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Here are just 5 of the best 65-inch 4K UHD TVs that exist today.  We recommend you start your shopping research with these.

Don’t forget to read reviews once you get to the Amazon product page.  Feedback from honest purchasers is the best way to learn about a product.


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Our #1 Pick – LG 65EF9500 OLED



Finding the best 65 inch TV absolutely requires that you do some homework ahead of time, especially in light of their high price and large size.  Otherwise you might end up over paying for a model that will be outdated in a few months time, doesn’t offer the best display or the latest features.

That in mind it also pays to learn some of the jargon associated with modern televisions, as outlined below. Finding the best 65 inch LED TV also requires understanding what features are important to you, as not all large screen TVs are created equal and nor is the person watching them.  For instance, you may already own an Amazon Fire TV.  So is a SmartTV a necessity?


Which 65-inch 4K TV is Right For You?

As the list of available 65-inch 4K TVs continues to grow when each product cycle passes by, manufacturers are finally starting to hone in on which features consumers want the most and how to make them the best they can possibly be.

Screens like the LG 65UH6550 are packed with more goodies and extras than ever, and Samsung is already splashing into the curved 4K scene with the UN65KS8500. If cost is of no concern then we can’t recommend the Sony X930D highly enough, however if you’re pinching every penny the Hisense 65H7B2 will get the job just fine too.

The 4K revolution is still just getting its training wheels off, but we expect that with sets like these hitting the shelves, it may only be a few more years before people can’t even remember what it was like to watch their content in plain old HD.

We happen to own the Sony 65inch 4K TV.  We bought it back in 2014 on Amazon.com.  We saved over $300 by using Amazon and it was delivered within 2 days FREE of charge for shipping.  Can’t beat that!  It was so much more convenient to shop online than to drive to the store and weed wack through all the many hounding sales people who annoy you as you walk.  Plus, we always rely on honest customer reviews and Amazon provides these on every product.

Use our Amazon Link Below And Begin Shopping For Your New 4K Ultra HD TV.  Good Luck!

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  1. I would take any one of these awesome 4K UHD TVs. They are all awesome. You cant go wrong as long as you get an ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION 4K Television. Do not buy another 1080 HD TV. Prices are about the same so go upward and enjoy the greatest , most real looking picture image that exists today….4K.

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