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We Love The Bravia 4K Sony TV


You would be very pleased while watching TV on this   SONY FWD55X700D 55 INCH DIAG 4K/UHD PRO BRAVIA SMART DISPLAY/WIFI/RS232

Actually, we recommend any 4K Sony TV.  Sony was the first major manufacturer to pioneer the 4K technology.  Perhaps it was because they had the largest research & development department with deep pockets.  Or, perhaps they are just the most advanced television creator of all time.

Its NOT that we would NOT recommend other brands, because that is not the case.  We also love Samsung and LG.  Today, you will not fail if you purchase any 4K Ultra HD TV from the top 4 or 5 brands.  Vizio is one of the top brands.  We highly recommend their TVs as well.  We have owned a large Vizio TV and it was the very first SMART TV we owned.   Therefore, we have some great memories when it comes to Vizio.

The main point that we want to emphasis here, is not any specific brand to buy from.  They are all good these days and many parts that make up a television come from just a few manufacturers.  It is the final branding name that makes the difference in the end before it hits the shelf.  We are encouraging people to UPGRADE now.  Start enjoying your 4K Sony TV now or any other Ultra HD TV for that matter.  Create lasting memories with friends and family by hosting TV watching parties or Sporting events on your new 4K Ultra HD TV.  Show it off!  Because it is worth showing off.

We LOVE our 4K Sony TV!

Its not a matter of going from 720 HD to 1080HD.  This is not some tiny little upgrade that barely makes a difference. This is a big jump upward in resolution.

4K Sony TV


4K Sony TVs Are A Big Jump Forward!

Get on the band wagon now.  Don’t listen to people who are saying that 4K is too expensive and there is NOT enough 4K content.  That simply is NOT true whatsoever.  There is 4K content galoreWe have many Posts on this site 4KADVICE.COM  that discuss 4K content and all that it has to offer.  There is plenty to keep you busy all year long.  A year or two ago, someone could have made the case that there wasn’t enough 4K content to justify purchasing a new 4K.  And, that prices were still too high.

We dispute the content argument from a year or two ago, because we bought our very first Sony 4K 65-inch television in 2014.  Even back then we found enough 4K content to keep us busy.  This might have been because we also purchased a SONY 4K Media Player.  This media player receiver only contained 4K movies and TV shows.

Its not just about the 4K content!  Many people do not realize that ALL 4K Ultra HD TVs do what is called UPSCALING. 4K Sony TV

This means that the 4K TV will automatically enhance the resolution to greater than 720 or 1080..depending on what kind of TV you have.  The picture image must be a minimum 720 or 1080 HD.  Therefore, everything you watch on your new 4K is going to be much improved over 1080 HD.  It cannot be UPSCALED to a full 4K, but none-the-less it makes for a better picture quality than what you have now.

Check out the details of our highly recommended 4K  Ultra HD SONY TV below.  The same model comes in various sized, therefore all consumer budgets should be accommodated.




4K Ultra HD TVs


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  1. This is an awesome TV! Any 4K Sony TV is going to do you very, very well. We think they are the best of all 4K TVs, however there are other good ones like Vizio and Samsung.

  2. How about you? Do you own any kind of 4K Ultra HD, Or possibly a 4K Sony TV and do you like it?

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    1. You are very welcome and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know this. Our main goal is to educate people about 4K technology so that people can make informed and better purchase decisions when the time comes. We teach about 4K Ultra HD TVs as well as other 4K devices with screens that have a resolution that can be upgraded to 4K. Thanks and Please share our site http://www.4KADVICE.com – Matt B.

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