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What Is A 4K TV Sale?

This is a typical question that we get here at 4KADVICE.comMany consumers seem to think that 4K TVs are outrageously priced and only for rich people to buy.  This could not be more false. 

It is true that several years ago 4K TV prices were much higher.  But, this was because this technology was so new.  Just like with all new technology, prices start very high and then drop over the next few years. 

Today, we are in a 4K TV sale period.  All 4K TV prices have been slashed in half and are now equal with the cost of a new HD TV.

We lived through this when High Definition (HD) flat panel TVs first came out.  We switched over from Standard Definition (SD) televisions about 15 years ago.  Although, the new HD TVs were incredibly awesome, they were also super expensive at the time. 

Then, the prices decreased dramatically over time.  This is the same for 4K Ultra HD TVs.

4K TVs have been on the shelves for nearly 4 years now and prices have dropped to levels that consumers can expect.  As a matter of fact, 4K TV prices are now similar to 1080 HD TV prices.  

Prices have dropped for a reason.  Manufacturers are replacing HD TVs with 4K TVs.  They want consumers to upgrade their 1080p HD TV with a new 4K UHD TV and in order for that to happen…prices need to be comparable.

4K TV Sale


Take Advantage Of This 4K TV Sale Now

Instead of upgrading to another 1080p HD TV flat panel, consumers will purchase a new 4K UHD Television.  This is because prices are way down and they fit any household’s budget.  This is becoming known as the 4K TV Sale.  Do not miss out on it.

Consumers have gotten use to buying 720 or 1080p HD Televisions at certain prices over the past 15 years.  In order to get more consumers upgrading to 4K TVs, the price must be similar to what they expect.  This is the case today.

It would not be wise to purchase another 1080 HD TV today.  You can obviously still find them available for sale, but the majority of stores are marketing and selling 4K UHD TVs.  Again, this is because 4K is replacing 1080p HD televisions. 

Eventually, every household will own a 4K television.  This 4K TV Sale will be happening for the next few years.

4K TV Sale


Don’t Ignore The 4K TV Sale

Today, there is no reason NOT to upgrade to 4K. 

Here are some 4K TV benefits:

  •  4K TV prices are the same as 1080p HD TVs
  • Plenty of 4K Movies & TV shows to watch
  • You can stream 4K content on numerous applications
  • All 4K TVs upscale the picture.  Everything you watched has enhanced resolution
  • 4K TV picture is FOUR times better, higher resolution than 1080 HD
  • 4K TV picture image looks more real & true-to-life than 1080 HD
  • 4K is replacing 720 & 1080p HD TVs
  • 4K is here to stay for at least 2 more decades
  • Watching 4K TV is a stunning experience b/c its look so real

Aside from these listed above, watching a 4K Ultra HD Television in action is a real experience.  It will blow your  mind how real the picture looks while you watch it.  It is as if you are looking through a window at a real, live scene. 

Actors faces are crystal clear full of detail.  What you see on a 4K TV is basically the same as what you would see with your bare naked eyes in person.  It is impressive to say the least.

Do not take our word for it, go to your local electronics store and ask to see a demo on a 4K Television.  Be sure to request 4K content.  The reason is that NOT everything you watch on a 4K TV is going to be full 4K resolution. 

It all comes down to how the film was mastered.  This basically means what kind of camera systems were used to make the film?  Were they 2K cameras or 4K cameras.  If they were 4K cameras, then the film will be a real, native 4K content.  

Watching real 4K movies & shows on your new 4K UHD TV are what will give you the most benefit.  4K TV sale

There is plenty of real 4K content that exists today.  Several years ago, real 4K content lacked.  But, this was because the 4K technology was so new. 

It is not new anymore.  More and more producers are filming movies and shows with 4K cameras. 

For example, the latest “Hunger Games” was filmed using 4K cameras.  Same with the latest Star Wars movie “Rogue”. 

In addition to these, there are hundreds of other TV shows and movies that were made using 4K cameras and will make the most out of your new 4K TV.

Aside from real native 4K content, there are thousands of other movies and shows that were filmed using 2K cameras, but digitally enhanced to a much higher resolution and then labeled “4K UHD”.  These are known as ‘fake 4K’. 

The resolution is not full 4K, but it is still much better than 1080 HD.  It is somewhere in between.

All 4K Televisions do what is called UPSCALING or UPCONVERTING  (same thing).  This means that a 4K TV will automatically enhance any picture image playing on it as long as it is minimum 720 or 1080 High Definition. 


This is another HUGE reason to upgrade to a 4K UHD TV.  Nearly everything you watch will be better than what you would see on a 1080 HD TV.  Not everything is full 4K, but still it makes it worth while.

4K TV Sale At Amazon.com

In order to watch the best of the best in 4K content, you have to find material that was filmed using 4K resolution camera systems.  The type of camera used to make the movie or TV show is what makes the difference between Real, native 4K content versus Upscaled or Upconverted  (these mean the same thing) content.

Check Out Our Post:    REAL OR FAKE 4K

We cannot begin to tell you how fun & exciting it is to watch a 4K movie on a 4K Ultra HD TV.  It is unbelievable how real the picture is.  It is so true-to-life that you have never seen anything like it.  Think about upgrading your TV now. 

4K TV Sale

Amazon currently has amazing sale prices for 2016 4K TV models.  There is not difference between a 2016 4K TV model and a 2017 4K TV model.  4K is 4K. 

So, you may as well benefit from the much lower prices for the 2016 models that Amazon is striving to get rid of.  This deal will not last forever.

We highly recommend Amazon because of these reasons:

  1. Largest Selection Online
  2. Lowest Overall Prices
  3. Guarantee Shipping
  4. FREE Shipping
  5. Fast 2-Day Shipping
  6. Convenience- Delivery To Your Home

Not to mention, you get to avoid the annoying, pushy sales-people in the store.  Check out a demo of a 4K TV in the store, but then go and buy your chosen 4K TV on Amazon to save money. 

We bought our first SONY 4K UHD TV on Amazon and saved over $350!  We were NOT able to take advantage of any 4K TV Sale.   At the time, in year 2014, this 4K technology was brand new. 

Therefore, prices were super steep.  We paid top-dollar for our Sony.  This same exact Sony 4K UHD TV is half the cost of what it was a few years ago on Amazon.

4K TV Sale


Now, is the time for you to buy.  Go shopping and researching on Amazon.  Use our links to take you over to Amazon for convenience.  Most importantly, take advantage of all the customer reviews on 4K TV products. 

You can read real, honest reviews from other customers who have purchased the same 4K TV that you might be interested in.  Get their feedback to help you make your purchase decisions.


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  1. We love our SONY 4K Ultra High Definition TV. Its totally awesome. Everything we watch is much higher resolution and a great picture. To get the best out of our SONY 4K we have to stream native 4K movies and shows. We use a site called RealorFake4K.com which verifies if the movie or show was filmed using 2K or 4K cameras. This way we know if the movie is real, native 4K or only 2K but enhanced by the producers and then called UHD. Go get a new 4K TV…prices are no different than 1080 HD TV prices nowadays and there is plenty of 4K content.

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying our site and learning a lot. That is what we are here for!

  2. Hi,
    I find it amazing how technology advances, as expressed in this post. Obviously, when they started to appear the 4K televisions the price was very high for the consumer. Today passed the time and this last technology the prices were accommodated and reduced. The 4K UHD is a higher-tech TV than the 1080p HD. I think the most important improvement is that we can see the image practically as if it were real, please update. Thank you so much!

    1. You are so right, Sir!  Watching a 4K TV is similar to watching anything with your bare naked eyeballs.  The pixels are so plentiful and so tiny that you cannot even see them if you are staring at the screen from inches away.

      This is how they accomplish the “REAL” look of the picture image.  Watching movies and shows as long as they were filmed using 4K Resolution camera systems  (which give us REAL, Native 4K content versus content that has been UPSCALED digitally from 1080 HD) looks so true-to-life that it is hard to believe what you are seeing.

      It makes TV watching more fun than ever before because of the details that you can see.  You can see such tiny small, fine details like water droplets and grains of sand, just like you would see if you were looking at a beach or waterfall in person with your own eyes.

      4K TV picture image is currently the best this world has ever seen.  We are not sure it can get much better than 4K, However we all said that about 1080 HD when it first came out around year 2000.

      HDR was added to 4K TVs just a year ago and this is what makes it look so real as far as color is concerned.  They can now perfectly match and duplicate anything they record when it comes to colors thanks to HDR.

      Thanks for commenting and please share our site http://www.4kadvice.com with your friends and family so that we can educate more people about 4K and keep our site moving forward.

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  3. Hi MattyBx, I the person who like 4K tv as i playing my PS4 using 4K TV, i can say the graphic is the best ever i can watch.The graphic is so real and sharp, probably you can input more experience that you have encounter and more photos that attract people. Wish you all the best here.

    BBplay co founder

    1. Hi Jason,  We thank you very much for taking the time to read our Post and comment on our site at http://www.4KADVICE.com.  We hope that we are educating you about 4K Ultra HD TVs so that you can make an informed decision when you go to buy another TV.

      It is very interesting that you are gaming with a 4K TV.  I too, bought the X BOX ONE S which is their first 4K console and I play it on my Sony 4K UHD 65-inch TV.

      All I can say is that it is simply AMAZING graphics.  The picture image boggles my mind when I play Battlefield or other games.  It looks so real that it makes me feel like I am there live on the scene.  My TV upscales the game and so does yours since all 4K TVs automatically upscale or upconvert as long as it is minimum 720 or 1080 HD resolution.

      Best wishes and please use our Amazon.com links throughout our site to go and do your shopping.  We get credit and this helps us move forward.

      Thanks again and here are some other helpful articles you might enjoy.  – Matt B.


      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?

  4. I’ve tried several times to very your page but it won’t open. Each time I try to open it I see the picture but then it goes blank. It doesn’t even say page error or anything.
    You may want to check to see if it operating correctly. It may even be slow but I let it sit for a few minutes and still didn’t open.

    1. Thanks this is happening with some people.  Were you using your smart phone or tablet when this happened?  it happens to my smart phone but not laptop.  We are looking into it.  Not sure what is going on, but thanks!

  5. This is a great article. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to 4k for a few years but I haven’t been able to talk my wife into it because she says our TV works just fine but she doesnt understand that just because what we are watching wasnt filmed in 4k doesnt mean it won’t look better. Maybe I will send her this link and hopefully it will change her view point on it.

    1. Hi Daniel!  We do appreciate you taking the time to comment on our Post at http://www.4kadvice.com.  We thank you for sharing our Posts and Site with friends so that we can help to educate them as well.

      We want people to make informed purchase decisions when it comes to buying another TV.  Televisions are the bigger purchases in our lives and people deserve to know exactly what they are buying.

      With that said, NEVER buy ANOTHER 1080 HD TV.  4K TVs are priced the same and they are at least FOUR times better overall than any new 1080 HD TV.

      Yes, Please send your wife a few of our Articles and website address…http://www.4KADVICE.com.  We will help inform her about all the reasons to upgrade to a 4K TV and not buy another 1080 HD TV ever again.

      Prices are as low as they are going to go because they are currently the same as any new 1080 HD TV.  Producers did this because they want more consumers upgrading to 4K TVs that they are building.

      There are many good reasons to upgrade to 4K including making extra memories with the family because watching a 4K real, native movie or TV show will blow your mind.  It is like nothing else that has ever existed and any 4K TV owner will tell you this the same.

      The picture image is so REAL and TRUE-TO-LIFE that it makes you feel like you are there, live on the scene.  Its like looking through a window at a real life event.  Its basically looking at a display screen as if you were using  your own eyes in person.  Really amazing.  

      Everyone will own 4K TV soon, and most of what we watch will be made using 4K cameras.  Its been taking place but soon will totally REPLACE 1080 HD.

      I like to say that 4K Ultra TVs are REPLACING 1080 HD TVs, JUST LIKE HD replaced SD- Standard Definitnion back in year 2000. We got rid of those big ugly, tube box TVs.

      Thanks and come visit us again and share our site.  – Matt B.




  6. thanks for the info on the 4K TV. We were just talking about upgrading and were not sure whether we would be going with another HD TV, but after reading you review I think we have made up our minds on the 4K. Thanks for the valuable information. I’ll be checking out Amazon today. Just wonder if there are any warranty issues how is that dealt with when buying from Amazon versus a local retailer?

    1. Thank you for visiting our site and supporting us with your comment.

      Very good question about the warranty.  Amazon has become a PRO at shipping expensive fragile products like 4K TVs.  They really have.  I have never heard of any problems whatsoever.

      We used Amazon and saved $390 when we bought our first 4K UHD Sony TV on Amazon a few years ago.  We have since bought 2 more 4K TVs to replace our 1080 HD TVs on Amazon saving over $1,000 compared to in the store.

      The TV manufacturer itself gives you a good warranty.  They all provide them and those are dealt with directly with them and not Amazon.

      However, if you have issue with Amazon they are terrific at resolving it. They stand by their sales.  They have a team of dedicated people on the phones helping customers 24 hours a day.  Or, you can email them.

      They guarantee their shipping of all products if it comes from their warehouse and cover any damage.  It is safe these days to buy online from some companies and Amazon is definitely #1.  Stores are closing down brick and mortar because people are shopping on Amazon instead.

      It is convenient but the biggest reason is the cost savings.  Thank you for commenting.  Below are some other helpful Posts you might enjoy.  Regards, Matt B.


      CHEAP 4K TV


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