please share our Post and site at http://www.4kadvice.com. We are trying to reach others and inform them about 4K before they make an upgrade purchase. – Matt B.

  3. I was born in the era of huge tv. Yeah, maybe you are right, the tv needs 3 people to carry. Lol. How lucky those born after me.

    Now if we look at the current tv innovation, the pixels and the quality keep improving. Evry house needs one as this is one of entertainment family members.

    I am considering upgrading my current TV to 4k since the price has dropped. At the moment I am choosing between Samsung and SONY from Amazon.

    Which one do you recommend the most? I know you are using Sony. Lol. How’s the performance so far?

    1. Hello Maxx, I really appreciate you taking the time to read our Post and view our site. It is people like you who are supporting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com and spreading the word. Our goal is to help inform people so that they make the right decisions when the time comes for them to upgrade their Television. Therefore, thanks again for sharing our site and commenting above.

      Please consider using our link over to Amazon. We have various Amazon links throughout our site and any of them will take you to Amazon. Amazon has a wonderful 4K store with a lot more information about this technology. 4K Ultra HD TVs are going to fully replace 1080p HD TVs in the near future. Soon, everyone will have this TV and be able to enjoy it. Because of this, producers are making movies with 4K cameras and giving us real, native 4K content.

      Yes, we love SONY very much, especially the SONY UHD 4K SMART 65 inch. The application platform is awesome and easy to use. But, as you know, most of the parts on any TV all come from just a few manufacturers therefore many of the largest manufacturers make very great, quality TVs. Samsung is just as good as Sony as well as LG. You cannot go wrong by purchasing any of these. I would say SONY before Samsung, but like I said Samsung is about as good as Sony overall.

      If you are planning to upgrade to 4K here are a few Posts below that give you some of the best 4K TVs that are on sale right now.

      Also, its not a bad idea to buy a 2016 model right now on Amazon because they have reduced prices bigtime to get rid of 2016 stock. the 2016 4K Tvs are just as good as the 2017…so you may as well enjoy the cost savings.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  4. Hey Matt, I remember those big box tvs, by the time I was in college I got a LCD tv, then when I finished college I got a LED tv. I can see 4k tvs are becoming more popular and cheaper and they are certainly the next step on television viewing, will continue to keep an eye out for prices, but I’m sure 4k is here to stay for a while, thanks for this.

    1. Mr Victor, thanks for taking the time to read my Post and site. I do appreciate your feedback. Yes, 4K Utlra HD is going to replace the TVs we currently have like 720 and 1080p HD. Soon, everyone will have one and there will be massive amounts of 4K movies and TV shows. Producers are now making movies using 4K cameras which is what gives us the best 4K content. Below are some other Posts you might like. Thannks, Matty B.

      4K REPLACES 1080 HDTVs

      WHY BUY 4K UHD?


    1. Oh gosh, good question! Well, I can tell you that the technology will become obsolete BEFORE the 4K TV dies out. The life expectancy on any large 4K TV if you buy a mainstream company like SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, VIZIO, etc. would be 10 years plus. But, like I said before you TV craps out, you are going to want a nicer newer one by then. Thanks for commenting!

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