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Is There Enough 4K Content?

Many people have been saying that they are waiting before they upgrade to a new 4K UHD television because there is not enough 4K movies and shows to justify this purchase.  We have also received many questions about this same topic.  “Is there enough 4K content to justify buying a new 4K TV?”

The answer is YES.

Perhaps a year or two ago this was an issue.  For example, back in 2014 when we purchased out first Sony 4K UHD television  (which is an awesome 4K TV, we might add) 4K content was limited.  2 years ago, we still enjoyed our 4K television and found a lot of shows and movies to enjoy.  Netflix was our go-to as well as YouTube at that time.  There was a Netflix upgraded membership that included “UHD” – Ultra High Definition movies and shows.  “Narcos” was one TV show exclusively on Netflix that was in 4K that I remember watching.  It was a great series about the DEA and history with Pablo Escobar.  The series was filmed (mastered) using 4K cameras systems which is what brings you the ultra high definition resolution today as “4K UHD”.

Every month since 4K TVs first hit the shelves, there has been more and more 4K content released.

There is basically two types of 4K content that exists today:

  1. REAL or NATIVE 4K – movies and TV shows
  2. Upscaled or Upconverted 4K – movies and TV shows

*Learn more about 4K content by following this link:  REAL or FAKE 4K CONTENT  This Page will discuss UPCONVERTING and provide a list of TV shows and movies with details on whether it was filmed using 2K cameras or 4K cameras.  If 4K camera systems were used, then this content is known as NATIVE or REAL 4K.  If not, and they used 2K cameras which has been typical over the past decade, and then they digitally UPSCALED or UPCONVERTED it is content called it “4K”.   It has been confusing to consumers which is understandable.  We, at 4KADVICE.COM, are trying to minimize the confusion and break all of this down for you in easy-to-understand terms.

real or fake 4K

Real or Fake 4K?

We now have 4K UHD – Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray discs that are Real 4K content.  Blu-Ray on top of the fact that it is Real 4K makes the picture image unstoppable!  These are the absolute best images that your 4K UHD TV can offer you.  We compared many different versions and 4K UHD Blu-Ray is far better viewed 4K content than any streamed content.  However, please do not misunderstand…as all 4K content is far better than 720 or 1080p HD content!

Below is an example of a 4K ULTRA HD disc.  Its 4K ultra high definition, Blu-Ray and Digital HD 


Aside from 4K UHD Blu-Ray as an option to watch 4K content, you have the wonderful world of streaming!  Steaming is what provides the largest selection of 4K content.

Streaming Options:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • YouTube
  • Vudu
  • Cable / Satellite
  • 4K Receivers
  • 4K Amazon TV Box






Below is an example of SONY’s 4K UHD Content Media Player.  We actually invested in this Media Player at the time we bought our first Sony 4K UHD Television.  This is probably why we never had any issue with a lack of 4K content, like many other consumers complained about back in 2014.  We had access to hundreds of 4K movies and shows on this Media Player and we still do!  SONY continues to add to this player online monthly.

This specific Media Player is called:   Sony FMPX10 4K Ultra HD Media Player      What it provides is AWESOME, endless 4K movies and TV shows.

⇒ This is what the main navigation screen looks like.  You plug in using HDMI 2.0 cords.


To Purchase This Media Player Simply Click The Link Below:


We figured that if we were going to invest in a new SONY 4K Ultra High Definition Television, then why not have a dedicated  SONY Media Player that would provide us direct access to 4K content whenever we wanted.  This is exactly what this media player accomplishes and we use it regularly.



*NOTE:  In order to stream 4K, watch a 4K UHD Blu-Ray disc, or watch 4K movies and shows on a dedicated 4K Media Player….you are going to need a 4K TELEVISION!  We are speaking the obvious aren’t we?!  So then, here are some 4K UHD TVs that we highly recommend you consider for purchase if you are wanting to upgrade from your HDTV.





4k ultra high definition



  1. I enjoyed you site a lot. It is very informative and you are educating people about a relatively new technology. It is hard for some people to understand the differences between the TV they have now and the new ones you are talking about on this page.

    Your links provide us with the ability to go ahead and purchase these items if we want and you also explain where we can find the programming that will make the viewing experience the best possible.

    Thank you for information and you have done a very good job.

    1. Author

      Hi Frank, you are very welcome for the information. Thank you for the comments and support. We created this site to help people and inform them so they can make better decisions and know what they are buying.

      In 2014, we bought our first 4K Ultra HD TV when they were really new and still expensive. Today, the prices have been slashed in half and they have stabilized. They are about the same cost of any HD TV. Really, all the 4K is, means that resolution is 4 times better than 1080 HD. That is what is so awesome about these Televisions…they present such a true to life picture image that looks so real that its like you are right there live on the scene of the set. It makes watching TV more fun and exciting than on an older HD TV.

      Please share our Post and help us educate others about 4K so they make the right choices that they can be happy with when they decide to upgrade their TV or other electronics. Most people are buying or upgrading to 4K now when needing to replace their current TV. It would not make sense to buy another HD TV. Soon they will broadcast in 4K and their goal is 2018. There is also plenty of other native 4K content that exists right now to watch all year long. Its worth buying 4K if you like watching TV or sporting events. 4K makes a HUGE difference in the picture image quality compared to even a 1080 HD TV. Who would have ever thought that our TVs could look better than 1080 HD? Thanks and take care. Please share our site at http://www.4KADVICE.COM

  2. Wow I tell you technology is growing so much every year. I have never heard of 4k television I don ‘t think. But I am not a tech guy.

    I do love a great television experience so if this will get me a better one I am all in on that. I will try it one day when I upgrade my tv.

    1. Author

      Yes Sir, please come back to our site at http://www.4kadvice.com when you are ready to upgrade your TV. Please remember us and use our information to learn more about which TV to buy. Of course if you want the best Tv watching experience that you could possibly have, then you will want a 4K Ultra HD TV. This is what most consumers are buying these days instead of buying another 1080 HD TV. Soon, in a few years, most new movies coming out will be mastered or filmed in 4K using 4K cameras. To get the best out of it, you’ll need a 4K TV. Otherwise, the picture will default to the max resolution of your Tv.

      Please share our Post and Site on your Facebook if you can so that we can alert others about 4K.

      Here are some helpful links and posts to share more about 4K TVs.

      WHAT IS 4K UHD?




      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?

      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  3. Hi there,

    The topic of this post is really interesting. You use a clear unassuming writing style to discuss an otherwise very technical topic. I like it!

    I have a question. It is unquestionably that watching real 4K content on a TV specifically built for it is an amazing experience. But how does it perform on non 4K material. Does it still offers an enjoyable experience, or will I be presented with an over granulated image that it will give me headaches? I would love to hear your take on this.

    All the best

    1. Author

      Hi Hisbel, thank you for your support of our site and contribution to this Post. We hope that our Post and site at http://www.4kadvice.com has offered quality information and knowledge that can help educate consumers about 4k TVs in order that they can make informed purchase decisions.

      We also provide convenient links to Amazon, who is our preferred online merchant for 4K Ultra HD Tvs. They are the most reliable shippers of fragile products like televisions with a guarantee, they have the greatest selection and the lowest prices online. We bought our first 4K TV on Amazon and it was the best decision that we have ever made.

      You ask an extremely good question about how a 4K TV performs on non 4K content like movies and TV shows. The fact is that this is the best feature about ALL 4K Tvs. They all do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING (same thing). This is because of how many pixels and resolution they contain. They are automatically able to enhance any picture image that plays on its screen to a much higher resolution than that particular film was made in. 4K TVs cannot UPSCALE all the way up to 4K level (or 4000 vertical pixel resolution as in 1080 HD vertical resolution) , however it does enhance significantly higher than 720 or 1080 HD..whichever is being watched. The only requirement for UPCONVERTING is that the movie or show must be at least 720 or 1080 HD quality.

      Many consumers do not realize that 4K TVs are NOT just good for watching only 4K real, native content. This would be movies and shows that were mastered or filmed using 4K cameras. Over the past decade, the normal has been to film movies using 2K cameras. This is coming to an end since many producers are switching over to these expensive commercial 4K camera systems to make movies. If a movie is mastered or filmed using a 4K camera it does NOT mean that a 720 or 1080 Hd Tv cannot display the movie. The 4K movie would instead default to whatever the maximum resolution your TV happens to be. This would mean that you simply miss out on the best features of a 4K made movie by not being able to see the best picture image quality by using a 4K Ultra HD TV. I hope this answers your question.

      In our opinion, because all 4K TVs do UPSCALE and UPCONVERT any 720 or 1080 HD movies played on it, it makes upgrading worth while. With our SONY 4K Ultra HD TV, we did not know that it contained this feature back in 2014. We saw a 4k demo and we just had to upgrade to a 4K (well, honestly I had to upgrade and my wife was fine with holding off 😉 but, anyway, at the time prices were still very high and we could NOT find much quality information or details online about anything that had to do with 4K.

      This is exactly why I created this site 4KADVICE.COM! To give consumers good, quality information about 4K and help them make better decisions about some of these largest purchases in our lives (aside from homes and autos). I wanted to help people who were just like I was 2 years ago and give them an education.

      Our SONY 4K plays the most amazing images when we watch TV. Anything that is 1080HD playing on a network, or while streaming a movie, or playing a DVD looks incredibly real and much better than 1080 HD. However, it does not look as good as real 4K movies do. Real, Native 4K made movies and shows are absolutely the top-best pictures to watch on your 4K Tv. They are stunning to watch and look so real that its hard to believe sometimes. Its like you are looking through a window instead of your display at the real lives scene of the set. Or, another example is that a real 4K made movie has actors that appear so real on your screen with details, wrinkles, color, clarity and sharpness that they appear like they are standing in your family room looking at you! Freaky, it might be…but at the same time it really makes watching Tv and movies extra fun & exciting.

      Please share our Post and come back to us in the future if you plan to upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV. We list reviews, prices and recommendations and we recommend Amazon for purchasing while we provide their convenient link. We would NOT recommend Amazon for buying 4K TVs if we had never bought one ourselves from Amazon. Our experience was terrific. We got a great price even though prices for 4K were at the highest back in early 2014, shipping was reliable and guaranteed. Our Tv came very fast within 2 days and the delivery men even unpacked it and brought it into our family room TV stand since I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift.

      Thanks for commenting and supporting our site and Please bookmark our site so that we can help inform you more in the future if you are ever in need. Kind Regards, Matt B.

      P.S. Below I have added a few other helpful links from our site that might help answer more questions about UPCONVERTING & UPSCALING (same exact thing just two different names) GOOD LUCK!



      WHAT IS 4K UHD?

      BUY 4K NOW, OR WAIT?


  4. Matt-
    Enjoyed your site. Good tutorial on 4K TV’s at 4KSchool. I found the site to be very informative for a possible TV purchase in the future. As of now I am not yet ready to make the plunge into 4k TV. When I do I will take a look at your site. Info and diagrams on the aspect ratios of movie screens and TV Screens was interesting.
    Thanks for a very special technical site.

    1. Author

      Hi Connie, thank you very much for the input and support of our site. We surely hope that our site can be of assistance to you in the future when the time comes for you to upgrade your television to a 4K Ultra HD TV. You wont be disappointed when you do. The picture image is four times better overall picture image than our current 1080 HD TVs that most households own today. It truly makes watching TV and events exciting and interesting because of how real it looks. It looks so real that its almost hard to believe what you are seeing.

      Please share our Post on Facebook to let others know about 4K so that in the future they can make informed decisions just like you can. Take care and we wish you the best. http://www.4KADVICE.COM.

  5. Hi! I really enjoyed your site! It is very informative. I don’t know anything about 4k and have always watched movies on our laptop, so I am sure this would be a great experience for our family.
    Your links are great. One thing that I have been using that you may be interested in in the native ads on amazon. This allows you to insert up to 8 options. The only thing I found frustrating was that I wasn’t able to choose the ones I wanted. But if there are a lot of options it makes a nice display.
    I wish you all the best with your online business! God Bless!

    1. Author

      HI Sandra, I will check out native ads on Amazon. I really appreciate the tip. I think I have used them, but I am not sure about the 8 options. Thanks for commenting and your support of our website at http://www.4KADVICE.COM.

      The reason I created it was because 2 years ago when I first saw a demo of a 4K TV my mind was blown away at how amazing and real the picture quality was! I thought 1080 HD was going to be the best we had ever seen because when that came out the picture was stunningly amazing as well compared to standard definition and analog TV. However, technology impresses us again in a good way. Because 4K Ultra HD TVs are 4 times better than even the best 1080i HD Television. And, they truly are! If you watch a real, native 4K movie or show on a 4K UHD TV…you will be surprised at what you see. It is so true-to-life images that it makes it look like you are looking through a window at a real live scene on the set. SO Real! Plus, all 4K Ultra HD TVs do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING and that means that it automatically enhances any HD film being played on it because a 4K TV has a much greater amount of pixels than a 720 or 1080 HD TV. So its filling those extra pixels with more data like colors, blacks, whites, clarity, sharpness. There is plenty of 4K content that exists today to watch, unlike two years ago, But the upscaling really makes upgrading to a 4K TV now worth while. Because nearly everything you watch will be of enhanced higher quality than its original status of 720 or 1080 HD. It depends on what the film was originally mastered or filmed in using a 2K camera or 4K camera systems. Soon all shows and movies will be filmed using 4K cameras and therefore most consumers will have a 4K TV. Prices are down and Amazon is a great place to start with a new 4K Tv. That’s what we did! We bought our first 4K on Amazon. Take care and here are some other links you might enjoy below.



      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

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