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Our Very First 4K Sony TV

Maybe you are, or maybe you could care less.  We just thought we would give you some background as to how we got into 4K and why.  Also, when and where we bought our first 4K televsion, which was 3D, and SMART along with UPCONVERTING abilities like most 4K UHD TVs have today.  Notice how I called it a 4K UHD TV for referencing it as ‘today’ or a current TV.

Back in early 2014, when we made this large 4K TV purchase,…manufacturers and merchants were only calling this equipment “4K”.  Today, it is now commonly referred to as 4K UHD —> { 4K Ultra High Definition }.

A few years ago when I got very interested in 4K, I could not find much information about it online or anywhere else.  They were starting to go on sale, but resources were still very limited.  I wanted to read about 4K, know what I was buying, what NOT to buy, what other accessories I needed, where to locate 4K content to watch, who made the best 4K TVs, etc. etc…but had a hard time finding any information like this in early 2014.    4K Sony TV

Thus, exactly why I created this website.  My goal is to help people who were just like me a few years ago.  We are providing the best, most accurate and up-to-date information about everything 4K.  This means televisions, still cameras, video recorders, Blu-ray & DVD players in 4K, smart phone, pads, and even virtual reality headsets.

We know that it hasn’t even been that long since we changed over from SD to HD  (standard definition to high definition).  That alone was a major feat!  And, consumers fell in love with High Definition.  Everyone has HD nowadays.  Networks are basically required to broadcast in HD  (minimum 720 or 1080o HD).

We would not be doing our job if we did not review our very own television set.  This is to help assist you in your research to find the best 4K television that fits your household needs.

If you are hesitating on buying a 4K TV,…or you wish to wait longer for prices to drop further…that is your choice.  However, we highly recommend that you make a purchase sooner than later and begin to enjoy 4K.  After all, it is 4 times better picture image quality than 1080p HD.  That is a significant difference.

If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows along with live sporting events, and you appreciate technology when it comes to electronics like: TVs, cameras, tablets, smart phones, gaming, virtual reality devices & more,…then why wait any longer to make the switch.

We favor the 4K Sony TV for several reasons.  Number 1, Sony was the first to pioneer the 4K technology.  Number 2, they originally had the most 4K content.  However, today…there are many other fantastic 4K TV brands.  You really cannot go wrong.

4k sony tv


Upgrade To A 4K Sony TV  TODAY!

Utilize this site at:  WWW.4KADVICE.COM to learn everything you need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision.  Better yet, we make it totally convenient for you to make your purchases right here on our site.  Link from here, directly to the lowest, best priced TV products and finalize your order.

After research & comparison, we recommend Amazon as the best place to purchase 4K electronics.  They have the lowest prices and the largest selection of 4K products in the world.  Their service is top-notch and their delivery times are the fastest and most reliable.  When it comes to shipping a large, fragile, 4K television set…you want only the best professionals doing so.  This is why we chose Amazon.

Now, lets move on to reviewing my own 4K TV.  For starters, prices are ripe.  You are not going to see prices too much lower than what they are right now near the end of 2016.  You might find some extra sales from time to time…but in general, 4K prices on TVs are about the lowest they will get.

4k Sony TV


Entering into 2017 we can verify this, but for now we stand by it.  This means that there is no reason to wait for lower prices before you buy a new 4K TV.

We recommend SONY when it comes to 4K.  They were basically the first company to create 4K and implement the enhancements into a real television set.  SONY has pioneered 4K and offers an incredible product(s).  By now, there are many other very comparable 4K televisions makers…but we are partial to SONY because of the attachment we have since this was our very first 4K TV set.

Here is another way to learn more about this particular TV and make a purchase.  We paid $2,892 for this same exact TV about 2 years ago.  As you can see, the price is now only $1,400.  For what you get, its a great price for this 65-inch HUGE, upconverting TV and SMART capability.

I must add that it contains a browser in it just like your laptop or PC has.  And, it comes with about 200 TV applications.  It is SMART beyond SMART and we love playing with it.

Check Out These 4K Sony TVs Below


I just realized that this particular TV does NOT have 3D ability.  I will provide a similar TV below that is comparable and DOES have 3D so that you can see the price difference.

I was not even looking for 3D, but it came with our first TV.  And, its amazing.  If you find native content which is mastered using 3D camera equipment in 4K, then you will get the absolute best 3D watching experience on this TV.  We located native 3D movie on YouTube, put our glasses on…and got our minds blown away!

It was outstanding picture image in 3D.  It appeared as though a fish was coming right out of the screen and up to our faces in our family room.  It actually made us move our head back swiftly to avoid the fish.  It was that good.

Below is a similar 4K TV to above except that it DOES contain 3D.  The price jump upward is decent to go from any non-3D to full 3D capability (*Be warned).  This price = $1,998.  This is about $400-$500 higher to gain 3D benefits.



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4K Sony TV

4k sony tv



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  1. We LOVE Amazon and we saved $390 by purchasing our first Sony 4K TV on Amazon. Plus, the convenience is top notch.

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