4K UHD TV versus 1080 HDTV


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4K Ultra High Definition Beats 1080 HDTV When Compared

There is no other way to put this.  If you own an HDTV, which 95% of us do, then your TV is obsolete.  You are NOT watching the biggest and best television set any longer.  Who would have ever thought that the picture quality would get much better than 1080 HD?  I certainly did not expect this anytime soon.  We can always hope for better technology.  Ever since the computer was created technology has snow-balled faster than our little pea-brains can handle.

We welcome this new technology even though most of us might not be ready to switch over to a 4K UHD TV.  I happened to make this change in 2014 closer to when they first hit the shelves.  I did so after seeing a demo showing native 4K content on a 4K UHD TV.   It was astounding.  It was absolutely breath-taking and amazing picture quality.  I could not believe how much better 4K was than what my older 1080 HDTV was showing.

Price was an issue in the past with 4K since the technology was so new.  This is always the protocol with new technology and televisions.  Prices start super high the newer the TV and technology is.  Soon thereafter, prices drop significantly.  By late 2016, prices will have dropped drastically and made buying a new 4K UHD TV affordable again just like 1080 HD TVs became affordable after that change over from Standard Definition (SD)


  1. 4k definitely beats 1080p HD. I have owned a 4k uhd tv for about 2 years now and the image it displays is totally amazing! It so real looking that it’s hard to believe.
    I learned a lot at http://WWW.4KADVICE.COM.
    I bought my first 4k Sony on Amazon via this site because I trusted it.

  2. My 4K TV for sure beats out my 1080 HDTV. We had 4 hdtv in various rooms. But ever since, buying our first 4K television we have been upgrading and replacing all other hdtv with 4K.
    Not all are large at 64inch like our main family room Sony tv is. Others are 42 inch and 55inch.
    It is known that with 4K, you do NOT want a TV much smaller than 40 inches or else you won’t see the full benefits of 4K.

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