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The Best 4K TVs You Can Get For Under $500

In 4K TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs by Matt Bronowicz12 Comments

  Less Than $500 For A New 4K Ultra HD TV There is no doubt that 4K TVs are incredibly awesome!  If you have never viewed one, then you need to go to your local electronics store  (Best Buy or even Walmart) and request a demo.  You are missing out. Not only is this another TV Watching enhancement….but it is …

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In 4K Ultra HD TVs by Mark Brown1 Comment

Where To Go From Here With A 4K Ultra HD TV So, you know a thing or two about 4K UHD and now you are ready to make a purchase. You would like to buy your first 4K television setup and replace your family room 1080HD TV. This is a wise decision and you will not regret it. Below are …