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The Best 4K TVs You Can Get For Under $500

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Less Than $500 For A New 4K Ultra HD TV

There is no doubt that 4K TVs are incredibly awesome!  If you have never viewed one, then you need to go to your local electronics store  (Best Buy or even Walmart) and request a demo. 

You are missing out.

4K Ultra HD TV

Not only is this another TV Watching enhancement….but it is the biggest advancement that we have seen since HD- High Definition replaced SD-Standard Definition back around year 2001.

This is no minor update to televisions.  

By quadrupling the number of pixels within its resolution, the picture image comes alive!  What you watch becomes more REAL and True-To-Life than anything you have even seen before.  It is truly amazing.

4K TV prices are way down and nearly equal to prices for 1080 HD TVs, and there is plenty of 4K content to watch nowadays….so, there is NO EXCUSE to delay your upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV.

4K TV prices are much more affordable.  But for some models, that still means way over $2,000.  Do you have $2,000 lying around?  We do not. 

We don’t have $500 lying around either, but that price feels much more reasonable. 

And, turns out, you can get some pretty good 4K TVs for that much too.

We researched the heck out of this and the list below is what we came up with.  These are all affordable new 4K Ultra HD HDR Televisions sold on Amazon.com

1. TCL Roku 50UP130

If you want a super-convenient 4K TV and don’t care about fancy extras, the UP130 series is a great choice.

The picture quality isn’t on the level with the year’s pricier TVs, and you won’t get forward-facing features like HDR compatibility or even some of the basic options like motion smoothing.

But taken for core performance and the Roku platform, the UP130 series is an awesomely affordable 4K option.

4K Ultra HD TV

2. Hisense 50H8C

This HDR option from Hisense is a study in trade-offs. You don’t get the massive peak brightness of high-end HDR LED TVs, nor the perfect black levels of an HDR OLED.

But for what it is, the H8 series is a perfectly good buy, providing future-proofed functionality and solid overall performance that will please almost everyone besides strict videophiles.

4K Ultra HD TV

3. Hisense 40H4C1

You won’t get stunning performance from this TV, but for the price—it starts at just $260 for the 40-inch model—there’s not much to complain about.

Obviously, it isn’t nearly as bright and colorful as the year’s super premium HDR TVs—and you’re missing out on 4K resolution, too—but the picture’s good enough at the end of the day, and most users are going to love the built-in Roku functions. Also, $260.

4K Ultra HD TV

4. Hisense 32H3B1

The Hisense H3 Series is as basic as it gets, with an understated design, minimal features, and no smart platform.

What it does have is a better-than-expected level of picture quality, especially with prices starting at less than $150 for the 32-inch version.

That’s phenomenal value, especially if you pair it with a cheap streaming solution like a Roku Stick or Google Chromecast.

4K Ultra HD TV

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  1. These brands are not so bad. Remember VIZIO? When they first started…they were known as some cheap off-brand TV that most people would not even consider buying. But, today they are one of the most sought-after TV brands in the industry. Vizio prices are still great, and they make a top quality television. We prefer Vizio and own several of them.

    Therefore, Hisense is definitely worth considering if budget is your number one factor. If money is an issue, but you really want to start enjoying 4K picture images…then go for one of the cheaper TVs listed above. Click the links and go directly to Amazon to begin shopping.

    We buy all of our 4K TVs from Amazon because they have the greatest selection at the lowest prices. We saved $400 by purchasing our first 4K Ultra HD TV on Amazon compared to what we would have paid for the same exact television in the store at Best Buy.

    Since then we have done many comparisons. Amazon seems to beat out every in-store (box store) that we compare products and prices with. Amazon is usually several hundred dollars cheaper than in-store prices. If you think about why….it is because they do not have the over-head that big box stores have and sales people (who are annoying, by the way and another reason to shop online at Amazon to avoid them).

    Some consumers prefer not to buy a larger, expensive fragile product online from Amazon because they never have. They may not trust online stores yet. This is understandable, but not the case anymore.

    Amazon has proven themselves to be the PROs at shipping fragile and expensive products like new 4k TVs. They issue a safe guarantee with every TV they sell. They provide free and fast shipping.

    Brick and mortar stores are closing down left and right because more and more consumers are going online to places like Amazon to do their shopping. This is a fact. So, you are NOT alone if you decide to venture online via one of our convenient links throughout this site and begin shopping.

    Amazon offers honest and real reviews for most products coming from other purchasers just like you who bought the same TV you are interested in. Read what they have to say and let that help you make your decision. Amazon is the place to save money for sure!

    Go to the store and touch and feel the TV that you want. Then come home and buy the same one off Amazon and save $500. That is exactly what we did and it worked out very, very well. We have since bought 3 more 4K TVs to replace our 1080 HD TVs in various rooms of our home.

    Good luck shopping and thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com. – Matt b.

  2. Prices have dropped so far down from just 2 years ago. The same Sony 4K TV that we bought is now more than HALF LESS of what we paid for it.

    prices are not going to get any better on 4K Ultra HD TVs.

    4K HDR, or 4K UHD HDR, 4K TVs, 4K UHD…..all on in the same are well worth upgrading to now.

  3. Hello Israel, I have been in the training about 6 months now, I love the resources of the course together with the free videos, the getting started is awesome, because is a very engaging to anyone to try for free, and all the tools the program has is outstanding, and of course nothing is easy, you have to work hard and be very consistent and motivated to be able to succeed in your business.
    I really like this review.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Author

      You indeed have to work very hard for very long before you start seeing results.  This is wjy the failure rate in affiliate marketing is extremely high.  Not.to be negative or a bummer, but this is true.

      Thank You for visiting my website http://www.4kadvice.com and supporting our cause.

      We hope that we have educated you about 4K UHD televisions.

      Regards, Matt Bronowicz

  4. Hey Matt!

    I actually was missing out! I didn’t know there were such beasts for less than $500!

    I have a Philips, but it’s pretty outdated and I wanna go for a 4k, 42″ minimum. I didn’t know the Hisense brand but it’s really something to take into account given the features and the price.

    What do you think about the curved TVs? Would you go for one of those? Do Hisense make them?

    Thanks for the review! 😉

    1. Author

      Hello Israel!  Thanks for visiting our site at http://www.4kadvice.com! Please share our site and posts with your friends so that we can reach and help educate more people.

      I have a great simple to read article about Curved today now that you ask.  They look awesome and are impressive, but they really do not serve any extra technical benefit.  With that said, if it were me, I would rather NOT spend more for a curved 4K TV, but instead put the extra money in the budget toward a LARGER 4K TV display.

      You are not alone, many consumers do not know what 4K means or what it is. If they do, then they still think 4K tV are way too expensive to buy.


      4K TV are very affordable and just as much as a 1080 HD TV cost.  You can get great deals on Amazon today on many 4K TV.  See our other offers below.  Thanks again , Matt B.


      The Absolute Best 4K TV If You’re On A Budget

      Save $500 On This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  5. My old plasma TV is about done with. It is over 10 years old, and has served me well. I can’t believe I paid over $1,000 for that 10 years ago. It is amazing how much prices have dropped and quality has improved. Anyway, that brings me to my search for a new TV. My wife gave me a budget and I am really trying to stick to it. I have my eye on the TCL Roku 50UP130. I like the Roku built in feature. The only thing I am not sure about is the brand, TCL? Can you tell me a little more about them? Is it necessary to pay more for a bigger name? Thanks for pointing these under $500 TV’s to me, it’s right in my wheel house.

    1. Author

      Hey Steve, thanks for visiting.  Good thing you know enough to go with a 4K Ultra HD TV rather than buy another 1080 HD.

      As you know, they stopped making Plasma several years ago I think around 2012-2014.  I will attached another article I wrote specifically about Plasma below which has all the details.

      But, in a nutshell, Plasma makers knew that the 4K Ultra HD TVs were coming out and after research, etc. they realized that a 4K picture image display was going to be far better than their Plasma.  Or, more specifically, in order for them to match a 4K image, it would be far too costly for them to build a plasma that would be affordable for the general public.  So, that was the end of Plasma.

      I agree, I had one too and they were the best during their time.

      You are right that prices are all way down for 4K now.  They are equal with prices of HD (1080) which has been around since about year 2000-2001.  After 17 years its time for something better.

      4K is not new.  They have been on shelves since about 2013.  I bought my first Sony 65-inch 4K in 2014 on Amazon.  Although I saved about $400 by using Amazon..I still paid $2,800 for it.  This was because 4K was so new.

      The same exact Sony TV that I bought is now selling for $1,300 today on Amazon.  That hurts to see.  But, no regrets since we have been able to completely enjoy watching 4K content now for many years.

      Plus, it is standard now that all 4K TV have HDR-  HDR gives producers no limits on matching colors.  In other words, 4K pixels along with HDR color is going to make the picture image look so real and true-to-life that  you will feel like you are there in person.

      Now, TCL…I have another article about this.  Remember Vizio by chance.  At the beginning many years ago it was a no-namer.  But, today it is one of the best, name brand TV on the market.  I have owned several Vizio and I love them!

      TCL is another Vizio.  The name is simply new and therefore it benefits the customer because they have to start with real low prices in order to grab market share.  However, quality you cannot go wrong with TCL.

      Many people do not know that most components on ANY TV including the best Sony and Samsung all come from only 2-3 different manufacturers.  This means that whether its name brand or brand new like Insignia….off market brand…all these TVs are basically built with the same part.  They are all very quality.

      Its the name that you spend extra for.

      So, to conclude….go for the TCL.  We have received hundreds of positive reviews about their 4K HDR RokU TV.  You cant go wrong, PLUS the price is amazing.  They are so cheap but yet very high quality.

      Amazon has the best TCL deals right now for even like a 50 inch.  Here are some Posts below that might help you.  Good Luck, Matt B.

      The Absolute Best 4K TV If You’re On A Budget

      Save $500 On This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

      HDR…..EXPLAINED: This Is Another Reason Why You Should Upgrade To 4K

  6. This article comes at the perfect time! The TV in our living room (which I am not afraid to admit I have no clue what type it is haha) recently started showing some signs of age by having a strip of the pixels go out. It is about 6 years old at this point so I anticipate we will be looking for a new one soon!

    As a mom of 3 kids, I am always looking for a good deal and your price tag of $500 or less is right up my alley. You offered some great suggestions, but my concern is that if the price for the other 4k tvs is so much more, is there something we are NOT getting by going with these cheaper options?

    Thank you for your input!

    1. Author

      Hi Jennie, thanks so much for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com.  Thanks especially for taking the time to comment on our article.  We have a lot of other Posts that will help teach you about 4K televisions….over 150 articles actually.

      Our goal when we first started was to educate people about 4K Ultra HD TVs in order that they be able to make an informed purchase decision when the time comes for them to upgrade their TV.  Like in your case is a perfect example and we are so glad that our goals are being met.

      You are NOT alone in that MOST people do not know what “4K” is or what it means.

      The good news is that its not complicated.  It simply means that todays televisions are basically FOUR times better overall than what we have been watching for the past 17 years.

      HD or 1080 HD TVs Flat Panels have been in our family rooms since about year 2000.  Now, 18 years later we finally have something much better to talk about and to watch.  HD was incredible when it first came out.  It was so crisp and clean and you could hang the HD TV on your wall!

      Today, a 4K TV still looks the exact same as a flat panel HD TV, except that ‘underneath;, the 4K Ultra High Definition contains FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD TV contains.

      That might not mean much to most, so in simple terms….a 4000 pixel resolution TV just means that what you watch is going to look THAT much more REAL and TRUE-TO-LIFE.  And, it really does.  It makes a huge difference to have all those extra pixels compared to 1080 HD.  You will have to see a demo in the store to realize how good it is and how far we have come with our TV watching tech.

      Then, come back to our site 4KADVICE.com or bookmark us, Because we are showing people what the best deals are on 4K TV and that usually means clicking on our Amazon banners and links to take you over to shop for the greatest selection and lowest prices on 4K UHD TVs.

      More good news is that 4K TV prices have dropped significantly over the past 1-2 years.  They use to be expensive like al new tech is at first.

      Today though, we are way best the “at first” part of this newer 4K Tech.  Its not new anymore since 4K TV have been on shelves in stores for over 5 years now.

      You will want to replace your 1080 HD TV(S) with 4K UHD TVs because 4K TVs are priced the same as 1080 HD TV nowadays.  It makes no sense to buy another 1080 HD when you can have 4K,

      Plus, 4K TVs are replacing 1080 HD and all the support and focus will be on 4K from here on out.

      Thanks for coming and please come back to us!  – Here are some more helpful posts below.  –Mattyb.

      The Absolute Best 4K TV If You’re On A Budget



  7. Hubby is going television shopping and this article is quite helpful. He wants the curve tv but I find it nonsensical in price and quality. Especially if we can get one for 500 or less.
    Are all these televisions also “smart”? Also for the gamers in the family which would be best?
    Thank you for your input!

    1. Author

      Hi there,  Below is a link to one of our articles about Curved Tvs so it should be helpful.  Some other links also that might help in your quest.

      But, you are right.  Curved Tvs are 100% for show!  They really serve no technical purpose.  They dont make the picture better or this or that.

      They only look super cool in your family room and they will WOW your friends and neighbors…if that is what you want.

      But, if it were me, I would spend the extra money on a larger display.  With 4K TVs the larger the display the better it works.

      Curved DO have a higher price on them obviously.

      Thanks for visiting our site http://www.4kadvice.com and please come back.  Please use our Amazon links too! – Matt B.




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