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If you’re ready to take the leap to 4K, these models are your best bet.

With prices falling, 4K content options expanding, and features such as high-dynamic range (HDR) becoming more widespread, you may be looking for a 4K TV this year.  As a matter of fact, we highly recommend that you do.  Now, is the time to upgrade.  Prices are not getting any lower and there are plenty of 4K movies and TV shows to keep you busy all year long.  Plus, producers are now filming with 4K camera systems because they are replacing the 2K cameras.  Furthermore, producers know that soon everyone will have 4K Ultra HD Televisions.  Several of the top performers from our ratings are listed below (including some leftover 2016 models, which might present great bargains).

There is nothing wrong with the 2016 models.  They are just the same as the 2017.  4K means that the display is 4K so the only differences are in price.  Amazon is ridding themselves of all 2016 models by slashing prices bigtime.  This will not last forever, so go and buy now.  You can use our convenient links to Amazon.  They provide the best selection with the lowest prices online.  They have guaranteed 2-day FREE shipping.  What more can you ask for when a nice, new, large 4K TV is delivered right into your living room?

Brick & mortar stores are closing down.  Best Buy is closing some stores as well as HHGregg.  There are many malls across America that are even shutting down because they cannot fill leases.  WHY?  Everyone is shopping online for convenience and cost-savings.  We did the same thing…bought our SONY on Amazon.

4K means 4K

Among the best 4K TVs, you’ll find two basic technologies: LED LCD sets and OLED sets. The OLEDs topped our ratings last year in the larger screen sizes, and we’ll be looking to see whether they manage the same feat again this year. The first 2017 LG OLED TV is now in our lab for testing, and we expect to review OLED sets from Sony for the first time.

OLED TVs can deliver a truly stunning picture in part because they do such a great job of displaying the blackest parts of an image.  But they still remain relatively pricey compared with most other LCD-based sets of the same size.

Still, the overwhelming majority of 4K TVs sold this year will be LED LCD models—and you can find some highly rated options for less than $1,000.  Manufacturers are using both LCD & LED.  This creates a much better picture image.   The better LCD sets do a good job with black levels.  They also tend to be brighter, and that’s good if you often watch television in a well-lit room.

We expect to see some top-tier LCD models from major brands, including Samsung and Sony, to give OLED TVs a run for the money.

Before you decide on an LCD-based model, though, check out the viewing angle, especially if you plan to watch TV with family or friends:  On many sets, the picture looks best only when viewed head-on.


Everyone Is Shopping Online


Best Overall TV


You’d be hard pressed to find a TV better than the LG OLED65G6P, a 65-inch 4K OLED UHD TV in the company’s flagship “Signature” G6 series. It was our top TV for 2016. As you’d expect, it has excellent high-definition picture and excellent UHD performance, and like all OLED TVs, it has an unlimited viewing angle. Another plus: It has very good sound, thanks to the sound bar-style speaker system integrated into the stand. It’s also a 3D model with very good 3D performance, a feature that will disappear from the market this year. Like all of LG’s OLED and top-tier LCD sets, it supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) technology and is capable of reproducing a wider range of colors than regular sets.


Best 55-Inch Set


Also among the very best sets we tested last year, the LG OLED55E6P boasts excellent high-definition picture and excellent Ultra High Definition (UHD) performance. Like all OLED TVs, it has an almost unlimited viewing angle, and the sound quality from its integrated sound bar speaker is very good. And like the G6 set, this TV has very good 3D performance and support for both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards, and it comes with LG’s updated webOS 3.0 smart TV platform.


Tops for HDR
Sony XBR-65X930E

Sony XBR-65X930E

Narrowly edging out the new Samsung QLED set below, the 2017 Sony XBR-65X930E wows with excellent high-definition picture quality and excellent UHD performance. Its unique edge-lit local-dimming backlight, called Slim Backlight Drive, delivers great blacks and contrast. This model is also capable of very effective HDR performance, which can—when done well—produce enhanced contrast and brighter specular highlights. Like all Sony HDR models, the set supports both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats and uses Google’s Android TV smart TV platform.


Best TV for Sound and Colors
Samsung QN65Q7F

Samsung QN65Q7F

The 65-inch Samsung QN65Q7F, a 4K UHD TV in the company’s entry-level series of QLED TVs for 2017, delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and excellent UHD performance. Perhaps more surprising given its super-svelte profile, it also offers excellent sound quality. Like the Sony above, it can deliver a very effective HDR performance—it supports just the HDR10 format, though—and it has an extended range of rich, vibrant colors. This is a flat screen model; those enamored of curved screens should consider the similar QN55Q7C model. Both feature Samsung’s updated Tizen smart TV platform.

Best 4K TV Under $1,000

Samsung UN55KS8000

We’ve seen the Samsung UN55KS8000 4K UHD TV, a 55-inch model in Samsung’s midtier non-SUHD line for 2016, for $800 to $900 recently. Despite its relatively low price, it delivers excellent UHD and high-definition picture quality. This set has a curved screen, edge-based LED backlighting with local dimming, and Samsung’s Tizen smart TV system. Like other Samsung models in this series, it can control almost any other component in your system, including cable/satellite boxes, plugged into an HDMI input.


4K Ultra HD Tvs





  1. We are partial to the SONY models. We bought our first 4K Ultra HD TV in 2014 and we paid a hefty, hefty price for it. The 4K tech was so new at the time that prices had not had a chance to drop like they normally do when tech gets older and more popular. Anyway, we have no regrets because we have enjoyed it for 3 years now. We have watched so many movies and shows in 4K that its hard to go back and watch 1080 HD flick. It makes a huge difference to the picture image. Its so REAL, so clear, so crisp and so true-to-life that it boggles your mind. It basically looks like what you would see with your own natural eyes. If you don’t own a 4K you will soon because that is mostly what is being sold now. 4K WILL BE REPLACING 1080 HD…for sure.

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