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This is a common question asked by many consumers.  Most people do not yet know what “4K is or what it means.  We are here to provide an accurate answer to these questions.

The fastest way to explain “4” is by saying that 4K is the technology of a flat panel television that is replacing the 1080 HD Televisions.  Just like HD-High Definition replaced SD-Standard Definition, so is UHD- Ultra High Definition(4K)  replacing 1080 HD.

The label “4” related to the 4000 pixels contained in it resolution.  To be exact, a 4K TV contains FOUR times as many pixels in it than a 1080 HD TV.   rich people buying 4K UHD TVs

That is all 4K is!  It is NOT some special, exotic type of equipment that only the rich people buy as a ‘toy’ or something.  A 4K Ultra HD TV is the type of television that all of us will own sometime in the near future.  When your 1080 HD TV goes out on you,…you will be upgrading to a 4K UHD TV.  Most of what you see advertised today are 4K UHD TVs.  Merchants usually do not market 1080 HD TVs anymore because they know that 4K is replacing 1080 HD TVs.

This is good news!  Very good news, because 4K is special as far as its resolution goes.  It is FOUR times better in overall picture quality.  Having FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD TV makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the picture image.

Back in 2012, scientists at SONY figured out a way to squeeze four tiny little pixels into what would be equal to the size of one pixel in a 1080 HD Television.  Sony pioneered this 4K technology, however most of the large TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Vizio make high quality resolution 4K TVs and we would recommend anyone one of them to you.  We just prefer Sony since they were the ones who did pioneer this 4K technology.

In case you are wondering,…a “pixel” is known as a tiny little space that contains date or the information needed to produce color, contract, sharpness, depth etc.

Here is a more detailed & technical description of what a “pixel” below: 

(it is important to know this since it directly relates to 4K)

“The term “pixel” is actually short for “Picture Element.” These small little dots are what make up the images on computer displays, whether they are flat-screen (LCD) or tube (CRT) monitors. The screen is divided up into a matrix of thousands or even millions of pixels. Typically, you cannot see the individual pixels, because they are so small. This is a good thing, because most people prefer to look at smooth, clear images rather than blocky, “pixelated” ones. However, if you set your monitor to a low resolution, such as 640×480 and look closely at your screen, you will may be able to see the individual pixels. As you may have guessed, a resolution of 640×480 is comprised of a matrix of 640 by 480 pixels, or 307,200 in all. That’s a lot of little dots.

Each pixel can only be one color at a time. However, since they are so small, pixels often blend together to form various shades and blends of colors. The number of colors each pixel can be is determined by the number of bits used to represent it. For example, 8-bit color allows for 2 to the 8th, or 256 colors to be displayed. At this color depth, you may be able to see “graininess,” or spotted colors when one color blends to another. However, at 16, 24, and 32-bit color depths, the color blending is smooth and, unless you have some kind of extra-sensory vision capability, you should not see any graininess.”

1990s Tv versus today 4K TVs


A 4K Ultra HD TV is no different than a 1080 HD TV.  They both look the same and are flat panel televisions.  They can both be hung on a wall or over a fire-place.  Today, the price of a 4K TV is no different from the price of a 1080 HD TV.  Of course, this was not always the case.  When 4K TVs first hit the shelves back in 2013, the prices were sky-high.  However, this is normal for any new technology.

Many consumers opted to wait until the prices dropped before upgrading to 4K.  However, in 2017 prices are now at levels that consumers can expect to pay.  Manufacturers purposely lowered prices in order to speed up the upgrading process for their customers.  They placed 4K prices at the same level as 1080 HD TVs.

This way its a ‘no-brainer’.  If you have to decide between a new 1080 HD TV or a 4K UHD TV which would you choose?  The obvious answer would be to choose the latest, greatest TV technology which is the 4K Ultra HD TV.

Over the past few years, other consumers were worried about the amount of 4K content available.  They said they could not justify buying a 4K TV until there were more 4K movies and shows to watch.  This concept was debatable back in 2013-2016.

Accessing 4K UHD Movies and Shows

For example, we bought our first Sony 4K Ultra HD 65-inch SMART television on Amazon back in 2014.  Yes, we paid a steep price since this technology was still very new.  Prices had not come down much yet.  But, after seeing a 4K demo in a store, we just had to have it!  the picture image we saw was so real looking that it blew our minds.  

Well, I should say that it blew my mind.   My wife was impressed, but not with the price.  I guess she ‘chose her battle’ and I won this debate.  We saved about $300 by shopping on Amazon.  It was delivered within 2 days and the shippers even carried it into our family room and unboxed it.  I have a bad shoulder and cannot life anything.  (Well, I think I can lift anything, however this is a battle that I will never win with the wife.   I am not suppose to lift anything, so I don’t). 

At the very least, buying our Sony 4K TV was extremely convenient on  We highly recommend using Amazon to research and purchase your first 4K UHD TV.  We must not be the only ones suggesting Amazon.  If you watch the news lately, you would have seen that many brick & mortar stores are closing down.  They are going out of business or reducing certain branches. 

This is directly caused by the fact that consumers are now shopping online more than ever before!  WHY?  See Below:


  • CONVENIENCE – Home Delivery; Avoid Annoying Sales People in-store.

These are just a few of the benefits of shopping at Amazon.  Please use our convenient links within this Post and throughout our site to get to  You will be glad that you did because of the cost-savings.

Now that we know that prices are the same for a 4K UHD TV as they are for a 1080 HD TV today, let’s talk about content.  Content refers to the movies & TV shows that you watch.

It is really simple.  It all comes down to how the movie or show was filmed.  Did producers use a 2K camera system or a 4K camera system.  This refers to the resolution that the cameras capture.  4K cameras are fairly new.  They came out about the same time as 4K TVs back in 2012.  At the commercial level, 4K cameras are expensive.  This is why producers and movie-makers have been slow to switch over to 4K.  However, they are doing so more and more every month.

Many of the newest movies and shows are being filmed using 4K cameras.  This is what gives us real or native 4K content.  These are the best to watch and give you the most benefit out of your new 4K TV.

4K UHD TVs go anywhere

There is also what is called Fake 4K.  Its really not ‘fake’ per say, but these movies and shows are NOT full 4K resolution because they were not mastered (filmed) using 4K cameras.  Instead, they were shot using 2K camera systems and then digitally enhanced to fill the extra pixels found in a 4K TV.  This is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING.  These both mean the same thing.

Movie producers are taking older films and UPSCALING them from 2K-1080 HD to a much higher pixel resolution.  However, they are not real 4K.  Instead, the producers just label them as “4K UHD”.  They are indeed a higher quality picture than what they were filmed in – 1080 HD or 720 HD.  But, just not the best, full 4K.

We provide all people who own 4K TVs a very helpful link called “REAL or FAKE 4K“.  It is good to know the difference between these Real, Native 4K films and the ones that were 1080 HD films but then upscaled to be called “4K”.  This will help you avoid frustration.

real or fake 4K uhd content

real or fake 4K

Many consumers who purchased a 4K TV have become disappointed when they watch a “4K UHD” labeled movie, but the picture image was not as good as they expected on their new 4K TV.  This is probably because they watched an UPSCALED movie instead of a real 4K movie that was filmed using 4K cameras.  They most likely did not know that there is a difference.  That’s what we are here for!

To find out which movies and shows are REAL or FAKE 4K just click the link above and read our Post.  We provide you with a database of films.  This way you can know exactly what you are watching on your new 4K Ultra HD TV.

We hope that we have provided you the basics of “4K”.  The main point is that prices are way down and there is plenty of 4K content to watch.  More and more 4K movies and shows are released every month.  More and more producers are filming movies and shows using 4K cameras.  It is exciting to think about what the future holds as far as 4K TV broadcasting and additional 4K content.

Please use our helpful Amazon links.  At Amazon, it is helpful to read honest & real reviews from other purchasers who bought the same 4K TV that you are interested in.  Customers are always the most honest about the product.  You can’t get this in the store.


4k ultra high definition

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  1. We love our Sony that we have had for about 3 years now. At the beginning there was some 4K content, but we also bought a 4K Media Player from Sony which contained a lot of 4K movies and shows. So, to us…there was NEVER a lack of 4K movies or show. We could also stream some Netflix 4K UHD shows. More and more have been added to Netflix and Amazon Video since then. Therefore, today there is a hug amount of 4K to choose from. Go buy 4K now and start enjoying it. THey are priced right. – MB.

  2. Hi!

    I never considered buying a 4K tv before because I did not know , really, what ‘4K’ meant and of course the prices were very high. It certainly is good to know they have become affordable and I will be looking to see where the general prices have landed.

    Another thing that made hesitate was a ‘tech’ friend of mine said the same as you, when HD came out, movies etc are not formatted for HD. Good point. I still bought one though, it just looked so nice not to .

    Thank you for all the information and where to go to make a decision.



    1. Hi Philip, thanks for commenting on our site at and supporting us in this way.  Our goal is to educate people about 4K so they can make better informed decisions when they go to buy another TV.

      Basically, the gist is DONT BUY another 1080 HD TV since 4K is available and priced about the same.

      Thanks for sharing our Posts and site with others so we can reach them and help inform them too.  Here are some more helpful Posts.  Thank you and please come back to our site for more information in the future.  – Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  3. Hi Matt,

    It always amazes me how fast technology changes. I had heard about the 3D TVs but this is the first I’ve heard of 4K. Your post is very informative and really does cover all aspects of the subject. I will definitely keep your site in mind when it comes time to change up my flat panel.

    1. Hello Caroline – Thank you dearly for reading our Post and supporting our site by making a comment.  Please click on our Ads on the RIGHT SIDE BAR which helps to support us and keep us going.

      We are so glad that our site has helped to inform you about 4K technology since that is our main goal.  To educate people about 4K so they can make informed decisions when the time comes for them to upgrade to another TV.   Here are some more helpful Posts.  Thank you and please come back to our site for more information in the future.  – Matt B.



  4. I was going to purchase one but I watching a movie last night on my friends 4k tv and wondered if it was really worth it or if they were just raving about it because it is a 4k tv. After reading this I realized that I was probably seeing a movie that was not filmed with a 4k camera so it did not portray the real beauty of the 4k tv. I am going to have to take a look at some of those Amazon customer reviews to make up my mind

    1. Thank you for allowing us to educate you about 4K. YEs, indeed if you were not amazed or impressed by a 4K movie on a 4K TV then it must not have been a real, native 4K-filmed movie or show.  Because you will know it when you watch a native 4K movie.

      This Post helps you know which is which. Thanks for commenting and PLEASE, PLEASE share our posts and site with others and click on our ads on the RIGHT SIDE BAR. This helps support us and keep us going delivering helpful information to others.  – Matt B.


  5. I like your website; it is very cutting edge. 4K technology definitely is cool. The tis are sharper now than our eyes can tell. My question is, how does this technology interact with virtual reality and 3d tis? Is 4K going to integrate with these technologies. Let me know.

    Brad Boschma

    1. Hi Bradley, We really appreciate you taking the time to read our Post and comment on our site at  Please click on our ads on the Right Side Bar and help to support our informational site.

      Also, you can use our Amazon links throughout our site to go and do your shopping if you may.  4K technology already integrates with 3D and VR.

      I myself, have a 4K VR device and there is also plenty of VR software programs and apps that you can play through the 4K VR headset.

      Concerning 3D, my Sony 4K 65-inch that I bought on Amazon in 2014 (amazon saved us over $300) is also 3D.  What is most incredible is watching a 4K Ultra HD movie that is in true 3D. These can be found plentiful on YouTube and other places. You can also rent or buy 4K UHD 3D Blu-Ray discs if you own a 4K UHD Blu-ray player.

      The 3D picture jumps right out in your face and looks so real that its hard to believe what you are seeing. Here are some other Posts. Great Wishes For You, Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



  6. I can attest to everything you say about the 4K as I purchased one several months ago and absolutely love it. The picture detail is amazing. Thank you for educating us on pixels; quite interesting and something everyone should know when shopping for a new television for the home theater.

    1. Hi Karen – We hop that you found our articles helpful on http://www.4KADvice.COM  Now we ask if you would please share our Post and site so that we can reach more people and inform them about this new 4K technology BEFORE they upgrade their television.

      Congrats on your new 4K TV as more people buy them our articles containing new helpful information will be read.  Read our Post about “Real or Fake 4K’ movies and shows.  It will help you know which 4K content is the best of the best.  Take Care, Matt B.


  7. Whenever I walk into Best Buy I love looking at the 4K TV’s because they usually have amazing video of nature and it’s breathtaking to watch. Other things that are great to watch on 4K TV’s are sports. You really get the full experience and can see the players faces and know exactly what’s going on. I don’t think it’s worth it if watching TV is just something you do in the background which is what I do most of the time. But for avid movie-watchers and sports fans I think it’s a must!

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to read our Post and support our site by commenting.

      We fully agree that both landscapes and sporting events are absolutely stunning and incredible to watch on a 4K UHD TV.  Networks are beginning to show more events in UHD 4K.  The History Channel showed a series last month in full Ultra HD.  it was awesome to watch if you had a 4K TV.  If not, you would have not even known it was playing in 4K.  You would have just seen whatever resolution your TV is limited to.

      Yes, you can see the fine details of wrinkles on faces, pores on skin, water droplets in a water fall and grains of sand on a beach.  As if you are right there on scene watching it with your bare naked eyes.

      Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.  Thanks Again, Matt B.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?



  8. Very helpful to see a clear and straight to the point definition of a 4k resolution. I never knew what it meant and very quickly that told me how.

    The bit explanation was also very simplistic. I did computer programming for a semester at university and I never once really understood what a bit actually was due to the way I explained it.

    Thanks again for the simplistic and understandable post.

    1. Sam – you are very welcome.  Thank you too for commenting on our site and supporting us in this way.  Please share our Post and site which would help reach others who don’t know what 4K is.  We want to educate them about 4K UHD TVs before they buy another TV.  They should NOT buy another 1080 HD TV or they will regret it.

      Here are some other informative Posts that you might like.  Take Care, MATT B.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  9. MattyBx The 4K TV seam to be taking the world by storm.
    I notice in my neighborhood That the Amazon delivery van pull up quit often at nearby Apartments, next to the one I am on.

    As the younger folks are excited about style and fashion, the $K TV will in no wise delay behind.

    TV lovers are gravitating to the 65″ upward. Do you think
    that by 2020 there will be a new design of Television on the market?

    One that will have the world running crazy?

    1. Hi There, good questions about 4K TVs…by 2020, I don’t think there will be anything very new having to do with 4K Ultra HD TVs.  I think that its taking many years for consumers to just know about and obtain or upgrade to these awesome 4K UHD TVS…  They are FOUR times better higher resolution than 1080 HD. This alone is a big change because the picture image looks so incredibly real.

      If you compare 4K TVs to 1080 HD TVs…HD lasted 17 years and still it is the number one type of TV that household still own today.  Yes, they will be upgrading to 4K UHD TVs since 4K is replacing 1080 HD but it is taking years.  So, once all of us own 4K TVs and we are 5-8 years into 4K and movies are all done in 4K with HDR…I think 4K will last just like HD did for at least 15-20 years.

      Thanks for commenting on our site and supporting us. Please click on our RIGHT SIDE BAR Ads and Ads that are on our Footer of our site. This will directly help our site and our cause.  Our cause is to educate people about this newer 4K Technology so that they are informed before they make a TV purchase.  thanks again, MB.

      Below are some helpful Posts that you might be interested in as well.  Thanks Again, Matt B.





  10. Hi Matt. So that’s what the 4K stands for! LOL. Thank you for explaining this further in your post. I do not have a 4K TV but the 1080 HD kind. But I am looking to buy another TV soon so after reading your post, I will be checking out the available options and prices for these 4K TVs and comparing them to the 1080 HD ones. To be honest I am still satisfied with my 1080 HD one but since you’re got me thinking… 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy – Yep, you got it!  4K is the same as UHD or Ultra HD.  This is basically the next step of technology above HD- High Definition of which we have had for the past 17 years.  All of us have or own a 1080 HD TV today.

      But, these 4K UHD TVs are replacing 1080 HD TVs.  Your HD Tv is probably very good with a great picture.  But, until you see a 4K UHD TV in action, we don’t recommend buying another 1080 HD TV.  Next time you are at your local electronics store request a Demo on a 4K UHD TV and have them play a native, real 4K movies or show. 

      It will blow your mind how real and true-to-life the picture image is.  So much more so than 1080 HD. It makes watching TV, movies, shows, sports very fun and exciting to watch because its like you are there.  You see all the details that are unseen on 720 or 1080 HD.  It really is stunning to watch.  And prices on a 4K TV are now just about the same as 1080 HD so it does not makes sense to buy another 1080 HD TV.

      You are right, the best thing to do is shop on  We provide you convenient links on our RIGHT SIDE BAR and at our Footer of our site and in some of our Posts.  There, you can compare different TV and 4K compared to 1080 HD.  You can read honest, real reviews from other customers who bought the same TV you might be interested in. You can’t get that in the store.

      Amazon has the best selection and the lowest prices.  We saved over $300 by purchasing our first 4K Sony TV on Amazon.  The convenience was awesome too…It was delivered right into our family room within 2 days and it was FREE guaranteed, safe shipping.  What more can you ask for.

      Here are some other helpful Posts that might interest you.  -Regards, Matt B.




  11. Awesome article. I am a techie at heart and love getting the biggest and best things on the market. I don’t really have a budget when buying my toys but the people around me get mad. They know I should be saving that money instead of spending it 🙂

    You have an awesome article and I will definitely be passing it along to anyone I know. I hope to keep checking back for more awesome articles and posts. Keep up the great work!


    1. Shawn – thank you greatly for sharing our Post and supporting our site by commenting.

      Back in 2014, when I became interested in 4K UHD TV after seeing a demo in a store I went online to research it and found NOTHING. No helpful information about 4K.  Therefore, was born.

      Our goal is to educate people so they can make informed purchase decisions, especially for Televisions since these are the bigger purchases in ones life.

      Thank you for sharing our site and helping others learn too.  Below are some more helpful Posts you might like. – Matt B.

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2017 (some 2016 models)


  12. I don’t think you have to be rich at all to get 4K these days. I dare say that the more you spend the better product you’d get – up to a point. I’m not one for buying cheap but I’m also not one for buying expensive just for the sake of buying expensive and saying “oh look at my shiny new TV – it cost…”

    I’ll spend days researching before I make a significant purchase – I know a little sad lol but, having looked at 4K TVs recently I know that they’re reasonably affordable now and the features keep improving – though I my trusty old Panasonic plasma is still going strong and I hate throwing things away just to get something new, so I may still be looking for a while yet 😉

    1. Hi Del,  You are NOT alone in that many consumers do a lot of research before making a significant purchase.  We agree too, that buying a TV is one of the larger purchases in life.  Therefore, we only recommend that people get educated about 4K UHD TVs before they buy another TV.,

      Its not smart to buy another 1080 HD TV as you know since the 4K TVS are FOUR times better overall than 1080 HD.  They contain FOUR times as many pixels and the picture image is as real as real gets.

      Thanks for commenting and supporting our site in this way.  Our goal is to be a part of the consumers research and education.

      We want to help people learn about 4K so they can make a good, informed purchase decision.  That should be the only way to buy a larger item.  Know what you are buying before you buy it.

      We always recommend because that is where we bought our first SONY 4K UHD 65-inch TV.  We saved over $350 and it was conveniently delivered within 2 days for free.  They even unboxed it in our living room since I cannot lift anything from a bad shoulder.

      I hate sales people, and I hate shopping in stores.  Amazon is great because you can read honest, real reviews from other customers who bought the same product that you might be interested in. This is very helpful.

      Best wishes, MATT B>>  P.S. Here are some other helpful Posts you might be interested in.



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