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The 7 Best 65-Inch 4K TVs to Buy in 2018

Transform your home into a personal cinema with a 65-inch 4K TV. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, 4K definition packs four times more pixels than HD TVs.

The result is richer contrast, brighter color and a more lifelike viewing experience. The latest batch of 65-inch TVs are lighter than ever before, easily mounted on a wall with little in the way of cords or clutter, transforming your room into an ultra-modern entertainment center. 

Remember, that 4K Ultra HD TVs are currently priced the same as any 1080i HD TV.  This is happening because manufacturers are totally replacing 1080 HD TVs with 4K UHD Tvs. 

Just like High Definition took over Standard Definition back in year 2000, after 18 years….we are finally getting a better, higher resolution Television that will blow your mind. 

The picture image is so clear, so crisp when you watch a native, or real 4K film that it is like you are right there live on the scene. 

4K brings you a very true-to-life picture that makes watching television better than it has ever been before.


Here are a few of the best of the best on the market right now:

This premium 4K HDR TV from Sony offers remarkable color and contrast, thanks to the 4K HDR Processor X1. The processor is Sony’s latest design and offers greater real-time image processing power than previous versions.

The Object-based HDR Remaster technology can optimize and detect every object in a picture to optimize even non-HDR content and upscale it to 4K quality. The result is more lifelike content that delivers exceptional detail and clarity.

The colors are natural and authentic, thanks to TRILUMINOS Display that brings more color shades, while Bit Mapping adds thousands of shades and gradations of light.

AndroidTV powers the smart technology, showing you thousands of apps in an instant. Combine that with PlayStation Vue’s live TV streaming without any contract or fees, which gives you the on-demand sports and shows you want without the expense of a cable bill or package.

The remote has integrated voice search with the power of Google to translate up to 42 languages, so you have an easy way to find the shows you want to watch.


*Note:  My name is Matt and I am the Founder of this website blog  I wanted to let you know that my very first 4K UHD TV was this SONY 850 65-inch 4K Ultra HD. 

However, I did not pay the current price of $1,100 on Amazon.  Instead, back in 2014 I paid an ‘arm and a leg’!  You see, 4K was very new in 2014. 

Prices were still sky-high for these incredibly awesome televisions.  I had seen a demo of a 4K TV in a local electronics store, and I just had to have one.  After a long battle and effort to persuade the wife into letting me spend the money….I purchased one. 

We have loved it ever since.  We did a lot of research in order to make the best informed purchase decision.   However, back in 2013 & 2014 there was not much information or help online about 4K TVs.  There was basically nothing. 

That is when we decided to help our fellow consumers and create an informative, up-to-date website blog that would educate people about this new technology.  Thus, was created.

It is a free informational site that we maintain.  However, in order to keep this running…it would be very helpful if you simply clicked on our 3rd party Ads on the right side of the site. 

Or, More importantly,….PLEASE click on any of our Amazon banner Ads and go do your normal shopping on Amazon. 

Especially if you are buying a new 4K TV….Amazon is the best place to do so with the lowest prices and largest selection.

We bought our first Sony on Amazon and paid $2,982!  However, we still saved over $400 by using Amazon at this time.  We prefer SONY because they were the first to pioneer this new 4K resolution technology. 

They did it first.  But, since then, many other manufacturers have followed suit and honestly they all make great, quality 4K Ultra HD Televisions as well.  We are just highlighting the best of the best for you within this website and post.  HAPPY SHOPPING!

OLED TVs have the ability to turn off individual pixels, providing unparalleled darkness and the purest black. This has the effect of strengthening the adjacent colors, which then provides the best contrast available.

This 4K OLED TV from LG is a premium model with ultra-cinematic expression (and surprise, surprise, has excellent contrast). The incredible imagery is complemented by excellent sound, thanks to Dolby Atmos, the same that is used in state-of-the-art theaters.

The vibrant color and cinematic sound are further enhanced by a wide viewing angle that gives an excellent view to every seat in the room. The TV is also razor thin, so it blends effortlessly into the wall or anywhere you want to mount it.

Then you can queue up movies and content with the webOS 3.5 Smart TV functionality.

And when you pair it with the LG Magic remote it is easier than ever to browse through digital media. Just flick the wrist or press a button to control your entertainment.

Samsung’s latest 65-inch 4K TV features a vibrant range of colors with excellent contrast, a product of Samsung’s 4K Color Drive and 4K HDR Pro. HDR is the latest trend in video technology, providing deeper and brighter colors and clarity, which really brings images to life. Samsung also includes Essential Black Pro technology that creates deeps shades of black for a more immersive viewing experience that frames the color even more. All of this is presented on a 4K UHD screen and has a silky smooth refresh rate of 120hz.

In addition to the vibrant screen, the TV brings integrated smart technology. Built in Wi-Fi and the Samsung Smart Hub puts all your favorite streaming platforms and apps together in one place. The action is controlled by Samsung’s OneRemote, which automatically detects and controls all connected devices for a simpler viewing experience.

Interested in reading more reviews? Take a look at our selection of the best Samsung TVs

This 65” 4K model is a bit more affordable than others on this list, but still delivers an amazing viewing experience. With a 120Hz effective refresh rate and bright LED backlighting, you can expect true-to-life color and action. Scene by scene optimization activates HDR to its fullest potential in every moment, while IPS technology presents strong contrast ratio that remains consistent even at wide angles. LG’s webOS 3.5 brings you all the popular streaming video apps, plus 70 free premium Internet channels.

This QLED TV from Samsung is based on their proprietary Quantum Dots technology. This allows dark blacks that can provide stark contrast to the more than billion shades and 100 percent color volume. As a result, the TV delivers elite contrast for a gorgeous picture. A 240 motion rate brings the action to life without any motion blur, so sports content and action movies look crisp and smooth.

The TV’s design features a boundless 360-degree design that makes the screen melt into the wall, so that it looks elegant from every direction. Samsung’s new Invisible Connection allows you to mount the TV to the wall with no gap, while the One Connect Box streamlines all of your connections so you don’t need the wires and additional boxes that clutter up your living space.

*NOTE:   TCL Televisions have come onto the scene strong!  They are similar to how Vizio went from a non-brand company to a mainstream highly sought after brand.  TCL makes a quality Television and at the lowest price available.

With that said, this particular TCL 4K UHD Television is actually the lowest priced out of all of these Televisions we have presented.  You can buy a new one of these on Amazon for $743!   That is an incredible deal compared to the $2,943 we paid to purchase our very first Sony 65-inch 4K UHD TV back in 2014.

TCL’s Roku Smart TVs are the No. 1 seller in a number of categories, thanks to their affordable price point and intuitive smart TV functionality. This 2017 65-inch 4K model brings 4,000 streaming channels and more than 450,000 movies and TV episodes right to your fingertips. The menu is simple to navigate, using a tile-interface with search functionality to access everything in seconds. A powerful mobile app and simple remote makes everything even easier to navigate.

The 4K Ultra HD picture clarity has strong color and contrast, while High Dynamic Range brings the picture to life. A refresh rate of 120Hz reduces motion blur and connectivity options such as USB, HDMI and Ethernet bring you to the Internet.

Curved TVs envelop you in the action and this 65-inch TV from Samsung delivers immersive 4K visuals with a wide range of color and contrast. 4K Color Drive Pro brings an expanded range of colors that light up the gracefully curved screen, while edge-lit LED backlight provides good contrast and black levels. Even older content looks glorious, thanks to UHD Upscaling that brings HD and SD into the 4K realm. Motion Rate 120 (60Hz refresh rate) keeps up with action. The TV also features a One Remote and the Quad-Core processor helps you easily switch between apps.




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