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The Two Best 4K UHD Televisions For Under $800

As I write this Post, I cannot even believe how cheap you can buy a quality, large 4K TV for these days.  It is just amazing to me.  I am coming from a place where back in 2014 I paid $2,943 for my very first 4K Ultra HD TV.  It was a SONY BRAVIA 65-INCH 4K UHD Television.

I still have and watch this same Sony 4K TV today.  The picture image is absolutely amazing when I watch a native or real 4K-made film.  More on that later.  However, the only downside to my 2014 Sony 4K TV is that it does NOT have High Dynamic Range – HDR.  HDR had not been invented yet.  HDR is only a few years old and nowadays, every single 4K TV made comes with HDR.  It is a standard. 

HDR has to do with the color gamut.  With HDR, the picture image is limitless as to how many colors it can reproduce.  This means that when a film is being made, the cameras can reproduce or match the exact same colors that exist in real life if you were looking at them.

HDR definitely plays a major role in 4K true-to-life picture imagery on a Television.  However, even without HDR a 4K resolution picture is simply astounding.   You have to see it to believe it for yourself.


Now, regarding price.  All technology starts out super, duper high priced.  That is just a fact.  This is why most wise consumers wait a few years for prices to drop on any new technology.  Maybe I was not-so-wise back in 2014 because after I accidentally saw a demo on a 4K TV in a local electronics store…..I HAD to own a 4K UHD TV.

I convinced my wife it was an investment  (wrong, TV electronics do NOT appreciate.  They go obsolete- worthless after a few years) and we spent nearly $3,000 on our 65-inch Sony 4K UHD TV.

I say all of this to say that today…if you are reading this…you  have it much, much better than I did back in 2014.   Not only do you have more informational websites to help you learn about 4K  (including this one!), but you have drastically lower prices.   The price of a new 4K TV is now the same price, if not lower than the price of a typical 1080 HD TV.  I say typical because 720 and 1080 HD TVs have been around now for 18 years.  But, they are going obsolete as 4K replaces 1080.

Back in 2018, we could find no helpful information online about 4K Televisions.  Nothing, Zippo, Zilch.  We searched and searched and there were no websites or blogs about 4K.  It was that new.

The only thing you could find is some small details about 4K coming from the only 4K TV makers around at the time which were SONY and SAMSUNG.  Other than that, we were on our own.  This is exactly when and why we decided to create a FREE, helpful and informational website blog about “ALL THINGS 4K”.   Our site, was born.

Please share our site and help educate other about 4K TVs.  You do not want someone going and buying another 1080 HD Flat Panel TV when they could buy an updated 4K UHD HDR TV for the same exact price!  Or, the smarter, online shoppers can even get a better deal if you do your homework.

By homework, I simply mean coming to and reading this article!  Because below we will tell you how you can buy a brand new, state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD Television with HDR.  It is standard now that all 4K TVs come with HDR so do not worry about that.

It blew our mind to know that you have two choices when it comes to 65 -inch 4K TVs for under $800.  And, both are well name brand names who produce high quality televisions.

4K Smart TV

LG and TCL are these brands.

Everyone knows who LG is and by now most know who TCL is.   TCL is similar to VIZIO.  Remember way back when….Vizio was a no body.  They were an off-brand who sold super cheap electronics and televisions.  Anyone who bought one took a big risk because no one knew anything about the company.  They were new to the scene.

It turns out, that VIZIO has pulled it off!  They have gone from a nobody to one of the largest, most sought after Television makers in the world.  Their prices are low and their 4K Televisions are considered high quality by all critics.

TCL is in line to be one of the same.  Their 4K HDR TVs are very high quality says the experts.  Yet, their prices are those of the non-name branders.  They are shooting up in rank and more and more consumers are noticing.

When it comes to finances and budgets today, the majority of us are tight.  We live paycheck to paycheck and do not have a lot of extra funds to spend.  But, no household or family should ever deprive themselves of the best TV Watching Experience.

What is HDR

After all, for many people, TV Watching is their main source of de-stressing.  It certainly is my number one activity that shuts my brain down and gives me a break.  TV allows me to forget about myself and get intwined into OPD  – Other Peoples Drama.  It works out great.

With this said, I want the best TV watching experience that I can get.  Thus, why I jumped on board immediately and bought the new 4K TVs.  They took me by surprise back in 2014.  There has been more and more 4K content released every month since then.  Now, there is plenty to keep anyone busy forever.

If you do not yet own a 4K TV you are missing out.  It is time for you to upgrade.  It is well worth the money to modernize your household and create bigger and better memories.  Watching a native 4K film on your new 4K TV will be unforgettable.  WHY?  Because the resolution is so fine, so clear and crisp that it makes it seem like you are there.

4k upscaling

It is like looking through a window at a real live scene.  You can see water droplets in a waterfall and sand speckles on a beach.  The wrinkles and pores on a person’s face are highly visible.  It makes watching Television entirely different than we have ever seen before.

As you can tell by now, I could go on and on about how awesome 4K is.  So, I better move on to my original point….PRICE.

You can buy a new 4K UHD HDR TV for under $800 today on AMAZON.  And, we highly suggest you do this because we know that you will have no regrets.

Here Are Those TWO Televisions That Will Help You Save Money While Upgrading:

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