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Its not just televisions that are being updated to  4K Ultra HD technology, but many other devices including Laptops.  If you begin shopping at Amazon or anywhere else you will start to see “4K” added into the descriptions of many laptop PCs today.  They are referring to the display.  The benefit is that when you watch movies or TV shows on your Laptop, you get to enjoy an impeccable picture image.

Not only watching movies, but 4K displays take your gaming practices to an entirely new level.  The graphics are astounding on a 4K Ultra HD Laptop Display.  Everything is moving toward 4K.  This is the beauty of technology. UHD 4K laptops

We first had High Definition (HD) introduced in the early 2000s.  This was an upgrade from Standard Definition (SD) on all televisions and computers.  Now, after about 17 years we are upgrading again to “Ultra” High Definition (UHD) and we are super excited at this enhancement.  Its no minor enhancement either!  4K means that there are FOUR times as many pixels in its resolution than 1080 High Definition.

Technicians were able to squeeze FOUR tiny little pixels into what would be equal to the size of only ONE pixel in a 1080 HD display.  In addition, they added what is called “HDR”.  This means High Dynamic Range and refers to the color gamut.  HDR can be found on Smart Phones, Televisions, Computers and Laptops.  HDR allows the display to show exactly what the camera captured color-wise.

4K works hand-in-hand with High Dynamic Range to make the picture image look so incredibly real and true-t0-life that it basically shows you exactly what you would have seen with your bare naked eye-balls in person.  This is a serious upgrade and unbelievable that they have been able to accomplish this technology.

If a picture image is near close to what you would see with your bare eye-balls then this is the best of the best.  There is no technology better than 4K HDR.  This is here to stay just like HD has remained for over 17 years since first invented.

Everyone will soon have all of their HD devices upgraded to UHD.  All that will be sold is 4K UHD equipment and televisions.  Manufacturers are preparing to build only UHD displays since this is what is replacing HD. Ultra HD Laptops

Just like HD replaced SD, so is UHD replacing HD.  It is that simple.  Many consumers today are confused about what “4K UHD” is.  Many think that this technology is some kind of special exotic ‘toy’ that only the rich people can afford.

This is simply NOT the case.  Ultra High Definition devices are for everyone.  Prices for 4K UHD equipment are now down to a level that consumers can accept.  This was not the case a few years ago.  As with all new technology, UHD 4K devices were very expesnive 2-3 years ago.  But, since then prices have decreased significantly.

In 2017, we are seeing an explosion in the 4K UHD market.  Consumers are replacing all of their HD devices with UHD and loving what they see!  The display offers the most real looking true-to-life image that it is very hard to peel your eyes away from.

4K Ultra HD Laptops have been on shelves for several  years now just like UHD Televisions.

Check out this great deal from Amazon.  It is a refurbished Laptop, however it is still guaranteed.  Many times ‘refurbished’ only means that its original box was opened and returned.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this device.  For the price, this is an amazing deal.  Don’t pass this up.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7568 2-in-1 Laptop, 15.6″ 4K (3840×2160) TOUCHSCREEN, Intel 6th Gen i7-6500U, 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR3, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10 (Certified Refurbished)


Originally, this Dell 4K laptop was over $1,000.  Now, it is on sale for only $598.  It has an Ultra HD 4K display which provides a stunning picture image.  

Is it risky to purchase a ‘refurbished’ product?  In our opinion, it depends on exactly what the product is.  *Note:  Any time you consider buying a refurbished product, be sure to read the description and find out exactly why it is being refurbished.  Was it just an open box?  Or, was something technically wrong with it?  The explanation is how you will determine if its worth taking the risk just to save some money.

Next time you buy a Laptop,  it will most likely contain an Ultra HD 4K display.  Just like in Television sets, HD Laptops are being replaced with UHD Laptops.  This is a great technological advancement for computers.

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  1. 4K laptops are simply awesome. Especially if touch screen. For gaming and TV watching you will be amazed at the picture image. Soon everyone will have 4K laptops since they are replacing HD laptops entirely.

  2. Have you ever seen a Ultra HD Laptop display? Or a PC 4K display for that matter? Soon, that is all we will see. It will become the norm just like HD became the norm after SD displays.

  3. I want the Dell Gaming laptop for about $800 new. It is 4k ultra hd and has some special graphics card.
    Gaming would be incredible on this laptop!!

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