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Here Is A 4K TV Review

This is our 4K TV of the month.  This is an incredible deal coming from Amazon.com.

Check out this Samsung 65-inch 4K Ultra High Definition Television.  It is loaded with features including HDR.  The best part is the price.  We could not believe the price when we saw it.  We had to report to you so that you do not miss this deal.  To only pay $1,297 for this awesome TV is a steal!  Our 4K TV reviews will be very helpful in your decision making process.  We strive to deliver honest and accurate reviews.

4K TV Reviews


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Not only is it a 2017 (BRAND NEW), but its CURVED.  This is an extra bonus since we never recommend seeking out a curved television or paying more for the ‘curved’ feature since it does not bring any extra benefit other than ‘looking cool’.  This TV is SMART like most other 4K TVs since you need access to the internet in order to stream 4K content.  We are thinking about upgrading our bedroom television with this exact TV because the price is so good.  This TV is BIG.  65-inch is a large display that will bring you the ultimate picture image when watching real, native 4K movies and TV shows.

This is a HELL of a TV for this price.  Its a 2017 model with 4K Ultra HD resolution and SMART.  Samsung provides over 100 TV apps from within their smart platform.  You cannot go wrong with this TV.  At this price, you might be able to afford a 2nd 4K TV for a different room in your home.  This is just a suggestion.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

4K TV Reviews




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Click on the Amazon link below to read real reviews from other people who have purchased this same exact television.  Its always good to listen to other consumers and learn about the Pros/Cons of a particular product. 

Be careful though, not to misunderstand someone who might be giving negative remarks, but those remarks only apply to them. For example, this TV is too large for one consumer.  Well, maybe its too large in their specific room/house, but might be perfectly sized for your room.  HAPPY SHOPPING.

4K TV Reviews

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  1. Reviews are what help all of us decide on which products to buy. What is so great about Amazon.com is that it provides very helpful (usually) real and honest reviews from other customers who bought the same product you might be interested in. We say “usually” because often you will have 1 or 2 reviewers who give crappy reviews that are worthless.
    By this we mean that they give their opinion based on preference versus any real constructive Pros or Cons. Anyway, the customer reviews are still very worth reading and we buy our 4K TVs based somewhat on other peoples experiences and thoughts. MB

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