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Top 10 Best 4K Video Cameras

If you are one of those looking for the latest pro camcorders available today, then scroll down this page for our list of the Top 10 professional 4K camera ‘s 2016 priced from $1500 +.

Today, high definition (HD) content has become a standard for consumers.  Therefore, video resolution requirements in the field of professional videography has followed suit.  Well, to some, video cameras that shoot in full HD may still suffice.  However, with the advent of 4K camcorders & pro video cameras, others may not think the same anymore.

For a budget between $500 – $1500 look at our TOP 10 4k Consumer Camcorders listed below.  We have provided a description and easy access for purchase via Amazon.  We find Amazon to be the most trusted merchant.  With 2 day shipping via their Amazon Prime program, as well as competitive prices and multiple seller sources…we would recommend no other store.


Panasonic Hc-X1000 4K Camcorder


hc1000  Those who wish to make the move to 4K will find the HC-X1000 by Panasonic a good choice of camera.  With a set of tasty features and the ability to record 4K ultra HD at 60p onto an SD card, this device not only gives good quality output, but value for money as well. Take a look at the review to see more about this brilliant bit of technology.


Panasonic AG DVX200 4K Pro Camcorder

41d5z0ajogl-e1464600927547     The AG DVX200 is the latest 4k professional camcorder to be released by Panasonic. The major selling piont for this camera is the fact that it has a 4/3 Sensor and performs very well in low light conditions. Have a look a the more detailed review to learn more about this camcorder from Panasonic you will not be disapointed.


Sony PXW-Z150 XDCAM Camcorder

sony-pxw-z150-e1460204251103The PXW-Z150 is something that any videographer or filmmaker (whether they’re professional or not) should look at. With its compact, lightweight design and powerful features, it easily gives users a huge bang for their buck while letting them shoot the best possible videos. Click on the review button to see the test footage and learn more abotu the latest 4K Camcorder from Sony.


Sony PXW-Z100 Pro 4k Camcorder

sony_pmwz100_4kcameraThe PXW-Z100 by Sony is their latest pro 4K camera to be priced at less than $5,000. This camcorder records at “true 4K” which is 4096×2160 and UltraHD 3840×2160 resolutions up to 60p. These are resolutions that far exceed even today’s best video cameras. What’s more is that this model uses the XAVC 4:2:2 10-bit codec and in MXF file format.


Sony FDRAX1 4K Video Camera

4kprosony-fdr-ax1The Sony FDRAX1 4K Video Camera comes with an 8.3MP Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor essential for the capture of stunning videos at a quality far exceeding HD resolution. Because it has a backlit structure that features layers of photodiode wiring, it makes for the best shooting experience with amazing low-light sensitivity. It shoots raw 4k data at 60FPS but at extended recording times.


JVC HM-200 4K Camcorder

gy-hm200-e1464601254485The newest 4k Camcorder to come out is from JVC. The HM -200 has been released along side the HM-170. The GY-HM200 has XLR outputs and the associated features while the GY-HM170 does not. The GY Hm200 is a great 4K camera and it has been priced a bit lower than the Sonys with the same specification.


Sony FDR-AX100 4K Camera

fdrax1000-400x260The Sony AX100 is the first prosumer 4k resolution camcorder to be released .  With a weight just 915g and a price just under under $2,000, this camera is accessible to a wide range of videographers.  The XA100 is a good choice for videographers who have not fully abandoned dSLR to take the plunge to UltraHD. Click the Read Review button to see some test footage and learn more about this.


JVC GY-HMQ10U 4K Camcorder

gy-hmq10proreview-600x400JVC’s GY-HMQ10U 4K Compact Camcorder is one that is most known for its Falconbrid high-speed processor that allows for advanced video applications. This camcorder is equipped with a CMOS 4K Sensor essential for capturing videos at 3840×2160 resolution. Because of its single sensor sensitivity, it works impressively over different lighting conditions. The GYHMQ10U also employs 4K progressive recording in MPEG 4/H.264 format at 144 Mbps.


Sony PMW-F55 – Sonys Flagship for 4K

sonypmw-f55reviewIf you have the budget and you want the best in 4K then the Sony PMW-F55 is the production video camera for you. The image sensry captures true 4K at 4096 X 2180 and is more than capable of producing broadcast quality footage at either 4K or 2K. Filming at 2K you are able to shoot up to 240FPS ( with optional AXS-R5 Recorder) and 60FPS at 4K. Please take a look at the overview to see the full specification and some great movies produced by this camcorder.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Camera

gh4-4k-1The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera is a hybrid camera designed to be used for both professional photo and video use. The camera features a 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor, as well as a 4-CPU Venus Engine which is capable of capturing JPEG and RAW stills at high resolution. This is a new entry to our top 10 4K Video Cameras. Take a look at this hybrid it may be what you are after.



  1. Hi There,

    Excellent site and some very interesting choices for videographers. Thanks for creating and sharing this article with us.

    I am looking for something 4k capable shooting and perhaps can use my Nikon Nikkor lenses from my D-SLR camera as for sure they will come in handy and be less of an expense when switching lenses. Do you know of a nikkon video camera with 4k capabilities that could suit my needs? the D-SLR with nikon are limited to 20mins video!

    1. …20 mins 4K videos…YES, I have heard about this and it is a big negative. 4K cameras are getting much better ‘by the minute’. Prices are dropping like flys. Now, is a good time to buy. As you could tell, this Post is related to high-end 4K video camera units. Most $1,500 or higher. I mean, these are the best of the best before you get into commercial cameras. I am glad this information helped you. Please, if you do decide to make a purchase, and you want to use Amazon….(Amazon seems to have the best prices overall based on my research which is why I place links throughout my 4KADVICE.COM site)…click my Amazon links here and go to Amazon this way. This would help to support my website. You do not have to buy any specific 4K camera if the ones I listed are NOT what you are looking for. If you just click on any of those links or my basic Amazon ad link on the right side bar and it will take you directly to Amazon where you can pick and choose whichever 4K video recording camera you want. This helps the cause as well. I started this cause because several years ago when I first got interested in 4K cameras and TVs I could not find much information about it all. I was frustrated because there was not good content online to educate me. So, that is why I manage this site. To help others who are in the same position that I was in a few years ago.

      About the Nikon, the D-SLR camera, YES…there are several better models that would 100% suit your needs.

      The D-SLR (750 model) and (810 model) would both provide you exactly what you need. They are priced best online at Amazon once again. PLEASE, if you make a purchase…stay on this site at http://www.4KADVICE.COM and click on the Amazon box ad that is located on the UPPER RIGHT SIDE BAR of this site. Its shown under “Recommended Marketplace”. If you click on that box, it takes you to Amazon general page. There, under the Search box located at mid top of page you can type in Nikon D-SLR 810 model and it will take you directly to that 4K camera. You can make a purchase if you wish. You will NOT be disappointed with the 810. My good friend has this same camera that he uses professionally to film and create movies/documentaries for charity organizations. The picture quality is wonderful and stunning of course since its 4K. The best part is that he said he can film for 60 minutes or more in 4K no problem. He had to in order to make the film reels long enough.

      Thanks for commenting and best wishes to you. Please share this Post to help spread word about this site which is striving to help educate people about 4K stuff. TVs, cameras, etc.

      Kind Regards,

      Matt B.

  2. Thanks for going to the trouble of sharing this.

    I am looking to buy a really good quality video camera as I have some marketing videos I want to shoot, among other things. The quality really needs to be up there.

    This top 10 list is perfect, exactly what I’ve been looking for to allow me to compare makes and models and what’s best for the budget.

    1. Very glad I could help. Good timing that you are in the market for a good 4K camera. Prices have dropped significantly so now is a good time. From my experience, Amazon does have the lowest prices. Not #1 lowest, as you probably know,..but “one” of the lowest priced merchants. If you do make a purchase, please consider linking through one of my Amazon ads. No pressure, of course and you would not need to buy any specific camera unless you wanted to. In that case, the links are on the Post for your convenience. Otherwise, the Amazon ad link blocks on the right side bar will take you to Amazon in general. That would help support my site http://www.4KADVICE.COM.

      You see, I created and manage this site to help others. I have a day job in commercial insurance, but the ad links help cover costs of hosting , etc. The reason I built this site is that a few years ago when I got very interested in 4K in general (TVS, CAMERAS, etc.) I had trouble finding any good information about it online. Very few sites to help me learn about it all since it was so new. So,…I decided to help others who are in the same boat that I was in a few years ago. Educate people as best I can and help them make informed decisions. Thanks for your comment and please share this Post to anyone interested in 4K anything.

      -Matt B.

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