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Today, There Is Plenty Of 4K Movie Content

November 20th, 2016

Today, we have 4K movie content GALORE!  Back in early 2015 this was not so much the case.  There was some 4k content that kept me plenty busy with my new SONY 4K television.  However, I was wishing that there were more options.  Now it is the end of 2016 and I wish no more!  New 4K content is being released daily one way or another.  By this, I mean that there are several sources for watching 4K movies and TV shows.  Here is a list of sources below:

  • Blu-Ray 4K UHD Discs
  • Streaming of 4K on Netflix, Youtube, VuDu and Amazon Instant Video
  • Stream from other websites using your 4K SMART TV browser
  • 4K Receivers – Several companies like SONY offer a receiver loaded with only 4K content (*we own and tested this receiver, check out our Post)
  • Downloadable – *You can go online with your laptop/PC and locate many websites where you can download 4K content on a jump-drive.  Then plug into your 4K TV and play.

It is not longer valid to say that you are going to ‘wait’ before you purchase your first 4K TV because there is not enough 4K content to watch right now.  This simply is NOT true anymore.  We have reached a level where there is 4K content GALORE.  And, its only going to get better.

Below are some of the best 4K titles that currently available starting back in 2014 to current.  There will also be a list of ‘mastered in 4K movies and TV shows.  This means they filmed using a 4K camera system.  This is called “Native 4K Content”.  This is the best 4K movies and TV shows that you could watch.  The picture image is true 4K resolution.  It is not upconverted or upscaled.


Some UHD BD’s are redeeming UHD digital codes. For now, certain streaming sites are tied to a certain studios. for example:

vudu = warner brothers
sony= ultra
fox = MGO (but does not redeem UHD)

Coming Soon/Announced/ Already Exists:

Trolls NEW
Battleship NEW 1-17-17
Keeping up with the Joneses NEW
Hell or High Water
Billy Lyons Long Halftime Walk
The Girl on the Train
Deepwater Horizon 1-10-17
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky.
Namibia – The Spirit of Wilderness 4K hdr
Resident Evil: Afterlife (december)
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (announced, no date
The Magnificent 7 (announced, no date)
Sully dec.20th
Mechanic: Resurrection nov 22nd
The Secret Life of Pets dec. 6th
War Dogs november 22nd
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy (december 8th for all bourne)
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Bourne Legacy
The Neon Demon (German exclusive? Might need 2 import)
Underworld (october)
Suicide Squad (november)
I am Legend (november)
The Town
Mad Max (1979) (4k release pending)

Available NOW:

I’ve added a red * in front of movies I find to be referenced/top 10 quality, in either resolution, HDR, or BOTH.  These movies are a terrific starting point in building a 4k UHD collection!

Sausage Party
Star Trek Beyond Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Dolby Atmos
*Hunger Games: mockingjay part 1 Dolby Atmos
*Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 Dolby Atmos
The Divinci Code Dolby Atmos
Divinci Code: Angels and Demons Dolby Atmos
Independence Day: Resurgence Dolby Atmos
*Xmen: Apocalypse Dolby Atmos
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Dolby Atmos
Warcraft Dolby Atmos vudu
Jupiter Ascending
*The Great Gatsby vudu
Legend of Tarzan Dolby Atmos vudu
*Ghostbusters: Answer the Call 2016
Ice Age: collision course Dolby Atmos
Central Intelligence
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
*The Shallows Dolby Atmos
*Pacific Rim Dolby Atmos vudu
Everest Dolby Atmos vudu
Jupiter Ascending Dolby Atmos vudu
*The Great Gatsby
X-Men: 1st class
*Xmen: Apocalypse
Labyrinth Dolby Atmos
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: out of the shadows Dolby Atmos
Now you see Me 2 Now you See Me Part 2 Dolby Atmos
Angry Birds (4k+3D)
Snowwhite and the Huntsman VUDU Dolby Atmos
The Huntsman: Winter’s War VUDU Dolby Atmos
*Lucy (august 9th) Dolby Atmos VUDU
Oblivion (august 9th) Dolby Atmos VUDU
Lone Survivor DTS:X VUDU
*Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut, rated R Dolby Atmos VUDU
*Man of Steel Dolby Atmos VUDU
Watchmen: Ultimate Cut (july 19th) VUDU
*Divergent Series: Allegiant Dolby Atmos
Divergent DTS:X
Divergent: Insurgent Dolby Atmos
*Eddie The Eagle Dolby Atmos
Star Trek (2009) june 14th Dolby Atmos
*Star Trek: Into Darkness IMAX edition (2013) june 14th Dolby Atmos
Ghostbusters 2 Dolby Atmos
Now you see me Dolby Atmos
Creed VUDU
Independence Day 20th Anniversary Edition DTS:X
Point Break VUDU
In the Heart Of the Sea Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Martian: Extended Cut Dolby Atmos
*Gods of Egypt DTS:X
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dolby Atmos
*Risen NEW Dolby Atmos
*Deadpool NEW Dolby Atmos
The 5th Wave Dolby Atmos
*The Revenant
Concussion Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Expendables 3 Dolby Atmos
Enders Game Dolby Atmos
*Sicario Dolby Atmos
The Last Witch Hunter DTS:X
San Andreas Dolby Atmos VUDU
*Mad Max Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Lego Movie VUDU
Pan Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Maze Runner
Xmen: Days of future past
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
The Martian
*Life of Pi
*Kingsman: The Secret Service
Exodus: Gods and Kings
Hitman: Agent 47
Fantastic 4
The Peanuts Movie Dolby Atmos
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Chappie Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Salt Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Pineapple Express Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Smurfs 2 Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Hancock Dolby Atmos ULTRA


Available NOW:

4k Night View Tokyo
*Journey to Space
HUMPBACK WHALES (narrated by Ewan McGregor),
WONDERS OF THE ARCTIC (narrated by Victor Garber)

Which movies are coming from true 4K masters?

Some of these movies are upscaled/upconverted from 2k masters, some look good, some are average.  For some lists that document the movies/shows from true 4k masters, check these out:




Where to rent UHD discs?

Blu-Ray now offers 3D UHD 4K Movies for rental. Prices are 3.99-7.99 or have a plan.

Seems like a pretty decent price compared to a full purchase!  Plus, we stand by our opinion that the absolute best picture image quality out of all 4K content comes from Blu-ray UHD 4K.


FandangoNOW (formerly MGO and currently Samsung based).

**In order to view the MGO/fandangoNOW movies, you must purchase a vidity enabled hard drive, and then download the movie to the drive. The drive will come with Exodus and Mazerunner part 1 in 4k HDR, these 2 are early grades are not considered to be reference material for HDR. movies are 70-90 gigs and take 4-15 hours to download depending on internet speed. Link to purchase W.D. passport drive:


** to get the best audio that MGO offers, bring up the time stamp while watching the movie, scroll over to the right and click on the globe icon, dolby digital will be activated

– X-Men: Apocolapsye
– The Martian: Extended Cut
– Eddie the Eagle
– Independence Day 20th anniversary
– Deadpool
– Joy.
– The Revenant
– Brooklyn
– Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Trip
– Victor Frankenstein
– Peanuts
– The Martian
– Hitman: Agent 47
– The Mazerunner 2: Scorch Trails
– The Fantastic Four remake
– Paper towns
– Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
– Xmen: Rogue cut
– Spy
– Poltergeist: Extended cut
– The Longest Ride
– Wild
– Exodus: Gods and Kings
– The Maze Runner
– Life of Pi
– Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Amazon Prime Video

TV SHOWS –  see post #2 for how to find the HDR material on amazon

All amazon is HDR10, some also are dolby vision, which are noted.

–Red Oaks season 2
– Good Girls Revolt (8 episodes) NEW
– Goliath (8 episodes) NEW
– One Mississippi (6 episodes)
– Transparent season 3
– Fleabag
– Jean-Claud Van-Johnson (pilot, 1 episode)
– I love Dick (pilot, 1 episode)
– The Tick (pilot, 1 episode)
– The Last Tycoon (pilot, 1 episode)
– The Interestings (pilot, 1 episode)
– Bosche Season 2 (10 episodes) HDR10&DolbyVision
– Mad Dogs (10 episodes)
– Mozart In The Jungle Season 1 and 2 (10 episodes each season)
– The Man in The High Castle (10 episodes)
– Red Oaks (10 episodes)
– Bosch (10 episodes) HDR10 only
– Mozart in the Jungle (10 episodes)
– Z: The Beginning of Everything (1 pilot) (HDR pilot removed, show resigned for full season coming later)
– Highston (1 pilot)(HDR pilot removed, show resigned for full season coming later)
– Patriot (1 pilot)(HDR pilot removed, show resigned for full season coming later)
– Sneaky Pete (currently 1 4k SDR pilot, has been renewed and a full season in HDR to be released in summer)


(As of late June 2016, some movies are now in Dolby Vision in addition ti hdr10, which requires a Dolby Vision tv)

– Hotel Transylvania
– The Walk
– The Night Before
– The
– Chi-Raq
-The Living Sea
-Coral Reef Adventure
– Van Gogh: Brush with Genius
– Hancock (DV)
– Elysium (DV)
– Fury (DV)
– Men in Black 3 (DV)
Pineapple Express (DV)
– After Earth ( DV )
– Salt (DV)
– The Amazing Spiderman 2 (DV)
– Smurfs 2 (DV)

VUDU (Dolby Vision only for right now, Vizio R, Vizio P, LG 2016 tvs)

*If you have a roku 4 or any Vizio built in-app, these titles are available to all brands in regular UHD with 10 bit color and dolby atmos.

*It appears that dolby atmos sound has been added to a bunch of titles, check the info on the website to make sure which ones have it.

– Lights out
– Star Trek Beyond
– The Legend of Tarzan
– Central Intelligence
– Central Intelligence UNRATED
– Me Before You
– If I Stay
– The Nice Guys
– Oblivion
– Lucy.
– Everest
– Lone Survivor
– The Huntsman: Winters War
– Creed
– Shun (3 minute demo, FREE)
– The Flesh of Lovers (3 minute demo, FREE)
– Hidden (3 minute demo, FREE)
– Breath (3 minute demo, FREE)
– Hidden (3 minute demo, FREE)
– Keanu
Batman vs superman (extended and theatrical cut)
– How to be Single
– Watchmen: Ultimate Cut
– Point Break
– The Intern
– Annabelle
– In the Heart of the Sea
– Pacific Rim
– The Conjuring
– Our Brand Is Crisis
– Black Mass
– Pan
– We are your friends
– Entourage
– Goodfellas
– Man of Steel
– Edge of Tomorrow
– The Lego Movie
– Jupiter Ascending
Magic Mike XXL
– Sherlock Holmes
– Sherlock Holmes 2
– San Andreas
– Focus
– The Great Gatsby
– Run All Night
– Into the Storm
– Mad Max: Fury Road
– The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
– The Gallows
– American Sniper
– Get Hard
– Hangover 1
– Hangover 2
– Hangover 3
– Vacation
– Hot Pursuit

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT:  In order to view content you download, you simply download them to your computer and then put them on a USB drive and plug into your TV.  This is exactly what we were talking about earlier in this POST.


Included in this file is 2 Dolby Vision HDR demos, along with 5 HDR10 demos, all are reference quality and HIGHLY recommended!

In order for these to work, after you complete the download, you must go into the file properties, and change the file name from .lge to .mkv, files won’t work without doing this.



Samsung HDR: Chasing the Light

Samsung HDR: Quantum Dot Display



Lego Movie HDR clip (note: this clip only works on panasonic HDR tvs)

Mad Max HDR clip (note: this clip only works on panasonic HDR tvs)

TOM ROPER: AVS members’ personally made SMPTE HDR videos


Random HDR test Footage

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9p…FYcUJiaWs/view (25 second test clip)


This is a host site.  These are free for everyone. People/companies can shoot and create their own HDR videos and host them here.  Click on the link, and on the lower right side of the screen you will find download links that are highlighted in RED, click the link that says 4K DOWNLOAD HDR.  If you click on “home” it’ll take you to the main page where you can find a few more UHD videos (regular UHD).

SWIPE: An HDR demo that swipes with an SDR version across the screen




Colorado ELdorado HDR


Life Untouched HDR


Rogers Cable Company (SE canada)

– All 81 HOME Toronto Blue Jays Games in HDR (2016 season)
– 20 NHL games (2016 season)

EDIT (APRIL 8TH 2016): Rogers has delayed HDR sports until 2017. Games will continue to be in 4k resolution and look excellent.

NETFLIX  (Dolby Vision and HDR10)

AVAILABLE NOW:  check your device compatibility

– Hibana Spark
– Chefs Table France NEW DV/HDR10
– Cosmos Laundromat (12minutes) DV/HDR10 NEW
– Marco Polo season 1 DV/HDR10
– The Do-Over HDR10 and DV
– The Ridiculous 6 DV/hdr10
– Marco Polo season 2 DV/hdr10
– Marco Polo: one hundred eyes dv/hdr10
+Plus, many others added in 2016 which are listed below:  There are additions to all of these sources and we will do our best to keep these listed updated regularly.  We are doing so in order to keep our users informed and educated.  We are striving to be your GO-TO site for everything 4K  ( WWW.4KADVICE.COM ).  Thank you for your support.  Please SHARE and COME BACK.  COMMENT and ASK QUESTIONS.  We will do our best to assist you.

DareDevil Season 2
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Knights of Sidonia
Marvel’s Iron Fist
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Marvel’s Luke Cage
Marvel’s The Defenders

ULTRA (New Sony streaming app, only on SONY  TVs!)   NEW in 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) NEW
The Shallows. NEW
The Walk
The brothers Grimsby
Pride and Predjiduce and zombies
The 5th Wave
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Men In Black 3
Smurfs 2
The Night Before
Hotel Transylvania 2
After Earth
Pineapple Express
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Ghostbuster’s 2
Men in Black

ULTRAFLIX (spring/summer 2016)



As of November 7th, 2016, Youtube now carries HDR videos.  However, Youtube requires VP9 2.0 for HDR, which is only available on SOME 2016 tvs and some external devices.  Currently, only the newest google Chromecast can access YTHDR.

What is HDR?  How does HDR improve the picture?  Why should you want HDR?  Explained here in a “reference” article! NEW

A very great and detailed article on HDR from back in March 2015 I believe.  It is around 16 pages long from a magazine and has comparison pictures from “Amazing Spiderman 2”, “blacklist” and “Annie”.

There is an interview where they talk about the differences in 10 bit, 12 bit etc,.

This is the type of link that you will want to bookmark for future references on HDR.

4K HDR Explained

4K HDR Explained


HDR External Streaming Devices

–  Samsung 4k blu ray player K8500 (amazon HDR)
–  Nvidia Shield (netflix HDR)
–  XBOX 1 S (netflix HDR )
–  Roku 5 Ultra
–  Roku 5 PREMIER+
–  Pansonic UB900
–  chromecast Ultra






  1. Hi There,

    Great site and an awesome article. I am not much of a TV fan as per say. I only watch movies and sporting events. How long do think it will be until we see live sporting events transmitting in 4K?

    Is that even a possibility?

    All I know is that it would be awesome!

    1. I totally agree that live sporting events in 4K would be simply amazing. They do exist now! I have watched football games on my 4K TV and they were filmed live using a 4K mastered camera. At the time, the network was filming in 4K as a beta or test they said. Only people with 4K televisions could benefit from the stunning picture images on TV. If you only had an HD TV then you saw the image in 1080p as normal.

      It all comes down to what kind of cameras the movie, TV show, News or Sporting Event are being filmed in. That is called ‘native’. TVs today can UPCONVERT any 720 or 1080 HD image to a higher better image somewhere in between 1080 and 4K which is really 3,800 pixels est.

      I believe that in 2017, we will see a significant increase in networks filming sporting events in 4K using 4K cameras. They are all in the process of switching out their HD 1080 cameras with actual 4K cameras. But, they are super expensive on the commercial side. 4K TVs for consumners at home are now super, super cheap. You can get a mid-size 4K UHD TV, name brand, 4-50inch SMART TV for about $500. For none-name brand you can even get one on Amazon today (11/07/16) for $328. Thats incredible and none-name brand TVS are very good. Most name brand TV companies like Vizio frist started out as no one knowing who they were.

      Even if you do not watch much TV, I would say that you switching up to a 4K TV would be worth it just for the sporting events alone. That is how good the image is. It blows your mind. I remember staring at my TV watching the 4K football game (it was college) seeing blades of grass that I could count when they showed the punter practicing. You can see wrinkles on players and coaches faces. The best part is that it makes you feel like you are there. Its like you are looking through a window down at the field as if you were in a box above at the event. You are looking at the real picture like exactly what you would see with your own eyes if you were there in person. This is the truth. Thank you for your comments. I created this site to help educate others because 2 years ago when I was learning about 4K and wanted to buy one…I could NOT find much information online whatsoever. I couldnt find much help. So, now I do this to help others who were like me a few years ago. To educate people as best I can. If you decide to purchase a 4K TV, please consider clicking on any of my links on this site and allow it to take you to Amazon. No specific TV is necessary…no pressure. But, read over the Posts and inform yourself about different 4K Tvs and then please click on my Amazon links to take you there when you are ready. This helps support this site http://www.4KADVICE.COM.

      Thanks again for your feedback,

      Matt B.

  2. You’re right, this time last year, there wasn’t as much 4k content out there. I too have a 4k television, but honestly, I can’t tell the difference? Is that because I have a blu-ray player that does not support 4k? I’m looking into getting a new Xbox One, so maybe I’ll be able to see what the true 4k experience is all about. SO, is it the combination of needing both a 4k television AND 4k player to experience true 4k resolution, or is it more about the content, as when streaming Netflix?

    1. Author

      Hi Christian, thanks for your input. Seriously, you cannot tell the difference!!?? Well, there could be several different reasons why depending on your set up, …yes. For starters, YES, if your Blu-ray Player is not technically a 4K UHD (Ultra High Def) Blu-ray Player then you wont see the difference. However, I have a Blu-ray player that is not a 4K and the blu-rays I watch are amazing and usually much better quality than even the 4K movies I watch on my 4K TV network or cable. Most 4K TVs UPCONVERT or UPSCALE (same thing) and I am sure yours does too. I would check though. Check the manual of box to find out. This means that your TV would take any image that is at least 720 or 1080 HD and upconvert the image quality to somewhere between 1080 and 3820 (which is rouned up to be known as 2K and 4K).

      Can you tell the difference when you watch a 4K movie against a regular 1080p HD movie? Is 4K much better?

      Yea, I want that new XBOX ONE S (i think its called) it IS 4K with 4K bluray built in as you know. Your games should all be in 4K since you have a 4K TV as long as the game was mastered in 4K, which they are doing for most games now a days.

      Good question too, YES it is about the combination of equipment to get real 4K for the most part. NOT TOALLY THOUGH. Yes, the equipment CAN limit your picture quality. A 4K blu-ray player SHOULD be a much better and noticeable picture quality over a non 4K blu ray player disc. But, it WOULD also require the combination of the content. So, ALL of it really matters to answer your question.

      The way the move, game or TV show or even live Sports event is mastered or filmed in is what matters most. Although, this is not exactly true since your 4K TV is able to UPCONVERT a 720HD program to nearly 3,000 pixels on average. But, anyway, for the most part it depends on if your movie you are watching is TRUE, REAL 4K or upconverted 4K.

      Here is an example, SOny might take an older film that was filmed, shot or mastered using a 2K camera equipment. 2K is the norm and the most used today. (4K cameras are slowly taking over, but they are very expensive when it comes to commercial camera equipment for making movies). SOny then upscales or digitally remasters the film into closer to 4K quality, BUT THEN CALLS THE FILM 4K. This happens often. Since the film was not actually filmed or mastered using a 4K camera, then they are limited as to how much greater picture image quality they can convert or scale it up to. THEY CANNOT scale it up to 3,820 which is what 4K pixel amount actually is (its rounded up just like 1080 is to 2K as they call it in the industry).

      So, you are probably watching UPSCALED movies that are only 2700 or 3,000 pixel at the most, DESPITE the movie advertising itself as “4K”. This might all change as future moves on and consumers become more confused about all the verbiage used, etc. Manufacturers and movie makers are taking advantage of the words to help them sell more by LOOKING like what they give you is real, native, 4K content when it was only remastered.

      Search for a real native 4K movie or show, where you can verify that the movie was actually filmed using todays best 4K camera systems. THEN, I guarantee you, you will see the difference and it will blown your mind!!! You will then see the full capacity and strength of your 4K TV. You will then get what you paid for as far as 4K TV.!!! Hope this helps. Check out my other posts as some of them directly pertain to your questions.



      Also, PLEASE share my Post on facebook with your friends and family. I am trying to epand my outreach to help more people learn about 4K. I found NO HELP a few years ago when I was first interested in 4K and bought a 4K TV (my first one). I had no help, could find no info or limited online, which is why I created this site. To help people who were just like I was few years ago. Provide good, quality factual content to help them make better purchase decisions and enjoy 4K at its fullest.

      I am happy to Comment and share your Posts as well if you send me a link to your site when you reply, I will help you out too.


    2. There is so much 4K Ultra HD content that exists today, that no one should be complaining or using a lack of as an excuse NOT to upgrade to 4K.

  3. Wow now I know what my dad feels like when he doesn’t understand technology because I am 22, grew up fully immersed in this online digital age and knew nothing about this at all haha. So for instance the shows you listed that have been shot in 4k are they shot regularly and also in 4k? Or if you try to watch a 4k version on a regular tv you will not get the maximum effects? Are all TV’s made today made with this capability? I am really shocked I knew literally nothing at all about this. Thanks for your time!

    1. Author

      HI Brad, thanks for supporting this site at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM and giving us your thoughts about this Post and 4K Ultra HD Tvs. When I first saw a demo on a 4K TV back in early 2014,…I was hooked. I had to have one. The picture image looked so real that I couldn’t wait to get one into my family room and start watching TV shows and gaming on it. Gaming is awesome on my Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, as well as watching other 4K content.

      There is plenty of 4K content nowadays, so that is NOT an issue anymore. Prices are way down and more than HALF of what they cost 2 years ago.

      Yes, if a producer of the same show or movie continues to produce other Seasons or Series, or episodes…they will definitely shoot, film and master it using 4K camera systems. They wont go ‘backwards’ as far as the level of camera they are using. 4K cameras are the absolute best right now and many producers are switching over to 4K. Soon, most of what we watch will have been filmed using 4K cameras. If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV then you will reap all the benefits. If not, then you probably wont even know its a 4K movie or show because your TV will max out at whatever resolution it is (720 or 1080p HD). Great question though!

      4K on a regular TV simply wont happen. I mean you can still watch it but it will only be as good as your TV max resolution.

      Another great question, I would say that MOST televisions nowadays are made using 4K displays. It somewhat like when we switched from Standard Definition – analog up to 720 and 1080 HD. However, I am sure there are some manufacturers who still make 1080 HD televisions. PLEASE SHARE OUR SITE ON YOUR FACEBOOK. So we can reach more people and inform them about 4K equipment and TVs. – Mattyb.

  4. So there is enough 4K content now after all. Yes I was intrigued by the technology and curious about where it will go but never got to get one. Well this is a great inspiration to hop in. What do you recommend as a starter pack into this wonderful world of 4K?

    1. Author

      YES, nowadays there is absolutely plenty of 4K content. You can stream 4K from a dozen sites like Netflix. They have a dedicated 4K Ultra HD TV section with only UHD movies and shows. Same with Amazon Instant Video. Then you have 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs to watch which in our opinion are the absolute BEST picture image out of all of 4K content. Its amazing how real the image looks on the display. Its crazy-real looking and detailed as if you are right there on the scene of the set live. Or as if you are looking through a window at the scene on the display.

      Well, since prices are way down since 2014 when we bought our first Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, you have many good options. Of course we are partial to Sony because they were the first to pioneer 4K. Samsung and LG are fantastic manufacturers as well.

      It depends on what size of display you are wanting. It is NOT recommend to go anything less than 40 inch on a 4K Ultra HD Tv. You wont get the full benefits of the 4K resolution. The bigger the display the better the 4K.

      We went ahead and got a 65-inch 4K SMART TV so that we would never wish that we had a larger one. We love it and watch 4K movies nightly.

      For starters, I would recommend you go for a mid-size modest priced 4K TV. Prices really have been slashed in half since 2014. The TV we bought nowadays is about $1,400. We paid $2,940 in early 2014. But this TV we bought was top of the line and loaded with more features than we even wanted like 3D. Not sure 4K prices will get much lower. They have leveled off.

      Check this SONY mid-size TV out that would be great for a starter: SONY 49 inch 4K Ultra HD TV

      49″ Class 4K Ultra HD TV

      Amazon is the best online merchant to buy 4K and other equipment. This is where we bought our first 4K because the prices cannot be beat. You will pay more from a brick and mortar store. Amazon guarantees shipping, its fast, large selection and reliable. They ship straight to your door and sometimes carry into your family room tv stand if you ask. That is what we did because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift anything.

      Despite paying twice the cost of what our same exact TV is priced at today, we have no regrets. It makes watching live sporting events, TV shows and movies THAT much more fun and exciting to watch because it look so real….whatever is being displayed. ALL 4K Ultra HD TV also do what is called UPCONVERT or UPSCALE (same thing). This means they automatically take any 720 or 1080 HD film and scale or increase the quality of the resolution. Its becomes much better than 1080p, for example. However, it cannot upscale to a full 4K (technically 3820) resolution For that, you would need the show or film to have been mastered using 4K camera systems. There are plenty of these type of movies today and more added monthly. Thanks and PLEASE SHARE on your Facebook so that we can reach more people and help inform them.- Mattyb.x

  5. Wow, this was just what I was looking for. 4K has always been foreign to me… and I definitely have a better understanding of it now. I have been looking for a really good 4K TV for my husband for his birthday and now I am pretty confident I have decided on one. So happy I found this site. I had no idea Netflix was starting to implement it. Love that your movie list as well. Heck, I wish I had found this a long time ago!!

    THANK YOU for superior information!!

    1. Author

      Hi Jen, you are very welcome! This was our goal…to create a helpful site that educated about the new 4K Technology. Really, all 4K means is that it provides a picture image 4 times better in overall resolution than a 1080 HDTV does. Its really amazing too! Watching movies and shows on 4K is super fun and exciting because it looks so crazy real that its hard to believe. Glad you have chosen a 4K TV. Your husband will flip out when he gets it. Feel free to link to Amazon via our site and make any TV purchases that way. That would help support our http://www.4KADVICE.COM site, but no pressure. We bought our first 4K Ultra HD TV (sony) 2 years ago in 2014 on Amazon. They are reliable, fast shipping and it was convenient for them to ship right to our door. They actually brought our 65 inch 4K TV into our family room for us, because I have a bad shoulder and cannot lift anything. Selection and price great on Amazon too. You can get a mid-sized 4K TV for about $600 nowadays, so prices have been slashed in half since 2014. I dont think prices will get much lower in general on 4K TVs. They have leveled out it seems, other than a special sale, or year end. Actually, right now the best deals on 4K are the 2016 models everyone is getting rid of. They are perfectly good TVs and true 4K, they just mark them down to get rid of their stock and make room for 2017 televisions.

      I stumbled across a 4K demo back in 2014 in an electronics store when it was really, really new. After seeing that and how real it looked, I just had to have it. So I talked my wife into and began searching online for more information. We could not find much online about 4K 2 years ago and that was disappointing. Which is exactly why I created this site http://www.4kadvice.com to help others learn and make informed purchase decisions regarding 4K equipment. Thanks again and please SHARE our Post & Site on Facebook so that we can reach more people who are interested in learning about 4K and upgrading for a much better TV watching experience with friends and family. Regards, Matt B.

  6. Your site is very elaborate. Your site answered a lot of questions I was having. I was wondering if you will be showing images of actual setups? It would be nice to see what it all looks like with the TV, Dvd player, surround system. Very cool up to date site with information. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Thanks Scott, as we are trying to make the best site that we can and deliver helpful information to consumers. Back in 2014, after seeing a 4K Ultra HD TV demo, I fell in love with it I had to have a 4K Tv because the picture image looked so real..it was just amazing to watch. We will certainly add some actual set-up images to our Set Up page…as this is a great idea. Thank you. Please Share this Post and Site on Facebook if you can. It would help to support us. Regards, Matt B.

  7. Hey,
    great selection of 4k material! I’m still weighing in the decision on whether I want to upgrade to 4k
    from my trusty 1080p and the main reason is that I’m a gamer. As much as I would enjoy a good
    4k movie in my living room, I’m still waiting to be able to hook up my PS4 (or better) and go native 4k with my favourite games.
    I know it’s a bit of topic, but do you know what’s happening on this front? Which 4K TVs would be most suitable for gaming?
    Thanks and keep up the good work,

    1. Author

      Hi JT – I totally understand your decision on whether to upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD TV or not. These are big expenses in our lives next to cars and home or rent. I am a big gamer as well. Because all 4K TV upscale or upconvert the picture image to better than 1080p HD, any gaming console graphics are going to be much better than on a 1080 TV. X BOX ONE S is the first 4K console and I believe PS has a 4K console coming out too, if its not already out. I use my Sony 4K Ultra HD 65 inch TV to game on. It has built in PlayStation Now, and the graphics are amazing. Way better than my monitor. But, I can only stream PS3 game for now.

      Any 4K TV would be better than any 1080 HD for gaming in my opinion. But, it would be better to hold out for an actual 4K console and buy it along with a 4K TV. That way the game and the TV are both native 4K. Thanks for your comments and please visit 4KADVICE.COM again. You can link over to Amazon and make purchases that way and help support our site if you wish. Take Care, Matt B.

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