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Trust us that today there is plenty of Ultra HD 4K content to watch.  More and more 4k content is being released daily.  More producers are using 4K camera systems to film movies and TV shows.   Even back in 2014 when we acquired our very first Sony 4K UHD 65-inch Television on Amazon,…we felt there was plenty of 4K material even back then.

With streaming TV applications such as Netflix, Amazon Video, VuDu, Hulu and YouTube among many others,…there is so much 4K content that you could be kept busy watching it all day long and all month long for that matter!  We NEVER have issues finding UHD material to watch so that we get the best out of our Sony UHD TV.

There is no going backwards.  Soon, everyone will own at least one 4K Ultra HD TV as they slowly replace their 1080 HD TV inside their home.  We too are in the process of replacing all 5 of our 1080 HD TVs with 4K.  Prices are now equal to 1080 HD prices, therefore it makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD TV.  Buy the latest technology which is designed to fully take over High Definition.  This is a good thing!  4K Ultra HD TVs

Use Amazon to do your 4K UHD TV shopping.  This is exactly what we did back in 2014 when we saved over $300 by purchasing our 4K Sony on Amazon.  It was FREE, 2-day shipping that was guaranteed for safety.  Amazon is a PRO add shipping & delivering fragile products like a 4K TV, therefore there is no need to worry about the shipping.  You get convenience by shopping on Amazon in the comfort of your home and avoid all the annoying sales people who try to sell you things you don’t want or need.

Best of all, Amazon allows us to read honest and real reviews from other customers who purchased the same product that you are interested in.   You cannot get this inside a store.  Reviews are what many consumers count on in making their purchase decisions.  Aside from reviews, it is good to get yourself educated about the latest TV watching technology.  This is where comes into play.

We designed this site to help people learn about 4K.  This way people can make informed decisions.  In 2014, we could not find any helpful information online about 4K  Ultra High Definition Television.  Apparently it was too new at the time.  We saw this need and ultimately was born.  We want to help consumers.  You can support us by simply SHARING our Posts and Site with your friends and family on Facebook or any other social media application.

If you are holding off on buying your first 4K UHD TV because you do not think there is enough 4K content to watch, then you are basing this decision on a fact that is 3-4 years old.  This argument is no longer valid.  There is 4K content galore and more and more arising every day.  Eventually most films will be in 4K since it is replacing HD.  Just like High Definition (HD) replaces Standard Definition (SD) so is UHD replacing HD.  Its is that simple.  4k content Netflix HULU Amazon

When 4K UHD TVs first hit the shelves, they were priced super high.  This is normal for all new technology.  However, it has been more than 4 years since we first saw 4K TVs and prices have dropped significantly.  As  a matter of fact, manufacturers have purposely reduced prices so that they equal the same prices for a 1080 HD TV.  This way it makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD when 4K TVs are the same cost.

Everything is moving toward a full take-over.  High Definition (HD) dominated the TV entertainment world within a few years of it first being invented.  HD took over on both ends of the scale.  This meaning that consumers were buying flat panel HD TVs while movie producers started using 2K- HD camera systems to create films.

HD has lasted for over 17 years.  We expect UHD 4K to last at least that long.  4K technology might just be the best picture image that we will ever see.  The issue is that beyond this many pixels (8 million in a 4K TV) our human eyes cannot process the data.  Eyeballs have limitations and 4K might be the maximum that we can watch while keeping the image most true-to-life.

It all comes down to how the film was made.  Did they produce it using 2K HD cameras systems or the latest 4K resolution cameras (actually 3.8 K cameras)?  If done using 4K cameras then the content is considered real, native 4K UHD.  If not, then you have the typical HD 720 or 1080 film.  HD is already a very great, sharp and crisp image to watch.  So, imagine how good the image would be if the pixel resolution quality was FOUR times as good?

That is what Ultra HD 4K is.  It contains FOUR times as many pixels as a 1080 HD TV contains.  This makes a huge difference especially when you add the feature of HDR.  All 4K TV must contain HDR as a standard today. 

HDR means “High Dynamic Range” and it has to do with color gamut.  HDR allows for the picture to contain an endless amount of colors.  What this does is guarantee that whatever the 4K camera captures, the resulting picture image will be an exact match (of color).

In the end, do not believe what you hear about 4K content.  It is not lacking whatsoever.  We spend the majority of our TV time watching UHD produced shows by streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Video.  These plots and acting are fantastic and entertaining.  There are no commercials and the picture image is far better than anything you can watch on standard cable TV.




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  1. We love our 4K content on Netflix and Amazon. This is mainly what we watch. Streaming apps are making awesome shows in UHD and putting all the entire series. This way you don’t have to wait week to week to watch the next episode. You can watch all 10 episodes in 1 day if you want. And, NO CCOMMERCIALS! YEa. Buy 4k now.

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