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Where To Go From Here – 4K TV

So, you know a thing or two about the UHD 4K TV and now you are ready to make a purchase.  You would like to buy your first 4K TV setup and replace your family room 1080 HD TV.  This is a wise decision and you will not regret it!

You will make amazing memories with your family because the main topic of discussion will be how REAL and TRUE-TO-LIFE the picture image is on the 4K TV.  So, real that it makes you feel like you are right there live on the scene of the set.  What you see on a 4K TV is basically what you would see with your bare naked eye-balls in person.  It is THAT real.   4K TV

You have to see it to believe it.  Therefore, we suggest you go request a demo of a 4K TV at your local electronics store.

Below are some easy steps to follow that will help you with your purchase.

*Note:  We are affiliated with Amazon.  After years of research and comparison we decided that Amazon offers the greatest selection of 4K equipment at the lowest competitive prices.

They also offer many discounts and sales opportunities.  Most of all, their PRIME membership program is top-notch.  

When it comes to shipping large fragile boxes like a 4K TV we must rely on the most reputable and proven merchant…which is Amazon.


They guarantee two-day shipping with their Prime membership unlimited per year.  The annual membership price is less than $100 and well worth it.  At other merchants, you might pay $50 or more for one TV purchase shipment.  

Whereas, with Amazon…size does NOT matter and all shipping is FREE and insured.  You can’t beat that anywhere else!  Thus, why we support and recommend Amazon throughout our site.


  1.  First  Decide how big of a TV you need.  Examine things like how big the room is that this TV will go in.  Keep in mind that with a 4K TV, you want to sit closer.  You cannot damage your eyes with any HD 4K TV  (unlike the old SD TVs, where they said it was not healthy to sit close).

With 4K you could sit 1 foot away and still not see the pixels.  On average, you want to be about 10 feet away from your 4K TV when you setup your couches, etc.

2.    Figure out what accessories you are going to need to go along with your 4K TV set and make it all work.  The first thing that comes to mind is a 4K Blu-ray Player.  You will need some kind of Blu-ray Player that you can watch Blu-ray and DVD discs on.  Most all players these days can handle any format of blu-ray or DVD.  firt 4K TV

We recommend you get a 4K Blu-ray player which is different form a normal Blu-ray player.  You may also need a sound system.  Look for an HD audio system that can make your movies and TV shows all the more better with crisp, clear audio.

3.    Budget — How much can you spend on a 4K TV?  This will factor in to the number 1 step above…SIZE.  Obviously, the larger the 4K TV…the greater the price for the most part.  Unless you find an outstanding deal for a larger TV (and they do exist on Amazon).  With 4K, the larger the TV set the better.  Push yourself to go larger if you can.  The bigger the size of 4K TV, the better the viewing experience is all together.  It is that simple.

We are going to provide 4K TV UHD reviews and prices in another section at 4KADVICE.COM.  But, for now…you should begin to think about how much you can spend for a new 4K UHD TV.


4.    Once you know your budget and size category,…you can begin your research and shopping.  Once again, we highly suggest you start with Amazon.  They have the best selection out of all merchants.  Click on any Amazon ad block on our site and it will take you into the main Amazon site.

Otherwise, you can click on a specific 4K TV that we provide reviews on and it will take you to that exact TV in Amazon.  Stay tuned, …for updates on new 4K TVs, updated technology and the latest, greatest sales prices for all 4K equipment.First 4K TV


5.   Purchase –  Once you make a final informed decision, you can now purchase your first 4K TV set and 4K Blu-ray Player ever!


You will NOT regret. 

Your 4K TV will be able to upconvert or upscale any TV show or movie that is being shown in HD (minimum 720 or 1080).  

SEE:     What Is Upscaling?

This is a feature that no other TV in history has been able to accomplish.

What we mean by UPCONVERTING is that your 4K TV will take an image that is being shown on a TV network that is in either 720 or 1080…and digitally enhance the picture image to somewhere in between 1080 and 4,000.  


Upscaling On A 4K TV

It does this automatically and you will not even realize it.

What you will see is the end result of a much better picture quality than that of 1080HD.  The picutre quality will be upscaled to an estimated 2,500 pixel resolution.

It will depend on how the movie or show was mastered.  This means that the quality of upscaling that your TV does, will depend on what kind of camera system the movie was filmed in.  It gets complicated, but just remember to make sure that your 4K UHD TV is capable of UPCONVERTING or UPSCALING.  Ask you sales associate or review the specifications of the TV.  T

o ease your mind, the UHD Alliance of 4K manufacturers has decided that they cannot label a TV as “4K UHD” unless it meets certain minimum specifications.  One of these specifications is that the TV can UPSCALE.

To being building your 4K UHD Theater Room Start With Amazon.com.  Go and research various 4K UHD TVs and 4K UHD Blu-Ray Players.  You will want both.  And, don’t forget to purchase the HDMI 2.0 cords to connect the two together.  buying your first 4K TV

4K UHD Blu-Rays discs provide the absolute best of the best in 4K content.  There is no picture image better than a real, native 4K UHD Blu-Ray. 

This is as long as the film was made using 4K camera systems.

Otherwise, it might just be UPSCALED.  All 4K TVs do UPSCALING automatically. 

This makes the picture image much better than 1080 HD, but it is not full 4K.

On a 4K TV, to get real, native 4K content you need to make sure the film was made using a 4K resolution camera system. 

If it wasn’t then there is no way for it to become real, native 4K Ultra HD.

Instead, producers do upscaling or upconverting  (means the same thing) by digitally enhancing the film and filling in all the extra pixels found within a 4K TV.

They can and have done this with many different 720 and 1080 HD-made movies and TV shows.

To know which movies have been UPSCALED and which ones were made using 4K resolution cameras to become real, native 4K content we recommend you click on this link below.  It talks about how 4K content is either REAL or FAKE 4K.

SEE:    “REAL or FAKE 4K” 


It then directs you to a handy database that lists all movies and TV shows and verifies which are real,  native 4K and which are not.  This way you know exactly what you are watching.

Some new owners of a 4K TV have become disappointed.  They are saying that the picture was NOT nearly as good as they expected it to be, although it was labeled as “4K” content.

The problem was that these people were not informed properly about Real and Fake 4K.  They were watching an upscaled movie that was filmed using 2K or 1080 HD resolution camera systems.  Their movie was NOT real, native 4K.

Use Amazon.com to research, shop and make your first 4K TV purchase.  You will save money if you do so.  They have a massive selection of 4K Ultra HD TVs.  And, they offer the lowest prices. 

By cutting out the ‘middle man’,…which would be the brick and mortar store complete with overhead and sales people, Amazon is able to lower the costs of the 4K TVs.  This directly benefits YOU by saving you hundreds of dollars.

For example, as mentioned above, we bought our first SONY 4K TV on Amazon back in 2014 and saved $390 compared to in the store price.

To Help You Get Started Shopping For a 4K TV, Check Out These Awesome Samsung 4K Ultra HD Televisions below!  They Vary In Size & Price.

Your first 4K TV






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  1. We love our Sony 4K TV that we bought in 2014. We have enjoyed 4K movies and shows ever since. You should at least go see a 4K demo. You are missing out on the best picture image ever created.

  2. Hey Matt! You mentioned on average that you want to be about 10feet away from your TV. Does this distance need to changed hugely depending on the size of your TV?

    I know back for old tvs there was sort of a recommended scale of distance vs. size… does this matter so much for 4K TVs now?

    1. Author

      Hi Sven!  Thank for taking the time to read our article and comment on our site at http://www.4kadvice.com.  We do appreciate your involvement.  Please help us further by sharing our site with your friends and family.

      Our goal is to reach as many people as we can to educate them about this awesome newer TV watching tech.

      YES, great question!  With the older tube box TVs and SD or Analog, they always said NOT to sit too close because the screen could hurt your eyes.  Plus, the size of the screen/display for BOTH 4K flat panel TVs as well as the old Box TVs DOES matter greatly!

      Interestingly, a 4K Ultra HD TV screen can NEVER hurt your eyes  no matter how close you sit.  As a matter of fact, they recommend that you sit very close to a 4K even with the larger displays like 65 inch.

      There are charts that give the recommended distance to sit depending on the 4K TV screen size.  Overall, the larger the 4K display the better it is.  Because of all the pixels in its resolution they are so tiny and plentiful that you cannot even see them if you are looking only inches away from it.  This is why the picture image is so clear and smooth and resembles what you would see with your own eyes in person.

      As far as the exact distances, I will locate the chart and send it to you.  You can search and find it on line and I believe we even have articles about this exact topic that slip my mind right now.

      8-10 feet is the norm with 4k TV sizes 55 inches and higher.  Basically the closer you sit, the better experience because you block out side light and distraction.  If you could just hone in on the display screen itself you would get the ultimate picture image.

      We should design some kind of glasses, like what they put on horses when they don’t want the horses to get distracted from side views…and make your eyes only be able to look at your 4k TV screen.

      Thanks for commenting and we will get back in touch with you.  – Matt B.




  3. Great article. I wish I found your post much earlier. I had no idea about the 4K TV. Your post is very informative and interesting. I really learned a lot. I intend to get a new TV soon and I will definitely purchase the 4K TV. Is Amazon the cheapest place I can buy from?

    Thanks so much for sharing this quality information, much appreciated!

    1. Author

      Hi John, how are you doing?  Thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and supporting us by making a comment.  Please share our site with your friends and family to further help us.

      Sorry, you did not find our Post or site earlier, but now you have it and now you know for the next time you go to upgrade your TV.

      Amazon is the cheapest place to buy a new 4K TV by far!  I bought my first SONY 65-inch 4K Ultra HD on Amazon and saved $390 compared to buying the same TV in the store.

      Amazon has largest selection and lowest prices in general.  Plus, its FREE shipping which is guaranteed and fast!

      You can click on our Amazon links throughout our site and any of them will take you to the Amazon TV 4K UHD sections of their site to shop.  You can read reviews about certain 4K TVs from other customers right on the product pages.

      Most of all, come back to our site when you go to make a purchase and learn more.  Get more information about 4K if you need and then shop at Amazon via our links!  Thank you kindly, Matt B.

      Thanks again and here are some other helpful articles you might enjoy.  – Matt B.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  4. Should I get one now? Such a tough decision!

    Do you think the prices are going to drop significantly over the next one or two years? Cause I have the feeling they might stay where they are right now.

    I don´t know if it is worth waiting a bit longer?

    Which one would you recommend at the moment for not more than 999$?

    1. Author

      Hi Manny,  thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and taking the time to comment.  We do appreciate this.

      Great question!  The answer from all of our research is that prices for a 4K Ultra HD TV are NOT going to drop more at all.  They have leveled out and prices are basically equal to the same prices as 1080 HD TVs of which have been sold for the past 17 years.

      We all have at least 1 flat panel 1080 HD TV in our houses since they were invented in the year 2000.  No one ever thought we would see a better picture image than 1080 HIGH DEFINITION.  It is still a great, crisp, sharp image that pleases most people.  Especially when compared to SD- Standard Definition.

      But, after 17 years, it is time for a better TV watching experience and now we have it. The greatest, most real and true to life picture image that has ever existed is now being sold for reasonable and affordable prices.

      Sure, a few years ago prices for 4K TVs were sky high.  At least double what they are now.  But, manufacturers lowered prices ON PURPOSE, they said, because they want more consumer upgrading to 4K TVs and not buying another 1080 HD TV.

      Since prices are about the same as 1080 HD TV prices, it makes no sense for someone to buy another HD TV when they can be enjoying FOUR times a better TV than HD for the same price.

      We would suggest that you would invest in a new 4K Ultra HD TV now.  Today, go shopping so that you can be “WOWED” and WOW your friends when they watch a movie with you that is real, native 4K.  IT really will blow your mind how real the picture looks.  It is fun to look at all the details that you cannot see on an HD screen.

      We saved $390 by purchasing our Sony 65-inch 4K UHD on Amazon.com compared to what we would have paid for save exact TV in the store (Best Buy).  It was conveniently delivered for FREE, and guaranteed safe delivery within 2 days right to our front door.  Amazon and Sony are awesome to deal with.

      And, now Amazon allows you to order flat panel 4K TV installation when you check out with your order.  In some cases, 4K TVS are giving you FREE installation at your home. Just check the screens when you are shopping.

      You can use ANY of our Amazon links on our site on RIGHT SIDE of site http://www.4kadvice.com or FOOTER.  We also put amazon links within our Posts to help our customers direct them in right direction.

      Please use our Amazon links to take you to amazon as this also helps support our site too.

      Thanks for coming and please come back to visit our site and share our Posts so we can help others.  – Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  5. Wowie! I heard that 4K TV’s are the newest “fad” for home theater viewing. Now, for someone like me who is going to be a new homeowner, this information is definitely coming to me at the right time! I can just imagine how good this is going to look in my new living room…

    Would I be able to play things like Netflix or ShowMe or other subscription based streaming sites on this screen?

    1. Author

      Hello, thank you for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and supporting us by commenting.  We do appreciate it.  Please consider helping us further by using our Amazon links and going to do your shopping via our links.

      Sharing our Posts and Site is always helpful too.  We are trying to reach and educate as many as we can.

      We are glad we are providing  you some good information since you are a new homeowners.  By the way, CONGRATS on owning your own home!

      That is the biggest, most majestic purchase of all time.  You made a wise decision to own versus lease.  You are building equity and can take pride in owning something special.

      With that said, YES all 4K TVs (which are priced the same as 1080 HD TV nowadays) are SMART.  They all connect to the internet AND they have many, many TV apps already built into the TVs.  For example, you do not need an Amazon Fire Stick, or Chrome TV stick or Roku.

      Instead on a 4K UHD SMart TV all you do is click the TV app that you want to watch on your 4K TV remote control.

      Any 4K and all of them I should say will already have Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu, and many more.  You can stream anything you want including 4K Movies and TV shows.  These are the best picture image you will ever see in your life!  Netflix alone has over 100 4K movies and TV shows to watch and Amazon has even more when it comes to 4K content.

      This basically means that the producers of the show or movie used real 4K resolution camera systems to make the film.  Instead of using what has been used for the past 17 years which were the 2K0 1080 HD cameras.

      What makes 4K real and native is by which type of cameras they use.  4K cameras will produce the best of the best in 4K.

      If you want to know a great database which lists every movie and TV show you can think of and then VERIIFES if it is REAL or FAKE 4K…check out link below.  We tell you which movies were made with 4K cameras and which were made with 2K cameras, but then digitally enhanced and labeled “4K”.  But they are not real 4K.  They have been UPSCALED or UPCONVERTED  (means same thing).  They are still good, but not as good as real native 4K. – matt B.  (hope this helps you :0)

      Shop at Amazon via our links if you wish to save hundreds of dollars on a new 4K Ultra HD TV.





  6. I didn’t take a look at the price of LCD TV for a while and don’t expect that the LED TV is so cheap now. Don’t even mention those TV’s you recommend are 4K TV’s. I want to buy the 65-inch Samsung 4K TV. It is cheaper than my 40-inch Sony LCD TV which bought couple years ago.

    I have the membership of PRIME, but it seems to me they don’t provide free overseas shipping, right?

    1. Author

      Hi George – thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com. We appreciate your comment as well.

      The 65-inch Samsung 4K UHD TV is an AMAZING Television. They have a fantastic dashboard and SMART apps loaded on this TV.  I would highly recommend it.  As a matter of fact, we do a review of this TV on our site in another Post that I will link below.

      The prices of most new 4K TVs are basically the same as buying any new 1080 HD TV.  As you know, HD TVs have been on shelves for nearly 17 years now.

      WIth 4K, it would be a major mistake if someone went and bought another 1080 HD TV when they could own a 4K tv for the same price.  Thanks for sharing our site and keeping us moving forward educating people.


      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)


  7. I had no idea with a 4K tv you could sit close and not have any adverse consequences with your vision or eyes. That is great to hear, not that I like sitting really close, but that is cool. I have never owned a 4K TV but i would like one in the future. My in-laws have one and it is super good quality and amazing for movies and videos. We tested a SD next to the 4K and it was astounding how much of a difference there is. 4K all the way!

    1. Author

      Hi Kyle,  thank a million for your comment and helping to support our site http://www.4kadvice.com.  We do appreciate your feedback.

      It is great to know that someone else has been tuned in to the awesomeness of 4K TVs.  The picture image is so stunning to watch that it makes it extra fun to watch anything on it since all 4K TVs do UPSCALING.

      The best of the best in 4K content are the real, native films that were made using 4K resolution camera systems.  And, the 4K UHD Blu-Rays are also the best.

      Prices have dropped substantially and now prices on a 4K TV are now about equal to prices on a new 1080 HD TV, so it makes no sense for anyone to buy another 1080 HD TV.  This is the good news for you since you don’t yet own a 4K TV.

      Soon, everyone will own 4K TVs since they are REPLACING 1080 HD TVs, JUST LIKE HD replaced SD many years ago (year 2000). After 17 years, it is time for some improvement in our TV watching and 4K TVs have definitely accomplished this as you saw!!

      Not that HD was bad.  I remember when HD came out and you could hang your TV on the wall or above a fireplace.  It was amazing, not to mention the image was like 100 times better than SD.

      I never thought that we would see anything better than HD because it was so good. So clear and crisp. But, here we are and 4K resolution is FOUR times better in the picture than 1080 HD if you watch a real, native 4K film instead of an UPSCALED ONE.  The upscaled so called “4K” labeled films are still good and better than 1080 HD, but they are NOT as good as true 4k films made using 4K resolution cameras.

      Good luck and please visit our site again when the time comes for you to buy your first 4k TV and please consider using one of our many Amazon links to take you to Amazon and then shop like normal.

      They have the best deals and lowest prices on Amazon and ship safely and guaranteed in a few days right to your door.  This is exactly what we did when we bought our first Sony 65-inch 4K UHD a few years ago and saved $390 compared to buying same TV in the store.  It is extremely awesome gaming TV as well and has PlayStation built right into the TV.  I don’t even need the PS console.  I just hook up a controller via USB cord and start streaming games.  Its fun.  Thanks again..

      Below are some other helpful Posts you might enjoy.  Regards, Matt B.




  8. I am not a big fan of TV bit I have to say that 4K TVs are very impressive. I’ve checked it in a local electronic store and I like the effect and reality in it, especially when watching football games or high resolution national geographic documentaries. It is an investment, and I appreciate your page because it can help me make a decision on it.

    1. Author

      Hi Fadi – we are thrilled that our Post and Site http://www.4kadvice.com has provided you helpful information so that you can make informed decisions if you ever go to purchase or upgrade your Television.  Please bookmark our site and come back to us to learn more. ., Thanks for sharing our site with your friends as well. Kind Regards, Matt B.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Wow, Love the new 4K TV’s and at that price? Can’t beat Amazon!

    Nice review, I learnt quite a lot. Thanks for the 5 tips on when buying.

    It saved me from asking lots of unnecessary questions next time I’m in the market (according to the wife I’m just browsing 🙂

    Thanks again,

  10. Wow thanks man, great info here. I never knew that 4K TVs automatically upscale the picture. I have taken consideration in getting a 4K TV and needed to know if they were able to do so. I feel like you’ve given me the necessary knowledge that I can now research which 4K TV to buy. Thanks again

    1. Author

      Hi Luke!  Thank you for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and supporting us by making a comment.  We are trying to educate people about this newer 4K technology in order that they make informed purchase decisions next time they go to buy another TV.

      Please enjoy our site and look around.  We have over 150 articles talking about everything related to 4K.  Most of which are televisions.,

      YES, all 4K TVs do UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (means the same thing) and they all contain HDR now.

      Both of which make any 720 or 1080 HD picture image for (Movies and TV Shows) absolutely stunning to watch. They are so real and true to life that it blows your mind.  Its incredible to watch.

      P.S. Below are some more helpful posts, Matt B.



      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  11. I have used 4K tvs for a while and I’m absolutely satisfied with it. I don’t watch TV but I play console games and it’s important to have a decent esolution to get the full fun out of it.
    43 inches are just about enough for a personal use room which isn’t too large but for the living room minimum 65 inches would be a great choice.
    But my favourite is 108 inch curved TV!! It’s just pornography to my eyes 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Tyler! We agree that the 108 inch Curved 4K UHD TV tops them all.  It is the nicest of all TVs and with 4K resolution, as you know the bigger the screen the better the picture.

      I game a lot as well.  My first Sony 4K UHD 65-inch TV actually came with a PlayStation built into it.  Its called PlayStation Now.  I didn’t need a console.  I can stream any PS3 games and play just by hooking up a controller to the back of the TV via USB.

      Downside is that they don’t stream any PS4 games (yet).

      Since my TV along with all 4K TVs do UPSCALING, as long as the picture resolution is at least 720 or 1080 HD including graphics and games, then it digitally enhanced the picture image to fill all the extra pixels.

      Basically what I am saying is that playing games on my 4K sony has given me the greatest graphics and picture image that I have ever seen in my life.  I play FPS a lot and it looks so real that you feel like you are right there on the battle field.  Especially when I play Battlefield or Call of Duty.  Amazingly true to life and real the people and weapons look.

      UPDATE:  I went a head an upgraded to the X Box X 4K console.  I can play real 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays thought it, and it gives me an even better picture.  I will be ready when the native 4K games come out.

      Thanks and please share our site http://www.4kadvice.com with your friends so that we can educate them about 4K. – P.S. Below are some more helpful posts, Matt B.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  12. Thanks for explaining what 4K TV is. I have seen many adverts for this new style TV, but didn’t know much about it. My concern with buying one is that just how many programs or movies are done in 4K and is this the new trend? I am hesitant about getting one if there is only limited viewing with the 4K.

    1. Author

      Brad – thanks for visiting our website http://www.4kadvice.com. We appreciate your commenting as well.

      Your concern is valid.  Or was valid a year or two ago.  However, today there is plenty, plenty of 4K content.  More and more gets released every month.

      Another positive reason to upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV now is that all 4K TVs do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING  (these mean the same).  This means that it will automatically take any 720 or 1080 HD (minimum) TV show, movies or other programming that is playing on it and digitally enhance the picture image by utilizing all the extra pixels found within a 4K TV compared to a 1080 HD.  This means that basically everything you watch (on cable or whatever) is going to look much, much better than it does in its original format.

      Now, it cannot upscale 1080 HD films to full 4K, however it is still much better than 1080 HD.

      Aside from this benefit, you can now stream over 300 4K movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon and many other streaming companies.  For $13 a month you can stream unlimited amount of 4K content on Netflix.

      In addition, there are 4K UHD Blu-Ray movies and TV shows that come out every month. There are already hundreds of them that you can lease or buy.

      In addition to watching movies and shows on Netflix or Amazon, these streaming companies are now producing their own content.  Its amazing!  The acting is fantastic and story lines are great.  They release an entire season at a time that you can watch without having to wait til next week for a new episode.  And, NO COMMERCIALS!

      The best part about the films that these streaming companies are producing entirely by themselves is that they are filming them using 4K resolution camera systems.  This means they are REAL, NATIVE and true 4k content.  The best of the best when it comes to picture image and 4K quality.

      There are far more good reasons to upgrade to a 4K TV now, than bad reasons why you should hold off.  Prices are as low as they are going to get and they are equal to the price of a new 1080 HD TV.

      Thanks for sharing our site so that we can reach others and below I have linked you over to some more helpful Posts that will back up what I am saying above.  Kind Regards, Matt B.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



  13. Thank you for another great post on 4K. You do have a knowledge about this topic as your posts are always very professional and full of valuable information. Which brand producing 4K do you consider as the best? Which could you suggest for the first time purchase of 4K? I had an unfortunate case with LG brand as their TV (but it was not 4K) stopped working right after 2 years after the purchase (few days after the guarantee stopped working :)).

    1. Author

      Hi There Arta!  Thank you for reading our post and we hope that it has helped you in some way.  We also greatly appreciate you commenting and involving yourself in this topic.  We hope and ask that you could help us further by sharing our Posts and Site http://www.4kadvice.com with your friends and family in order that we are able to reach a lot more people.

      The more people we can reach, the more we can help to educate allowing them to make informed purchase decisions.

      We consider Sony to be the best brand producing 4K Ultra HD TVs.  Mainly because they were indeed the first company to pioneer this 4k technology and make it happen.  All other brands followed suit.

      That is unfortunate that your LG gave away for you.  We have never owned an LG. We normally stick to Sony, Samsung or Vizio.

      Lately we really like Vizio and its dashboard platform.  Vizio TVs are usually cheaper than Sony or Samsung, yet they are just as quality.  Therefore, we recommend Vizio or Sony as your first 4K UHD TV and we know that you will never have any issues with them.

      We have never had any issues with our Sony and Vizio 4K TVs to date.  And, even by managing this large site with a lot of Readers and Commentors…we have never heard of anyone having any tech issues with their Sony, Vizio or Samsung.  Thank you kindly for always supporting us and involving yourself with our site via comments.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you,  Matt B.




  14. I enjoyed reading the information you provided on this website. I am currently hunting for a 4K TV for my home and found your info very helpful. The layout of your page is very attractive and easy to navigate. The only thing I saw that was deminishing to this website is that your sponsored on the right side widgets have nothing to do with the information you are providing.

    Otherwise looks and feels great!

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Author

      Hi Matt,  thank you for commenting on our post about buying your first 4K Ultra HD TV.  We were hoping that this article would help a lot of people learn more about this newer 4K technology.  Its so incredible when you watch a real, native 4K movies or show that it boggles your mind how real and true to life it looks.

      Thanks for your feedback and we hope that you will utilize our Amazon links to take you over to Amazon to buy a 4K TV.  That would help to support our site.

      Yes, the 3rd party ads on the right side are suppose to be relevant to my niche.  Some are sometimes and others are not.  Not sure what I can do about that.  All I know is that when people are surfing the web and looking for various topics of interest, many times they are mis led or led away…because something ELSE of interest catches their eye.  In this case, we hope it is our right side 3rd party ad that catches their attention and causes them to click on it regardless of the fact that it has nothing to do with our niche about 4K TVs.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you,  Matt B.




  15. I’m looking to buy a 4K TV and after reading your article here, the way I understand it is you recommend a 4K Blu-ray Player and
    a sound system – HD audio system. Is there anything I should be looking at. I just want to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


    1. Author

      Hi There Monica,  we welcome you to our site http://www.4kadvice.com and hope that we are providing good and helpful information to you so that you can make informed purchase decisions.

      Well, a 4k  UHD Blu_Ray player is optional.  You don’t have to have it, but if you want to watch reall good, real native 4K content…the 4K UHD Blu-Rays are the best.  You’ll need an HDMI 2.0 cord also in order to connect the two.

      Sound system is also optional, however it would make your TV watching with your new 4K UHD TV all the more better.

      If I were you, I would first shop for a new 4K Ultra HD TV on Amazon.  You can use any of the Amazon links we provide on our website http://www.4Kadvice.com to make it more convenient.  Most links will take you directly to the Amazon 4K Television section of their massive website.

      Once there shop for a Sony 4K or Samsung or Vizio.  We believe these to be the best.  Vizio might be lower in costs and save you some money.

      However, OVERALL, if you do shop and buy a new 4K TV (as well as Blu-Ray Player and Sound system) you are going to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Amazon.  That is what they are known for.  The cost-savings on Amazon make it so that consumers just do not want to go into the store anymore and pay a lot more for something that they can buy on Amazon, have FREE safe, guaranteed shipping that arrives within 2 days to your doorstep.

      This is what we did and bought our first Sony 4K Ultra HD on Amazon a few years ago and we saved $390 compared to what we would have paid for the exact same TV in our local store Best Buy.

      It was so nice and convenient to have it delivered right to our door step.  Also, Amazon allows some TVs to include free installation.  If not free, it is very reasonably priced to have someone come and install it on your wall or over a fire place.

      I hope this helps,

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you or be sharable.   Regards, Matt B.

      4K TV SALE

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)


  16. Is there a difference between a 4K UHD and a 4K HDR?
    sometimes am seeing equipment or services that says 4k with HDR, i have never thought of just going out and get a 4k set just like that, but now that I’ve read this post, whenever i decide to buy a new TV, i will just a get a 4K since it sounds like the new viewing standard.

    1. Author

      Hello Oneil! Thanks for reading our Post and commenting on our site at http://www.4kadvice.com

      This is our goal,..to reach as many as we can and educate them about this newer 4K UHD technology.  So they can make informed purchase decisions.

      GREAT QUESTION….HDR is High Dynamic Range which was just invented only about a year or two ago.  It works hand in hand with 4K resolution and HDR has to do with the color gamut.  Basically HDR allows a film to reproduce whatever it captured by using the same exact precise colors.

      Before HDR, producers were limited as to which colors they could use. 

      In other words, HDR is what really makes a film look REAL and true to life.

      Most TVs today come with HDR standard.  And, the TVs it comes with are 4K UHD TVs.  Therefore, some of the manufacturers are re-labeling 4K UHD- Ultra High Definition to be 4K-HDR.

      It just means that that particular 4K Ultra HD TV contains HDR feature.  Because it has become standard or a TV making requirement all 4K TVs are going to have HDR built into it and make the colors amazing.

      Hope that helps,

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you or be sharable.   Regards, Matt B.



  17. is there a difference between a 4K UHD and a 4K HDR?
    sometimes am seeing equipment or services that says 4k with HDR, i have never thought of just going out and get a 4k set just like that, but now that i’ve read this post, whenever i decide to buy a new tv, i will just a get a 4K since it sounds like the new viewing standard.

  18. This is a super helpful guide. I feel like not only is technology progressing at a rate that seems almost exponential at times, but TV technology even more so. I mean it feels like just yesterday we were making the switch from standard to high defintion. In fact the crazy thing is I remember that change in my life time! So that really says a lot I think. 4K is awesome in person though. I’ve seen it and can attest to how clear and vivid it makes images on screen. A really incredible tech honestly. I cant wait until cable is in 4k though. When do you think that will happen in your opinion?

    1. We too are super excited for when regular cable channels start broadcasting in 4K. This will be a while before that happens. But, it will indeed happen. 4K technology is so great especially compared to SD. And, its noticeable different and better than HD when you compare side to side. Especially if you are watching a real, native 4K film.

      4K TV owners should know that there is a big difference between UPSCALED Ultra HD 4K films and then the real, native 4K content. We have a post that explains the difference and even gives you a list of movies to verify which are which. The bottom line is that if the producers used 4K resolution cameras, then the film will be real, native 4K.

      Otherwise, producers are taking 1080 HD (2K camera resolution made films) and digitally enhancing them (mastering them in 4K) which means they are just filling in all the extra pixels found in a 4K display. This is UPSCALING and these films are great too, and much better than the original format of 1080 HD or 720 HD, however they are NOT as good as the real, native 4K made films.

      Ironically all 4K Ultra HD TVs made today do the same thing. They automatically UPSCALE any minimum of 720 or 1080 HD film being played on it. They take the image and digitally enhance it making it much better than 1080 HD. That is one major benefit to upgrading to a 4K now rather than waiting for more 4k content to be released.

      Thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and please come back to our site and click on our Amazon links to go do your Tv shopping. That would help support us greatly. Regards, Matt B.

  19. I have been shopping around but it seems like every few months or so the technology keeps changing. It seems to get harder and harder to select the right 4K TV for my living room. I’m a huge fan of video streaming like Netflix, Hulu, DirectTV, and YouTube. Do you know if any of the 4K TVs have built-in stream apps? Also, can you play XBox video games on 4K TVs too? Thanks for your help!

    1. Author

      Hi James,  thanks again for coming to our site http://www.4kadvice.com and taking the time to comment and be interested in 4K Ultra HD TVs.

      Yes, we see the issue with technology changing so very fast all the time.  I mean HDR – High Dynamic Range is the perfect example.  If you bought a 4K UHD TV 3 years ago it would NOT have contained HDR.  HDR is very important when it comes to working side by side with 4K resolution and making the picture image look so real and true to life.

      But HDR just came out a year or two ago.  Nowadys, (today) all 4K TVs are required to have HDR in them.  This is a good thing, but not for the people who bought just prior to HDR.

      However, in the big picture think about this.  Standard Definition (SD) came along and went with all those huge, bulky Box TUBE TVS that everyone had for the many decades prior to year 2000.

      Then HD- High Definition came and replaced SD with Flat panel TVs of which most of us own at least one of tv.  HD has lasted 17 years!.  And, we know that 4K Ultra HD TVs are totally REPLACING HD TVs, just like HD replaced SD.

      With that said, 4K TVs are going to be around for another 20 years at least and they all have HDR.  Its safe to buy a 4K UHD – HDR TV today and not have to worry about any tech changing.  You will love your new 4K TV.



  20. Wow! I had no idea this kind of technology was even available. That’s crazy good that they can improve an already made movie or show. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with all of us to help make an informed choice in our next television purchase! This has been extremely helpful to me, and I will be getting a 4K when we upgrade very soon. Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Hi Shelli,  thanks for taking the time to read our Post and comment on our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com.  We do appreciate your support and your interest in 4K TVs.

      We are so glad that our site and our Posts have been helpful to you.  After all, this is our specific goal.  To educate people so they can buy the right TV next time.

      TVs are the bigger purchases in a persons life and they are watched nearly every day…so they are important and people should know what they are buying.

      Thanks and come visit our site again, matt B.!

  21. Wow! I had no idea this kind of technology was even available. That’s crazy good that they can improve an already made movie or show. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with all of us to help make an informed choice in our next television purchase! This has been extremely helpful to me, and I will be getting a 4K when we upgrade very soon. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for visiting our site http://www.4KADVICE.COM and supporting us by commenting. Yes, upscaling a.k.a upconverting is a great feature. Producers are upscaling all kinds of 1080 HD made movies and tv shows then labeling them “4K”. They are not true, real, native 4k but they are better than 1080.

      Honestly, one of the biggest reasons to upgrade to a 4K TV is because ALL 4K TV’s do this same feature. They automatically UPSCALE any 1080 or 720 HD minimum film and digitally enhance it to utilize all the extra pixels found in a 4K UHD display. Basically, everything you watch on a new 4K tv will have an amazing, stunning, vibrant picture image.

      When you decide to upgrade, please consider using our links to take you over to Amazon. We saved $390 by using Amazon versus buying same exact tv in the store Best Buy.
      Our Amazon links can be found on RIGHT SIDE of bottom FOOTER of our site http://www.4Kadvice.com. Any of them will work. Regards, Matt B.

  22. I’ve been thinking of bying myself a 4K TV for a long time and I hope you can give me some advice. I’m not a TV watcher person, I plan on using the 4K TV for computing and gaming purposes. I would like to transfer my PC screen to the 4K TV and I also game time to time.

    What kind of 4K TV would you offer me for these specific purposes??

    1. Author

      Tyler, thanks for commenting on our Post and taking the time to read our articles at http://www.4kadvice.com.

      We do appreciate your support and if you can click on any of our 3rd party ads on the RIGHT SIDE of our site this would help to support us further.

      You ask a great question and come to the right place because I am a big time Gamer!  I bought my first 4K Ultra HD TV with gaming in mind.  I bought a 65-inch Sony 4K Ultra hd 3d Television a few years ago on Amazon saved about $400 compared to what I would have paid in the store like Best Buy.

      So, first things first,….we suggest shopping at Amazon because they have the greatest, largest selection and at the lowest prices compared to in the store.

      Sony was the first to pioneer this 4K resolution displays and TVs, which is one main reason why we bought Sony.  Another reason is because of PlayStation.  

      Are you the PS type of the X box type?  Regardless, any 4K TV display is going to UPCONVERT your gaming graphics and make the picture image A LOT better.  Espeically if you get an X BOX X or a PlayStation PS4 PRO.  Both of these are 4K consoles and the first of their kind.

      I recently bought the X BOX ONE X which is 4K and it contains a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player built into it.  I wanted the 4K blu ray player as well.  

      I already have PS3 because surprisingly it is automatically built into my Sony 4K TV.  A lot of people do not know this, but PS has something called PlayStation NOW.  Basically, what I do is hook up a PS controller via USB cord to the back of my Sony 4K TV.  I then click and open PlayStation within my TV dashbaord and then I can stream any PS3 game that exists right through the internet.

      It works very very well.  Not only are the graphics that best that I have ever seen, but there are never any gliches or delays while playing live games.  The bad thing is that I can only stream PS 3 games.  They have not added PS4 games to NOW just yet.

      So, aside from PS3 playing directly through my TV  (the TV is the PS console itself), I also have my X BOX X hooked up via HDMI 2,0 cord to my Sony.

      These are the best of the best graphics that you can have.  The X Box itself is 4K compatible and my TV is 4K so any X box game I play is going to have an out of this world picture image.  And it does.  FPS games like Battlefield and Call of Duty look so real that it feels like you are there on the battlefield,,,,no joke .  Its so true to life and fun to play.  I hope this helps and there are some more specific Posts below, Matt B.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)

  23. I have been thinking about purchasing a 4k tv for quite some time and I am undecided if i should get a curved one also.
    I recently purchased the 4k PS4 so it seems logical to go with a 4k tv.
    Thanks for the great information and I will have a look at the TV ‘s that you have linked.

    1. Author

      Hello Adam, we want to thank you sincerely for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and taking the time to comment on our Post.  We hope that you will come and visit our site http://www.4kadvice.com again and continue reading more of our articles to help educate you about 4K TVs.

      Great question about curved TVs and I have the perfect Post that I will link below for you that has everything to do with curved TVs.  In a nutshell, the curved part of the TV does NOT really have any technical advantages or benefits.  Mainly having a curved TV comes down to if you want a cool looking television to show off to friends and family.

      Regarding gaming….did you get the PS4 “PRO” which is the 4K versions console of PlayStation?  If that is the case, then you definitely need to buy a 4K Ultra HD Television in order to get the best out of your PS4 Pro.

      However, even if your PS4 is not the 4K PRO version, a 4K UHD TV is still going to UPSCALE or UPCONVERT  (means the same thing) your 1080 HD game playing graphics.

      This is what I did.  I bought a 65 inch Sony 4K Ultra HD TV and I hooked up my older X BOX One console and the graphics were far, far better than when I would play the same game on my other Vizio 1080 HD TV.

      However, I then bought the X BOX X, which is the 4k console and along with my Sony 4K TV, the picture image and graphics were out of this world amazing.  They were so real in FPS games like Battlefield and Call of Duty that I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. So true to life and real that it blew my mind.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you.  We wish you the best, Matt B.



  24. This is a great post about selecting a 4K tv. I am planning on replacing the tv above our fireplace in our living room with a new 4K soon. Right now we have a 55” but I’m thinking about getting something bigger. What size tv would you recommend for that type of space?

    1. Author

      Hello Briana, thank you for coming to our website http://www.4KADVICE.com and taking the time to read our Posts and comment.  This helps to support our informational site which in turn, helps to educate people about 4K TVs so they can make informed decisions.

      We do this because TVs are the bigger purchases in a persons life and they are costly.  We watch them daily.

      I would highly recommend you go with a 65-inch 4K UHD TV.  That size is perfect for 4K resolution displays.  We just bought a Sony 4K UHD TV on Amazon and saved about $400 compared to what we would have paid for the same exact 4K TV in the store at Best Buy.

      Go to our site, http://www.4kadvice.com and click on ANY of our Amazon ads, banners or icons.  They are located throughout out site with reviews on specific TVs as well as on our RIGHT SIDE of site and FOOTER.

      Once at Amazon read other peoples reviews and that will help you decide.  Thanks and come visit us again, Matt B.

      Below are some additional Posts that might interest you.  We wish you the best, Matt B.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)


  25. HI Matt

    I got your message on my website I have left you my email and full name so look me up on facebook if you want?

    that’s really kind of you and I will do the same for sure, I’ve hit some of your adverts again buddy!

    1. Sounds great Darren! Thanks for visiting our site and see you on G-Plus. Good Luck With Your Website, too!

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