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Should You Wait Until 2017, Or Buy a 4K Television Set Now?

This is a great question.  For starters, if your main issue is price…then we suggest you do your research here on 4KADVICE.COM and link over to Amazon to make a purchase.  The reason is that it is Christmas time and this is when we see the best overall prices on 4K TVs.  

This is because of the end of year savings and holiday prices including “Black Friday” deals.  Many merchants are trying to clear out their 2016 4K TV models and therefore they offer much lower prices.

You cannot go wrong with a 2016 model 4K UHD Television.  What use to be called simply 4K is now being called 4K UHD.  The Alliance of UHD manufacturers have decided that they will all use this terminology when marketing 4K TV sets.  Furthermore, there is actually some science or basis behind this term.  

Certain technical specifications must be met before the manufacturers can label the TV as 4K UHD.

In addition to 4K UHD,…the Alliance has also developed another name for even better, higher quality televisions known as 4K UHD ‘PREMIUM”.  These Premium TVs are able to be called this name if they meet the minimum requirements for specifications.

 This means that the resolution, Colors, HDR, SMART capabilities must all be included in the production of such TVs before they can contain the ‘Premium’ badge.

       4K Significantly Better Than HD

As far as consumers are concerned, you cannot go wrong with a basic 4K UHD television bought from one of the four main manufacturers.  We are partial to SONY because this happens to be the very first 4K TV that we owned & experienced.  

After much research several years ago (of which was extremely difficult to find any info online…which is why we bring you this informational website), we decided that SONY sold the best 4K TV and Blu-ray player.  SONY happens to be a pioneer when it comes to the 4K industry.  

However, plenty of other large manufacturers like Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Toshiba have caught up in the 4K race and offer some of the greatest, most technologically advanced televisions in the world.  Many of the 4K TVs that these companies offer will suit your needs.  It usually comes down to price.

Amazon is the largest marketplace online that offers 4K UHD televisions.  We highly recommend that you shop with Amazon.  They provide the best selection at the lowest prices.  Their membership called Amazon Prime cannot be beat.  

Among other benefits, they offer free two day guaranteed shipping on all products labeled ‘prime’.  This is the majority of products offered on their site.  If we can locate other merchants who can compete with Amazon online, then we will certainly bring them to you.


  1. Hi matt. Good post. Very informative. One thing missing however. I am not a technology whizzkid. My current tv is good enough. I will upgrade soon enough but have no idea what sort of TVs I should get. The 4k tv I have NEVER heard of. As I was reading your post I was hoping somewhere down the line you would explain what it was. What is a 4k TV? Does it have anything to do with resolution? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hello, thanks for your comment! I have talked about 4KUHD and what it is in so many places on this site I didtn want to repeat myself too much. But, I can see how with this particular Post it would be confusing. I will update it to give clarification. If you go to our “4K School”, it teaches you everything there is to know about it.



      Basically, to answer your question 4K does have to do with the resolution of the picture. With 1080HD if you take ONE pixel from a 1080 TV display,….with 4K they are squeezing FOUR more pixels inside ONE 1080HD pixel. As you can imagine this makes the picture quality 4 times better, 4 times better color, sharpness, clarity. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Who ever would have thought that we would see anything that was better than 1080HD when it came out. But, its TRUE. We now have a TV that gives a picture quality FAR more better than 1080HD. 4 Times better to be exact. All 4K TVs also upscale the picture automatically which means ANYTHING you watch on it…is a much better picture than 1080HD. Its well worth making the switch to 4K. If you do, please remember to come back to us at 4KADVICE.COM. I created this site because there was not any information about 4K in 2014 when I became interested. There was nothing, therefore I decided to help others by giving them accurate quality information about 4K and help them make the right buying choices. Thanks for contributing! – Matt B.

  2. What’s the difference with the 4K UHD televisions when compared with normal Smart TV’s?
    I see the curved screen which I do like the style of. I would imagine this would make viewing better from wherever you sit in the room. We find we’re always moving the TV at an angle when visitors come over due to the shape of our lounge. I would imagine this would solve this problem.
    Is there a difference with picture quality when comparing to a normal Smart TV?
    We have a Samsung and like it and I agree with you regarding Sony as we had one of these before this Smart one we have now.
    I like the style of this if you can give me an answer to the comparison of picture quality.
    Thanks for your review,

    1. Author

      A great question….4K UHD basically means that the picture image is 4 times better than 1080HD. Better yet, 4K has to do with resolution. instead of 1080HD for example, it means 4,000HD. For example, there is ONE pixel in a 1080HD. But, for 4K Ultra High Definition, they are aqueezing 4 tiny pixels of resolution (color, etc) into ONE pixel size of a 1080HD TV. Therefore, in general a 4K TV is 4 times higher resolution, sharper image, crisper image, better quality. And, it really is, too! A 4K image is outstanding. It looks so real when you watch a movie that it appears like you are right there on the live scene of the movie. You can see such detail on a 4K UHD TV like blades of grass, wrinkles on a face and freckles, rain droplets, wood grains…etc. Its very amazing how real the image is when you watch a movie, TV show or live event. Normally most 4K TVs today contain SMART capability if not all of them. This is so that you can stream 4K content via the internet making is SMART TV. Samsung and Sony are both great TVs. SONY has some more experience with pioneering 4K technology, therefore they are our favorite.

      Actually, they say with a curved TV that you have to sit right in front of it to see it the best. So, I dont think that would solve your problem. Flat TVs are better for sitting anywhere in the room to see it clearly. Perhaps a larger sized TV would solve your issue if some people cannot see it within your TV watching room? Curved TVs were more designed to mimic the type of picture image you would see in a movie theater since most movie theater screen are curved. Thanks for commenting on this Post. Matt B.

    2. All 4K Ultra HD TVs are SMART TVs. Have you upgraded to a 4K TV yet? If so, how do you like it? We are having a survey. Thanks, Matt

  3. These televisions sound amazing. I know nothing about 4K televisions let alone 4K UHD. I will be in the market for a new television here soon and I will take your advice and look into Amazon for when I make a purchase. You talked about Sony. Is that the brand that you recommend?

    1. Author

      YES, we do recommend SONY. Not only have we owned and enjoyed a 4K UHD Sony for several years since they came out, but we also did a lot of research years ago before making the decision on the Sony. We compared many other brands, makes and models. SONY was one of the first to pioneer 4K UHD, therefore they have a bit more experience with the research and development than others. However, thats is not to say there there are plenty of other comparable and quality 4K UHD TV sets for sale. Honestly, many of the 4K UHD Tvs for sale must meet certain specifications…making them a good, solid TV like Samsung and LG. We just prefer SONY and have never had a single problem with our SONY 4K UHD TV. Thank you and yes please come back to 4KADVICE.COM when the time comes for you to upgrade to a 4K TV. You will not regret it. The picture image quality really is about 4 times better overall than 1080HD…..which is what most of our TVs are now. The image is stunning, sharp and crystal clear to the point that it makes you feel like you are right there inside the live movie scene. Please share our Post if you know of anyone interested, too. We would be happy to do the same with your site/blog. Eventually, everyone will be making the change over to 4K TVs. If you look at current electronics ads…online or paper, most of them contain 4K UHD TVs for sale. At least half of all TVs if not the majority. In other words, if a person with a 1080HD TV is wanting to replace their TV because its old, etc. Many are choosing a 4K Ultra High Definition television because prices are not much higher than a 1080HD TV right now. Best wishes!

  4. Hi Matt. I love watching a good movie. I have a Sumsung UHD, which looks great. Now that we have 4K UHD makes me wonder how fast this technology is changing. 4 pixels in one sounds amazing.

    Do you think a time will come when picture resolution will hit a constant, and what do you think will be the next big thing?

    1. Author

      Hi Leonard. Welcome to the UHD 4K ‘club’. There are not too many of us yet, but they will come. Less than 10% of households own a 4K UHD yet. I say yet, because millions of people who now own 1080HD TVs will eventually need to upgrade and swap out to a new TV set. They will buy 4KUHD because prices are about the same and why would they want to stick with the old technology? It might take a few more years, but most people will have 4K by 2018. People simply do not know what they are missing, as you know.

      I am sure you know this, but be specific about what you watch. There is REAL 4K and there is what we call FAKE 4K. I posted about it but in a nutshell, films, movies, shows, sporting events are either filmed or “mastered” using a 2K camera system (for HD like 1080 or 720), OR they are filmed using the newest 4K cameras. The majority are still 2K. However, more and more are being made using 4K cameras. These cameras are super expensive on the commercial side which is why they say they have not all switched yet.

      Anyway, here is helpful link. (I have no ties to it other than knowing it exists and using it personally) called http://www.realorfake4k.com.

      Whats nice about this site is that it tells you about every single film whether it was filmed using a 2K camera or a 4K camera. This tells us if it is true NATIVE 4K movie or just one that was upscaled from 2K and called 4K. The difference in picture image is stunning. It will blown away if you watch the real deal. Thanks again. MB.

    2. (CONT.)….Leonard, I wanted to also answer your last question about if I think picture resolution will hit a constant and what the next big thing is. In my opinion, YES picture image resolution will hit a constant or a maximum. One that will stick around for the long term.
      I believe this because the picture on any TV (no matter the resolution) is only as good as the human eyes can see. This means that human eyes can only see so well (20/20) or slightly better. We simply do not have bald eagle vision where scientists say those birds could read a newspaper from 1 mile high up in the air…if they could read. Their eyes along with a lot of other animals, are incredible! Human eyes are limited. We cannot see a mile or read anything up close from a half a mile. Therefore, even if they produce a 10K television and squeeze 10 tiny pixels into ONE pixel equal to in a 1080HD TV, …our eyes will not be able to process it to the fullest. It will only ever look so good to our eyes.

      Not sure exactly what that resolution is….but eventually research will show that a certain resolution is going to the maximum for most humans and they will stop at that general resolution. Could it be 4K is the maximum? Yes, I think that true, native 4K could be where we settle at with top resolution that eyes can handle. I mean it already looks real. The most real that I have ever seen on a TV. It looks like you are live on the set of the movie. To be honest, it looks just as good as if a live person were standing in your family room next to your TV.

      However, 8K is already produced, but mostly on the commercial side. You can buy an 8K as a consumer, but the prices are astronomical obviously. Too much for most to afford.

      4K UHD however, prices have dropped down to being close to what 1080HD is. Now, is the time to buy, or if you want to switch out from 1080HD if you TV is 8 years old, then go with a 4K UHD TV. I would never recommend that someone buy another 1080HD TV. There is plenty of 4K content to watch now too. Thanks for contributing. – Matty B.

    3. How do you like your 4K Ultra HD TV? We are following up with our Readers from http://www.4kadvice.com to get updated feedback. Yes, the picture will reach a limit where human eyes can not benefit any longer from a higher resolution. – Matt.

  5. Technology-TV fans always expect a lot from maximum high resolution and they try to get the most of it as soon as their pocket allows the.

    I used to be that type of geek and bought every new gadget I could.

    My son in law bought a 4k TV set and I sad to say, that I did not like it so much.

    For TV sports and other stuff that are usually shot on video, it is great, but movies got an awkward feeling of low quality. I’m a movie freak so, I’m guessing 4k is not for me.

    1. Author

      I am a tech geek that has to buy all the latest gear and gadgets. Not sure why I love it all so much, but I have made a career out of it. I LOVE watching good TV and movies and sports. I bought my first 4K TV about 2 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I paid TWICE as much as I should have, but that was because this was such new technology at the time (2014). Today, the same exact TV that I own now sells for $1,400 (65 inch, SONY, 4KUHD, 3D). I bought it for $2,890 in 2014.

      As far as your experience, I must say that you did not watch a real, true 4K mastered movie or TV show. In order to use the 4K TV at its fullest capacity and enjoy the full 4K resolution, you have to find shows, sports and MOVIES that were filmed using a 4K camera. There are plenty of them, you just have to know where and how to find them. You can stream these or buy 4K blu-ray discs which are the best to watch on 4K. I bet you did not watch a real 4K film. You might have only watched something was filmed in 2K (1080HD) but was digitally enhanced for higher resolution. This is not 4K. If you watched a real 4K mastered movie or show..you would 100% know the difference and be blown away.

      Yes, most 4K content is indeed movies. if you like movies, there are hundreds that were filmed in 4K and would make you very amazed at the picture quality on a 4K UHD TV. Please share 4KADVICE.COM.

  6. Matt, thanks for this. We have yet to go for a 4k set – mostly because the HD TVs we have seem just fine. Why did you want to switch to 4K in the first place? And what, in your estimation, makes Sony your unit of choice? I’m a long-time Sony fan as well (although our Sharp is a terrific unit) and I know they’re well put together – and they last. They have tended to be a bit on the expensive side.

    1. Author

      Hi Larry – Most consumers have not made the change to 4K yet. But, they will. What happened with HD TV when we all switched from SD is the same that will happen when people will upgrade from 1080HD to 4K. It might not be exactly the same since law dictated that SD be closed out, but out of common sense and consumers love of technology people will want to upgrade to 4K because its significantly better than 1080 or 720 HD.

      I choose SONY because after research I realized that they were the company that pioneered 4k technology. They were the experts with 4K. Today, other companies have caught up and they are all comparable, but that is why I chose SONY and will stick with them from here on out. I like them as a pioneer with TV tech.

      I saw a demo in an electronics store years ago (late 2013) that showed a 55 inch 4K TV and it had native 4K content showing on it. The content was movie filmed in 4K using 4K cameras. 4K cameras are what make 4K content Native or True 4K technology. These are the movies and shows that will provide you the most potential on your 4K TV when watching. There are many other movies and shows that are labeled “4K”, but actually are not. It all depends on how they were filmed or mastered. Were they mastered using 4K cameras or 2K cameras. If 2K, using technology and trying to compete many manufacturers will UPSCALE or UPCONVERT a 2K made film up closer to 4K resolution. It is digitally enhanced to a higher resolution than 1080, but not full 3820-4K resolution. Overall, the picture is better than HD, but not as good as 4K.

      After seeing a 4K movie on a 4K TV, I just had to have it. I enjoy watching TV and shows and its my main stress-reliever from work and life.

      Yes, SONY is on the top end of price, but it is justified because their products and TV are top-notch quality.


      Thanks for contributing and please SHARE my site with others as a way of supporting it. I started this site because 2 years ago I have trouble finding any information about 4K TV when I wanted to buy one. I figured consumers needed a site to come to for research and information to help them make informed decisions concerning 4K equipment, cameras, TVs, video recorders, etc..–Matt B.

    2. Are you still happy with your 1080 HD TV set? We are following up to see who of our Readers have upgraded to 4K Ultra HD. 4K TVs are FOUR times better clarity, quality and look four times as real in the picture image. – Matt B.

  7. Hi I am looking to replace my old HDTV. Its nearly 5 years old now and has served me well but I can’t help but get excited when I look at the Set in My local Electronics shop.

    My only worry is weather now is the right time. I’m not sure if I should wait for prices to drop on 4k HDR (or Premium)? Its not like there is a lot of content available at the minute?

    1. Author

      Hi Steve, I was in the same boat back in 2014. My HDTV was 7 years old and after seeing a demo on 4K…I knew it was time to upgrade. Therefore, I bought a SONY who were prioneers of 4K technology and it was the best decision I ever made with respect to my entertainment system in family room.

      I was so excited about 4K that I even paid the top prices for this new tech in 2014. Today, the same TV I have is more than HALF as much in cost to buy. 4K TV prices are way, way down. I would say that 4K TV pricing today should NOT even be a factor in a consumers decision whether to upgrade to 4K or stay with HD. Seriously, prices for a mid size 4K TV are about the same as an HDTV now. And, you can verify this by simply reading the newspaper sale ads for Best Buy or any other electronics store. There are more advertisements for 4K TVs and sale than there are for HD. They are selling more 4K TVs than HD TVs at certain display sizes. 4K is better the larger the screen because the pixels and resolution are so good. They squeeze 4 pixels into the size of ONE pixel that would be in a 1080 HD screen.

      Its well worth buying 4K now. I really dont think prices will come down that much further. They have been reduced so much that I believe manufacturers and stores are satisfied that the consumer price (for a 4K TV) is right where it needs to be for the duration. Kind of like how 1080HD TV prices eventually dropped to a steady amount. That is pretty much here for 4K now.

      I get many people saying that they are waiting to buy 4K because there is not enough 4K content. Today, this could NOT be further from the truth. I have several Posts on http://www.4KADVICE.COM you can find that talk about how much content exists and where to find it. There is enough 4K movies and shows now to keep you busy all year long. You can stream 4K via netflix, Amazon Instand Vido, VuDu, Youtube and many others. Or you can rent 4K UHD Bluray Discs as well.

      Trust me, there is enough 4K content to keep you satisfied nowadays. Sure, this was not the case a year ago, but technology moves FAST.

      Please SHARE my site and come back to me when you do decide to make a purchase. If you can simply click on my Amazon ad and allow it to take you to the main Amazon site then shop and purchase like you normally would..that would help support this site tremendously. I am happy to do the same for your site and comment on your nice if you provide the address.

      P.S. I bought my first 4K TV on Amazon because their prices were the best, their reviews were the best and they are the most trusted shipper out of all. Go to: http://www.4kadvice.com to link to amazon to make your purchase.

      Thank you Kindly, Matt. B.

  8. Hello, Matt, thank-you for the review of 4K television. Am happy to hear that this you can get this from Amazon at the best price because those TVs are expensive.
    I think blackfridays and seasonal deals are good. That is the best time to buy expensive things.
    I think people should plan for these fabulous deals.
    Good review Mat, keep up the work.

    1. Author

      Hi Mariam, THANK YOU for your comments about this Post. PLEASE share this post and site if you know of anyone who would like more information on 4K equipment. At some point in time over the next few years…most consumers will be making the choice whether to buy another 1080HD TV or upgrade to a 4K TV. Most consumers will choose 4K because stores are pushing for this and advertising this. It makes most sense to buy 4K now because prices are way down to normal levels for TVs.

      Please share: http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

  9. Hello Matt,

    4k is hitting it hard is it not? I recently got a 4k UHD premium tv myself and so I have some questions to ask?

    First off what is the first thing I should do? I stream Netflix in 4k and watch blu-ray’s in 4k but gaming sadly has not got there quite yet.

    Is there any other 4k items I should be using? I would love to hear from an expert, thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Tom, Yes 4K UHD Tvs are becoming bigger and bigger. Prices are dropping like flies. Prices are almost at levels where HDTVs are. I just recently saw that you can get a 42inch Westinghouse 4K UHD for just under $400 ($399). That is NOT a bad price for mid-size 4K.

      Other prices are good to especially on Amazon, our trusted shipper.

      First, if you like movies and shows like we do in 4K, you should check out this Post I have which directs you to an awesome database that verifies what the movie or show was mastered in (filmed in). This means if the producers used a 2K camera system or 4K camera. Obviously, if they used this latest technology of 4K cameras then these are known as REAL or NATIVE 4K. If not, then they used 2K cameras which are most frequently used today (to get an HD image like 1080i) and then they digitally enhanced the image to then be called a “4K” movie or show. When, actually what they have done is UPSCALE or UPCONVERT the movie.

      I also have Posts about upscaling or upconverting which is the same exact thing. Basically what this means is that they use software to squeeze more information into more pixels creating a better resolution than what it was orginally filmed in.

      They do this with 99% of all 4K UHD TVs. I am sure your 4K does this too. They all automatically UPSCALE whatever picture image is on your display playing. Even if you are watching regular HD broadcasting like CNN your 4K TV will be upscaling the image and making it better. It wont be full 4k quality, but it will be better than 1080HD.

      The reason this is done is because 4K basically squeezes FOUR more pixels inside the size of ONE 1080HD pixel. This means they are giving you 4 times the data—4 times the clarity, 4 times the color, 4 times the sharpness…and overall four times better resolution.

      So, check out the link to my Post about “REAL OR FAKE 4K“. this way you can know the difference and choose to watch a native 4K movie or show versus something else and get the full potential out of your 4K set. Believe me, native or Real 4K is way better than upscaled 4K. You can tell the difference for sure. And its super fun to watch native 4K.

      About gaming, I am big time gamer. At least I think I am even though I am 41. My nephews sure love me when I sit for 8 hours playing Battlefield against them. Anyway, X BOX ONE S just came out. This is the first 4K console to exist. This means gaming will be getting even better. The games will be played in 4K if you have a 4K UHD TV set of course. I know, I thought the same thing…I did not want to have to buy a new X BOX just because its the new 4K device. But, eventually I will. Check out a demo at local electronics store to compare picture images and graphics on this new XBOX S 4K console.

      Check out “What Is Upscaling” to learn more.

      Thank for contributing to 4KADVICE.COM Please SHARE our site and Posts.

  10. Hello Matt,

    Just a question. Which brand has been considered the benchmark? Since the pioneer is Sony, are they the ones who still hold the competitive advantage over Samsung, LG and the rest? I felt overwhelmed with so many advance aspects being introduced for the past few years and now there 4K UHD Premium which I haven’t heard of. But thank for letting newbies like me know and follow up how advanced televisions are these days!

    1. Author

      You are welcome! Sony indeed put a lot of time and energy (R & D) into the 4K advanced technology, however today many other manufacturers have mostly caught up. I am not sure I would say Sony holds a competitive advantage over any others like Samsung…but that is a very good question. Those other manufacturers also build some incredible 4K UHD TVs and are always competing with the newest, greatest technology. For example, someone introduced the ‘curved’ TV and now we have HDR prevalent with most brand new 4K TVs. HDR makes 4K technology even better. Thanks and come back to http://www.4KADVICE.COM for future info please.

  11. Hi there,
    I must say that this the first time that I have heard of 4K TVs. I like the look of them immediately, but when I checked the price…it was a bit over my budget.
    I guess that is the price of new technology..I think I will wait and bide my time..who knows the cost may reduce as we go forward. A trade-in would help greatly for some people. Still I like the thought of watching a match in this setting…I’m sure it does’nt get any better that on 4K TV.
    Cheers again
    Philip Browne.

    1. Author

      Yes, prices for 4K UHD TVs will definitely come down. Prices in the U.S. are already down to a level close to what HDTV (1080i) are sold for. You can buy a 4K UHD Westinghouse right now on Amazon for $400 (42 inch). Waiting is no problem either. Prices may drop even lower, especially in other parts of the world. Thanks for your comment. Matt B.

  12. Thanks for the post and helpful information! Before reading this article I had actually never even heard of 4K!

    My current SmartTV is a couple of years old, and some time soon I will be in the market for a new TV… maybe 4K is the way to go at that point.

    I noticed you talked about Sony, which seems to be the pioneer when it comes to 4K televisions.
    Are Sonys the ones who still hold the competitive advantage, and would that be your choice of manufacturer?

    P.S. The site is looking good overall. 🙂

    1. Author

      No kidding. You are welcome as this is my goal. To educate and help people make informed purchase decisions when it comes to 4K equipment and gear. Now, when the time becomes right for you and you wish to upgrade your HDTV to a 4K TV…you can remember us at http://www.4kadvice.com and come back:). We would love that.

      Back in 2014 I learned about 4K and at that time didnt know much about it either. However, when I first saw a demo in a local store on a 4K UHD TV I was totally stunned! I could not believe how real the picture image looked. I always thought that HD (meaning 720 and 1080i HD) would be the best images that we would ever see. I should have known better based on the fact that ever since they invented the computer,…technology has snow-balled at astounding rate in pretty much every field. Especially electronics and televisions.

      Anyway, I was hooked on wanting a 4K TV after seeing the demo. I went online and could find NOTHING about it. I wanted to research and learn, but there was nothing out there at the time. This is when I decided to create this site and manage it in order to help the same types of people like I was a few years ago. People need to be able to make informed decisions and http://www.4kadvice.com helps them do this.

      Soon, we will all have a 4K Ultra Higher Definition TV. If you look at most stores and newspaper ads, the majority of TV being sold ARE 4K. We are moving in that direction just like we made the switch over from SD to 1080 HDTV.

      Sony does seem to hold the advantage. Great question. They did pioneer it or at least have the R & D funds and size to continue making technology and TVs better. They basically found a way to squeeze 4 more pixels into the size of what ONE single pixel equals on a 1080HD. This certainly makes it 4 times better resolution overall because 4 times the data like clarity, sharpness, color, etc. are being used in one tiny little pixel. Its awesome stuff and we are excited to see what the future holds. Thanks for posting and please take a moment to share our Post on facebook. – Matt B.

  13. hmmm
    So do this TV’s have to be curved, to be honest I prefer a flat TV. I am looking for a good TV at the moment, I have used Samsung and have not attempted, but if it seems good enough, wouldn’t mind trying a Sanyo.
    Is this the most expensive product? I am looking for a cheaper price, seeing that products go out of market so easily.

    Thanks for the informative article.

    1. Author

      Hi Gladwell, You bring up a very good and popular question. Thanks for contributing to our site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM .

      We agree with you 100% that Curved Tvs are basically a gimmick. It has been proven that curved TVs provide no extra viewing benefit. They are just meant to ‘look cool’ and impress your friends and for that the manufacturers jack the prices up. Go Flat for sure and go with 4K UHD obviously.

      PLEASE SHARE our Post and Site http://www.4kdvice.com If you can. It would help us reach more people and educate them about 4K.

      By the way, 4K prices for televisions have seriously dropped. They are significantly lower than they were just 1 or 2 years ago. As a matter of fact, prices have been slashed in HALF from what our research shows. And, we can verify this, because our very first 4K TV was a Sony 65 inch and we paid $2,890. I know, OUCH…it stung but after seeing a 4K demo in 2014…I was so shocked at how real the picture image was that I just had to have it. My wife did not see it that way:-) But I won out on that one. Today, this same exact SONY 4K is about $1,500.

      You can shop around on Amazon by clicking on our Amazon ads anywhere on screen or right side bar. It will simply take you to the main Amazon site. There, you can look around and all kinds of 4K UHD Tvs of every size. You can find great deals and low prices for a new 4K TV. Many people tell us that Amazon has the lowest prices now for 4K. You can get a 42 inch 4K UHD for $378 on Amazon right now. There are plenty of good deals and I am not sure how much lower prices are going to drop since they have already dropped in a big, big way over the past 1 to 2 years. Kind Regards, and please come back and visit us or book mark us. – Matt B.

    2. Have you upgraded to a 4K UHD TV yet? If so, how do you like it. If not, do you plan to upgrade to 4K? Thanks, Matt

  14. I actually bought my first 4K television last year which happens to be a Sony television. I couldn’t resist especially after my best friend bought a larger 65″ 4K Sony television. I didn’t have the money for one that size, but I wanted one for my bedroom so I bought a 43″ one. It looks really good, but I was wondering if you plan on having the best ways to calibrate a 4K television to get the best picture possible?

    1. Author

      Hell Brian, Glad to hear from you and we appreciate the comments and support. Congratulations on your 4K Sony. I as well have a 4K SONY 65 inch smart. I bought mine in 2014, as you know and it came with 3D although we were not wanting 3D. Turns out we love it now and You Tube has some of the best real 3D shows online. 43Inch is perfect for a bedroom. I agree you cant put that large of one in a smaller bedroom. We did the same thing and put a 40inch 4K in our bedroom. Its amazing, stunning, fun to watch and looks so real…but I do NOT need to tell you that. Sony, I believe is the best. However, there are several top contenders who make quality 4K UHD televisions worth buying. Samsung & LG are great, too. I knew that Sony pioneered 4K because they had the largest most funded R & D department that they could afford to be first to create it.

      Yes, I will absolutely Post about calibrating a 4K. Since that is so important when you first buy 4K, this needs to be taught and talked about on http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. Thank you for the idea and check back in soon and I will put this Post on the main homepage so its easily visible. Expect this new Post on “4K UHD CALIBRATION” by tomorrow, February 8th, 2016. Take Care, and visit us again soon. – Matt B.

  15. I had to check your website out because every since 4K televisions came out, I have really wanted to invest in one. My husband and I have been browsing at different places, but it’s so confusing as what a 4K tv can give you that a regular HD or LED can’t. I mean.. I can see the difference when I’m shopping around in person, (beautiful picture) I would like to know how long the picture will be that beautiful and which one I should get if I’m willing to pay high for it. I hope you post more about the significance. great topic.

    1. Author

      Hi Carmen! Thanks for coming to our site and using it as a way to learn about 4K. That is actually our main goal. You see, back in 2014 I saw a demo on a TV in an electronics store. The TV show was a native 4K show (filmed using 4K camera systems) and it was being displayed on a new 4K UHD (ultra high definition) television. I was stunned! I was blown away for sure. I could not believe what I was seeing and how real it looked. It was like I was right there live on the scene inside the TV display.

      From that point on, I wanted to buy one. I went online and found no helpful information at all. I wanted to research and inform myself, but there was basically NOTHING on the internet. That’s when I decided to create this helpful blog. To help others who were just like I was a few years ago. It sounds like its working!

      Yes, it is confusing..all the terminology and how some manufacturers call 4K “4K” when actually it was originally filmed using 2K cameras (1080i), but they then digitally enhanced the resolution with a computer software and increased the overall resolution for a 4K TV (and for marketing purposes called it 4K when it technically is not).

      We will certainly be posting weekly if not daily providing helpful reviews, news and notices about sales to help inform consumers so they make the best purchase decision. Just like you, we want to help others obtain all the information they need at: 4K ADVICE.

      I would have to recommend the 4k UHD television that I personally own and operate. Its a SONY 65 inch, SMART 4K UHD (and this one includes 3D, although 3D was not in our criteria when my wife and I were shopping for a new 4K TV). The price a few years ago for our TV was MORE THAN twice what it is now.

      Prices are way down now for 4K. Many consumers do not realize this. If you open or look at any newspaper sale ads like Best Buy, nowadays most of what you see are 4K UHD TVs being advertised.

      We paid $2890 and today this same exact SONY TV 65 inch is $1,600. http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM

      Thanks again and PLEASE SHARE this post and site on Facebook so we can help others just like you.

      Kind Regards,

      Matt Bronowicz

  16. I have an immediate question-what exactly is 4K? I am assuming it has something to do with the resolution of the TV? I have vague recollections of going to electronics shops where they were showcasing all the TV’s and some of them had 4K on it, but I didn’t really give it much thought as to what the advantage of 4K was. I know my partner would be totally into this and we are due for a TV upgrade, but which one should we choose? Thanks for the info-you have got me thinking…

    1. Author

      Hi Liz, I have the perfect Post for you: What is 4K UHD?

      Yes, 4K basically has to do with resolution. Its comparable to saying 1080i HD. Except that its 4,000 instead of 1080 resolution and pixel size therefore it makes it FOUR times better overall than 1080 HD.

      The picture image on a 4K TV is really amazing. It looks so real and stunning that its hard to believe. Its clear and crisp and you can see such fine details just like you would see if you were there in person. It makes watching movies and shows very fun because its like ‘eye candy’ watching the images show because of how real they are. It makes it look like the actors are right in your family room live! So, 4K Tvs are just the same as any HDTV that you or I probably have now. You have a 1080 HDTV I am sure sitting in your house. All that 4K UHD means is that it contains 4 times higher better resolution than 1080 HD.

      They basically squeezed 4 tiny little pixels inside what would be equal to ONE pixel in a 1080 HD. Pixels are the tiny boxes inside the display that hold the information like color, brightness etc. They receive data from the brains of the Tv and turn it into a picture image on the display.

      Learn a lot more at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM. Many of our Posts and “4K School” and Tips section tell you everything you need to know. We do reviews and provide the best priced 4K TVs and recommend buying on Amazon since they are most reliable shipper of fragile TVs and have the lowest prices. Good luck and PLEASE SHARE OUR POST On YOUR FACEBOOK…so that we can reach more people and teach them about 4K. Kind Regards, Matt B>

  17. Hey Matt,
    great post on 4K UHD TVs! I was an AV salesman for a few years and I still chuckle at todays 4K prices. It’s insane how much has changed in just a few years!
    I still remember gaping in awe at the LG 84LM9600 with my co-workers. I think that was the first UHD officially on sale, ever – if I remember correctly? What I DO remember though, is that the lack of content was the real problem. I know that most of these beauties each had some form of “upscaled picture” feature, but the lower quality signal (720p and such) was pretty terrible experience on 4Ks.
    What’s the situation these days? Is there enough content out there so I could use that new 4K TV I’m clamoring to buy to finally replace my old trusty 1080p?

    1. Author

      Hey JT, Are you meaning that todays prices for 4K are much lower when you say you chuckle at them? I would agree that it crazy how much lower 4K prices are today than they were just 2 years ago in 2014. For example, we bought our first 4K SONY 65 inch SMART TV on Amazon in 2014 for about $2,970. YEP, I know, I was crazy to pay that much for this new technology.

      But, after seeing a 4K demo in a store in 2014 showing a 4K movie, I was so stunned and amazed at how real the picture image looked…I just had to have one. But, I could not find much information about 4K online at that time which is why I created this site http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM to help give other consumers who were just like I was more information so they can make informed decision.

      Anyway, TODAY, the same exact TV that I bought in 2014 is now only about $1,400 on Amazon!! I’m kicking myself, but that is how technology goes. Prices start astronomically HIGH and then drop down to a normal, steady consumer satisfied price just like HD TV did after Standard Definition left us behind (thank God).

      So, across the board, 4K UHD TV prices have been slashed in half from what we have found. I am not sure that prices will drop much further overall for 4K which is why we recommend people start upgrading NOW and start enjoying 4K right now. There is plenty of 4K content nowadays to watch, so that is no longer an issue. Plus, new 4K content comes out monthly.

      And, the best part is the producers are starting to master films (film them) using 4K camera systems like Hunger Games and Narco on Netflix.

      So, ABSOLUTELY, there is ENOUGH 4K content now to keep you happy. Trust me, I have tracked this since I bought mine in early 2014 when there was much, much less content available. its been 2 years now and there is A LOT of 4K native and real content, NOT just upscaled. You have Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu which all have a lot of 4K content. Then you have 4K UHD Bluray discs now, which in my opinion 4K Bluray is the absolute #1 Best content to watch in all of 4K content. But, you would need a 4K bluray player as well which are about $120.

      You brought up a good point about UPSCALING. You know your stuff:-). There are some manufacturers that will take a 2K mastered film or show (which just means the show was filmed using 2K cameras which has been the norm for about a decade) and they digitally or computer enhanced the image increasing the resolution from 729 or 1080HD to about 2,000 or 2500 resolution. This means they are making any 720 or 1080 (this is the minimum in order to upscale, you cannot upscale standard definition) much better overall resolution, BUT they cannot make it up to full 4K 4,000 (actually 3,820 rounded up).

      An upscaled image is much better than 1080HD for example, but not as good as full 4K. I mention this because nowadays ALL 4K UHD Televisions have the capability of automatically UPSCALING or UPCNVERTING (same thing) every picture image playing on its display. This is awesome because anything you watch as long as at least 720 HD will be increased in resolution, color, clarity, sharpness to appear much better than 1080HD.

      That ALONE is a good enough reason for people to upgrade to a 4K UHD TV in my opinion because anything they watch that is at least 720 HD will be converted to a much higher resolution like 2500 and be better to watch.

      I give an awesome LIST on my site http://www.4kadvice.com that talks about REAL OR FAKE 4K content. This place takes every movie or show and gives you a brief description of what it was filmed in. Whether it was filmed using 2K or 4K cameras systems. This way you know if the movie is a REAL, NATIVE 4K FILMED 4K MOVIE or if it is being called “4K” but really it was converted up from a 2K-made film.

      Please SHARE this Post on your Facebook if you don’t mind supporting our cause which is to educate consumers about 4K TVs and give them the information they need which was not available when I was shopping a few years ago for 4K. Also, come back to us when you upgrade and please click our Amazon link and go to Amazon to purchase just like you normally would. This would help us. We are happy to support your cause in return if you send me your link, and we would click your ads including Amazon for purchases. We must help each other. Thanks for commenting, MattyB.

  18. I like TVs. I also like monitors. I’m a 3d modeler, and more than ever it is useful to have that powerful ultra detailed image to look at while working. In high quality 3d modeling, 4K textures are becoming the norm. It looks like all the TV and Monitor manufacturers are taking notice and the tech seems to be improving. I wonder what’s next.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear, Dan! We, too, absolutely LOVE watching good TV shows and movies, not to mention live broadcasts like sporting events. Soon, producers will be filming and mastering movies and shows only using 4K camera systems. This will give us more and more Real or Native 4K content. But, there is plenty of 4K content out there right now to keep you busy all year round if you own a 4K Ultra HD TV.

      I wonder what is next also. 8K exists right now, but not at the consumer level. I don’t think 8K will ever become a consumer household product because of the cost. But, 8K WILL be used for good purposes such as medical images, security and satellite images needed to be zoomed in on. So, at a commercial level, 8K Super Ultra HD TVs will be used. We shall see. PLEASE SHARE our Post and Site on your Facebook ( http://www.4kadvice.com ) so that we can reach more and more people and inform them about 4K. We want to get people excited about it. Thanks, MattyB.

  19. Buying a television is serious business. I was newly married and all I could afford was a portable television 14 inches and it was a colour tv. It brought me great pleasure watching movies in bed.
    I must have gone through ten televisions including the one that was stolen.My kids started complaining that they wanted a larger tv.

    They have all left and I bought a Samsung 32 inch and a 22 inch for the bedroom. I am very happy with both. After reading your post I may just have to uprade to the 4k television

    1. Author

      YES SIR, we do agree that buying a TV is serious business and should be taken serious. This is exactly why we created http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM because back in 2014 after seeing a 4K demo in a store, I wanted to buy a 4K tv badly. I just had to have a 4K Ultra HD TV. So, I went online to do research about 4K like all of us would have done, and I could NOT find any good information anywhere. There was nothing online about 4K since it was such a new technology for television. I created 4KADVICE to help consumers the same way that I needed help. Providing quality information and reviews so that people can make informed TV purchase decisions.

      Purchasing a Television is one of the largest transactions that people make in their lifetime. Home and Autos, obviously are the #1 and #2 largest purchases, but then come a television.

      Thank you for your comment and we respect what you have to say. PLEASE SHARE our Post on your Facebook so that we can reach more people and help to inform them as well.

      I am glad you like both of your HD TVs. The picture image for 720 and 1080 HD was amazing when it first came out compared to standard definition – SD. But, now we have something even better. Its FOUR times better overall resolution than 1080 HD,…so it is a big upgrade to go to a 4K Ultra HD TV. We recommend it.

      Plus, prices for a 4K TV have been slashed in half since 2014 and prices are modest. Not sure they will get much lower than they currently are. They are competitive with 1080p HD TVs right now. And, there is plenty of 4K content movies and TV shows to watch all year long. Good Luck and Please consider making your purchase through our Amazon link on our site. And, please click our ads throughout the site since they do provide links to other great 4K TV deals and sales. – Matt B.

  20. I love this post… it is very informational and persuading. I purchased a 4K tv when me and my boyfriend moved into our new apartment and we love it. I would never go back to a 1080 again. I loved reading about all the extra perks that come along with a 4K that I didn’t even know of. Great job

    1. Author

      Hi Brittany, thanks for your comment and contribution to this Post & Site. We try to provide helpful information to people who wish to learn more about 4K Ultra HD TVs. That is awesome that you already own one! You know how it is then! Watching a real, native 4K movie or show that was filmed using 4K cameras on your 4K Ultra HD TV is amazing..I am sure you would agree. It makes watching TV more fun and exciting because of how real the images look on the screen. It like you are looking through a window at a real live scene.

      We have several Posts on our site at http://www.4kadvice.com that talk about content. Especially how there is REAL 4K content and then there is FAKE content. We provide you a list of the differences. To get the most out of your 4K TV you might want to read that. It is helpful. Sometimes producers call a movie 4K, but actually it was originally a 1080 film mastered with only a 2K camera but then upscaled or upconverted digitally and then labeled 4K. This is what we call fake 4K. These upconverted movies are still much better than a 1080 HD movie, but they are not full 4K or native. It requires producers to film using a 4K camera system for the movie or show to actually be Real and Native 4K content. They are doing this more and more.

      Oh it hurts nowadays to watch something in 720 or 1080 HD. 4K really is 4 times better picture image quality overall than 1080 HD! Please dont hesitate to alert others about how good 4K is and SHARE our POST and site on Facebook. This would help us reach out to more people and educate them so they make informed decisions when it comes to electronics. Take Care, Matty B.

  21. Hello

    What is a 4k television all about, is this product only available in certain places? I live in the USA and never heard of this type of television, are they available in the USA right now?

    Are these televisions any better than the high definition televisions on the market, what are the difference in the two types of televisons?

    1. Author

      Hello Jeffery, thank you for commenting and contributing to our Post and Site. A 4K Ultra HD TV is basically just another 1080 HD like you probably own now except that it contains FOUR times as many pixels and higher resolution than 1080 HD.

      That’s all 4K really is. 4K TVs are what is replacing 1080 HD TVs sooner than later. Sooner, 4K is all that will be sold in stores because its the latest greatest TV watching tech.

      Just like we all upgraded from Standard definition TV which were those HUGE, deep heavy box tube TVs that we watched since the 1930’s to HIGH DEFINITION (720 and 1080 HD resolution) in early 2000s, is just like what is happening now with 1080 HD TVs being upgraded to 4K Ultra High Definition.

      Except, this is not any minor upgrade to technology. 4K TVs are absolutely insane quality and crispness! When you watch a real 4K movie or show on a 4K Tv you will see exactly what we mean. The picture image quality is so true-to-life that it looks real. What you watch on a 4K TV looks so real that the actor may well as be standing in your family room. You can see every detail and color just like you would if you were there in person.

      Here are some other Posts that might help you learn more. Thanks again, Matt




      4K SCHOOL

  22. Excellent information, Matt. I have been looking for extensive research into 4k Ultra HD TVs and, it looks like you’ve done the work for me. Have you looked at the Vizio models? I wonder how they stack up to Sony (my pick) and the others…

    1. Hi Jim, you are very welcome. This was our goal in creating 4KADVICE.Com to provide helpful information to people so they can make better decisions when the time comes to upgrade their television. Or, simply to invest in a new 4K camera or video recorder. A few years ago, when I first discovered 4K and saw a demo at an electronics store I was extremely impressed! I could not believe how real the picture was. I imagined watching sporting events and football on a new 4K Ultra HD TV. But, when I went online, I could not find any helpful information. It was frustrating to say the least. This is why we created this site to help people who were just like we were.
      Anyway, we highly recommend Vizio. Not sure why it hasn’t been mentioned a whole lot in http://www.4kadvice.com, but they are top-notch quality televisions. We actually own a 4K UHD Vizio after replacing another HD TV Vizio and we have been very satisfied. There is something about Vizio that has always been very attractive. There system is easy to navigate and their displays are LED along with LCD. Both of these contribute to an outstanding picture image.
      So, Vizio is just as good as SONY or Samsung in our opinion. Honestly, you might know that many of the same parts in all of these televisions come from the same part manufacturer. They all buy parts from 2-3 companies only. Its more about the ‘name’ that people are buying. Vizio is a great buy and Amazon.com has some great deals on Vizio and SOny along with others. We recommend Amazon and that is where we bought both our SONY 4K UHD 64 inch and Vizio 4K UHD 50 inch that we keep in our bedroom. We use both TVS a lot..therefore its easy to compare. The Sony has a great SMART TV functionality and easy to use also. The Vizio seems just as good as the SONY. We like them both. There are some differences between the two, but not negative differences. They each have their own ‘touch’. It also depends on what is playing on the display. For example, we watch 4K UHD Blu-Rays movies on the larger SONY and we seem to stream more on the Vizio. Good Luck and we hope that some of our other Posts can be helpful.
      One important aspect of all 4K TVs is that they UPCONVERT or UPSCALE (both mean the same). Upscaling means that anything being played on your 4K UHD TV will be digitally enhanced as long as its at least 720 or 1080 HD level (it cannot upscale standard def or analog films). This means that anything you watch including broadcast shows and sporting events will be a much higher resolution and quality than its original form. It cannot upscale to full 4K but its somewhere in between 1080 HD and 4K…like around 2500 resolution. This justifies buying a 4K TV even more than just for watching 4K-made content. Good Luck and we hope this site has served its purpose for you. – Matt B.

  23. Hello

    I would say if you can find a good deals for a 2016 model go for it, 2017 models more likely are going to be more expensive and why lose out on a good bargain just to get one of the new models coming out in 2017.

    I often purchase products on bargain sales at the end of the year and never experienced any problems, retailers are only selling at low prices to make room for the new models coming out.

    1. Author

      We totally agree with you and this is what we are recommending to our readers. To take advantage of buying a 2016 model because prices are much lower and some have been slashed in half on Amazon. A 2016 model is no different than a new 2017 except the 2017 is super high priced.

      Amazon.com and other merchants are trying to get rid of their 1016 stock right now and prices are dropped down bigtime! Now, really is the best time to buy a 4K Ultra HD TV. We recommend Amazon because best selection, lowest prices- especially now as they get rid of 2016 inventory, and convenience because they ship for FREE within 2 days right to your front door. Use our Amazon links to take you to Amazon and shop as normal.

      Do you ever shop on Amazon? We bought our first 4K UHD SONY tv on Amazon and had not issues.

      Thanks for your input. – Mb.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)



  24. I need a new t.v. and after reading your article it seems that waiting until the end of year savings and holiday prices is the best way to grab a bargain on a 4K UHD with all the bells and whistles. I’m looking forward to the amazing picture quality and sound.

    my only problem is that I’ll find it difficult to choose between LG, Samsung and Sony. Which brand would you recommend over all others?

    1. Author

      Hi Jay, thanks for your comments and supporting our site. PLEASE share our Post on Facebook so that we can reach more people and educate them about 4K Ultra HD TVs. Our website at http://www.4KADVICE.COM offers plenty of helpful information and reviews about everything related to this newer 4K technology.

      Good question. First, right now is really the best time to buy a 4K TV. This is because many merchants are trying to get rid of their 2016 stock. They have dropped prices and slashed costs in half to get rid of. We just bought another SONY 4K UHD Tv to replay one of our 1080 HD TV on Amazon. We bought it on Amazon because the price was so low, but it is a 2016 model. This is why price was so low.

      After researching extensively, we learned that this 2016 model is basically the same exact TV that is from 2017 (a new one). there is no difference. There is nothing new in 2017 that makes buying the latest model worth it. 4K is 4K and they all have HDR now, so take advantage of the savings from the 2016. Amazon will let you know in the title of the TV for sale if its 2016 model. Go for it. Start enjoying the awesome 4K image.

      As far as manufacturer, we are partial to SONY. This is because SONY was the first manufacturer to pioneer the 4K technology. All others followed suit. Several others make a great TV as well. You are safe with any of these: SONY, LG, Samsung. I would recommend SONY because they have the best warranty and quality.

      Just remember that most parts from any new TV all come from the same parts manufacturers. The only different is the name. Thanks again and here are some other Posts below. PLEASE use our Amazon link to take you to amazon if you plan to buy this way. Amazon has free shipping and warranty, 2 day shipping and delivered to your door. Its amazing and this is how we bought our

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017) LOOK AT THIS AWESOME 4K ULTRA HD TV

      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?



  25. Unfortunately, I’m still one of those people that are going to wait it out a few more years I think. 4k televisions and movies are too expensive in my opinion at this point in time. To me, I’m perfectly happy with my Hi-Def LCD television and playing my blu-rays off of it. I think 4k will start to dip in price eventually, and that’s when I’ll jump on the bandwagon for these products.

    1. Author

      That is not a bad idea to play it safe before upgrading to a 4K Ultra HD TV. I don’t blame you and many others think the same way. We still, however, highly encourage people to upgrade sooner than later. This is because prices are as low as they are going to get in general. The manufacturers have made this claim as well. Prices are actually the same as they would be if you went and bought another 1080p HDTV.

      But, you CAN get sales and specials especially on Amazon.com. They are currently getting rid of their 2016 4K TV models and they are a great, low priced deals right now. 2016 models are just as good and the same as 2017 wo shy not. My SONY 4K is 2014 model and it works just as good as todays model. 4K is 4K.

      Have you seen a 4K made movie on a 4K TV? A real 4K movie will blow your mind and it is way, way better and more true-to life than 1080 HD. check for yourself. Prices are not coming down any further on 4K but you can find a great deal today.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  26. Hey there!
    Thanks for the good article!! And you’re right about the lowering of the prices. As technology develops better and better screens are provided to us and this happens so fast that we can’t even race with the growth.

    It’s so logical to buy a 2016 TV because they’re also great TVs and they go for much lower prices than 2017 new 4K TVs. 2017 4Ks will also go for lower prices maybe 2 years later. It’s the way it is.

    1. Author

      Hi Tyler and thank you greatly for reading our Post and sharing it on Facebook if you don’t mind. We are trying to reach as many people as we can and educate them about 4K before they upgrade their 1080 HD TVs.

      Yep you are so right about how prices move on TVs and 4K Tvs. Prices are down and probably wont get much lower in general. But, you are very right. The best way to buy a 4K Ultra HD TV is last years model or some kind of sale on Amazon. Good Luck! – Matt. B. P.S. here are some more Posts that might interest you below.




  27. hi
    I really enjoyed your post but I wanted to know more about the the type of TV your writing about? whats unique about it ?

    It sounds like a state of the art product and I love to know more, perhaps you could do a review and link it to your post?

    in any event an enoyable post


    1. Author

      Hello, thanks for your comment and I am happy to give you more information about particular Televisions. In this Post, I did not do any specific reviews because at the bottom it links you to other Posts that do talk about specific TVs and the best ones to buy. I have give you the links below and this will allow you to learn more exactly which TVs we think are the best and the best place to buy them is Amazon. We bought our SONY on Amazon and it was great. We saved about $300 and it was delivered in 2 days right to our family room. – Matt B.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017) SAMSUNG 4K ULTRA HD TV — DEALS!



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