The Absolute Best 4K TV If You’re On A Budget

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This 55-inch, 4K Smart TV is $650, and one of the best TVs you can buy regardless of budget. 

And,  it comes with Roku!  This makes this TV SMART.

  You can tap into 4K Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. 

The best part of all is that it is a PRIME product.  This means FREE, 2-Day Shipping & a lower price.



TCL 4K Ultra HD TV




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  1. Cant beat this price for a LARGE 55 inch 4K TV with HDR! TCL is a brand that is up and coming. Their prices BLOW away all others.

    TCL is comparable to Vizio when Vizio first came out it was considered an OFF-brand. However, today they are one of the most sought after TV brands in the business. TCL will follow suit.

  2. Your website is very clean and professional. You explain the 4K Smart TV really well. Although I do not watch TV very much, I think now I may have to possibly invest in one of these TVs. I did go through several of your posts, an few things I noticed was “what is 4K?” the image I couldn’t really read it. The terminology you used throughout your post was a little much for me. Your layout is easy to follow, for the most part easy to read (other than the terminology).

    1. Thank you Wendi for visitng our 4K Advice website.  Although this Site Comments sections is suppose to be only used as if you are a User reading a website post and commenting about the topic of the post.  In this section, we are not.suppose to do any critiques of the website or technical reviews.

      Then Site Feedback section is reserved for giving opinions and advice or critique about another WA members site to helo them improve.  However, I do appreciate your feedback about the terminology and I thank you for the praise.

      Feedback section comments DO NOT get posted on real websites online. They only go directly to a WA members dashboard account.

      However Site Comments are posted live on someone’s account if the receiver approves the comment, of course.  I probably will approve your comment regardless because I dont care that much.  However, if other online Users who know nothing about Wealthy Affiliate program would read your post and then my reply here and not.know what we are talking about because our comments are not really directly related only to the topic at hand within this specific post that you posted your comment on.

      Thanks again and please share my site with others so that we can help to educate people about 4K.

      -Matt Bronowicz

  3. That’s not a bad price for a 55″ 4K Smart TV. How do you think TCL compares to Insignia or Heisense? Do you have any of the specs to compare to some of the higher end 4K TVs? I watch a lot of sports so my biggest concern would be the motion rate.

    1. Hi There, thanks for the visit and please share our site.  Great Question.  TCL is like Vizio was way back then.

      Today, Vizio is one of the top sought after TV brands like Sony and Samsung.  However, a while ago Vizio was a no-name brand.  They all have to start somewhere.  After researching, we highly believe that TCL is going to be just like Vizio.

      They start off without much market share, therefore they keep their prices super low.  Like this 55inch deal on Amazon.  This is the best deal going on and will probably stay like that for another year.

      TCL is high quality 4K HDR type TV.  It has the same exact components and parts within it that SOny and Samsung use.  They all come from one of two parts manufacturers over seas.  Therefore, they are basically the same quality, but you pay extra for name brand.

      I would prefer TCL over Heisense or Insignia…it seems like if those two were going to succeed like Vizio did when they first started they should have done so by now.  Instead, they will remain a no-name brand cheap option for people.

      However, TCL has already stepped up and surpassed the cheaper non name brand televisions with market share , etc because of low price and quality paired together.

      Good luck shopping and please use our Amazon links for the TCL deal.  – Matt B.

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  4. I have found that you can always get great deals on 55 inch tv’s especially around black Friday and the holidays. But when I start looking for 60 inch or larger tvs he price starts to climb fast. Do you have any recommendations regarding finding good prices on larger models?

    1. Hi Tony – That is a good point.  The price break does seem to be at 60 inch and above.  However, there are plenty of great prices and deals all year long on Amazon and other place for 65-inch TVs and up.  65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV seems to be the best size for most family rooms.

      We have a 65-inch Sony 4K and its perfect size for a larger family room.  The larger the display, the better the picture is with 4K.  Plus, you are still suppose to sit no more than 10 feet back from it to get the best view.

      Check some of our other Posts to search for the best 4K TV deals over 6- inch displays.  Thanks for visiting our site and please come back to

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  5. hi,
    This looks quite special.
    it also seems quite cost effective. for a LARGE 55 inch 4K TV with HDR. It is amazing how much prices went down on these items! TCL is a brand that is up and coming and is well known these days.
    The pictures you put look beautiful.
    You got my attention.

    1. You are very correct!  Thanks for visiting our site  Remember VIZIO?  They use to be an OFF bran name company who no one knew about and their prices were very low.  They were the cheap version.

      Today, they are one of the top purchased 4K TVs out there.  TCL seems to be following the same exact path as Vizio.  They are offering fantastic prices on 4K HDR TVs yet they are good quality as well and most of their parts come from the exact same place that Samsung and Sony use for part.  That is a fact.  Thanks, Matt B.IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS WITH A 4K TV

  6. Thank you for your review. I have to agree that this TV is probably awesome. This is coming from personal experience, as I purchased the 42 inch model.

    I only wish now that I had opted for the 55. The fact that it is a smart TV makes it much more functional as a lot of people are forgoing cable or satellite TV entirely. It just doesn’t make much sense these days.

    1. Hello Ernest! Do not regret your 42 inch….you will love 4K no matter what. It is so much better.  And since prices are so low…just upgrade to a larger display next year or something.  Thanks for your visit to our store  Please come back.  Matt B.

  7. Today, there is even a BETTER deal on a 50 or 55 inch 4K ultra hd HD Television and we know where to find it.

    For only $479 you can get a new Toshiba 55 inch 4K ultra hd with HDR SMART TV with Fire TV built into it and all the streaming you need. This is the best deal anywhere right now. For $399 a 50 inch same tv

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