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What About 4K Gaming Consoles?

Right now if you own a 4K Ultra HD TV, you can take any gaming console (PlayStation, X Box) load up a game, and have your 4K TV automatically enhance the graphics and picture image.  This is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING which mean the same thing.  You can turn your 4K TV into a 4K Gaming System.



Upconverting is also done with any other movies or TV shows that you watch on your 4K TV.   They must be at least 720 or 1080 HD format in order for it to upscale.

4K Gaming

Upscaling is basically when the TV takes a film or game and digitally enhances it by using all the extra pixels which are located in a 4K TV display.  4K Ultra HD contains FOUR more times the number of pixels in its resolution than a 1080 HD contains. 

They have squeezed FOUR tiny little pixels into what would be equal to the size of ONE pixel in a 1080 HD TV.  It is amazing to watch a 4K TV to say the least.

Upscaling makes the movie, show or game much better quality than a 1080 HD film or game, however it is NOT full, native 4K quality.  In order to get the best 4K image in the world, the movie or show would have needed to be filmed using a 4K resolution camera.  Same goes with gaming…the graphics would have needed to be made in 4K.  There is nothing like playing on a 4K Gaming console.  Nothing.

So, its betters than 1080 HD, but not as good as real, or native Ultra HD 4K.  Image result for 4K Gaming Consoles

We can sum it all up by saying that Gaming on a 4K TV always does UPSCALING.  If you compared a game on a 4K TV with the same game on a 1080 HD TV you will notice a huge difference in the picture. 

Obviously, the 4K display will be much better than the 1080 HD display while you game.

If you want to take this a step further, you can go and buy a real 4K game console.  They just recently came out with them.  By doing this, you are going to get the best of the best 4K picture image on your 4K TV. 

Nothing has been upscaled and it is all original Ultra HD specifications built within it.

Another aspect which works hand-in-hand with 4K is what is called HDR- High Dynamic Range.  This has to do with the color gamut.  Prior to HDR, producers of games and other content were limited to showing you a minimal amount of colors on the black  → → white color spectrum.  4K Gaming

With HDR, there is no limit to color.  This means that when you are playing a game on any console, or watching a 4K movie…the colors are going to match precisely what the camera originally captured  (or original computer design in the case of gaming).  They are now able to re-produce colors that exactly match what they captured or created.

HDR along with Ultra HD resolution creates the most incredible 4K Gaming system ever created.

Two Best 4K Gaming Systems

The two biggest competitors who recently (2016) released a real HDR enabled 4K consoled are X BOX and PLAY STATION.

  •   Sony:    PlayStation 4 PRO 4K
  •   Microsoft:    X BOX ONE S  (or, the latest is “X”, which has 40% more power)

Image result for 4K Gaming Consoles

Either of these gaming consoles  are top-quality.  It is usually personal preference as to which gaming console a customer remains loyal to.  In some cases, people will use both.  For example, if you buy a SONY 4K Ultra HD Television it comes with “PlayStation Now” already built into the TV. 

This is the kind of TV that I own.  Back in 2014, I bought my first Sony 4K TV after seeing a demo in a store.

I discovered that by hooking up a game controller via a USB hub on the back of my Sony TV, that I could tap into all of their PS3 games.  Right on my TV!   It basically has a Play Station console built directly into the TV. 

I stream any PS3 game that I wish for about $19 a month.  Or, you can rent any game for a few bucks a day.

The only downside is that they do not offer any PS4 games through streaming (yet).

You do need a strong, fast internet connection, but that is basically the ‘norm’ these days.  Most ISP providers are giving a fast internet speed for modest, regular prices.   After all, you need internet access in your 4K TV to steam 4K content anyway from places like Netflix or Amazon Video.

After going online, I could not find any information about “4K”.  After being disappointed, I decided to create a 4K website blog to provide up-to-date and accurate information about “All Things 4K”.  This is how this site www.4KADIVCE.com was created.  4K gaming consoles

Our goal is to educate people about 4K so that they can make informed purchase decisions when they become ready to buy another TV or any other device.

Gaming is included in this.  *Note:  In order to get the absolute best picture image while gaming you will need to own a 4K Ultra HD Television as well as one of these new 4K gaming consoles mentioned above.

Another great feature that these 4K consoles offer is access to other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Video.  Both of these companies offer a 4K membership for just a few bucks higher than the standard membership. 

You then gain access to all 4K movies and TV shows directly through your gaming console.  You can also play 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray disks right on your console.  Therefore, you save money by not having to buy a separate 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player.  It is genius that they created it this way.

We recommend either console.  As I said, I use my Sony 4K UHD TV to play Play Station 3 games by hooking up a controller to the back of my TV and streaming away.  I do not have, nor do I need a physical gaming console.  I do have an X Box One console, but I rarely play it. 

I would like to purchase the X BOX 4K X gaming console and play their games on my 4K UHD TV.  I have heard that the graphics and picture image is the best ever seen on a TV.

Where Do I Buy a 4K Gaming Console?

Below, we have provided you convenient links to go directly to Amazon to shop and research BOTH of these gaming consoles.  THANK YOU for visiting our site, and please share our Posts and Site www.4KADVICE.com with your friends and family so that we can reach and educate more people.  T

elevision purchases are big purchases in one’s life, therefore people have the right to know what they are buying.  This is why our site provides helpful information.

*{ Before we proceed , we wanted to remove some confusion about the X BOX ONE.  We have seen it advertised as X BOX ONE S and X BOX ONE X.  These are actually two different consoles.  But, they are BOTH 4K Ultra High Definition and HDR capable.  The biggest difference is in power and speed.  The X is newer and contains 40% more power.  These the difference below.  For our purposes of providing pricing on Amazon,…we will use the S.}

4K Gaming Consoles





This is a great price for the latest X BOX ONE S – Fully 4K and allows you to stream 4K content along with play 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs.  Instead of having to buy a spate 4K UHD Blu-Ray player, you can get this and your kids can also enjoy 4K Gaming while you watch 4K movies and TV shows!  Works out for everyone.



PlayStation 4 PRO 4K


Although this PlayStation 4K Console is a bit more expensive than the  4K X BOX S, they both do pretty much the same thing.  It is more of a personal preference than anything else.  Cost is usually what drives customers.





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  1. I am a GAMER! ANd I just bought the X BOX ONE S from Amazon for about $270. Its a good price because it has a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player built into it and I needed one of those too. So now, I don’t have to buy a separate one!


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