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4K Ultra HD Televisions are replacing 1080p HD TVs.  Just like High Definition (HD) replaced Standard Definition (SD) back in the early 2000s, so is Ultra High Definition (UHD)  replacing High Definition.

That is all 4K is.  Many people are confused and write to us saying that they have no idea what “4K” is or what it means.  If you are thinking like this we encourage you to click on our main home page and choose the tab at the top menu called 4K SCHOOL.  This page will give you a good education about 4K and how it came to pass back in 2013.

4K TVs are not so much ‘new’ anymore.  They have been on shelves now for over 4 years.  Prices started high for 4K, but have since dropped significantly.  4K TVs are now priced at the same level as 1080p HD TVs.  This was done by merchants and manufacturers on purpose.  Their goal is for consumers to replace their HD TV (720 or 1080p HD) with a new 4K Ultra HD TV.  They want 4K TVs to totally replace all HD TVs.  Most of the ads that you see today in newspapers and online are for 4K TVs.  You will not see any electronic stores marketing 1080p HD TVs.

Only about 20% of households have upgraded to a 4K TV.  Since televisions in general last about 5-7 years…consumers have been sticking to the status quo and simply continuing to watch their 720 or 1080p HD TV.  However, sooner or later the time will come when they must upgrade their HD TV.  When this happens, they will purchase their first 4K UHD TV.

1080 HD compared to 4K

In 2017, 4K UHD TVs have exploded!  More people are upgrading to 4K today than anytime over the past 4-5 years since 4K was invented.  Sony was the first to pioneer the 4K technology.  Other manufacturers followed suit and now most of what they produce are 4K TVs.  LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Vizio and Toshiba all make a very nice, quality 4K television.  We just prefer Sony because they were the first ones to create this awesome television.

Scientists at Sony were able to squeeze FOUR tiny little pixels into what would be equal to the size of only ONE pixel in a 1080p HD TV.  This means that a 4K TV has FOUR times as many pixels as a 1080 HD TV.  YES, this does mean that overall…4K TVs are four times better in resolution and quality.  Do not take our word for it, go and request a demo on a 4K TV.  Be sure to ask for real, native 4K movies or show to watch.  There are other “4K” labeled movies and shows that were UPSCALED from 1080 HD to 4K.  This content does have a great picture, but it is not real 4K.

Just to be clear…”Ultra High Definition (UHD) means the same as “4K”.  You will see these labels and now you know that it all means the same exact thing:

  • 4K
  • UHD
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K UHD

This brings us to make another important point.  ALL 4K TVs do what is called:  UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (they both mean the same).  This is another reason to buy a 4K TV.  This TV automatically upscales any film being played on it.  The film must be at least 720 or 1080 HD resolution in order for it to upscale it.  However, this is most of what you will be watching.  Your TV upscales the image filling in all the extra pixels that a 4K TV contains.  The resolution on an upscaled film is not full 4K.  But, it is somewhere in between 1080 and 4000.  It is going to make the picture image look much better than it did in its original form (720 or 1080 HD).  Sony 4K TV 75 inch

What About Costs?

What we can tell you is that a 4K TV is not some exotic special toy that only the rich people can afford.  This is a common misunderstanding when it comes to 4K.  People think that its something very special…some kind of unique and excellent technological device that only people with large disposable incomes buy as a toy or hobby.

This is NOT the case at all!  4K TVs are not very different from 1080p HD TVs.  They are both flat panels lightweight and can be hung on walls or over a fireplace.  They look and work the same way.  The only difference  (and it is a BIG, BIG difference) is that a 4K TV contains FOUR times as many pixels in the resolution than a 1080 HD TV does.  This makes a huge difference to the picture image quality.

4K TVs provide for a much difference experience than HD TVs do.  This is because you can see so much in detail on a 4K, than you can on any HD TV.  Don’t misunderstand,…we know that any 1080p HD TV has a fantastic picture.  It is clear and crisp.  Compared to Standard Definition and Analog,…an HD TV is amazing.  People were shocked when HD First came out in the early 2000s.  These new flat panel lightweight TVs were on shelves and when you watched the screen you saw something very clear and sharp.  This was a great upgrade from the typical tube box that we have been watching for so many decades.

The final label is “4K Ultra HD”.  They basically added “Ultra” to “High Definition” because they have an ultra amount of pixels in the resolution.  This is exactly what makes the picture so real looking and true-to-life.  The picture image on a 4K TV is not much difference from what you would see with your bare naked eyes in person.  This is a big statement, but we stand by it.  4KADVICE.com has been researching and learning about 4K TV for 3 years now.

When we first saw a 4K demo in a store back in 2014…ours jaws dropped.  The excitement of seeing such a real looking image made our hearts pound.  We had to have this TV!  However, after going online to learn about these new 4K TV we found no helpful information.  There was nothing online about 4K Ultra HD Televisions or about anything having to do with 4K.  It was at this time that we saw the need for a website blog that educated consumers about “All Things 4K”.  And, that is exactly what we did.  4KADVICE.com was born.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV 50 inch HDR SMART

We bring to you a personal & professional site that offers plenty of good information and reviews about 4K devices.  We mainly focus on 4K UHD TVs since these are most common.  Soon, all households will own 4K TVs since they are replacing your 1080p HD TV.  You will be upgrading to a 4K TV because this is mostly what is being sold today.  Don’t worry, it is not like ‘pulling teeth’,…you will be very glad that this 4K technology exists.

There is plenty of 4K content today.  This was not the case a few years ago.  Today, there are hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows that you can watch in 4K.  It all comes down to how the film was made  (called “mastering”).  If the film was made using 2K cameras, then it is known as 1080 HD.  But, if the film was mastered using 4K camera systems then it is real, or native 4K content.  The native 4K content is obviously what will give you the most benefit out of your new 4K.  Real 4K made-movies have a stunning true-to-life picture image that will blow your mind.  It is hard to believe its so real looking.  Its like looking through a window at a real live scene when you watch a 4K display.

We bought our first Sony 4K Ultra HD on Amazon.  We saved over $300 by shopping on Amazon.  This is why we recommend you do the same.  We have provided convenient links to take you to Amazon from our site.  It would help to support our site greatly if you used these Amazon links. We THANK YOU in advance & really appreciate your support.



These are some of the benefits of using Amazon.  Not only are you saving a lot of money, but it is so convenient to have this awesome 4K TV delivered right into your family room.  Amazon shippers even unboxed our new Sony UHD 65-inch TV because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift anything.  Not sure about you,…but we hate sales people.  They follow you around in the store and always seem to pressure you into buying things that you don’t need or want. 4K Ultra HD TVs

We like to do our own research and make our own informed decisions.  We also LOVE to read reviews from other purchasers who bought the same 4K TV that we are interested in.  There is no better insight and honesty than what comes from an actual consumer who purchased the same product that you want.  We base a lot of our purchase decisions on reviews from other consumers.  Amazon provides you this.  Inside the store does not.

Below you will find some examples of Ultra High Definition TVs on Amazon.  Click any of them and be taken to Amazon.  From there you can search for whatever you are interested in.  If you want a 70-inch 4K Ultra HD TV, click on that section and begin reading descriptions and reviews.  Check back in with our site www.4KADVICE.com from time to time to learn more about 4K.  We offer up-to-date helpful information.  We want to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.  We want to help you by linking you over to Amazon so that you can save the most money.

We strongly wish that back in 2014 we had a site like 4KADVICE to learn from.  We would have read every Post and learned about 4K.  Instead, we lacked information about 4K and blindly purchased a Sony on Amazon.  We also read about Samsung 4K UHD TVs and they were very high quality as well.  We went with Sony because we liked the TV application dashboard section better.



4K Advice Ultra Hd Tvs


  1. We absolutely LOVE our Sony 4K UHD TV. We have had it for about 3 years now and we watch 4K movies all the time. We prefer watching 4K content than anything else because there is so much detail. It look so real and true that its fun to watch. Especially landscapes and mountain or beach scenes make you feel like you are there. Seriously, if you don’t yet have a 4K TV….you need to get one.

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    1. What is UHD? This is another question you might have and it goes along with 4K. The real label is 4K UHD which stands for Ultra High Definition. Thanks for coming to our site and please share our site http://www.4KADVICE.com so that we can reach and inform more people about this awesome technology. – Matt B.

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    1. You are welcome and please re-visit our site to learn more about 4K Ultra HD TVs and other devices. Matt B

    2. We want to educate consumers about 4K ULtra HD TVs and other 4K devices like laptops. People should know what they are buying.

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    1. That is our purpose of this site http://www.4KADVICE.com. To educate so that people can make informed purchase decisions when they go to buy another TV. People should NOT be buying another 1080 HD TV when prices are the same for a new 4K TV. 4K TVS are FOUR times better overall than any 1080 HD and it shows. It makes a HUGE difference to have four times as many pixels in its resolution than what a 1080 HD TV contains. Its worth upgrading to 4K and enjoying it. Thanks for sharing our site and please come visit us again! – Matt B.

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    1. We would recommend Amazon.com to shop for 4K UHD TVs. They have the lowest prices overall and the largest selection. They also offer FREE professional installation right now when you buy a new 4K TV. Prices are the same as a new 1080 HD so it makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD TV. – Matt B.

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    1. HD was so much better compared to SD…that people are still very satisfied with their HD TVs. That is all we can understand about it. But, if they see a 4K UHD demo they would be shocked at what they are missing out on and probably upgrade to 4K right away! please share our site and thanks. – Matt B.

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    1. Thanks and we are glad that we can help give you accurate information. – Matt B.

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    1. Thanks for supporting our site 4kadvice.com. We want to help people learn about 4K and make the right purchase decisions. – Matt

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