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Be The First In Your Group Of Friends To Buy A 4K Ultra HD TV


How would you like to be sitting in your family room with your family & friends showing off your new 4K Ultra HD TV?  Who wouldn’t want this?  This world is full of competing individuals.  We compare ourselves to ‘The Jones’ next door to see what they have that we do not.  It is human nature to want to excel ahead of others and show off the fruits of our labor.  You could be the talk of the town by being the first to purchase a 4K Ultra HD TV and show everyone else what they are missing out on.

Only 10% of households currently own a 4K television.  However, over the next couple of years more than half of consumers will upgrade to a 4K UHD TV.  This is because many consumers are still not aware of 4K or what it is exactly.  People are just beginning to hear about this new technology.  If you too are wondering what 4K is, all us to explain.

In a nutshell, a 4K Ultra High Definition Television is basically the same type of TV that you currently have in your family room.  If you own a 720 or 1080 HD TV, of which you must since they did away with Standard Definition analog TVs long ago, then you already know basically what a 4K TV is.  Both are High Definition televisions.  1080 HD refers to the number of vertical pixels.  All 4K means is that instead of 1080 pixel resolution, you are getting 4000 vertical pixels.  The more pixels the higher the resolution.  The higher the resolution the better your picture image appears when you watch it.

To clarify, 4K Ultra HD TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs.  4K TVs are FOUR times better overall picture quality than 1080 HD.  And, this increased number of pixels and resolution makes a HUGE difference!  The difference is very noticeable.  When you watch a 1080 HD TV the picture is good.  Compared to Standard Definition (SD) analog, 1080 High Definition was amazing when it first came out.  I remember thinking that nothing could be better than 1080 HD.  Most of us were probably thinking that if you are old enough to have experienced analog or standard definition TV.


More Pixels Means Higher Resolution

Boy, was I wrong!  We should never under estimate technology.  There is something far better than 1080 HD and its called 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION.  This type of TV will be replacing 1080 HD.  You can still purchase a 1080 HD obviously and will still be able to for a long time.  But, why would you?  We bought our first 4K two years ago in early 2014.  These TVs were very new at that time and prices were as high as they could get since it was new technology.  Although 4K is still fairly new, prices have been cut in half since 2014.  Prices today seem to be leveling off and will probably remain at this level.

A lady recently told me that they purchased another 1080 HD TV.  They declined to upgrade to a 4K UHD TV because they wanted to wait for prices to drop lower.  Plus, they were thinking that there isn’t enough 4K content to justify buying 4K right now.  We are here to tell you that BOTH of these reasons are false and outdated.

  •  4K Prices have dropped significantly & remain at a reasonable cost
  • There is plenty of 4K content to keep you busy all year long!

We compared many different 4K TV prices with 1080 HD TV prices and were surprised to see that there was NOT much difference.  Of course you can get great deals on HD TVS, but so can you with today’s 4K Ultra HD TVs.  As a matter of fact, right now is a wonderful time to purchase a 4K TV (Winter/Spring 2017).  Merchants are trying to get rid of their 2016 4K stock, therefore they have slashed prices to super low levels.  You can especially find these on Amazon.

We bought our very first 4K Ultra HD TV back in 2014.  Therefore, it is more than 3 years old now, but it is a fantastic, amazing 4K television.  The picture image is out of this world.  The point is that if you are thinking that a 2016 model TV is outdated, its NOT!  It would be wise to take advantage of the sale prices for 2016 models and buy your first 4K TV to start enjoying it!  Take advantage of online merchants getting rid of 2016 stock before these sales end.

Amazon usually lists in the title of the TV that it is a 2016 model.  And, they show the discounted sale price as well.  This way you know what the original price was and how much you are saving.

Our TV is a SONY 65-inch 4K Ultra HD, SMART, 3D and it is absolutely awesome to watch movies and TV shows on.  We also invested in a SONY 4K Media Player.  This media player contains only native 4K content and they update it monthly with new content as it comes out.  We also have a 4K Blu-ray player.  These players are very inexpensive like around $120.  The top best content to watch on any 4K TV are the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray movies.  This brings Blu-ray technology together with 4K resolution and it will blow your mind how quality the picture image is.



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