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Netflix Never Ceases To Amaze Us

If you recently bought a new 4K Ultra HD Television, or you plan to buy one…keep this in mind:  Netflix should be your number one Go-To place for streaming UHD 4K content.

For only a few extra dollars per month, you can sign up for the 4K membership.  You can only do so if you have a 4K Ultra HD TV obviously.  The Netflix system knows how to double-check and make sure your TV is indeed a 4K.

Within their 4K movie and TV Show ‘department’, there are hundreds of films to watch.  They keep adding more every month.

You get to watch all the regular HD movies and shows of which your new 4K UHD TV will automatically upscale.  This is one major benefit of your 4K TV.  All 4K TVs do what is called ‘UPSCALING’. 

4K TV Smart

This means that it will take any minimum 720 or 1080 HD mastered-film and digitally enhance it within your TV display by filling in all the extra pixels that are contained within the display. 

They basically squeeze all kinds of technical data like color, sharpness, contract into those additional pixels.  In turn, this makes the picture image far better than what it looked like in its original format (of 720 or 1080 HD).

Yes, a lot of people do not realize that a 4K TV does upscaling.  It is also known as UPCONVERTING.  These both mean the exact same.

This means that basically anything you watch on your 4K TV is going to be digitally optimized.  This includes cable TV, and over-the-air broadcasts….as long as they are minimum HD.

You do not just have to watch 4K content in order to get all the benefits from a 4K Ultra HD TV.

Now, when upscaling is done…the picture image is NOT going to look as good as a real, native 4K mastered film.  It will end up somewhere in between 1080 HD resolution and 3800 HD. 

The good news is that it will for sure look better than anything you watch on a standard 1080 HD flat panel television.

4k upscaling

Mastered in 4K

When it comes to 4K content, the best is the real, native 4K Movies and TV Shows.  All this means is that the film was made using 4K resolution camera systems.  This is what makes them real.

If a movie was filmed using only 2K resolution cameras, it is not capturing nearly as much detail & data as a 4K camera would.  However, every month there are hundreds of 1080 HD (2K mastered films) being released under the label “4K UHD”.

This has become very confusing to consumers.  Producers are taking older 1080 HD movies and digitally enhancing them to then be called “4K”. 

Really what they are is upscaled or upconverted 1080 HD films.  Similar to how your new 4K TV does upscaling, so can the producers and owners of movies.

They go into a computer system with the original film and re-master it by digitally enhancing the all the extra pixels found within a 4K resolution display. 

They are basically adding additional data & details to each pixel which makes for a much better picture image. 

The more pixels a display contains, the higher the resolution.  The higher the resolution, the more crisp and clear the image is.  The more REAL it is and true-to-life while you are watching it.

That about sums it up.

4K UHD Netflix

Real Or Fake 4K

With your new 4K TV, just be aware of what you are watching.  You can refer to our Posts concerning Real or Fake 4K content.  This basically lets you know how the film was made. 

Did they use 2K or 4K camera systems.  If they used 2K, then they are going to enhance the film and then label it “4K”.  But, if they used a 4K camera then the film will already be as real as real gets and native in its origin. 

These are obviously going to look the best on your 4K TV screen.

Knowing the difference will prevent you from getting disappointed in your new 4K Ultra HD TV.  And, trust us…this has happened.

We have received many comments here at www.4KAdvice.com from our Readers telling us that they were frustrated that their new 4K TV did not have a fabulous picture image.   

We asked them what exactly they were watching.  They simply replied that it said it was a 4K movie.

We then educated them about the upscaling versus real and native 4K content.  If you want to know exactly what you are watching, refer to our list of Real and Fake 4K Movies and TV shows linked below.

real or fake 4K

(Image Provided By: www.RealOrFake4K.com)

Original Netflix

The thing we like most about Netflix is their original content.  Most of it is filmed using 4K resolution cameras. 

This means that they are delivering top quality, Ultra High Definition 4K TV Shows that are top-notch.

The acting is actually very good.  The plots are fantastic.  There is a huge selection of genres to choose from.  Netflix is producing thrillers, action, drama, comedy and you name it.

Most of these can be found under the UHD 4K section on Netflix if you happen to own a 4K Ultra HD TV.  We hope you do.

Netflix never disappoints and we love them!

We have been watching Netflix for many, many years.  At first, they had limited films which seemed to be older.  Then, they kicked it into gear. 

4K Movies

Not only did they start producing their own original content, but they began showing movies that were just recently in theaters.

As long as Netflix continues to produce top-notch original TV series….they have the most potential out of all streaming companies.

We also favor Amazon Video.  They too, have been producing their own original content and A LOT of it.  They closely compare to Netflix as far as how many original TV shows they have available.  They do their 4K UHD memberships a bit different.

As long as you are an Amazon Prime member  (which we highly recommend;   You can sign up right here on our website on the RIGHT SIDE bar)…most of the 4K content is FREE. 

You can also RENT and PURCHASE many different newer films.

All in all, there is plenty of 4K content to justify upgrading to a new 4K Ultra HD TV.  This is for sure.  Every month, more and more 4K gets released.

Soon, most of what we watch will be in 4K Ultra High Definition, because most of us are going to own 4K TVs.

4K is Replacing HD, Just Like HD Replaced SD.

This happened back around year 2000.  I am sure most of you remember when the Flat Panel TVs first came out.  Along with these came High Definition (HD). 

HD was significantly better in sharpness, clarity, color etc. because of its higher resolution.

SD- Standard Definition TV did not even compare to HD.  It was like watching blurry, crappy television,..yet we did so for so many decades.

We also left behind those big, bulky, ugly Tube Box TVs which required 3 grown men to carry a larger one.  Thank God those are gone.


                            BYE BYE BULKY TUBE BOX!


Today, there is no difference between a flat panel 1080 HD TV and a new 4K Ultra HD TV.  They look the exact same.  Both can be hung on walls or placed over a fire place. 

The major difference is ‘under the hood’.  4K TVs contain FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than 1080 HD.  It makes a HUMUNGO difference to the picture. 

A lot more fun and entertaining to watch.



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