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Should You Wait Until 2019, Or Buy a 4K Television Set Now?

This is a great question.  For starters, if your main issue is price…then we suggest you do your research here on 4KADVICE.COM and link over to Amazon to make a purchase.  The reason is that Amazon is constantly having incredible specials and deals on 4K Ultra HD Televisions.  Prices are way, way down in general.

Simply put….Do Not Wait!  Start enjoying your 4K TV right now. 

When shopping on Amazon, understant that you cannot go wrong with a 2017 model 4K UHD Television.  What use to be called simply 4K is now being called 4K UHD. The Alliance of UHD manufacturers have decided that they will all use this terminology when marketing 4K TV sets.  Furthermore, there is actually some science or basis behind this term.  

Certain technical specifications must be met before the manufacturers can label the TV as 4K UHD or 4K Ultra HD.  One amazing aspect of today’s 4K TVs is that they all must contain the HDR feature.  HDR- High Dynamic Resolution pertains to the colors that you see.  Prior to HDR, producers were limited as to how many colors they could reproduce on your television screen. 

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But, with HDR…there is no limit.  Producers can now give you the same exact specific colors that they recorded in real life.  HDR combined with 4K resolution is what gives us the most amazing picture image that this world has ever seen.

In addition to 4K UHD,…the Alliance has also developed another name for even better, higher quality televisions known as 4K UHD ‘PREMIUM”.  These Premium TVs are able to be called this name if they meet the minimum requirements for specifications.

 This means that the resolution, Colors, HDR, SMART capabilities must all be included in the production of such TVs before they can contain the ‘Premium’ badge.

       4K  Is Significantly Better Than HD

As far as consumers are concerned, you cannot go wrong with a basic 4K UHD television bought from one of the four main manufacturers.  We are partial to SONY because this happens to be the very first 4K TV that we owned & experienced.  

After much research several years ago (of which was extremely difficult to find any info online…which is why we bring you this informational website), we decided that SONY sold the best 4K TV and Blu-ray player.  SONY happens to be a pioneer when it comes to the 4K industry.  

However, plenty of other large manufacturers like Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Toshiba have caught up in the 4K race and offer some of the greatest, most technologically advanced televisions in the world.  Many of the 4K TVs that these companies offer will suit your needs.  It usually comes down to price.

Amazon is the largest marketplace online that offers 4K UHD televisions.  We highly recommend that you shop with Amazon.  They provide the best selection at the lowest prices.  Their membership called Amazon Prime cannot be beat.  

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Among other benefits, they offer free two day guaranteed shipping on all products labeled ‘prime’.  This is the majority of products offered on their site.  If we can locate other merchants who can compete with Amazon online, then we will certainly bring them to you. 

So, have we convinced you to shop at Amazon yet?  It truly is the best place to buy your first 4K TV.  We research and find many different deals on Amazon every single day.  You do not have to wait until black friday or Prime Day.  There are specials to be had daily on Amazon if you are in the market for a new 4K Ultra HD TV. 

We will list and link some of these deals below to help you get started.



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  1. Do not wait! Buy one now for sure! I used these Amazon links and found an awesome deal!

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