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Did You Know 4K Smart TVs Are Replacing 1080 HD TVs?

Many consumers are confused about exactly what 4K is.   We get a large number of comments where people are saying that they did not know what “4K” was.  This Post along with many other Posts on this site www.4KADVICE.com is going to explain exactly what a 4K Smart TV is. 

However, here is a simple explanation.  4K Ultra HD TVs  (known as 4K Smart TVs) are basically the same flat panel televisions that you currently have in your home right now.  The only difference is resolution.

If you think that 1080p HD TVs have a great picture image, then you are in for a shocking surprise when you first watch a 4K Smart TV.  These TVs are FOUR times better overall resolution than 1080 HD- High Definition. 

And, it makes a tremendous difference!  A difference that drastically improves your TV watching experience.  No one disputes this!

A 4K Smart Television ( 4K Ultra HD)  contains FOUR more tiny little pixels within the size of what is equal to ONE 1080 HD pixel.   Essentially, what technicians have done is squeeze FOUR pixels into the size that is equal to ONE pixel found in any 1080 High Definition television. 

This is an amazing improvement for a 4K Smart TV!

This means that there is four times as much color, sharpness, contrast data being displayed.  This make the picture more true-to-life than ever before.  Basically, a 4K Television provides you a picture that is not much different than what you would see in real life with your naked eyes.

You have to see it to believe it.  We encourage you to go to your local electronics store and request a demo of real 4K content on a 4K Ultra HD Television.  You will see exactly what we mean. 

Once you see the demo, you will want to buy one of these 4K Smart TVs.  We provide convenient Amazon links throughout our site in case you decide to upgrade your television. 

Thanks for reading our Posts and we hope that we have provided you helpful information before you make a buying decision.


4k smart TV


All 4K Smart TVs are SMART!

Something to note,…unlike 1080 HD TVs….4K Smart TVs are ALL SMART.  Some HD TVs have SMART capabilities and can access the internet and many others cannot. 

With a 4K Ultra HD TV most of the 4K movies and TV shows are found on the internet via streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. 

In order to give consumers access to the most 4K content, the 4K TV needs to be able to connect online.  Thus, they have made ALL 4K Smart TVs SMART!

4K Smart TVs are going to replace 1080 HD TVs.  There is no doubt that this will take place, its just a matter of time.  Currently, if you see advertisements from an electronics store or online marketing you will see mostly “4K Ultra HD” TVs listed for sale. 

When consumers upgrade their 1080 HD TV,….they are  buying 4K because it makes sense. 

Plus, prices on 4K Smart TVs today have been reduced to the point that they are nearly equal with any new 1080 HD TV.

Manufacturers did this on purpose.  They want you upgrading to 4K TVs and NOT buying another 1080 HD TV like you have been doing for the past 17 years.  HD TVs replaced SD- Standard Definition TVs back in 2000. 

And, no one looked back.  Flat panel HD TVs did not come close to comparing to those big, ugly, heavy tube box SD TVs.

There is more and more 4K content being released monthly.  Already a massive database of 4K movies and TV shows exist.  You will have plenty of 4K content, so don’t worry about that.  Furthermore, producers are already mastering films using 4K camera systems. 

This is what gives us real, native 4K content as opposed to a film being digitally enhanced (UPSCALED) and then labeled “4K”.  These films are still much better than 1080 HD, however they are not full 4K.

Regardless, any picture image on a 4K Smart TV is going to be far, far better than what you are use to seeing on a 1080 HD TV.  Go check it out for yourself.

4K Smart TV


Why Are You Waiting To Buy A 4K Smart TV?

Some people are saying that they are waiting before buying a 4K TV because there is not enough 4K content to watch.  This is simply NOT TRUE.  Perhaps two years ago this was the case.  But, today….there is 4K movies and shows galore.

Another reason why consumers say they wish to wait before upgrading to a 4K TV is price.  This too, is NOT TRUE.  Prices are way down and in line with what consumers expect to pay. 

The price of a 4K TV is about equal to the price of a 1080 HD TV today.  This means that prices are NOT going to get much lower in general.

The best way to buy a 4K Ultra HD TV is online at Amazon.  This is how we purchased our first 4K TV and we have no regrets.  Amazon is the best online merchant for shipping fragile products like TVs.  They offer FREE 2-day shipping with a guarantee. 

They also have the largest selection and the lowest prices for 4K devices.  Brick and Mortar shops are closing because people are being smart and shopping on Amazon.  You should do the same. 

We have provided you a link to Amazon below so that you can research and read more reviews on 4K TVs.

4K Ultra HD Tvs




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  1. Hello,
    I have both a 4k and a Full HD Tv in my house. there IS a substantial difference in those two models. It should be noted that if you want a true 4k experience, your played content should be also in 4k (do not expect to buy the 4k TV and watch everything in 4k) – low resolution youtube videos will still be a low resolution video even on the 4k tv. Processor is better on 4k and it does render better the full HD content.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for commenting on our Post. It is great to hear that you agree when comparing a 1080 HD with a 4K Ultra HD Tv. We did the same thing in our household. We still have 1080 HD Samsung TVs and 4K TVs and there is a big difference with the 4K depending on what we watch. Obviously, the real, native 4K movies that were filmed using 4K cameras offer the absolute best movies. However, our SONY 4K TV also upscales everything playing on it as long as it is minimum 720 or 1080 HD. I am sure you knew that about your 4K TV?

      Great point about buying a 4K TV and expecting everything to be in 4K …as this is not how it works.

      There is a great Post we have on http://www.4kadvice.com that talks about REAL versus FAKE 4K content. then, we provide you a link to a site that lists all movies and whether they were filmed using 2K or 4K cameras. If 2K the producers will digitally enhance the film and then label it “4K’. Although the picture image is still very good and better than 1080 HD…it is still not REAL 4k. Only when filmed using a 4K camera can it be REAL, NATIVE 4K. More and more movie producers are using 4K cameras so the future is exciting.

      Here is the Post about real vs. fake 4K. This way you can know specifically what you are watching and get the best out of your new 4K TV. Congrats BTW. Thanks for sharing our site and helping to inform others. – MB.




  2. Great article on 4K. I bought a new 4K TV about six months ago, a Sony Bravia 55 inch. I love it! There are so many great programs out there you can watch in 4K, too. My wife and I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, and each has their own line up of 4K programming.

    Of Course to get the 4K experience you need a 4K TV and 4K gear to being that level of resolution into your home. My wife and I bought a new Fire TV box that allows for the 4K programming from online to work with out TV.

    Prices are coming down too. Great time to buy a new 4K TV!

    1. Hi and thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site in this way. We are striving to provide helpful information about 4K TVs which are replacing 1080 HD TVs just like HD replaced Standard Definition years ago.

      Congrats on your new 4K TV. Now you know what we are talking about. 55 inch is the prefect size and we have the very same TV SONY Bravia. Good choice since they really are the best. Their SMART platform is also the best. They give us so many TV apps in the SMART section. Sony pioneered 4K so we think they are a bit better than most others. However, all of them make a decent 4K TV. After all, they all get the same parts from just 2-3 manufacturers in japan. Its the name that is mostly different.

      Nice on the 4K Box..that is all you need

      Thanks we agree now is a great time to buy a 4K TV. Many people still do not even know what 4K means or what it is. Not sure why because they have been around now for 3 years.

      Please share our site and spread the word about 4K to inform others before they upgrade.

      Check out our Post about REAL or FAKE 4K. We provide you a link to a database that verifies all movies and TV shows and if they were filmed using 4K or 2K cameras. If filmed in 4K, of which many movies these days are being filmed more and more, then its REAL native 4K and gives you the best picture image.

      If it was 2K filmed then the producers upscale it and label it “4K” which it is not totally. Its better than HD but not as full as 4K.

      1080 HD – WHAT IS UPSCALING?


  3. Wow. I might buy one of these TVs soon. I never would have thought that 4k would be such and advantage over HD. After I get a good paycheck I will consider what you said in this post and go out and get me one of those brilliant devices. I also heard some stuff about the 3D TVs coming out. What do you know about these things? are they worth getting too?

    1. Hi Aden, thanks for commenting on our Post and supporting our site in this way. Yea, I know I never thought that we would see anything better than HD. But, its happened. 4K is four times better overall picture image than 1080 HD. That’s if you watch real, native 4K content and not 4ki movies that have been upscaled digitally. Those are good to and better than 1080 but not full 4K.

      My SONY TV is 3D, it came with it along with 4K UHD and the glasses. is this what you mean. Its awesome too, when I watch a 4K movie that was made for 3D. The images pops out at your straight to your face. Just like in the movie theaters.

      Here are some other Posts that might interest you. Please share our site and if you gather the funds to buy a 4K TV please come back to our site and link over to Amazon this way. Thanks, MB.


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  4. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my current LED TV to 4K but I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. This review lays it out perfectly. We watch a lot of TV and we are picky about the visual quality, so I think it’s worth the investment. Thanks for this great info. 🙂

    1. Hi Shannon – Oh, its worth it for sure. A 4K TV is not just a minor upgrade from 1080p LED HD TV. Its a big enhancement and the picture image is far, far better than 1080p if you can believe that.

      Please share our site and consider linking over to Amazon to shop for a new TV. thanks for your comment.

      Luckily prices are about the same for a 4K TV as they are for a new 1080 HD TV now, so you may as well go for the better 4K TVs than another 1080p LED TV.

      4K TVs have both LED and LCD in the screen. They are simply awesome to watch real 4K content.

      Here are some other posts you might find helpful.



      BEST 4K TVs IN 2016 (same TVs apply in 2017)

  5. I am glad that we have something better than HD. Although, we all know that HD is not bad at all…ESPECIALLY compared to SD- Standard Definition! SD was TERRIBLE back in the day. So was those big, ugly heavy tube box TVs. It took 3 grown men to move a larger one.
    Don’t miss those at all!
    Flat panel HD TVs were the talk of the town when they first went on sale. After 17 years, most households have 2-4 1080 HD TVs hanging on their walls or over the fireplace , etc.
    But, times change and new technology surprises us. 4K resolution is incredible. It is FOUR times better and higher than 1080 HD and it makes a BIGTIME difference in the picture image. Very true-to-life. Like you are there live on the scene of the set.

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